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Anonymous - 2 h ago

American should swap out supervisors from ramp and stores to see if they have the qualities to be great managers. This would be a great tool to weed out the uneducated and unprofessional staff system wide. Please entertain this because if you can work with ramp agents in Philadelphia you a great supervisor if not they was not American style of being productive. I transferred to another station however Philadelphia needs BIG improvement in these two areas.

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Lizeth Vargas Diaz - 16 d 18 h ago


January 15th, 2018. To whom it may concern: I'm writing this this letter to make you aware of some extremely poor service that I have received from some of your employees. I had a ticket for a flight from Mexico City to Hartford, Connecticut (AA2490) with a connection in Fort Worth, Texas (AA389) on January 14th, 2018. I had lost my flight in Dallas due to delays with immigration. After passing through immigration, I headed over to your service desk, which is located right after the area where the luggage is handled to be sent to its final destination. This is right before the stairs that passengers take to their connecting flights. The person that "assisted" me was the only gentlemen among the group of people attending to other passengers. I had to call to his attention that there were other people waiting in line while he was helping people that weren't even in line. When it was finally my turn, he assisted me. I told him that I lost my flight due to immigration. There weren't any other flights available to Hartford on that day, so he gave me two options. The first one was to stay in Texas and take my flight the next day at 12:50 pm, while the other option was to go Chicago that same night and take my flight the next morning at 7:10 or so. He told me that American Airlines would provide me with a free night's hotel for either option that I chose. I told him that I was very tired and hungry, and that I'd rather stay in Dallas and wait for my flight the next day. He told me they were expecting an ice storm the very next day and his recommendation was for me to go to Chicago and take my flight from there to Hartford since the possibilities of me getting back home were higher than if I stayed in Texas due to poor weather conditions. He was very intolerant and rude towards me since I was confused about the weather situation. I thought he meant that the bad weather was in Hartford, so I was trying to find out if he had a time frame as to when the bad weather in Hartford was going to be. I needed that information in order to make my decision to either stay, or to leave Texas. I asked him about the weather a few times and he told me that it was ultimately my decision, and that he wasn't going to spend the whole night giving me explanations. The problem about me losing the flight again the next day was that any other free hotel night wasn't going to be provided to me, like it was going to be on that night. He said, if you lose your flight tomorrow due to the weather you have to take care of yourself, while tonight you will have a free night with us. When I finally understood that the bad weather was going to be in Dallas I accepted the option to go to Chicago and spent the night there. Then I would take the flight back home next morning. He gave me new boarding passes and told me that the slip for the free night was going to be given to me right after landing in Chicago. When I arrived to Chicago (even more tired and hungry) at around 11 pm I talked to an employee that was standing at the gate were our flight arrived. His name was Raul, a Hispanic male. I told him about what had happened to me, and that I was told that they promised me a free night's hotel stay. He tried to print out the slip but he couldn't because it wasn't authorized. He told me AA only gives free hotel nights when passengers lose their flights due to AA's responsibility, and not when it's the fault of immigration or due to any other situation. I told him that I thought that made sense, but that the AA employee in Dallas had told me otherwise. Raul told me he couldn't print out the slip for the free night's hotel stay, but that I could go to the AA service desk a few gates further from our location and ask them there. He told me that in case I didn't get the free night's hotel room that I could go to the last gates and that "beds were set up" for passengers that had lost their flights, and that I could sleep over there. I left and I thought that I needed to get my luggage since somehow I was going to get a hotel and a new flight the next morning. When I was headed downstairs to pick up my luggage I read I sign that said that I was leaving "a secure area of the airport" but didn't know exactly what it meant. I went downstairs but I couldn't find my luggage, so I talked to the person at the luggage desk. He told me that my luggage was in their luggage room ready to be sent to Hartford the next day, and that he couldn't give it to me. I just wanted to know if my luggage was in Chicago, as the AA employee in Dallas had told me, along with the employee that I had recently spoken with. When I went upstairs and tried to enter the airport again, I realized what the sign meant. I was leaving the airport and now I couldn't re-enter it because the security points were closed at that time, all of them. Long story short I was almost in the street, with no free night's hotel stay and no luggage. I had to wait for 8 hours in the street for my flight the next day. The next day we didn't leave at the scheduled takeoff time of approximately 7 am due to inclement weather. We finally left for Hartford around 12 or so. When I got to Hartford I received an email that said that my luggage was going to arrive on a later flight. I went to your luggage desk at the airport in Hartford and I was told that my luggage was on its way from Dallas, not Chicago like I was previously told. And even though the most important thing was receiving my luggage. no matter where it came from, I wanted to comment on that just to show you the way that I was treated. Your employees lied to me more than once. It seemed like they get a lot of practice at deceiving people. As I said before, I already knew that a free night's hotel isn't provided as long as it isn't the airline fault. In this case it wasn't AA's fault that I lost my flight but immigration fault. My letter is to demand from you for an explanation of why I was lied to in such a blatant and bad way by your employees. Why did the gentleman in Dallas tell me about a free night's hotel stay in Chicago, and that my luggage was going to be sent to Chicago too? I don't think I, or anyone else, should have to hear an employee tell me that "he wasn't going to spend the whole night giving me explanations, that if I wanted to stay in Texas and lose my flight the next day was my decision and not his problem". I want to know why your employee Raul in Chicago told me about the "beds set up for passengers in each gate". It sounds like a joke, but it wasn't a funny joke. It was a lack of respect for another person's feelings. And finally, why did your employee at the baggage desk tell me that my luggage was in Chicago ready to be sent to Hartford the next day, when actually my luggage was in Dallas? I want to know how you let your employees treat passengers in such an unprofessional and unethical way. I was tired and hungry and just wanted to get home. It wasn't necessary for your employees to lie to me. I understand that your service has nothing to do with immigration or other any situation that could alter the schedule of your flights but I didn't deserve to be lied to by your employees only because they wanted to get rid of me.

