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American Express Company

World Financial Center
New York, NY
Kenneth Chenault
(212) 640-2000
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Kathy G - 8 h 28 m ago


When Amex closed out their green costco card I was given a few options of what to do with my accumulated points. I chose Home Depot gift cards so we could replace some carpet. The cards came and never worked. I ended up paying cash for the carpet. I was told it was a nationwide home depot issue and more cards were sent to me. Those were then promptly deactivated and never worked. No one could tell me why. I was then told they would just send me a check, which "must have gone to another address". They clearly had the right address as the gift cards arrived fine. I've been getting the run around for over a year. Because the card has now been closed for over a year they won't issue my points back or send me other gift cards. I've been promised calls back, emails, checks. Nothing ever happens. It's 250 freaking dollars. And I must have spent 10 hours trying to resolve this. Send me my freaking money!!!!! Beyond disappointed in how I've been treated and repeatedly lied to. Appalling!!!

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Single Mom - 60 d 10 h ago


***Filing Class Action Law Suit for Amex Serv Illegally Holding Funds From Consumers*** On December 1, 2017 an unauthorized charge was posted to my Amex Serv account. I withdrew the remaining funds and called Amex to report the fraud. They told me since the transaction was pending I could not dispute it and that they needed to disable the account and issue a new card. My entire paycheck is direct deposited into this account classified as a "checking" account. The representatives at no time told me I would have absolutely no access to my direct deposit until the new card was received by me. When my paycheck deposited I tried to withdraw money from the account via Walmart and the system would not let me make the transfer. When I called customer service to explain that this is the only access I have to any money at all...they informed me there was absolutely nothing they could do and that I will have to wait to access my money until I receive my new card which they showed arriving on December 16, 2017. I don't have a credit card. I don't have another checking account with money. My company can't issue me a manual check because the direct deposit was already posted. Amex customer service representatives refused to help me withdraw even a portion of my funds to feed my 4 and 8 year old children. I literally 10.00 to my name for food, gas etc. until I receive my new card. I've since contacted legal council and was informed that this is considered a cash deposit and that under federal laws and regulations it is illegal for Amex Serv to withhold the funds from me for more than 24 hours. By law they have to release the funds to me and cannot deny me access to my cash funds. I have every intention of filing a Class Action Lawsuit against Amex Serv. I am very interested in helping any other consumers who have not been credited funds from faulty ATM transactions or denied having faudulant charges refunded. I am absolutely furious that Amex Serv believes they can unlawfully hold my cash funds from me. It is worse that the Customer Service Operations Managers in the Philippines tried to convince me there is nobody who can override the system and that American Express does not provide them with any contact information for support in the United States or that they do not provide these managers with a Corporate Headquarter's number to escalate customer issues. I will be working 24/7 with my attorney to put together the Class Action Law Suit. If you are interested in being a part of this lawsuit please reply to this thread and I will give you information on how to file the petition.

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Michael - 60 d ago


I had almost the exact thing just happen to me over the past few days. Yes, send me the info for the lawsuit, I'm in!

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Amy E Hart - 17 d 13 h ago


I want in on the law suit as well. Retired banker!!

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Frustrated Bluebird User: This is thievery. - 56 d ago


I am having a dispute with them right now over an ATM error. I was attempting to withdraw money from my Bluebird card at a Wells Fargo ATM. The transaction was unable to be completed. No money was dispensed. No receipt was given. The bluebird app showed a withdraw occurred. That amount was deducted from my account. I never received a dime from the ATM. Trying to remedy this problem with American Express has been nothing short of a debacle. I am still trying to recover my money. It is also deposited from my paycheck and is for bills, food, and gas. This isn't play money. This is the most frustrating company to work with when a problem occurs. This is thievery!

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Anonymous - 39 d 18 h ago

So am I!!!! It happened on Dec 2nd and WELLS FARGO was aware the atm machines were not dispensing cash. I have been trying to find a lawyer in Georgia to file against both WELLS FARGO and AMEX but I guess i didn't lose enough money for them to care. Who ever is willing to lead this fight I'm in.

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Okieninja - 26 d 13 h ago


I'm going through this now they are horrible.

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Anonymous - 55 d 19 h ago


I jusdt received a decline email on my dispute to. Almost 700 dollars gone, kinda amazed me that nothing seemed weird about my card beings swiped for a 100 dollars for 6 transactions back to back in Philadelphia,PA and I live in Memphis,TN.

Email : (hidden)


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Anonymous - 55 d ago

Count me in as well! Same thing happened to me but for $2000.00!

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ROBERT BISHOP - 55 d 15 h ago


I am currently experiencing the same problem as you. I'm not going to take the time to type my entire story here. I have the phone number to the CEO of American Express. I would be happy to join you in your suit. Have your attorney call me.

