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ABF Freight System Inc

3100 Springhill Dr
N Little Rock, AR
Pat Blaylock
(501) 262-1711
(501) 945-1144
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Leslie Paquin - 1 y ago


Very poor service. I had two beds delivered to my house and the guy pulled them up on my driveway, put them on pallets and left them in my driveway. I asked if he could help bring them in he said, "No, we don't do that." I'm a woman living alone and it was snowing! Thanks buddy. I will tell all my friends not to use your service.

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doug - 67 d ago

Sorry Leslie but that would have constituted an inside delivery service which your supplier obviously did not inform you of. This would have been an additional cost to you which maybe you would have gladly paid. Blame your supplier not ABF for only doing the job they were hired to do.

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Bubba - 6 d 13 h ago


Maybe so, but as man seeing a single woman struggling at least have the decency, respect and polish to have that very brief conversation with her. Wouldn't cost anything but several minutes time and perhaps moving the pallets while still on the jack into the garage might have been accommodating

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Mike - 20 d 17 h ago


Has anyone noticed the above phone has been disconnected? Tried calling in regards to delivery issues. Nothing will be resolved from this site.Terrible company.

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Anonymous - 39 d 17 h ago


Also could not find a number to call regarding very unsafe driving practices by an ABF driver. Today Sunday December 17th 2017 at approximately 12:00pm I was driving behind an ABF random truck on I84 west through Hartford,CT. The trick made several sudden lane changes at a high Tate of speed with no signal. The 2nd time the truck did so was in a very curvy elevated section of the highway. The trick came with in inches of hitting the front of my car. The driver proceeded to remain in the left travel lane for several miles,which trucks are prohibited from driving in. The speed limit on this stretch of road is 50 MPH. This truck was going well over that speed. The only number I was able to get was a number on the back trailer. It is 552785. Action needs to be taken against this driver. I am sympathetic to truck drivers seeing as my husband has a CDL and drives large trucks. Other cars on the road tend to cut trucks off, but in this case the driver was very negligent. There wasn't much traffic during this time the driver just seemed to be in a rush and was swerving in and out of traffic. Your company needs to discipline this driver before their actions claim innocent lives. My hope is someone with in ABF will see this and look into who was driving this truck.

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Sarah W. - 50 d ago

Could not find anywhere to report a driver so hopefully someone here can pass this along to get this dangerous driver, who's representing your company and carrying customer's goods, out from behind the wheel of a double trailer rig. Thursday Decembe 2, 2017 at approximately 6:45 a.m., Interstate 81 North bound in New York state, just north of Binghamton, NY. We came across your driver in the fast lane sticking side by side with a JB Hunt trucker, taking up both lanes of the highway. Both trucks were going just below the speed limit and for some reason intentionally staying side by side. A pick up truck ahead of us gets behind your driver in the fast lane and before long there is a line of cars behind him waiting to get by. He continues to stay side by side with the other trucker for several minutes. Not sure why they were doing this. After several minutes of this your trucker then brake checks the entire line nearly causing a chain reaction accident.No the pickup truck behind him was not riding his tail. No he was not on a hill. He slammed on his brakes and then whipped to the right to get behind the JB Hunt truck and then proceeded to tailgate him. The picture I got is a little blurry but I believe the number on the side of his truck said US DOT 082866. It was apparent that he was being aggressive. To drive like that, especially with double trailer is beyond dangerous and irresponsible. Hopefully you have some sort of GPS tracking system that can show you which driver this was. Do the world a favor and get that driver off the roads. Thank you!

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Syed Ahmed - 227 d 6 h ago


I have 20 Acre Industrial land Vacant on Morro Road in Apple Valley California

close to I-15 Freeway exit (161) easy IN-OUT available on Long term lease call (949) 910-4953


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Tom Sr. - 236 d 17 h ago


The past couple of weeks booked with ABF U-Pack trailer from Kansas to Portland #565112082, on the drop off in Kansas truck was three hours late, on the picking up in Portland it took half day wasted to the on line picking up, to all day the next day. I was put in a bad spot because of the delays, Public Storage Manager was all over me for the delay picking up.

Trailer was old and smelled bad, the roof had been patched more than several times, had some leaks leaking water on my home items. I did get a survey sent to me but would not work, wow!