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Anonymous - 2 h 38 m ago

How about you be a grown adult and do your research before you fly to a different's not American Airlines fault that you decided to fly internationally and not look up the immigration laws. "But I bought my ticket on American Airlines they should tell me I need a visa or they should tell me I need a passport" Just because you were dumb enough to believe you can go to any country and not look up the immigration laws. That makes 0 sense as to why American Airlines would pay for you to stay in a hotel of your choice. You can't even book flight correctly so it's no surprise that you'd be embarrassed that you'd rather point fingers

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th - 16 h 16 m ago


I am still awaiting a response regarding an issue I opened on Ref AA Ref#1(hidden)8

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Deborah - 4 d ago


I had to take a flight from CA to PA . The travel nurse agency I work for booked the flight (for a total of 4 airport stops). The agency booked a seat according to their terms which left me with seats that were not very accommodating to an injured knee. American Airlines, however, at each airport, upgraded me free of charge to a seat that provided easy access and leg room for my injury. I can not thank them enough for their kindness and professionalism in assisting me. On the last flight, in Philadelphia, my injury was throbbing with pain. An American Airlines flight attendant- MARLA- came to me and asked if I would like an ice pack as she noticed I was in pain. Never have I received such kindness on any airline. I have never experienced such kindness from a flight attendant and I was and still am very grateful for all they did for me from CA to PA.

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Chet - 4 d 10 h ago

wow. duct tape n zip ties and assaulted crew. ?

Amazing bad publicity and failure to train liability . please contact me for flight crew training and a performance under stress restraint system. Hurry. Chet Zajac, CZ Inc. (hidden), chesterzajac

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

Why the company keep very unprofessional supervisors? Who allow unwanted words and other non sense with different levels system wide. I work in the Pennsylvania region and these supervisors should be revaluation again to see IF they meet the American way of professional service. Maintenance, Ramp, customer services, stores etc.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

To add to this comment they rather monitor employees lunch then address sex jokes. Can they fired supervisors without a degree and hired more with degrees.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

I can respond to your message it's a bubby system rather than a education system. Until American see the light we will sink with these uncuff supervisors!!!!

