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NoLongerAnAmtrakCustomer - 7 h ago

First off, families with more children than adults DO exist. What's with the BS with charging an adult fare for a child? Second, why the hell are you charging us for something that should be covered by Amtrak? $9 per person for protection against anything beyond a passenger's control? Really, amtrak? You just lost several customers for LIFE unless these are permanently done away with. Charging adult fares for children is price gouging. Charging for what should be covered by Amtrak for what I like to call customer service is uncalled for!

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Anonymous - 1 d 6 s ago

Hi my name is Vickie Wallace I completed the assessment test waiting to here from you all concerned if you received it thanks

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Sis - 15 d ago


I at 79 just completed a round trip starting the 1st of Nov from Seattle WA to Savanna GA and the return on Jan 12. The trip there was perfect and on schedule. The return had to battle weather conditions. But I was well taken care of and am so glad we still have a transportation system. If more people would look to finding positive statements and be thankful, we have a better world

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JusSayin - 2 d 18 h ago

Your statement would not have been so positive if your trip wasn't.

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NotHappy - 2 d 18 h ago


My departure was from Gainesville Ga train station, and ran over 2 hours late from the start. It was an overnight trip scheduled to leave at 9 pm. On AMTRAK your choices are limited, and in some cases you only have one arrival / departure time per day, which can even be midnight. Coach class and business class tickets are basically the same, except business may have a smaller amount of people in the car compared to coach, and could be closer to or part of the dining car. Either way, it's really not worth the extra money. Cabin sleepers would most likely be the best option, but if you're doing an 8 hour or longer trip, it would probably cost same or LESS on a discount website to just fly it in an hour or 2. If you're getting a sleeper cabin then you were probably planning on sleeping, which means you won't see much anyway, and you can't see ANYTHING after dark. So we arrived in Baltimore "only" an hour or so late by making up a little time doing over 100 mph when possible on certain stretches. It was already a 12 hour trip to begin with, without the added delays, but I was beginning my 2 week trek and too excited to worry about it.....yet. I stayed in Baltimore for 3 days, then boarded toward Philly, which was an hour or so ride. After 3 days in Philly it was destination New York City! Had no complaints so far, except the train personnel seem to all be a little uptight toward customers.... Making up rules as they go, or not disclosing all of them, and the worst part is, it seems nobody is in charge of keeping the bathrooms clean! I mean BAD smells and trash overflowing the receptacles! If it gets too bad and someone complains, they just lock the door and now there's one less They are pretty organized as far as calls for breakfast, lunch and so on, but the concession person also works on tips, so there's that as an incentive. Got to New York city and hit the ground running. Took the subway to lower Manhattan and was at the hotel in no time. 4 days later I wound up back at Penn station for departure to Boston. The station in N.Y. has everything. Plenty of food places, lots of shopping, and even a K Mart. One thing also I noticed was the stations I visited were clean, pretty good bit of police presence, and very few vagrants, as I expected to see more. The subways are a little different. The ride to Boston was about 4 hours.... Over before I knew it, but even though it was a different train, it was still same story. Unclean bathrooms and slight attitude from certain staff. As far as boarding and departing trains, that's a pretty smooth transition. You don't have much time at stops, maybe 5 to 15 minutes for most, so most passengers have their bags ready and are ready to get off. Storage for bags are typically with you on the train, and roaming around from car to car at anytime is permitted, so accessing anything you want is available all the time. I would find me a clean restroom and change clothes, take a trucker bath or brush teeth anytime I needed. The train to Boston was on time and smooth.... Got off, saw Boston for a few days and back on for Buffalo. The #449 wasn't scheduled to get into Buffalo until midnight, but we experienced some delays, so we were a couple more hours late, which made my check in suck even worse at 230 am. There was no public transportation available so Lyft was my only choice. Got in my room around 3am. All I really wanted to do was see a little bit of Buffalo and visit Niagara amyway, so as long as I got a few hours sleep, I could just catch the rest when I reboarded in 24 hours. The Hotel watched my bags while I shuttled out to Niagara for $2, and I stayed out there until about 9 pm. Headed back to hotel, but received texts about train delays from #449 again. The one good thing I can say is they typically do keep you updated on later arrivals, but sometimes you're forced to be there at scheduled time anyway. Luckily I hung out at hotel and was doing laundry for a couple hours until it was time to call lyft out of there. Lyft is GREAT btw! The 449 finally got there after 2 am and I'm exhausted. Went right to sleep. The chairs are not bad and usually 2 to a row. The overnight rides aren't typically crowded so you can pull up the recliner part