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CEO and Director
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Art - 5 d 18 h ago

Mr. Bastian:

As frequent first class Delta fliers, my wife and I thank you for Delta's tightening of its "service" animal policy. My wife suffers from asthma and allergies so we are particularly sensitive to this problem.

We like animals. We support legitimate use of properly trained and documented service animals, such as dogs for blind folks. But there's considerable abuse by people who brazenly take illegitimate advantage of the system. Last year we flew alongside a large dog who walked up and down the aisle that urinated on a seat. We hope you and your board remain firm and resolute against any dilution of your policy. The rights of the overwhelming majority of your customers should be respected.

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Barbara - 5 d 20 h ago


I booked 4 seats on a plane from PIT to JFK continuing on to FCO on Alitalia, part of your partnership. There were 3 adults on a conference call with your agent since we could not get the website to work for us properly. We spoke to Shanele. We ALL asked to confirm that the our 1 piece of checked luggage per person would be free since it was an international flight. Response was YES. We then asked for seat assignments since two of the passengers needed aisle seats due to medical issues. We were given seats on both the Delta flight and the Alitalia flight. We got our confirmation response that did NOT show any baggage fees and that the seats on Alitalia were pending. Within 5 minutes we got another email confirming our Alitalia seat assignments and the added message that there would be a $60/pp/bag fee applied. When received, we [in AZ] and my daughter [PA] called and got the same response. Ignore that. International flights have free luggage. I asked that we get a confirmation of that. When none came, I began to call and spoke with no less than 6 people who all initially said 'no baggage fee" and then said they would check and came back and said yes, there would be one. I asked why $60/bag. Some were had no response other than 'that's what the screen says'. I told them that the website said $25/bag for domestic flights [PIT-JFK} and I'd spoken with Alitalia and they have NO baggage fee. Still no rationale. I finally requested to speak to a supervisor, Brittany, to settle the issue. Initially she said, NO fee but then checked and said, yes a fee. She said she'd just gotten back from maternity leave and was unaware of the change in policy. She apologized and said that the other agents were probably unaware also. She said she'd add it to my record. My daughter called in and she was told "don't worry, when they see you are going internationally they will not charge you. Yesterday [1-30] I called and spoke to Romaine who acknowledged what I was saying was accurate but said that he couldn't help me. I should call Corporate Customer Care and gave me the #, however, it is not Corporate, it takes me back to the same place I've been calling each time. I have spent over $5K on airfare to take us to Rome and I surely think that Delta should honor what the agent told us when booking. I think this is bad PR. You do have the ability to put into our record to waive any baggage charges; I request you do this. At the present time, I have to give you 1 star.

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Annoying and annonomous - 11 d ago

I am a Delta Employee and Annoymously telling you how do you let employees earn pay and not work and allow them to fall through the cracks? Its not fair! Look at Lynn Unisicker Peterson whom went to India has been home a year not working getting paid to travel for fun.... angers me'. Atlanta Georgia

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Good afternoon Mr. Bastian,

I am sorry to have to bother you, but being a business man for over 28 years in the same trade, dealing with customerrs, I am a firm believer that sometimes it is worth going to the top and talking t someone who actually cares about customer satifaction. So far with my dealings with your appointed company, I feel very let down!!!

So now comes the story, as you must be curious by now!

We had the pleasure of using four Delta planes over my holiday period and always saw your little video of how you are a family and you wish to please your customers, etc., etc. but, sadly, after having our flights on the 17th January delayed meant we missed our connection home and our flights were then totally changed (which was handled excellently by the way) and after 24 hours of traveling my girlfriend had a momentary lapse of memory and left my Ipad Pro in the seat pocket of the seat 40G and the minute we got home we thought, simple, it would of found and then passed on to a manager at Heathrow and would be in a lost property office until the owner contacted Delta at Heathrow proving it was our propertyand able to collect it and drive home again!, NO!!! I tried to ring Delta and was told a form had to filled in and to send it off. After doing this and reading the attached horror stories, we started to panic as IPad Pro is very special to us, for the information it contains!

Having looked into it further, it seems the item mentioned goes back to Amercia and then off to Alabama and the story in clippings we read, pray, see attached sentence and attachment! "If you call Delta to report a lost item, they will tell you to fill out this online form and wait (or pray)."

We have had a reply saying, ''No luck so far''!. See attached email again together with the original form we filled in!!

