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ADT Security Services, Inc

1 Town Center Rd.
Boca Raton, FL
(561) 988-3600
(561) 988-3601
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Beverly - 15 h 21 m ago


Window wait time is too long 5 hours! Then tech was a no show. setup a new appointment with the coordinator. W anted to give me another 5 hour window, no way! Had to take the first appointment at 8 a.m.. I told him I felt I was due at least a month credit for wasted time. No problem. Well, I just writing Corporate, because I didn't get a credit, though they debited my account for the monthly service and put my credit card charge through the same day the tech took 3 hours to install a window sensor and move a wireless motion detector! Eight hours total. I am retired and that's a lot of valuable time wasted!!!!

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Caleb - 1 d 17 h ago


Great home security company with state of the art equipment. We are proud ADT customers. Every time the panel has a trouble they have been helpful and very educational. Thanks ADT!

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Shavonne Holman - 2 d 15 h ago

ADT has the WORSE customer service known to man!!! I was a VALUED customer with ADT my home was burglarized WHILE having an active ADT account!! I called today after leaving ADT for a few years to see if giving ADT a second chance was worth it and the representative hung up the phone TRASH SERVICE as I vaguely remembered!!!! Maybe I should still get a lawyer!

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Charles - 5 d 10 h ago


This is the worst company regarding customer service......How can you call yourself the most trusted company when your service doesn't work!!!!!

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Tina Bauman - 5 d 14 h ago


After reading below - I have decided to hire an attorney - I'm going to sue them for not turning my service off as requested - I've fought with them for this very a year now and they have continued to bill me even though I no longer have their service - have had no active contract since 2014 - they are hurting my credit and since they won't stop I'm going to try legal - now it's a matter of conscience I'm pissed!

Tina Bauman

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Harassed by phone calls - 7 d 16 h ago

Worst company I've ever had to deal with

Stay away!!!

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Got hooked, awful this site won't let me put in no sta - 7 d 16 h ago


Please don't ever get involved with company

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Timotheus - 8 d 6 h ago


They automatically enroll you in auto enrol to take recurring payment from your credit card. I called and let them know I did not sign up for auto enroll for recurring charges against my credit card. I advised I would pay bill when due via website. The website would not let me pay because I am on auto enroll. I again called them and told them I do not want on auto enroll . They then said something about u have to. I told them take it off I will pay the entire year. They wouldn't. I was on phone for like an hour trying to get the individual to let me pay the year in advance and take me off auto enroll because I have been on these auto enrolls and you go through all these issue to get them shut off when your bill is final and over. Finally he took my credit card and charged me for entire year and said I was removed from auto enroll. Then I get a Feb bill saying I am in auto enroll and bill will be taken from my account do not pay. I call ADT customer service and they say I never was disenrolled from auto pay. Then I was told I will disenroll u. I don't believe it. This is terrible customer service and dishonesty saying I signed up for auto enroll. I would not recommend this company. The whole process was terrible due issues with me using a reseller vs ADT corporate etc and the products are not state of art that can now be bought in places like best buy that are just plug and play systems with no lengthy contract and run around.

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Henry - 38 d 16 h ago


I got into a contract for three years with Adt because the dealer who sold me the system said I could take it with me if I move. He never told me I had to pay for moving and not only that, when we move ADT automatically put you in another year contract just for moving. We paid for 7 months and now we are in another contract for three years. I called Adt and I spoke with a manager who basically told me that's the way it is with Adt. She refused to give credit for the 7 months I already payed and wanted to charge me $1100 dollars to cancel my current contract. When I asked if I can return the equipment she told she didn't care for the equipment all she care about was the money. Well I'm gonna tell you something ADT, I'm gonna pay you the money and you will never have my business again. I'm bought a set of nighowls cameras which do the same or better work than your camera and their application works better than Adt pulse and I will buy another system online that requires no contract, I can take it with me anywhere and I don't need to pay anything for it and I only pay $25 a month, on top of that..... TO EVERYONE OUT THERE DO THE SAME THING I DID AND DONT OVER PAY ADT FOR SOME SHITTY SERVICE AND APPLICATION AND ONE OF THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE SEEN.

