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Allstate Insurance

2775 Sanders Rd.
Northbrook, IL
(847) 402-5000
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HAROLD R RASMUSSEN - 3 d 18 h ago










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JD - 24 d 17 h ago


I'm in the process of being ripped off by Allstate. They don't care about the innocent victims of accidents caused by their clients and do everything they can to delay, ignore, low ball and cheat to not have to pay for damages. They have unrealistic "policies" in place to use as excuses for why they do this. The only way to get help from them is to hire an attorney. They don't even have a complaint department. Only customer "no service."

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Sheila - 14 d 17 h ago


i have to say you are I got hit by one of their clients I was in a turning lane and their client was in the lane going straight(3 lanes total 1 turning and 2 straight)in one direction. Their excuse for not processing my claim yet is because they have been unable to get in touch with the other driver so they can't move forward and there i no time frame for how long they wait to her from him. They have the police report and their client was cited for unsafe movement.. NO SERVICE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I am going to complain to the BBB.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago


I have to agree with both of you. I, too was hit by one of their insured. He was found at fault, AT THE SCENE, by the police and was ticketed. Allstate refuses to pay for my damages because they say their investigation finds me "liable" for the for the accident!

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Ms Blaine - 5 d 12 h ago


I have a, I suppose it could be called a letter, in front of me, which makes no sense what so ever. It appears that I am expected to sign it. I had a Landlords Policy with Allstate, December 16, 2017, I accepted a policy to replace Allstate's Policy, and e-mailed the agency that I had done so, and since my Mortgage Company, had paid the premium a month early, I instructed the Allstate Agency to return the premium to PNC Mortgage. I provided the correct address and assumed that Allstate would follow through, as they have on different occasions, over the past fifty years of doing business with them. I have purchased policies with four different Allstate Agencies, why because I wanted to. First I get an e-mail from the Allstate Agency Owner, wanting the Policy # of my New Insurance. It wasn't enough that I said I had a new policy, I am expected to prove it? The Insurance Agency covering my other houses, never requested proof that I had a new Insurance Policy, my word was enough and they have no problem refunding the premium, that was mailed to them a month early. What the hell is Allstate's problem? I can assure you, I am quiet capable of handling my own insurance, which I have been doing for the past fifty years. I am not demented and I don't sign thing that don't explain what the hell they are talking about. I know for a fact that the Allstate Office I was covered by, if I was covered at all, breaks every insurance law, rule and guideline in any book. Also know, Allstate Corporate is aware of the fact because in 2015 I personally made them aware. Return the premium for January 2018 to July 2018, to PNC Mortgage, ISAOA ATIMA, PO Box 7433, Springfield, OH 45501. If I have to write one more word about your company, it will go to the Insurance Commission, with copies to other interested parties. Thank you, Roberta M. Blaine (hidden) (hidden) (hidden)

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Sick and tired - 6 d 15 h ago

Absolute worst company I have ever done business with. We are not customers, just dollar signs as far as Allstate is concerned. I hope their stock gets shorted. Money is all they understand and it's all about them. Substandard repairs, phone reps that outright lie and adjusters that just care about shortchanging you. File a complaint at head office and that makes zero difference, they simply pass you back to the adjuster you complained about. Oh and did I mention how expensive they are? I wish the head of Allstate cared about customers - no doubt he's busy playing golf.

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Sharon nichols - 13 d ago


I got told by one of your employee that you would reinforce me the tow and flexing my car can you please help me out so I can get my car so I can take my handy cap boyfriend back and forth to doctor office you can call me at the number of 937_536-4811 I look forward talking to you soon thank you for your time

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Teresa Espinoza - 13 d 11 h ago


I have had Allstate for a few years now, I currently called today to make a change in my policy . I had a rude man over the phone when I called the 800 number. I've always loved the great customer service I receive with anyone over the phone, so no I don't always call my local agent . This person chose not to help me, because a misunderstanding and got very rude with me and at the end decided to hang up our call. Whatever happened to listening to the needs of your clients? I unfortunately can't recall his name, but I know his call center is located in Charlotte . I did ask to speak with a manger or get transferred over to someone else who can help me and he proceeded to say there was no one else I can speak to. It would be great if someone could educate this person again in customer service. He ruined the way I think of this company, never thought Allstate would have rude people like this helping.