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SYED AHMEDULLAH - 5 d 12 s ago



I would like to know your email address that correspondence for official only .

Warm regards

Syed Ahmedullah

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

American Airlines should reduced their leads counts throughout the system and increase their body productivity to help with all job duties. This will allow more jobs to be completed because of more man power allowed. If you allow only two leads per shift and if short you can call overtime. If not taken the most senior employee will be awarded that day and go to the bottom of list so all can be accounted to be a lead. Especially ramp and stores where many leads can be useful to the production of the operation .

BWI Employee

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Harry - 7 d 1 h ago


Dear Sean,

My name is Harveer . I am a resident of Toronto, Ontario. I travelled with your airline on Friday January 26 to Panama city. Via Miami. On the way here the flight was good and airline staff were very kind and assisting. Unfortunately upon arrival the circumstances changed a little bit. I obtained my checked bag from baggage claim and as I picked it up I realized a plastic bag stuck in the zipper . As I did not think much of this and being a faithful person I simply.removed the empty plastic bag and continued to clear customs and see my awaiting cab. Upon arrival at the hotel and pending further Inspection I opened my bag and realized that the contents within had been shifted through and through deeper inspection realized I was missing some personal items. Specifically a gold citizen eco drive watch, And a silver guess watch, which were packaged together along with my antibiotic skin cream in a purple crown royal pouch. I found the pouch opened, and creams scattered throughout the bag, And the watches missing. There's no room for error from my end in terms of where the items were, I specifically put them in the pouch, with the cream, underneath a hat so they wouldn't be damaged. Unfortunately being the trusrful person i am, I did not put a lock on my bag. But this is definitely a wake up call . I fly to Cuba and Mexico yearly and have never locked my.bag, nor had issues, however that is usually with vacation airlines (sunwing, air transit etc. ) Not sure if that makes a difference. Any.ways long story short I'm out two watches value around 450$$ . Today, I was scheduled to fly back to Toronto. My flight being at 6:50 am to Miami. I arrived at the airport 5:30 am. I ran into some delays returning my rental car. And unfortunately by the time I arrived at the check in it was 6:05-6:10. The PSA agents at the gate. DILAN MARTINEZ. And I De GARCIA Told me that flight was closed and the issue Was my bag, if I could leave the bag they could let me fly. I understood this immediately as I was also a PSA for handlex working at Toronto Pearson for 3 years. We handled flights for KLM, air transit etc etc . I told your agents I would remove a few items i needed, put in my handbag and ditch the bag because i urgently needed to be on the flight as I started work at 10:30 pm and my arriving flight was scheduled to4 7 at Pearson. They said ok no problem and called the supervisor, who was not at the gate to confirm. This is when things went sour. They informed me the supervisor said there is nothing she can do and that I was late and it's my fault and I would have to reschedule. They this after she hung up the phone with them. I told them I was willing to leave the bag, Why the issue now ? Flight was empty they said. It would have only took me 10-15 min to clear security and reach the gate. The airport was not busy at all and nor was the airport large.. very small airport actually . I told them to call her back and say hes willing to leave his bag. And will make it to.the gate asap. At this point there was.still half an hour to departure. It was roughly 6:20. I told them i have worked in the industry doing exactly what they do and we have accommodated many passengers. Especially on a small plane ( eagle) that was roughly empty it would have never been an issue at at Toronto. I asked for the agents to help at which point Garcia stated I should have not been late and went on a tandem about how people need to follow rules. Which is fine, I agree . But if it's possible to help the customer you should. We have done it many times. I told him once again I was flying to Toronto with connections in Miami and NC and this was not a short trip, also I could not miss work I said it I don't make it to the gate by 6:35 (15 min before departure) they could close the flight. He continued to say I was late and it was my fault . I asked to speak to a manager. They said no manager in untill 10 am . I asked to speak with the supervisor with.who they spoke. They said it's not she is assisting passengers with boarding. I asked if they could call the gate again. They said it's not possible since they have twice already . He said I can put you on the next flight but i must pay penalty For being late. I assumed this must be 20 -50 dollars for a tax or so . Unfortunately it's 401.00. And the flight they have put me on AS 4721 MIAMI AND AS 1359. Does not get me in untill around 1 am. Needless to say this whole ordeal has been a nightmare. Dealing with your airline reps in Panama has made me question ever flying American again and even further question ever flying to these southern countries. Is there no customer relations, customer service bring taught? Is customer service not a priority for your airline . I feel as if they intentionally chose not to let me on the flight so they could charge me this "Penalty" for profitability purposes . I asked what is the penalty rate based on being it so high, Garcia said it is standard rate, And in fact I was getting a deal because it could have been much higher. When I requested to speak with the supervisor again he instructed me again to wait at the check.ins.until she walked back over. Not knowing who "she" was I asked if I could get a name for the supervisor. He said no . Martinez stepped in and told me it's for her privacy and safety that they don't have to tell me her name and only she herself could tell me her name . I did not fight, I did not argue . I simply handed over card and paid the penalty to which I did not even understand. Most airlines just put you on the next departing flight. I feel as ice been bullied by your company. I'm a victim of theft already and now you guys have bullied me into forking over 400 dollars which is not easy for a blue collar working class man as myself . I have lost my trust in your airline. I would greatly appreciate a response . I have tried calling customer service (long distance) from my cell phone and have gotten through to no one I will make sure to call.again when I land in Toronto.. thanks. Take care.