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Patsy S - 25 d 12 h ago


AMEN! SAME THING HAPPEN TO US!!! I POSTED MY REVIEW ABOVE! LIKE I SAID IN MY POST, IM SURE THEY DIDN'T JUST TO THIS TO US BUT OTHERS OUT THERE!!! SHAME ON THEM!!!!! We have four months (and yes, they are going up again on their rates)...four months and i will never give them one penny!!!

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Susan - 10 d 19 h ago


We are almost in the same dilemma. We started with ADT in TX and moved to Augusta GA after 1 year. We have been with ADT the past one year but we had to move into another house less than two miles away. They want us to throw all our equipment and buy new ones. And according to them they are not counting the one year we were with them in TX. They just want to put people in a bind. I am very disappointed with the way they operate. In addition they have a bunch of rude representatives. They may be the biggest but are certainly the worst according to me.

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Anonymous - 12 d 17 h ago

Horrible company !!!

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Lilia Villegas - 14 d ago


I called the ADT phone I received on an ad mailed to my home advertising a special of $27.99/month for 3 years. I called ADT and the salesperson that took my call represented himself as an ADT employee. I was not sure if I wanted ADT service because of the higher fees compared to other equipment you can install yourself. However, I was assured I would get a monthly rate of $27.99 for the 3 years and that it would NEVER go up after the 3 years. I was still skeptical, but went ahead and scheduled an appointment for the following day. I was moving into a new home and I wanted ADT to secure my home.

The ADT technicians arrived on 12/26/2017, and they did a "walk-through" of my home and presented me a quote of equipment price and monthly plan of $27.99. I selected only part of the equipment for an on-site purchase price of $300 dollars. I asked the technicians repeatedly if the fee was $27.99 per month. I was repeatedly assured that YES, the monthly fee would only be $27.99/month. I had my mother there as a witness and she agreed to having everything installed, we paid the $300 for the equipment, and the techs began installation. I was never presented any other service plan or equipment or given any other options on plans, etc. I was happy with what I was presented in my home and was demonstrated in my home with sensors displayed on my windows and doors. Before the installation, the techs showed me the keypad I would get, the sensors, and the motion sensors. All for $27.99/month and the best part was I was told I would not require a land line!! I was so happy to get this as I have no use for a land line and I did not want to accrue an additional $30/month to my security expense.

Additionally, I was asked to pay $65 for the pro-rated month and another month's service. I paid that the same day as well.

Within a few weeks, I receive my first invoice from ADT for a monthly rate of $65.01. The rate was NOT $27.99 and I immediately called ADT. I was told that the service was installed by one of their Third-Party affiliates that they use and I would have to contact them. I had never heard of this company, the techs that came out to my home had ADT shirts and ADT identification cards with a picture on it and were driving an ADT vehicle. I called this 3rd party affiliate and was told that the system in my home was not $27.99/month but rather $50ish dollars a month. I was told that the equipment I bought was for a different and more expensive plan. I told the service rep that I was never presented with any other equipment or service plans with different rates other than the $27.99 plan. They would not honor my rate or what they brought into my home.

I have been back & forth with ADT directly and this "3rd party affiliate" for weeks now, the invoice is now past due and NOTHING has been resolved. I told ADT that they should honor what they sold me for the rate I asked for but they have refused to do so. I have had ADT service for many years and I am extremely disappointed in this service and most of all, them not honoring what I was sold. Regardless of whatever ADT's 3rd-party affiliate sold me, ADT should be responsible for this company's error and give me what they offered me. They are committing fraud in advertisement and are misrepresenting ADT's services. In the end, all i am asking for is for the rate i asked for and to keep the equipment that was sold to me. That is another issue i forgot to add, ADT is telling me the equipment i bought is not for the $27.99 rate and the techs would have to come out and change my equipment too! I am tired of this back & forth game with ADT and nothing being resolved. I will go to other superiors to see what can be done for this fraud sale.