on both chairs, lean them both back and snooze with the travel pillow and blanket I brought. I stayed out for about 9 hours.....Was actually perfect timing cause it was supposed to be a 10 hour ride..... Welllll apparently during the night we had some more delays and instead of being 2 hours late we were now 4 HOURS late IF things stayed like they were. They didn't. I kept getting alerts it would be longer and longer and at times we were stuck at standstills as long as 20-30 minutes each! That's not good at all. Finally the crew started giving away a snack and a drink, then later returned with more snacks, then finally said we could all eat canned beef stew and cold bread for free. Hell I took it.... I was starving at that point and had run out of snacks myself! Well this start / stop thing went on forever and we finally got to Chicago at about 4 pm instead of the scheduled 945 AM! 6 HOURS!! Well needless to say, once I got transported to my hotel downtown, checked in and changed, it was getting dark. I had just enough time to see the sunset from Lake Michigan, go eat pizza, and catch the Buddy Guy concert. It was fun but I would've rather had more daylight to do stuff. Because of the huge delay, I had ONE day to explore before flying out the next day back to Atlanta. I wound up putting over 30,000 steps on my walk meter, and eating Motrin like it was candy so I wouldn't feel my achy legs and bone-grinding knees. The busses and trains run like every 6 minutes in Chicago, so that helped tremendously on getting around. I also jumped on a bus tour so I could see Wrigley and the zoo and all. I did all I could and crashed till almost checkout the next day. I had an afternoon flight so I wasn't rushed for once going back home. I slept the whole 2 hour flight back also. So people keep asking "what's AMTRAK like?" Welllll I pretty much gave a good description. Business people seem to ride the short treks where a different crowd goes for the long stretches. I personally don't recommend long rides on the train. From what I experienced, it seems they have issues with being able to commandeer the track. The #449 especially does! So comparing American trains to Europe and other continents, it seems they own the tracks, where AMTRAK must lease them from CSX and other railroad companies, because the priority is not passenger trains but freight trains. Now there may be routes that have less traffic, but 6 hours is NOT a delay, that's a major screw-up!! Like myself, if you plan to have only a couple days in a major city and you burn the first one up on a late train, that's gonna leave one quite upset to say the least. Overall they were good, but thankfully most of my stops were not that spread out. I would suggest fly to a long distance destination and catch AMTRAK to bounce the shorter ones. I would say I'm not that disappointed with the carrier, except I wanted a refund to my credit card, and here's where it gets even more disappointing. So while i was experiencing my 6 hour delay, I called customer service. They transferred me to a dept that handles this situation. They fairly quickly offered me a $100 voucher for my next ride, but I declined and told them I'd rather just have my card reimbursed, which may not have even been $100. They refused. "We can't do that". "You already took the ride so we can't refund" Really? Well don't I have to experience the service before I know wether I'm happy or not? They told me I could write a dept. I wrote them and 2 more. Also messaged their fb page. Also left the same in a comment (because their reviews are disabled for SOME reason). I also turned them into consumer affairs and BBB. You know what my response was from AMTRAK to any of that? NOTHING. Like absolutely nothing. Usually when you write in person you get some kind of response but I got jack. Pretty sad. So I called back after a few days and was told I was being unreasonable by wanting money back for a trip from buffalo to Chicago that I already took. I mean, how is that unreasonable..... I was 6 hours late!! "Well sir it's in our disclosure that some trains can experience delays". Bro, 6 hours is NOT a delay, that's a major issue that people need to know in advance, because I found out that #449 is late ALL the time. Anyway, they declined to credit my card and I will continue to pursue it, but in the meantime i will NEVER consider riding AMTRAK again until they do the right and fair thing. I know they're looking out for their bottom line cause a voucher costs them nothing, but how about future rides And people I reach with my story...... Doesn't that count for something? I am glad I took the trip and experience it from a different perspective. It was great to be able to see 7 cities in a 2 week time like that, without driving a car and having to search for parking spots all over the place. That can't be beat! It's a shame they care nothing about the customer or their reputation in the long term of it. I'm not saying don't take AMTRAK for trips, but at least you know they can suck the fun right out of a trip without pleasing their customer who CHOSE to use their service. I will continually chip away on any site, forum, social media, blog, and consumer media until I get my refund. If I keep getting the silent treatment from AMTRAK then I'll be happy once I deter hundreds of people from riding them and maybe get some sort of satisfaction from that. All they had to do was simply refund my money and I wouldve moved on in life, but now I have a mission. If anyone does care, my reservation # was 7992DB

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Anonymous - 6 d 5 h ago

i want to know why we do not have amtrack train in Ocala that can go to south florida we need this asap