Robert Bishop


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ac - 55 d ago


PLEASE I need it

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GUS IOANNIDES tel 440 3560567 - 30 d 11 h ago


American express is frustrated company to work with when a problem............ACCURS

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Anshu Yadav - 20 d 12 h ago

Hey I am from India and AMEX here has broken every customer rights policy they have plus more then half the customer rights policy of the Reserve Bank of India. I want to bring this out in the open by going straight to the CEO of AMEX NY HQ. So can you please tell me his phone number so I can have a chat with him and yell him these problems and urge to take action. At one point AMEX had the best customer service. It's the worst now. So, I will be really really greatful if you can help me out here. I seriously need it and trust me, I am not the kind of guy who asks for help or requests someone except in extreme circumstances.

My email I'd is (hidden).


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Anonymous - 18 d 17 h ago

Please send me the CEO's phone number.....My service issues with the company are atrocious. I'm calling there today. I'm in NYC.


Jay (hidden)

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ac - 55 d 22 h ago


Please let me know! they aren't returning money froma cancelled check and when I call I get the complete run around. I emailed the chairman.

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Jamie honeycutt - 54 d ago


They won't five my money back from atm taken my cash also lady name sky no last name lies said I get a credit but Didn't get i called next day they say she mislead me. I like to sue there ass for cause me a motion distress I just won't my cash back and can't get and they won't help they keep bs leading me around lieing and every thing waa recorded.

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LASHAWN T. - 47 d 13 h ago



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Anonymous - 39 d 19 h ago

I am will to join and file a class action against both AMEX SERVE and WELLS FARGO. Used AMEX card at a WELL FARGO atm on Dec 2nd the atm declined my card yet took the funds. Of course AMEX does not see the decline and WELL FARGO who was aware of the atm issue for over 24hrs is stating the cash was dispensed. This happened to several people and some of us exchanges number to follow up. All the people I spoken to have received their cash but me. I've had to reopen the dispute AMEX does not communicate anything I have to keep calling for updates that they don't have.

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Anonymous - 32 d ago

I put the last $60.00 I had on my serve card Dec.31 2017, planned to get a hotel room for new year eve. Hotwire, booked a hotel put the money on hold then said the hotel was full, after already hitting my card. But Hotwire released any hold on my card, now American Express said I have to wait until the 7th of January for it to be posted on my card. It seems to me that I should receive interest on my money which they have used for a week for free. The money comes off your card immediately but due to the automation system cannot be refunded immediately. Hotwire has told me there is no hold on the funds American Exp. Knows this too, but will not return my money. I put cash money on this card, and now I'm out. This is unacceptable in the business world. As high tech. As everything is your telling me they cannot feturn the funds to my card? If that is truly so they need to make some I.T. changes to there system. If my money is not on my card by the 7th, I will drag them to court,, and plan to sue for my inconvenience I am disabled, 62yrs old on disability, and sleeping in my truck. The average temp. Since 12/31/2017 has been below 0 I may of frost bite on my fingers. So as I drag them through small claims, and receive a judgement, for much more then 59.66. After I receive my judgement I will make a demand for payment then put a lein, on the company assests, I will try to block there company from doing business in my state until they pay my judgement. I do not think they will send representation from the little hole there is in. Ask your attorney if my plan will work. Email me at (hidden)

Good luck to you its time we put the dog down. We trust the then they rip us off. I'm not rich were I can say oh, OK yes use my money for free I have more. Thank you let's do this thing

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GEORGE HOOKSTRA - 31 d 18 h ago


Please send any information you have to


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Deborah collins - 29 d 1 h ago

I cannot get a dispute I have with them resolved either. There must be someone at the top of this company that can have aruthority to resolve this. I had a moving company that took money from my credit card after I paid them by check. So far I don't have American Express on my side! I will find out what I have to do to get my money back!

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K - 26 d ago

Yes im going through this as of right now

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Lorena pacheco - 20 d ago

I'm going thru the same thing yes I would like to become a part of this lawsuit. This company is a fucking joke

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Ona M Williams - 19 d 11 h ago


yes contact me @ (hidden) I added a commit above you for the same reasons fraud on the account I had to go through the same steps.

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Amy E Hart - 17 d 13 h ago


Yes!! I will help with anything I can, I am a retired (due to medical issues) way to earlier banker. However I did work fior 2 large corporate banks for 25 years.

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I have the Amex blue bird card and on 1/15/18 I transferred 1350.00 from my blue bird to my 2nd checking account which I do all the time.. but it is now 1/24/2018 and my funds have still not posted to my other account I am broke and my car is in the shop and I cant get it out because my funds are in limbo. The max amount of time it should have taken is 5 days we are on day 8 and I still dont have my funds and they keep giving me the run around. It has never taken more then two days for my funds to transfer and I let CS no this but they are so rude and not helpful at all. I have been look for the last two days I need someone higher to complain to does anyone know who I can talk to

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