I spent a ton of money wit ABF and time is money, so this will require some type of (fix) the roof leaking need (fix) I hope they get the message here



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Nancy Gribble - 248 d 7 h ago


While traveling home on route 95 south in South Carolina about 2 miles from exit 8, one of the ABF tractor trailers proceeded to drive down the berm on right side of road which is not only illegal but dangerous. There was a wreck on the opposite side of the road& traffic was almost at a standstill. This occurred about 6:30 pm on Monday May 22 nd. The number on the truck was 83929. I have a picture taken with my phone of this occurrence. He drove for about a mile on the berm then pulled in front of traffic in the right lane. I feel this incident should be looked into for the safety of all concerned.

Thank you,

Nancy Gribble

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Mike and Sharon Miles - 252 d 18 h ago


Worst customer service we have ever experienced (and we are in our 60's)!!

Driver had an attitude, and Griffin in customer service tried to make it our fault. We had an invoice that said delivery was supposed to be in home......driver dumped it on our sidewalk and left. No wonder their ratings are so bad. Don't EVER use this company!!! You have been warned!

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Koss - 294 d 16 s ago


Completely arrogant drivers old equipment bad Behaviors.

If this is real American company .....

is just embarrassing

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Pixie - 272 d 18 h ago


You're out of your mind.

We've been an ABF family since 1995 and the company is fantastic.

They have updated their equipment over the last several years and I've never ran into a bad employee. I'm sure there are a few bad apples, but most are great!

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Nora S - 1 y ago


Very poor service, the company or customer service do not reach out to customer to let them know that they will not be able to deliver they merchandise on schedule time or date, the Houston terminal did not make it possible to call to let the customer know that they were returning the merchandise to sender.

General profile image - 1 y ago


On Jan. 6, 2017 at approx. 7:15 a.m. on Rte. 147 in Pennsylvania tractor trailer number 87069 decided to pass me with less than 400 feet until the divded highway merged into two way traffic. I increased my speed slightly to allow the driver of the truck to pull in behind me, but instead he continued to increase his speed forcing me to pull onto the berm of the highway to avoid a collison. This driver was not only in the remains of my lane but had to move into the lane of oncoming traffic to avoid either foring me off the road or hitting me. This driver was driving a double trailer and obviously he was unfamilir with the area, cannot read road signs and conprehend what he read or did not give a shit that he was endangering MY LIFE and that of any oncoming traffic! Thank God no one was in the oncoming lane near enough to us to get in the way of this inconsiderate bastard! I do not appreciate this driver trying to put me 6' underground before my time. I hope he thinks about the lives he could have ruined because of his careless driving. (hidden).

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Anonymous - 1 y 121 d ago


Very "private" company that apparently does not like to document replies in writing to employees or applicants. Be aware of possible recorded phone calls from them. Have seen their so-called written policies for all employees - too bad the policies do not apply to all employees. Was told about a few employee surveys and the known results - no changes or improvements.

General profile image - 1 y 137 d ago


Very unsatisfactory experience. Interviewed,tested, background check passed etc Over a year ago was practically promised a position. Never heard another word. When I called to inquire I was told there was no approval to hire anyone for this position. One year later the job is STILL advertised on the website. Am confused. Is there a position or not?

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Catman55 - 2 y ago


One of your driver's hauling doubles tried to pass me on the right on a single lane I-76 onramp today about 15:20 in Carlisle, PA. Later passed me in the restricted left lane speeding. Cut me off, nearly took my hood off. His second trailer was #83420. There's no excuse for the behavior.

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Anonymous - 1 y 174 d ago

man our trucks haul ass, either that or you drive like a turtle and are real slow holding up business and production for the rest of the world. get out of the way please

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Mirian - 1 y 266 d ago


One of your drivers passing through or located in Irving, TX hit me and kept going! I didn't even get a chance to take a plate number or anything because the impact slashed my tire.

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Anonymous - 1 y 174 d ago

hahahah oh shit

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Anonymous - 1 y 232 d ago

hi my name is Gerald Shepard I'm trying very hard to get into your company but there seems to be a problem I have seatbelt ticket was just causing me problems I'm a veteran of the United States Army I would like very much to get into can someone please help me

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Anonymous - 2 y 134 d ago


Unreasonable work environment.

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rob franz - 2 y 197 d ago


Bad job on recruitment

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