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Lucy Medaglia - 8 d ago


I lucy medaglia aka lucy rinaldi married 27 years 1 man divorced april 2013 in westchester surpreme court white plains ny travel from oct 2016 tojan 2018 and has ive reported previously that i was j

Harassment recd on the train as a paid traveler with the assiatance of amtrak workers allowing other riders to invade harsh ans even abduct others on the train that was removed for them not to arrive at the same location permitted by the oldest amtrak worker as she permiited false statements against me i am still waiting for full financial refunds other then a upgrade of coach ride to business section as each union station thru out america has not been a safety on comfort to me or my family by elected offical of nys patrick gallivan nys lt kathy hochul nys gov coumo us senator gillibrand and schumer and us senator kathleen rice

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Hulkamania2014 - 7 d 13 h ago


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Disillusioned customer - 8 d ago


AMTRAK could care less

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Anonymous - 14 d ago

Hello my name is Monika Thomas, and I'm reaching out to HR because to interest in employment .according my profile I have position that I would be interested, conductor trainee, coach cleaner .and it's saying up for a review .hopefully someone can look into it for me.also I have taking the practical test online .waiting for someone contact to come in take the test.thank you, kindly..

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Lola - 8 d ago


At least you got a response. I've applied for at least a dozen positions within the past year and haven't gotten a response and I have 8 years of experience as a conductor and engineer.

It's more than a notion...LOL

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DaverB - 11 d 6 h ago


Good Morning- January 17, 2018 My wife and I just returned from a train 'adventure' to celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary. I booked this trip in September 2017 to include the Coast Starlight and especially the inclusion of a parlor car on that train. We had been told by other passengers it was an experience we should not miss. I was advised on/about December 30th that these cars were taken out of service for refurbishment. We were quite disappointed, to say the least. It was too late to change our itinerary, so we ventured on. Another incident I think you should be aware of: train #14 (Coast Starlight) was approximately 3+ hours behind schedule at 10 am on January 9th. This meant we would not make our connection to train #28 (Empire Builder) in Portland. The conductor (Tim Gubbins) advised us via our car attendant (Mary Lou) to call AMTRAK (800/872-7245) and change our reservation on the Empire Builder to January 10th. I called at 10:15am PT and spoke with Teri (a female). She was very unresponsive to my needs/requests. At times she would not let me finish my thought/sentence by interrupting my conversation. She told me to "wait until you get to Portland and have the agent there straighten this out". The other conductor on train #14 (Ryan Ongeth) spoke with my wife and I and stated that Tim Gubbins had radioed the Klamath Falls agent (our next stop) and advised that agent of our situation and was told the agent would call Portland and advise them also. I asked Ryan if I should detrain and speak with the agent in Klamath Falls, he said, "that might not be a bad idea". I did so and the agent said he had called Portland and they were prepared for us when we arrived (at approximately 7pm). The conductor(s) said Teri could have changed our reservation on the Empire Builder but it took some effort on her part and she "probably didn't want to make the effort". I am VERY disappointed with the service/response I received from Teri!!! On the other hand: I want to THANK Tim Gubbins, Ryan Ongeth, Mary Lou, the agent(s) in Klamath Falls and the agent, Dave, in Portland. All of them were very accommodating and responsive to our needs. Even though we did not get to experience the parlor car, a highlight we had anticipated since September, our overall experience was terrific. We have calculated, these 4 train segments, were #'s 12, 13, 14 and 15 trips we have taken on Amtrak. I would appreciate it if you would forward this letter to those Amtrak employees (and/or their superiors) that I have mentioned. They should be made aware of not only EXCELLANT service, but those that have fallen short. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Amtrak representatives are worthless. - 10 d 6 h ago


Calling AMTRAK and speaking to a representative, is a pain no one should have

To go through. They are some of the rudest

People I've ever encountered. They were extremely rude to me on the phone and did absolutely nothing. We had an 8 hour delay.