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COK - 7 d 16 h ago


I was double charged on upgrades - I called American and learned you literally are not allowed to speak to anyone there about financial disputes - you have to send an email, and the email address is so obscured you have to have someone from American's website tech help you find it. Which I did - and sent a very detailed email about the dates, amounts, etc. This was a few weeks ago. Since then they requested more information regarding my VISA charges, which I sent. I have inquired several times since then and get robo-emails and finally, today got this (Ive deleted ref. to my name or ticket #'s) - they clearly have no intention of refunding my money and are making it as difficult and unbearable as possible to try to do so! See their email below - reprehensible! Thank you for contacting the Passenger Refunds Department. We received your request regarding tickets (hidden)xxx and (hidden)xxx. With the information provided I was unable to determine the nature of your request. For faster service, please reply to this email with the nature/reason for your request. If this option is not available to you, you may submit the documents via ONE of the following methods: Fax: (hidden) US Mail: American Airlines Attn: Passenger Refunds 4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85034. Your assistance is appreciated. Sincerely, Scarlett Saunders American Airlines Passenger Refunds

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RGS - 7 d 16 h ago


In regards to AA removing passenger Jen Selter from flight leaving Miami . While most flight attendants are very nice and understanding, there are some "like the one that ask Selter if she wanted to leave . That's a sarcastic question to someone whom was standing because two other people in her seat roll went to the wash room. These incidences need to be investigated and corrected . My wife and I fly all over much as I like AA.... I have second thoughts now... Please tell your employees to treat passengers(people) with respect and some understanding after all....we pay their wages. Ill be watch what AA does about this problem regarding Jen Selter . Thank you RGS

PS. I rated AA poor until they correct this problem .

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Anonymous - 27 d 10 h ago

Why the company allow employees over 70 years of age when they can't pass a physical. These individuals are putting others at harm driving and related duties . There should be a strength test once a year to see if they qualify to work in maintenance and stores.

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

I truly agree with this message because if a senior employee can't climb a 40 feet ladder, can't walk 6 blocks and get a ride to his car to get out of walking to parking lot. Or a intense stress test per company doctors they SHOULD be force to retirement if you 70 years or older. Again I see these lazy employees using seats as cars to move around instead of walking is very sad. Doug look into this so they won't put others at risk on the floor with there lazy behavior.

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Anonymous - 11 d 11 h ago


Its amazing how many poor customer service complaints AA gets, but they could honestly care less. I spoke to an associate last night trying to book award travel and she was extremely rude and really had no clue what she was talking about. When I asked to speak to a supervisor she told me she was the supervisor and there was no one else. When I asked to have someone call me back she said hold on and she went and got one of her friends to talk to me. How pathetic and embarrassing. I will be calling corporate tomorrow. I sure hope they can pull the call and hear the type of people that represent them. I'm sure they could care less.

