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Abercrombie & Fitch

6301 Fitch Path
New Albany, OH
Michael Jeffries
(614) 283-6500
(614) 283-6710
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Anonymous - 5 d 23 h ago


I am an employee of abercombie & fitch at galleria mall i haven't work for 3 weeks the manager don't put me on schedule that's really sucks i don't know what kind of manager she is. She put me on schedule january 1 & 2 thats it .

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September - 7 d ago

I am not familiar with this 3rd-party site, and/or how it is updated.... but I will let "you" know (not even knowing what sort of contact may receive these messages), that this generic information listed about A&F Co, is out a few years out of date.

I'm sure that you are not even accountable for incorrect information, as in not a reliable site for actual research; however, I am also certain that you probably would like your variously corporate company'S into to be up to date.

I suppose that thing message may have come across rude, but I assure you- that is not my intent. However I will tell you that I picked your site on Google first, and I was very disappointed. Had I looked up many other different companies, I wouldn't have known any different.

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Anonymous - 10 d 10 h ago


They are not a good employer they hire you but won't allow you to work. I have been employed at Abercrombie kids in the water tower in Downtown Chicago and in my 6 mounts of being employed there i have only worked 2 Times. And i was only allowed to work this two times because other employees failed to show up, Pryor to me working the mangers told me that if i was not on the schedule then i should call and request to be on it once. So i would call as instructed and i was informed by my fellow coworker that they weren't giving me hours because I call and bother them to much. Working for them has been such a horrible experience the managers are not friendly and it is not a pleasant working environment I hope others that work there have a better experience than I had .

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Kannan - 22 d ago

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Money Watcher Services for Online Shopping - 22 d 18 h ago


They do not refund your money or do not refund it in a timely manner. Absolutely do not order from them! Customer service is laughable. One of the worst place to shop.

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Ashley Hartupee - 24 d 13 h ago

I ordered clothes online and they cancelled my order on me for no reason. Took my money and never refunded it. I had my husband call to see what was going on and they was rude and clearly didn't want to give me back my money!! I'm still waiting for my refund 1 week later!!! Extremely poor service and I'll never order from them again!!!

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Erica Neal - 27 d 19 h ago


My son and I went to the store in the Wolfchase Mall in Memphis TN on 12/22 to shop for Christmas. I knew exactly what I wanted which was cologne, that display was located directly in front of the register. I was very pleased with my initial interaction, the rep even helped me enroll in the AAF club. Once my son and I head out of the store the alarm goes off, I stand there and wait for someone to come to the front. A gentleman came retrieved my bag and took it to the register to ensure it had been deactivated. It took him a minute so my son and I go back to the register where I hear the same rep the rang me up say that we probably had something in our pockets, I then asked her to repeat what she said, she went on to say yea because I know I deactivated them when in fact she had not. But I was hurt I was with my teenage son and even he knew that comment was made because we are African American. I work everyday for a living, I buy what I want. I love the clothes I really love how the cologne smells so I buy it frequently. Sad to say that was my final visit to that store. I refuse to spend my money and be racially profiled.

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JenPhil - 43 d 10 h ago


Absolutely horrendous customer service!!!! I have NEVER been treated so poorly and talked to in such a way by a "customer service representative" and I use that term VERY loosely. I placed an order and when it arrived it was the complete wrong order! Not one item was what I ordered. I called customer service and they said they would they did and this time I only received ONE of my items. Called customer service again and this time was told that my remaining items were pending and that would be reshipped. Over a week later and nothing. So I call again, clearly annoyed and heated at this point, and this is when I encountered the absolute worst representative ever. He told me that if I didn't stop yelling that he would hang up on me.....and this is when I was not even yelling! He said my remaining items were voided and that I was issued a refund because the items weren't available. Um, ok then why was I on the website and it says that those items ARE available in the sizes that I need?? No good answer was given. And as for the supposed refund? Never got it!! So I asked the joke of a customer service representative, Delvonte (if he even gave me his real name) if they would offer me free shipping or a coupon so I can reorder the items that I never received........this guy says "I could do that but based on the way that you talked to me I don't feel comfortable helping you out like that". I literally couldn't believe my ears!!! First of all I NEVER spoke out of turn with him besides trying to convey my frustrations and secondly, what kind of customer service representative says something like that?!?! He wouldn't let me doesn't to a manager and basically mocked me. I am appalled.