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Lucy Medaglia - 12 d 19 h ago


When i travel on amtrak from sept 2016 in trying to relocate to another state and employees of amtrak of rick nelson that lived at metro l.a. calif apartments next to union station give free opem2 tickets for gov officals as coumo. Gallivan. Gilibrand hochul...and i travel 11 times to settle in calif and those still elected officals of new york state or the corrupt united States dept of justice is permitted to harsh me on the train permitted by employees of amtrak that are involved with human trafficking off the sleeper ive experience only violence of those that i care about..something is wrong with the united states gov that dosnt improve travel across the united states..and when all my amtrak tickets that ive travel was stolen in dallas texas by fortress bible church members of my rewards mileage and used for taxes by dena basil.debbie basil and or steven anello..spmething is wrong and when my personal storage is loaded and my sons a prior amtrak employee andrew zoo rimaldi from syrause...albany..los Angeles calif personal property is transported wo our permission from new york to calif ny arnold kezsbom..laura lu castro..catherine van horne..and the gov stated above permits police officer of la calif to take..destroy or sell our personal property to help john rinaldi and gina vecchione...along with mafia queen diane dellacava frsscone and larry devita and children are being molested by repersentives of congress by the lbtgq casus under gov..and nothing changes...from oct 2016 to today nothing but violance ive been shown by amtrak employees and every union station that amtrak arrives in by the security staff employee.

My name is lucy a medaglia aka lucy m rinaldi born and raised in new rochelle. Ny..a person with idenity theft that 5 people have impersonate me in courts ti steal over 109,000,00. Million dollars and the wadsworths family of Genesco ny has done nothing to help as the 50 dead travels on chicago ill union train station was done by travels from rochester.ny under nys lt kathy hochul have the president of amtrak view the survallance and get those individuals in jail and out of los angeles calif cause gov andrew coumo hangs with each murder of many.

(hidden) i have 6 police reports

Now talk to us senator cheri senator elizabeth warren.

Am have amtrak president reimburse me of my travel and inconvence.

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robert ingalls - 13 d ago

In the last year i have lost over 72 hours of my time riding Amtrak been in a bus accident and derailment and Amtrak has shown exactly how much they value this frequent customer NOT MUCH they hold Americans hostage with their monopoly on passenger train's so they don't have to care you will pay for the train wether you ride it or not

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Dave feltner - 13 d ago


Have been complaining about safety issues at my job at Beech Grove for 9 years leaky toilets urinals water on the floor they have to put fans on it to keep the floor dry and it usually doesn't work. leaks behind the wall the tiles are popping up slip hazard on the floor plus everything is moldy against the wall behind the toilets a fellow employee has been complaining about air quality on a job we have to do and now I'm being harassed about it by the head of safety department he's now making me wear safety glasses safety goggles of face shield and welding gloves mr. Perez told me he's doing this on purpose because I gave him a hard time about safety This all started when I complained about a close call with a car being brought in that almost hit me and got harassed by management for complaining to FRA and OSHA. They tell us to report things that we think is unsafe but they really don't mean it maybe I can get a news reporter to do an investigation?

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France - 13 d 4 h ago


Dear Amtrak:

I just found out that your raised your senior rate to 65.

You have people/customers willing to travel by train and eager for a discount, yet you just kicked up the age to force actual seniors to pay more.

That's very sad, and I wonder if you would consider being leaders in providing discounts by lowering your senior rate back down to the age 62 you had it last year.

Please help.



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mserica2005 - 13 d 5 h ago


I currently reside in Milwaukee, WI and on occassion, I do check your open positions but can never find any for this area and would like to know why! I would love to be a conductor (takes and checks train tickets or run the cafeteria area).

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Lucy Medaglia - 14 d 21 h ago


President of amtrak it is smazing that i as a travel on amtrak from oct 2016 that my son asca employee of syrause ny. Albany ny and l.a. ny that he andrew j rinaldi. My common law partner wife dan van horne and myself lucy a medaglia aka lucy rinaldi with legal papers court approved to have nothing to do with falsify documents of crooks now for 6 years can inspect a train as nys patrick senator charles Schumer us senator kirsten gillibrand

.nys lt kathy hochul with nys gov andrew coumo can obstruct our lives in every state that we have travel on amtrak with the assistance on friends of amtrak employed. That me as a divorced domestic violence victim amtrak a

Has disregard the courts order to leave us 3 alone but amtrak dont honor politicans dont honor it nor travels under fortress bible church noe mosic church has made our life a living help as those violated elected officals dont even pay for travel that you would allow register sex offenders and x husband and partners to obstruct our travel dan van horne was thrown off a train against her will serveral times by gina vecchione ..andrew zoo rinaldi was put into a tunnel. Y other night time amtrak workers we have not bern respected that our lawyer has presented legal papers to union station in l.a. calif ..metro end and to the security of that union station for not protecting us esp.when my chic pays for a room upstairs in l.a. calif to wait for me and securit permits nys patrick gallivan with us senator schumer to harsh her when shes sleeping in a locked room as a locked sleeper on a train your violating my rights and i will file a lawsuit with every union statio. In america that this has violatec dan van horne. Andrew zoo rinaldi and lucy medaglia since oct 2015 that in a robbery all my rewards amtrak tickets was stolen for debbie basil or dena basil to benefit..for steven anello or as a tax deduction on their taxes that includes the wadsworth family that better leave us poltical cortuption and a cover up