So, here lies my issue with your company. 1. I realise it was our fault, but it did it get missed in the flight seat pocket and fly back to America? 2. Did the next person pick it up and take it home after arriving, wherever the flight took them? 3. Did someone else pocket it and now have a lovely IPad Pro? 3. what is your procedure for found items on the planes as that must be a goood start. But as of yet i'm not even aware it was spotted at Heathrow?

In all these different scenarious it is scary as we put our trust in your company and the staff you employ to be diligent in their duties. The fact that it could not have been spotted and gone clean through your safety system just beggers belief with security at the level it is, etc!

So you can see my worry! If the seat was checked and lost item was handed to staff, documented and left safe to be handed to someone and I say, sorry Delta, I left my ipad on your plane, where can I collect it from!!!!???

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Christine - 17 d 36 s ago


This has nothing to do with a flight, but with an reservations agent. On 1/19/2018 at 11:19 am I spoke with an agent who was meticulous, personable, knowledgeable, polite and helpful. I stayed on the line to take the one question survey as she definitely deserved credit for all the work she did for me, but I was moving my phone while listening to the survey and accidentally hit the one on the keypad, where I was going to select five - would definitely hire. Someone, PLEASE, look into this so she can get the credit she deserves. Thank you. REF: H7K3Q

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Susan / Kevin Theodore - 25 d ago


On December 8, 2017 I was booked on a flight from Miami to LGA to MHT - that flight never did take off due to Delta's inability to have the appropriate amount of crew. We sat at Miami International Airport for 17 hours being told they were looking for crew members - finally at midnight - the flight was cancelled (due to weather in NY - which if we had left anywhere near our actually departure time - there was no weather issue in NY). We were told by the Delta representative that we would be reimbursed for any hotels, transportation or food, if we had receipts. Then, we were told we would not be reimbursed because it was a "weather" issue. We were re-booked on a flight at 8:30am 12/9/2017 - which when we got to the airport - again, were told that there was no crew and it would be delayed. You can imagine the uproar at the gate - as we couldn't imagine that Delta hadn't work through the night to secure crew to fly this plane. We finally left Miami and I arrived home in NH at 10:00pm that evening. I am asking for reimbursement of my hotel, transportation and food. A group of us from the flight sent a letter to the corporate office with our request for reimbursement - we did receive an apology and a $75.00 DELTA credit towards another flight. One person was finally able to get through to the corporate office (which I have not been able to after many attempts) and was issued a full reimbursement for her hotel, transportation and is this right....ONE person is able to get it because she got through on the automated line which the rest of us don't seem able to get through and have been hung up on numerous times????? I, too, am requesting a full reimbursement for my hotel, transportation and food. This was NOT a weather issue - it was a Delta flight crew issue that turned into weather 17 hours later.....please do the right thing and reimburse all of us for YOUR cause for delay and finally cancellation of our flight.

I will, again, keep trying to get through to your corporate office to speak to a real person and hopefully resolve this issue....but, if I am not able to get through - I believe I deserve the reimbursement - just like the one person who did get through....


Susan / Kevin Theodore, Manchester, NH 03109

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Tucker Malloy - 95 d ago


Booked a flight for my daughter from Palm Beach International to Sun Valley, ID via Atlanta and Salt Lake City. Once in Atlanta, my daughter ran from her gate in the E terminal to the gate for the next flight in F terminal. She missed the flight by one minute. They wouldn't wait for her even though they knew from their records that there was a passenger scheduled. When I called customer service, Customer Service Manager Janellle Martin explained that because I booked the flight online, it was basically my fault. It was booked ON DELTA'S WEBSITE, not through a third party wholesaler, primarily because my entire family and I WERE huge fans of Delta. She then proceeded to tell me that the distance between connecting flights in Atlanta was "legal." What difference does that make if you thought it was "legal", if a passenger couldn't make it at a full run?

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Anonymous - 95 d 45 s ago

ME 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John - 26 d 14 h ago

Same thing happened to my wife, grandchild and me in MSP. Just arrived off a Delta flight from Atlanta that was delayed due to weather. The boarding agent knew there were 5 passengers from Atlanta arriving to take this flight to Rome. No way did she hold the flight even 3 minutes. We finally were re-booked on a flight to Amsterdam 4 hours later

and then to Rome. No customer service from that gate agent. Never fly through MSP again.

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Anonymous - 46 d 12 h ago


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John - 26 d 15 h ago

Your a nut case! You need a padded cell.