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Christopher L Welch - 14 d 15 h ago


My name is Christopher Welch and I am absolutely ashamed of what this company's become. My grandfather worked for y'all for 50 years he was the Southeastern division president for 30 years roughly his name was William Welch everybody called him Bill. He helped grow ADT into the world's largest security by increasing sales and volume that had never been seen before in the southeast region. I spent many days sitting in his office in Atlanta and watching him work and not only did his clients and customers love him but his employees loved him and truthfully most people loved him because he just wasn't the boss or a guy trying to sell you something he genuinely cared and treated every new client the same and wanted to protect their house as if he were protecting his own. Most employees called him a friend not a boss. My point is this great man that I called my grandfather put decades of hours and time helping build and create a wonderful company and I'm sad to say that wonderful company is gone because the man I just talked to on the phone the man who was acting like a car salesman at the end of the month the man who was just talkin thousand miles an hour and the man who asked me to wake my brother up twice after I told him we would gladly call him back so he can run his credit because mine wasn't quite good enough. And may I add this is after I told him my brother just worked 16 hours straight. Guess what he kept talking being rude and trying to throw in every little gimmick in the book to get me to buy something and all I was wanting to buy was a security system not a used car. This hurts me to say because I grew up my whole life around this company and my grandfather gave all he had 2 ADT for 50 years but I will never call nor will I ever purchase any security packages or systems from ADT ever again and neither will anybody in my family. So so sad. Chris Welch

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Doug - 18 d 18 h ago


ADT committed consumer fraud by charging my credit card, without my authorization over $900, for work they never performed at my home. Taking them to court.

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Deanna - 18 d 19 h ago


horrible company... do not get into a contract with them... even when it expires and you move they fuck with your account... they don't close it even after 5 months of calling regularly after requesting termination of service because I was moving...I was out of contract for 2 years so it should have been simple to just close the acct... now after hours of phone calls monthly because they actually owed me money... I got nowhere and everyone has a different fucking story to tell... don't sign up with them because they will fuck you!

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Wanda - 18 d 20 h ago


We had ADT at our address we moved thay never gave us our free one so we went with anouther security system well thay murge with ADT so our contract up it starts beeping I call thay say put in coat hit cancel cancel so I'm doing that thay come out to get anouther contract with us he shuts off the beeping but we change our minds he go out th air and set back to beeping again since 209 and this is 218 and I'm handcape and I'm TIRD of this their not the best and thay don't care about customers I'm going to the news and a attorney the better business burrow and what ever it takes to let people know their no good if thay have to black mail people into taking this system all we ask was theam to shut it off so it would stop beeping and see what happens I will never use this compney again their aufule we should all tell people don't use theam

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Joe Berthiaume - 20 d ago


i just got ADT and it has been nothing but problems. The techs just show up unannounced. When you complain the tech calls you back and asks why you complained on them. This is so unprofessional. I need a serviced call on my smoke detectors, but really don't want these clowns in my house. Very unprofessional.

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Thomas Caccavaro - 21 d 17 h ago

My husband and I signed up uo for ADT a few months back, we have had quite a bit of service calls because of a camera that needed to be replace. We have had a number of characters come to my house for service calls... The first guy I couldnt understand much of what he was saying due to a language barrier. He came 3 cameras were suppsed to be installed he could only install one. That one camera needed 3 service call. The first service call was all of 25 min fixing connection. Still didnt work. The second service call the adt tower was to close to the internet tower. The technician would not stop talking i learned about his whole life. Great guy.. But still my camera did not work. Now at this point I was ready to rip the camera off of my house cancel the contract. Now this last technician Wayne Seaholm came today. He called before he came unlike the last guy. Got right to work, apologized for all the problems with the service, even though at that moment ironically my camera was working. And still insisted to reinstall a new camera so that he could save us the hastle of another service call unlike the first tech who didnt even complete the full installation. He installed the camera in unmanageable weather condition it was absolutely freezing outside. And to top it off he talked me into keeping the contract and had a great sense if humor. This technician was the best yet. He helped my husband and I feel secure about our security system. More technicians should be like wayne! Thank you wayne the Caccavaros appriciate you!