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WENDY - 43 d 17 h ago

my 18 year old daughter has been working for Hollister for almost a year she became a key holder and a week before her schedule vacation PTO they told her she had to move back to another store as a brand rep no PTO PAID AFTER SHE EARNED IT AND WAS APPROVED .. LONG STORY SHORT SHE HAD BOUGHT AIRLINES TICKET FOR HER VACATION COULDNT CANCEL AND DIDNT GET PAID FOR IT ... THEY DID NOT PAY HER AND THE REGIONAL MANAGER NEVER RETUNED HER CALLS. I WILL ESCALATE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE EVEN THE NEWS. (hidden)

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Virginia - 44 d ago


I recently did a return at Abercrombie Kids with a couple items I bought online that just didn't fit my 6 year old right. All I wanted was a refund to my debit card which is where the withdrawal was taken for my purchase. The manager at Woodfield mall incompetent and had no costumer service. She informed me I would have to receive a in store credit. I repeated myself for a 2nd time kindly that I would like a refund not a store credit. The purchase was made online 2 weeks ago. I should be able to get a full refund on my debit card. She refused and proceeded to hand me a in store credit. When I refused this for of payment... she called mall security on me. Mall security tried to extort me out of this Abercrombie kids location. I then trying to stay calm explained what had happened to mall security. He waited as I asked him to have her call someone higher up then her manager position and I then got full cash refund after she got off the phone. This all could have been avoided, but this manager refused to give me my refund in the form I had paid. I have been shopping at Abercrombie for my 3 children over the years. Abercrombie will no longer get my business or anyone in my family. I might add my daughter works at this location also. I am having her get a different job. It's a shame, because she had gotten 2 rewards for being top associate. The manager needs to be fired at this location. Period! By the way I have a fashion merchandising degree and have worked in the retail industry for years. You should not treat a a customer the way I was treated. I hope this gets someone's attention.

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Anonymous - 125 d ago



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Lori - 48 d ago


I completely agree! And do not buy gift cards either. I am dealing w/ a mess because A&F system can "read"my card. Even though when you call the # on the card it states the balance.

Absolutely awful customer service! I hope this company goes out of business... yesterday!

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Mame - 54 d ago

Wow! After reading all these reviews am now hesitant to buy the gift cards I wanted to give this holiday season!

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Tracey F Reedy - 54 d 15 h ago


While visiting Tuscaloosa Alabama over the thanksgiving holiday I visited the Abercrombie store in Huntsville. Made a purchase the system froze so ran my debit card a second time and assured me I was only charged once. Before leaving the mall I seen where it was taken from my acct twice so I retuned to the store and even let them talk to my bank over the phone. They said one would cancel. It's a week later and now I'm being told that I should see the refund in a week!!! Totally unacceptable, I will never visit one of your stores again. I should have been refunded that day and now this!!!

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Kim R - 209 d 17 h ago


I was at your South Coast Plaza store in Costa Mesa, California on Friday, June 16th. My daughter wanted two pair of shorts to take advantage of the buy one pair and get the second pair for $10. This location only had 1 of the 2 sizes in the color shorts she wanted. A clerk checked online and stated that size is not online either so she would call another store. She called your store at Main Place Mall in Santa Ana and told me they HAVE and will hold BOTH pair of shorts so I can purchase at the same time to get the 2nd pair for $10. I drive literally through grid-locked traffic to get to Main Place. Once I arrive I am told by the male employee working that he informed the South Coast store that he did NOT have both pair. I became furious needless to say. Why would the South Coast clerk send me to Main Place for no reason? Is she that ignorant that she misunderstood what the employee at Main Place told her? I bought from Main Place just the 1 pair of shorts. I called the South Coast store back and talked to the store manager, Darin. She did help me and called another location in Cerritos, CA. They also did NOT have the color in the size my daughter wanted, but did have a similar color. She had the Cerritos location HOLD them for me for a week. On Monday, June 26th I arrived at the Cerritos location. The shorts were not being held under my name, but for "South Coast Plaza" store. At least they held them. Kudos to Darin the Store Manager at South Coast...she was very professional and apologized for all my time used up calling her and waiting and all my time and aggravation driving around. My main issue is that you make your customers drive all over to get a specific size that YOU didn't have in the first place! Online free shipping orders are only available for what is in stock online. Fine. Why don't you ship for FREE from a store that DOES have the needed size directly to the customer's home? Why am I punished and forced to drive to multiple locations? VERY BAD WAY OF DOING BUSINESS. This is a higher end and pricey store and your customers should NOT be sent all over creation...especially unnecessarily! I had to visit THREE of your locations, many miles apart, to take advantage of this sale. Not only did I spend money on your clothing, I spent money on gas driving all over the California traffic! Very disappointing to say the least. I will not be shopping at this store again. You need to fix your process for when YOU don't have an item in stock. That is not the customer's fault or problem! You should be going out of your way to make a sale and keep a customer. You have now lost a customer for life.