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Terrible MSP - 27 d 17 h ago

We are writing about our disastrous trip with you on Saturday, December 30th. We understand that weather and the holidays are a very difficult time for you, but we believe you have serious personnel problems with the leadership of your Minneapolis Operations organization and systemic problems with your information systems which we hope you will address for the good of your company. Reservation No. HIQF6G Barbara K. Douglas frequent flyer number (hidden), and George S. Douglas frequent flyer number (hidden) OMA-MSP Delta Flight 3288 This flight was delayed due to one radio being inoperable. It was decided to fly with only the second back-up radio, but that too failed as we taxied for take-off. When both radios fail, it might have suggested that the problem lay not with the radios, but up-stream to their power. The plane returned to the ramp where we spent some time as ground maintenance arrived and worked on the radios to no avail. Finally, an off duty maintenance person of the airplane operator who happened to be on board was called forward and after several minutes; power was restored to the radios and we were able to fly. The Captain did an exemplary job with transparent communications and got us to MSP with minimal delay, in time for our connection, but MSP-RHI Delta Flight 7416 (cancelled) and subsequently Delta Flight 7415 This flight was repeatedly delayed waiting for an aircraft that was down for maintenance and grounded in Duluth. While we waited, the gates were repeatedly changed so that 40-some people were exhausted scurrying around the airport. The FIDs did not agree with the gate agents' information, and both conflicted with the instant messaging sent to peoples' "Smart Phones". This created distrust of your passengers for Delta and severely undercut any authority the gate agent tried to maintain. It appeared that whoever was entering data to the FIDs might be dyslectic and on occasion was entering data on the Departure schedule that belonged to the Arrivals schedule and vice versa. In any case, your ground operations personnel were clearly in disarray which appeared to us to result from poor leadership. In all our interactions, ramp and flight personnel were working in an exemplary fashion and being repeatedly misled by misinformation and poor operations decisions. Eventually, flight 7416 was cancelled and the gate agent essentially blew us off with no information as to what arrangements might be made. We worked our way to the 'C' concourse service area where competent agents were able to immediately print boarding passes for the 10:00 pm flight 7415. Only after we protested that the cancellation was caused by a maintenance problem did the agent provide much appreciated meal vouchers. We would have thought much better of Delta if the cancelling gate agent had provided the on-going confirmation and volunteered the meal vouchers without having to walk a half mile and employ our 60 years of air travel experience to request a meal. On to Flight 7415, the PENULTIMATE new travel experience. We showed-up at the gate about an hour before the 10:00pm schedule to be advised that the plane was delayed in a maintenance hangar. I understood from my rental car agent in Rhinelander that the plane had been on the field in MSP since 8:00 in the morning. Our flight crew arrived about 9:30 for the 10:00pm departure. Again, the gate agent was provided inaccurate information ranging from "we don't have any aircraft", to "we may substitute an aircraft" to "the fight may be cancelled". Of the some 40 folks awaiting the aircraft, several had spent the previous night in the terminal and one becoming particularly aggressive; the pilot laudably calmed him down. Towards midnight, we asked if a bus could be charted in case of cancellation and were told "no buses, no hotels, no meals" (more later). You may understand that at this late hour, many of us were trying to plan for alternate transportation and/or accommodation. Finally the pilot and co-pilot took matters into their own hands and obtained ground transport to the hangar where they started up the aircraft. There was more delay while the pilot had to convince the ground operations chief to personally take a smaller tractor across the field to tow the aircraft out to the ramp where it could power up (according to your agent). After midnight the aircraft arrived at the gate under its own power, we boarded and arrived in Rhinelander in record time at approximately 1:30 am. First, we wish to praise your gate agent, (redacted) for her transparent and helpful management of a very difficult situation. Personally, I believe your inept operations organization and terrible information management put Miss Johnson at risk of bodily harm. She certainly represented Delta admirably and began to reinstall our confidence after a most trying day. Secondly, we wish to praise the Skywest pilot whose name was I believe (redacted) for taking the initiative to secure the aircraft and get 40 some odd stranded passengers to their destination. He also served you well by returning a perfectly serviceable aircraft to operation. Had the plane been made available when its maintenance was completed early in the day, perhaps you would not have had to cancel at least three other flights. Finally, I learned in Rhinelander that the passengers of the cancelled afternoon flight RHI-MSP had been sent on a bus to MSP. When they arrived, there were no Delta personnel to assist them. Further, the bus returned empty to Rhinelander when it could have been used for our group had the pilot not been able to retrieve the aircraft from the clutches of your ground operations staff. (So, there were buses available should your operations personnel have chosen to act.) Overall, Ms. (redacted) and the Skywest crew began to rebuild our confidence in Delta. We also wish to complement the chief cabin attendant on the January 6th Flight 794 who searched us out to apologize for the December 30th disaster. Having made the flight OMA-MSP-RHI and return over 50 times first with North Central, then Republic, then Northwest and now with you, we are discouraged to see the degradation of your information systems and especially your Minneapolis operations organization which for 50 years was one of the best in the nation. In the interest of your business, we hope you will take action to rectify your management problem in Minneapolis and globally to up-date you dysfunctional data information systems.