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Rose Davis - 22 d ago


Horrible horrible service and lack of communication bewtween representives. No note taking and whomever I spoke with, a lady, no compassion at all. Would never recommend ADT. It is so horrible that I have an attorney involved.

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Patsy S - 25 d 12 h ago



Let me be fair on my review. The service itself, yeah, they did their job. That is the ONLY thing good I can honestly say.

ISSUE: We got service in Oklahoma. We had no issues. We sold our house and moved to Ohio into a security, very nice apartment complex. We was in a 3 yr contract, I understand that, yes, we signed it BUT when we moved into a place that would not allow us to put the service in the complex they insisted we pay out the contract. Almost 3 yrs later we have paid every single month for a service we DO NOT have. We are down to the last four months of this contract paying $30 a month and they have raised it 2 times now. I just received another email tonight saying they are going up again.

Why doesn't ADT have some kind of "relief"? Why did we have to pay when the situation was out of our control?

I have called and called customer service and only spoke the people that don't give a damn!!!

When we move back to OK, yes, I would have continued the contract but because of this situation they have lost our business and ANYONE we know's business! Yes, we are a drop in the bucket in this world but by word of mouth, ADT has lost more service than just ours. I HATE what you have done ADT b/c I know if you did this to us, you did this to others (I'm sure you didn't hold YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS to their contracts). FOUR months ADT you will be written off for good!!!!!!!!!!!

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Manique Johnson - 26 d ago


Complaint Description:

Account was cancelled and ADT did not reach out to me with any notice. I called them only to find out all my contact information was incorrect. Around April/May of 2017, I called in to enroll as new ADT Pulse member as a part of a promotion they were extending at that time. It was for a two-year contract. At the time of enrollment, I was asked for all my current contact and billing information to set up the account. In May, a technician came out, set up our services to include the ADT Pulse app, and confirmed our account information was correct before he departed. He also informed us that the old ADT service that is in our home, and the account attached to it, were no longer functional but didn't need to be removed. January 2, 2018 I called into ADT because for about a week, me nor my husband, were able to access the application to turn on our security systems. Upon calling in for tech services, I was informed that our account was locked because our bill hadn't been paid in over 6 months. When I asked why I wasn't contacted the technician said that ADT had been reaching out to me by phone and mail to help me resolve this issue. When I asked what number she had been calling, she relayed a 773 number to me, and I confirmed that was not mine. She then referred me to billing but they were closed as this call was placed after midnight. I called billing on January 8, 2018 to assess what my options were and how this information was changed. The billing technician said that my billing address started with 1637, to which I informed her that was wrong as well. She then informed me that to restore services, I needed to pay $314 for services rendered, to which I declined and said I would speak to my husband about whether we would continue services. On January 10, 2018 I return a call from the ADT Collections team saying that my account has been cancelled, at my request (which I did not request), and that I now owed ADT 1412 for ending my contract early. When I asked the technician, why I was being billed for ADT's error, she said there was nothing she could and that I had to pay for the monitor services I was receiving from June to December. However, no one from ADT can explain to me how or why my information was changed in the first place. The technician even confirmed that they have the correct mailing address for me on file, and when I asked why they didn't use that to reach out to me, all she could say was that's not what your billing address is. When I asked why they didn't reach out to me via email, which is associated with my ADT Pulse app, she said we don't have access to that information. To my knowledge, the purpose of a mailing address is to send mail to, not just a billing address. And I would think to collect a payment, you would use all resources at your disposal to reach out to claim it, not just cancel them and leave the consumer with an enormous bill. As stated, I was a new ADT member, so when I called to set up my account, I am not associated with any other address. I've been at the same address since I arrived in Florida in August 2016. I have never had a 773 phone number and never lived in a home that starts with 1637. I am being penalized for a system error in ADT's system.