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Liz edwards - 14 d 10 h ago


Train 22 was the most horrible ruddest time of my life a black older worker called me a liar said i couldnt find my ticket fast enough then made me move my train was 3 hrs late staff refused drink food or hospitality at all mind u they were3 hrs late i am goin to start a blog and go as viral as i can about the rude horrible staff u have employeed bocot amtrac

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Lucy Medaglia - 14 d 14 h ago


President of amtrak mother of andrew rinaldi the amtrak worker that was pushed further into the tunnel by a co worker in april 2017 never to on train 3 right now at 12:24 am i got to hear my chic thst got on in Kentucky get pushed around by a famous singer who thinks she my chic is then pushed around by a amtrak worker to..let me explain my commons law partner wife dan van horne will not be asked to get off train cause 1 thing our lawyer already sent to p.a. calif office 3 letters that because of the treatment i lucy medaglia..dan van horme and andrew rinaldi recd already we are suing amtrak with a law suit firom each one of if jenefier lopez is now gonna ride around with us and ask dan about cher bono and fight with her then we will fill a law suit with her too if cher bono goes to vegas that her business and no body else..fighting gonna stop and human trafficking to off of sleepers

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Lucy medaglia rinaldi - 14 d 16 h ago


To the President of amtrak from andrew rinaldi mother a prior employee of amtrak from syrause..albany..and L.A. Calif...should I come back to some..within has made traveling a the 16th on train 3 to L.A. Calif.

It always a catch 22 to all that is given with a last remark

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Sister Gwen - 15 d ago


On Wednesday, December 27th, 2017, my daughter and I boarded an Amtrak train (#785) in San Diego, CA. with a final destination to Glendale, CA. The train was 20 minutes late leaving San Diego. That was acceptable.

After boarding the train and encountering multiple stops, the conductor (female) announced that the train was experiencing some "engine problems" and we will be updated when more details were available. The next announcement came to say that we were now in Norwalk and that the train is still having engine problems. In less than 15 minutes, she made this statement: "ladies and gentlemen, this train is dead in the water and is not going anywhere tonight!" "We are asking that you de-board the train and seek alternative transportationlike taxi, Uber or a friend to pick you up".

I was shocked! Get off and stand outside in the night weather? Remember, this is not a stationjust an awning and a few concrete benches!! You mean we need to get off the train and find our own way to our final destination?? This is crazy! I told my daughter. This is not our responsibility to get alternative transportation when we have paid already to go to Glendale!

Most people on the train began to talk and discuss this outrageous invitation to "de-board" the train! Lots of confusion and very few answers!

I'm sure the announcer was either tired, not thinking clearly or simply just lacked compassion when she candidly invited over 200 passengers to "de-board" the train! Did her statement reflect the procedures of Amtrak? Was this protocol? If so, shame of Amtrak for allowing this to be the norm and not an extreme exception! Amtrak can ill afford to shine this negative light on a train filled with 200 plus passengers simply trying to get from point A to point B! I do understand that this train is a machine fallible to malfunction. My disgust is the manner in which this situation was handled not the fact that the train malfunctioned.

My daughter's husband had to find a friend to pick us up from Norwalk. Our train was so late (hours) until he would have been too late for work had he made the trip to get us! We paid his friend a make the 40-minute trip (one way) for us.

I am a senior citizen and have taken the Amtrak multiple times to visit my children in Los Angeles. Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed at the manner in which Amtrak handled this entire situation and not try to help passengers get to their destinations!

Highly Disappointed,

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Lucy Medaglia - 15 d ago


In Chicago il on 1-16-2018 the person posting the train departures are listing information incorrectly as train 3 for los angeles changed to 4 at 3:15 pm and trains to los angeles from texas eagle is listed by 3 train number of 21,321, and 421..

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Joseph Miles - 20 d 5 h ago


Joseph Miles Jr. I applied for 6 positions got an email to take the assessment test took the test got an email said thank you for taking the assessment test we will contact you when we start our hiring session. Hiring session started on 1/9/2018 i didn't get a interview or an email can't get in touch with anyone so i can't get any information on 6 positions if i didn't pass the test why didn't i get informed right after the test?

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Anonymous - 19 d 6 h ago

I'm in the same boat you are only I talked to a Amtrak call center and she claimed to give me a number to a Amtrak job resource center and when I called it was the Amtrak police number

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