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Leon A. - 26 d 15 h ago


MSP simply sucks. Too many problems so we don't fly through there anymore to Italy.

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dan - 27 d ago


your customer service on the phone is pathetic, I enjoy flying your airline except I often have to book United as they at least answer the phone. This is the THIRD time in the last ten days, I have had 2 hour + waits to talk to someone. I understand it snows in the Northeast, but even Jet Blue answers the phone who is based there. How can a company based in Atlanta and can and does have call centers all over the world not have surge call centers when flights are cancelled. Moreover, why am I told today, 10 days after the Northeast storm that is still the reason for the two hour plus waits. To add insult to injury last week, your website didn't even work on multiple occasions. Can the snow really affect the website? Is the server in Boston and got too cold? Come on Delta you are a billion dollar company, have great employees, but your technology and call centers are decades old. Get with it, it is ridiculous.

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Alena - 28 d 1 h ago


Thank You -RICHARD COWART from FLL for your outstanding job on january 6 th 2018. You are kind, professional and helpful. My daughter Zuzana went to FLL- NY-Amstredam-Prague . He did everything to help her. Thank you again.

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A C Alexander - 31 d 9 h ago


On December 23, 2017 our flight from Detroit was delayed due to bad weather. Causing us to miss our connection. We were put on another flight, but not given the comfort seats that I paid for. I was told that getting a refund would be no problem, from your twitter feed. What a joke.

I have not been able to get anyone on the phone number that I was given. Every time I call, I am transferred through a call menu, and then a recording says no one is available, and to try my call again, and hung up on.

As a skymiles member I am not feeling any customer care at all.

Right now you have a 0 star rating with me. 3 upgrades are not inexpensive, and I don't have money to just give away.

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Chuck Archie - 31 d 19 h ago


As a previous PLATINUM Skymiles member your policy for requiring a credit card for check in is ridiculous when you KNOW I used skymiles for the reservation, paid the $11 taxes with my Delta American Express card and received an email to check in but now am required to walk in to the counter and show my card to check my friend in. Having almost 250K miles in my account and still making me check this person IS RIDICULOUS!!!

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Joseph Martin - 33 d 14 h ago



Dear Richard,

Hi, I have a son called Joshua Martin, currently he stuck in LA Airport due to many errors on your company behalf, as from today he been in LA now OVER 7 days, he was suppose to be home here on Boxing day, as yet he is still not been allowed to get on the plane back home to Brisbane, Australia, even so you the company have gaving him a boarding pass every day and when he about to board he get knock back to un valid ticket, how that when your company keep printing him one everyday to get on board!? now he been put up in a hotel every day with your company is paying for this! And yet and every day he goes back to the Airport and delta desk and it the same everyday the same problem!

While your sending him back to hotel, he got no meal vouchers or even any meals, to help with the cost of living and eating, he about to run of clothes soon and no underwear as he need to buy them to keep going! Don't you see how bloody stupid this is? it has now become such a bloody nonsense that as a father of my son I will do what ever I can to remind your of your company decisions that been made on Joshua Martin whom is simply trying to get home for festive period which he totally miss out.

Richard, I sincerely hope your words and action can help Joshua whom want to come home to his mum and dad. But I am going to use every social media that I can gather and will use all FB/TWITTER, YOURE USA TV networks to not only show how badly this has been handle.

Richard, when you start to dig deep into how this been handle, not only will it show how incompetent you handle it and how badly your associates as manager or leaders whom have really no idea what happening and what to do to even help Joshua to get home.