Flagged for review.
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Kim R - 209 d 17 h ago


CORRECTION TO MY FEEDBACK. I was shopping on Friday, June 23rd NOT Friday, June 16th.

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juvhioudtgb - 55 d 18 h ago


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blah - 55 d 18 h ago

BRUH Shirts are OK... but customer service sucks donkey hole

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Sandy Harmon - 75 d 10 h ago


I spent &800 in one night. I asked for gift boxes. I was told by multiple clerks who asking each other that they didn't and no one knew when they would have them. They told me I should call every day and ask. I also live an hour away but I was welcome to drive back and pick up boxes IF they ever got them!!! Prices are not cheap at AF or Hollister which are the same corporation. I came home and decided the gifts should be in thier boxes!! All part of the Christmas unwrapping and I spent $800. I called their Corp customer service who agreed with me. The clerks were uninformed of when boxes would be in and to call everyday and drive an hour back was horrible treatment to a customer. She said they would send my boxes. Very nice. She gave me an order number to track the shipping of my boxes. About an hour after this discussion, a different person emailed me with the number of my box request and told me while they appreciated my business they would NOT be sending the boxes I was promised. I will be returning my $800 purchases tomorrow. I'll drive the hour Exspensive clothing - no customer service

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Yolanda - 76 d 19 h ago


Somebody needs to put the Oklahoma City Penn Square Abercrombie store on blast. The store manager sits in the back all day long. All of the employees are rude. They don't assist customers at all. They sit on their phones all day and start drama with new employees

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Sam - 76 d 19 h ago


The employees at your Oklahoma City location in Penn Square mall are awful, they stand around on their phones all day and don't train their new employees worth a crap, they're unpleasant and rude and spend most of their time in cat fights and starting drama with new employees instead of working and training anyone, all around a shitty store also you should also invest in some surveillance cameras in the store.

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Anonymous - 202 d ago

I need a 2015 W-2. Weston R. Starling employee #02727170. How can I obtain one? I would appreciate a reply. The college is requesting one.

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Carol Mumaw - 77 d 17 h ago


If you figure this out please let me know. As I just recently resigned from working at one of their distribution centers. I was never given and employee ID. I will need my W2 for this year and making contact with anyone has proved unsuccessful. I did try to register on the ADP website but it told me the company code was invalid. Besides the company code they provided me on day 1 of orientation I was never given any other info to obtain paystubs or W2s except which also seems to have no information to provide to me.

I resigned because we were lucky to get 20 hrs a week, and being forced to show up 2 hrs before the start of our regular shift to be sent home 10 minutes after arriving. Will do no good to file a complaint about that because it says "hours are not guaranteed" on your interview paperwork. Wish I would've know that I could be sent home anywhere from 10 minutes after the start of shift to 9 hrs and 59 minutes into the shift!

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Anonymous - 93 d 13 h ago


My name is Angela

I purchased 10 T-shirts from your store some time ago.

Unfortunately the T-shirts started to show signs of wear and tear very quickly.

I contacted customer service online: they couldn't help me to fix the problem.

I went to the A&F in Deer Park, NY. The manager there Madison Gervasi helped me.

Not only she exchanged the T-shirts. She made me feel at ease by saying to come back to the store if there is a further problem.

Because of people like Madison Gervasi I feel comfortable coming back to A&F as I see that their employees are standing by their product quality.

Thanks a lot Madison!

I feel that Mrs. Gervasi has to be distinguished for her professionalism and exceptional customer service as expected from A&F.



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Deirdre Moon - 104 d 18 h ago


I shop at this store all of the time for my teenage boys. Today I went into the Abercrombie and Fitch store in Paramus Park, NJ. I wanted to return a t shirt that had started coming apart at the stitching. I did not have a receipt and assumed I would get the lowest price in an exchange or gift card. The manager said immediately that I could not return it because it had been washed. I tried to explain to her that it was damaged that is why I was returning it. She went on to say that it was probably how I washed it. She must have said, "It was washed" 10 times and that its policy not to return something that is washed. I asked if these clothes are disposable and she said, "I guess." I have never had an experience like this in my life. The manager was beyond rude. I rarely return things but if something starts to break down after a wash or two, something is wrong with the merchandise. If someone can help me out with this I would appreciate it.

Deirdre Moon (hidden) (hidden)

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