Your Desired Resolution:

I want ADT to come pick up all their monitoring equipment, and void all charges associated with the account. Until January 8, 2010, ADT had made no contact me with to resolve any claims disputes, and instead of working with me to create a payment arrangement or apologizing for the error in their system they instead cancelled my account and left me with a bill triple the amount due in less than a week of me contacting them to see what was going on. I do not want to continue working with a company that treats its customers that way.

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Ray Harmon - 26 d 8 h ago


I had a service appointment on January 4, 2018 to adjust my cameras in the backyard due to the installation of a storage shed. After reviewing the cameras after at night after the adjustments were made, I determined that further adjustments needed to be made. I schedule another appointment for January 9, 2018 to correct my concerns. When the technician came out, he informed me that I would have to pay again to relocate one camera. I am very disappointed with the service I received from ADT because I feel that since I paid for the initial visit and was not satisfied, the follow-up visit should be free of charge. Currently, I am paying $72.99 monthly for maintenance on two systems (pulse and NVR). The last burden I need is to be double charged for the same job. It's not about the money because I can afford the expense. For me, it's the principle. Furthermore, the quality of your technicians leave something to be desired. I cannot wait to end the current contract I have with your company. I look forward to getting rid of your equipment and moving to a more professional security company. Your company level of service is starting to remind me of Comcast. Please keep in mind that there is no business too big to fail.

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Ana - 26 d 18 h ago


On Dec. 4th, 2017 I had your security service installed in my home in Michigan. I did so because of a flyer I received in which you were offering A complete Security System Plus 24/7 Monitoring which included Complete Security System -15 Pre-wired Door or Window Sensors-Motion Sensor-2 Keychain Remotes with Panic Button-Flass Break Sensor-2 Digital Cameras When you upgrade to ADT Pulse + Video all for $27.99 per month. I called and discussed this with a rep. at your (hidden) number and explained to this rep. that we currently had AT&T security system and we were under contract with them until the 4tih of Dec. He suggested thpay at in order for us to take advantage of this offer we had to pay a $99 installation fee and that this would provide us this offer until the 18th of January. This would lock us into a $27.99 a month fee for ever. I called your company and made arrangements to have your service installed on the 4th of Dec. I wanted to get this done before we left for your annual trip to Arizona at which we stay until March. On the 4th of Dec. we met with a representative named Garrett Deckard. (hidden)). Sat at our kitcthen table and discussed the information with him. The term 30 days was mentioned many times never any mention of 3 days. So we walked away thinking that we had 30 days to try your service out. We leave Michigan every year for Arizona to get away from the winter because of health issues for 3 months. We mentioned this to Garrett that this would happen on the 5th of Dec. We arrived in AZ on the evening of the 8th and the first thing I did was get on the internet to check out the camera view of our property. What a surprise I got when I found out that the view from your cameras was very poor and I could not see anything. I called your company and voiced my concern and told them I would not continue with the security system that is when I found out about the 3 day cancellation window not a 30 day window. I was told that I was locked into a 2 year contract with your company. I was upset that his happened and was told there was nothing I could do I was stuck. So I made arrangements with AT&T to reinstall their service and to have your security service installed in my detached garage instead. Set up an appt. with your partner Defenders to have the equipment removed from the house and the equipment installed in our garage. I told the Defender representative that we are out of town and my brother would be there to take care of this for us. On the 5th the installation of equipment in the garage took place but he did not remove the equipment from the house. I had to make another appt. to have this done which took place on the 9th of Dec. I checked my checking acct. and found I was charged a second amount of $461 today and I called your company and found out that there was no record of my cancelling the acct. I am very upset with this situation. What do I have to do to get this resolved? I am so upset with your company and regret my decision.

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Just Terrible - 27 d 15 h ago


ADT is not to be TRUSTED! They get you to sign a contract and then they change everything. the security system was already installed and then they came out and told me it would cost me to replace all missing items. Over $600 worth for things they told me were already here.

Even after I told the agent Mary Z items were not here she never told me it would cost me extra. Feel miss lead!

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