Richard this my mobile number in Australia, I would suggest someone to call me urgently within the next few hours or I will explode all your errors on every social media there is not only here in Australia but in the USA also... my name is Joseph Martin and I am the father of Joshua.. +(hidden)8, the time now is Brisbane is 10.30am in the morning on the 4th Jan 2018

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Anonymous - 34 d ago


US Combat Veteran

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Anonymous - 34 d 16 h ago

I worked for Northwest Airlines back in 99 to 2004 and I have a paper for a pension plan with my benefits statement I don't know how about going to get that if you could give me a call back my number is (hidden) thank you

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D. Hargrove - 39 d ago


I used to love Delta and was a devoted "Delta Only" flyer, but here lately the flights are so crowded, its uncomfortable. Delta packs travelers in like sardines...never a vacant seat. You cant make a seat change if you would pay extra for it. Just ridiculous that money has won over flyer comfort. Do better!

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Dan McCleary - 45 d 15 h ago


Delta needs to train it's customer service group. I spent an hour on the phone with a customer service person trying to show me how to use my miles to rent a car. By the way your website has many issues?? I finally asked for a supervisor who finally told me you can not use miles to rent a car ?? THANKS FOR WASTING MY TIME !!

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Helen Walsh - 49 d 44 s ago


I have always sworn by Delta and been very loyal as a customer. Now I am swearing at Delta Airlines. I was unfortunately one of the customers affected by Sundays problems at Atlanta Airport. We were diverted to Columbia, SC, not Delta's fault. However, now I have been trying to locate my luggage - this is Delta's fault. I was on hold for 5 hours yesterday. Now I have now been on hold for 1 hour and 27 minutes. No one can help me, called corporate and they gave me yet another number to call. All is good when things are going smoothly, but don't expect exceptional customer service from Delta - they don't have enough employees to handle the job.

Shame on you Delta - going to try another airline next trip. Lost a loyal customer.

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Chief Binkley - 62 d 17 h ago


As a current military member I am disgusted with Delta for not allowing people to sing the national anthem for a fallen soldier. I have carefully chosen Delta Airlines for the majority of my travel for years now. I currently have over 201,000 Delta Sky Miles and did have the Delta Sky Miles Credit Card. I cancelled the CC when this story broke. I will not utilize Delta again when I have a choice, as I often do. When these miles are used up I will cancel the Sky Miles account. If Delta does not have any respect for this country's past and present serving military members then I do not have any respect for Delta or their leadership. It is more saddening that I have not heard any outcry from the Delta employees.

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Party of 5. - 69 d ago


Thanksgiving ruined by DL! After carefully planning a family Thanksgiving in Maui over 8 months ago, Delta managed to destroy it with a total lack of customer service, competence or consideration for their passengers! Flight 1397 had a mechanical issue when we were boarded, a problem with the brakes is what we were told. We never should have been boarded, but instead were told almost instantly when fully boarded, there was a problem, that was being worked and not completed. Next, told the problem was with the brakes, getting a part so watch the movies as wed be there awhile. We heard a part didnt work, then a part was being taken off a cargo 767 to put on our 757, and oh shocker it didnt fit. We were given more song and dance stories as we were delayed over 10 hrs.! Delaying a flight at lunch time, not providing meal vouchers, instead bringing in bags of disgusting McDonald hamburgers and trying to pretend this was anything other than absurd was exactly that! After 8 hrs. we are finally given a whooping $15 meal vouchers as almost all restaurants on Concourse S were closed! We booked our flights for 4, along with an infant months ago. We booked in plenty of time to get to a Wailea hotel for a family Thanksgiving buffet at a prepaid rate or $70 per person. We had 4 seats together in the center area of the plane. Instead we eventually flew out with 3 seats in the last row, not reclining and 1 seat 20 rows ahead of us! By no means do McDonald hamburgers constitute a meal. You owe us for the Sky Club 1 day passes we purchased, the $70 per person for the Thanksgiving dinner we were forced to miss, the $86 we were forced to spend on an actual meal in the airport, major mileage and vouchers for ruining our Thanksgiving gathering, spending 10 hrs. in Sea instead of Maui and totally whipping everyone out to the point the next day of our vacation was literally lost to recovery! Pathetic customer service especially on a holiday! VERY DISAPPOINTED with the extreme unprofessionalism displayed by Delta. Certainly a trip we wont forget anytime soon when making future travel plans.

A few miles awarded does not cut it.

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David Mercado: To whom it may consern, I had placed an order through Lowes ...

Old Navy
Lucia,White: Won't be spending any money with your company until all inv ...

Victoria's Secret Stores, Inc.
Heather: I recently had visited your pink store in Santa Rosa Califo ...

Groupon, Inc.
Anonymous: I am with you. This company is a fraus. All lies and no com ...

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