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MS - 14 d ago


I have been dealing with Allstate with an auto theft since September 2017 no outcome. I have an adjustor that I was playing phone tag with "he called twice" and when I left messages he never returned my calls by the "close of business". I have filed "voiced" multiple complaints with customer services and still no reply. I have also reached out to his "manager" she returned my call stating "the adjustor has been trying to reach me" BS and to call him to let him know when it is good to speak with me. Mind you I advised her of my schedule she can't replay the message! I am so over this unprofessional company, I have to call customer service to relay a message but he's been "trying" to reach me. What also pisses me off is I am paying out of pocket for a rental that I am pretty sure I won't be reimbursed for. I laugh at the situation to keep from crying. But I am beyond pissed and I usually don't give reviews but I had to share and It's sad that I am NOT the only one going through it with this company that we pay money to each month and when we need their assistances it's a hassle. I canceled my auto and home policy with them. I will NOT refer them when people ask my opinion I will give it "they are horrible".

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Anthony tilley - 21 d ago


I fell off a home insurred by Allstate and they are refusing to pay my medical expenses let alone any m

Lost wages or pain and suffering. My family had no thanksgiving or Christmas and have lost our home to start the new year Allstate is a scam if you care anything about your home or auto cancel your policy and go to state farm

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Anonymous - 24 d 5 m ago

Dear Sirs: I'm very disappointed with your TV commercials with the terrible character you portray as Mayhem....

such a big turnoff with having any class...seeing a man's head on fire as a flare and as a wrapped Christmas tree

falling off the top of a person's, so low class and showing more violence to our children who may be watching it...Why can't you quit for all good purposes this despicable glad to see Mayhem Go

if hopefully you do..... Thank You Joe

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BETTY Campbell - 109 d 15 h ago


Allstate has really disapointed me.they refuse to except bake statement and kept trying to take money for payments on insurance i had canceled'I have O.D. protection but still charged with return fees i had to close that account .All state turn me over to collections.It is like they cant except rejections and still try to collect.And the only good hands i am in is my own,All state dont care. === I realize this is sort of a complaings room and Allstate is the target BUT with all i have been reading does any one know if allstae even sees this in any way? And has anybody got any possitive input about their outcomes?If so who should we contact?VERY DISSAPOINTED WITH ALLSTATE AND I TELL AND SHOW ANY ONE I CAN I HAVE MY PAPERS IN ORDER .THEY ARE REJECTS AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED AND CARE MORE FOR PAYMENTS THEN THE PEOPLE TRYING TO GET SATISFICATION FROM THEIR WRONG DOING.

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Loss - 107 d 13 h ago

I agree. Can we start a lawsuit since we have over 10 individual complaints?

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Cynthia Fesler - 82 d 15 h ago


11 complaints. I'll join you.

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Your in Satan's hands with Allstate - 67 d 10 h ago



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Laura Conner - 53 d ago


How about 12. My mother passed away and the company is dragging their feet paying the claim. I had to take out an equity line on my house to pay for her services.

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Anonymous - 24 d 12 h ago

I will joined

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SP - 49 d 18 h ago


Horrible communication at the office of Samuel Duque. They were not on top of processing my paperwork and informing me of time sensitive documents which caused an increase in my premium. I DO Not recommend this Insurance place.

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Anonymous - 24 d 12 h ago

Went through the same thing. Agent has know knowledge of what's going on in their office.

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john - 24 d 18 h ago


The allstate career website is not working. Even while I try to fresh register or for password reset,,, there is no email comes in inbox while request for password reset

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dee - 25 d 13 h ago


Corporate is worse then the adjusters. I got totally ripped off by Allstate. I was without a car for two months and it took Allstate 29 days to get me a rental and they didn't even advise me that I was approved the rental car company did. I had to send proof that I had it because the agent I had before I switched to another agent messed up my policy. I missed two weeks of work and had to stay with a friend for another week who lived close to my new job and was away from my family. I have lost weight and my nerves are terrible because of all the stress they have caused me.

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Amy S - 26 d ago


Dont get all state road side service they don't care dispatchers are mainly from Florida, so never give drivers correct address, Randall Chicago manager is lazy doesn't do his job! They all have attitudes and don't care buy roadside assistance elsewhere

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Sharon nichols - 27 d ago


I need the head boss to call me at the number of 937_536_4811 at t earliest convenience

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Yousuf - 47 d 10 h ago

All state is worthless the worst insurance in the United state.

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Ed g - 27 d 18 s ago


I was involved in a car accident with an All-State driver they received the ticket and we're a hundred percent at fault everything was moving along okay with the claim until they found out that I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had three months or so to live everything went to a standstill my adjuster her dog got sick she was out for a week now she's sick been out for 2 weeks can't get nobody else to look at my claim and I've read a lot of reviews about Allstate that they are known to under pay for cars which is another thing that trying to do right now I've tried calling corporate in Illinois and Florida and nobody seems to be able to help me why is that

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