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Yelena B - 12 d 11 h ago


I purchased AA tickets to go to Ixtapa Mexico. 2 months later there US government issues travel warning level 4 which is Do not travel level. So of course American Airlines has no clue about the warning and not only refuse refund but when I agreed to just have it as a credit in flight tickets they said 300$ change fee per ticket. How in earth is this honest?

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Eye in the sky - 12 d 19 h ago

Pilots use of PD in cockpit continue to be widespread and orchestrated within AA pilots. Tracking flight patterns reveled, pilots use of PD to track, navigate, and distract civilian, communities, and motor vehicles. Use of such devises are used in conjunction with mobile applications, that allow pilots to engage in a practice that's violates FAA rules and regulation. In addition to flying below recommended levels and creating wind shear noise unnecessary, alterations to designated routes frequency.

Are just a few of the issues that needs to be addressed.

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Jonathan - 19 d 23 h ago


How can a former employee get their W2 form?

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Ryner Lute - 16 d 12 h ago

Did they ever get back to you on this? I am looking for the same info.

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Debra Spear - 19 d 8 h ago

My husband worked for us airways for years unfortunately he has passed away but because of the layoffs before becoming American Airlines I was told my benefits are no longer available . This is so wrong please response so I can give you additional information thanking you in advance

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You can't call into corporate without being disconnected as a way to add to the disappointment belonging to their Advantage program and as a long time customer. Too bad the executive team is so disconnected for the reality of the process.

An apples is an apple, it's not a bad thing to remember.

This post is a result of a failure to succeed when reaching out for assistance.

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Sadness - 20 d ago


Too bad they are so large and forget what got them there. If they would simplify their site, the voice system in Advantage, and think more about the one on one experience, it might prove a healthier relationship for the customer. It feels like we work for them, and don't even get a paycheck.

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Kip - 20 d 19 h ago


I just wrote a review but before I posted it, it disappeared. Hmmm.

I just wrote a review but before I posted it, it disappeared. Hmmm.

Anyway, after over two hours of trying to speak to someone yesterday, I realized it was MLK day and that you were probably shorthanded so I hung up. This morning as I prepared mentally to call again to make a reservation, I literally became sick to my stomach. It's never a fun experience calling American (except once last spring).

I have to call over the phone for several reasons. I have a dog, the page is in Spanish (the translate button only works on the first page) and I wanted to use points. The first person I spoke to after the 'call back', disconnected. Whether by choice or by accident, I have no idea. I know she was having a hard time hearing me and she had a strong accent so I guess it wasn't a terrible thing she disappeared.

So, I had to call back, leave my number and wait for the callback - again. The torture of dealing with an uninterested, rather stupid individual who had no interest in acceptable customer service was frustrating to say the least. I tried to be nice though so she wouldn't hang up on me.

Ultimately, I couldn't travel on the dates I needed because I didn't have enough points. I had to wait an additional 5 days to leave Mazatlan which cut short visits with friends in Phoenix. AND, I had to still pay $69.12 for what, I don't know, and $40 for making the reservation over the phone. What? I HAD to make the reservation over the phone for the reasons stated earlier. Plus, I found out that if I weren't an Awards member, it would only be $35 for the phone reservation. I guess I've assumed that being an awards member was special. After all, I use the credit card for everything and pay dearly in interest. Instead, you penalize folks who are Awards members. Makes no sense.

And, speaking of customer service; have you flown with the stewardesses on your airline? My god, they are the scum of the earth. Never mind they are usually unattractive; I don't care about that but their demeanor is equally unattractive. They could care less and are very often borderline rude.

American Airlines is a joke with everyone. I only use American because it's how I travel between my home in Austin and Mazatlan. I have driven numerous times and while not too much fun or even safe, I think that's going to have to be my choice whenever possible.

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