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Discount Tire

20225 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Bruce Halle
Chairman of the Board
(480) 606-6000
Annual Sales Est
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Valerie M - 10 h 21 m ago


I have been a customer of Discount Tires in the San Marcos,, Texas location for about 4 years. I want to tell you my experience with them each and every time is GREAT.. There are a lot of people that like to complain, but I believe when you get wonderful service, this needs to noticed. I have bought 2 sets of tires for my two vehicles. and come in regular for my "rotation and balance". These gentlemen treat every customer with respect, kindness and patience. I get treated this way every time I walk through the doors/and when I am calling to make an appointment. While in waiting area I see they treat all customers this great. The store manager that works there

is the Best.

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John C - 6 d 16 h ago


I have been a customer of Discount Tire for over 30 years. I started doing business with them in Tucson, AZ in 1984. I am sorry to say that the first 30 years the service was awesome, but since 2015 the service sucks! I could not be more disappointed with the service and the customer service.

I use to love the attitude of the employees and the high level of customer service. I'm not sure if your hiring practices have changed, or management has changed, or if it's the millennials that now work at their stores, but the quality of service has dropped substantially.

I'm done with Discount Tire! Costco here I come.

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Larry Huntley from aurora co - 9 d 18 h ago


Hi. I'm from Aurora co. I was just at your store on S Havana st in Aurora today to get my two front tires fixed, they keep loosing air. Well it didn't happen because I have a plug in my rear tire and he said it looks a little squishy and my front tires are loosing air because my rear tire looks low, I checked it when I got home rear tire is good, and further more why was my left front tire completely flat when I got back from vacation during Christmas he just wanted me to buy a tire to replace the one that has plug in it which holds air and the 2 front ones loose air. I'm not f- stupid and I work on cars a lot. I'm pissed and cutting up my card for this store and I won't be back. Been buying tires and rims from guys for over 20 years but I'm not gonna buy tires when my tires are good with plenty of tread left. He just filled me up with a bunch of bullshit, telling me front tires are loosing air because my rear tire looks squishy like I'm stupid Big o tires he we come

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Screwed again - 52 d 19 h ago

If you have had a bad experience regarding Discount Tire and Synchrony Bank please enter your experience here. We are in the process of getting a class action suit started . We would love to hear from you

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Vee Vee - 11 d 17 h ago


Had a flat,,, sold me a new tire,,,no need for new tire,, just patch

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Unhappy Texan - 14 d 18 h ago


Called the corporate office in regard to problems with my tires I purchased from the Terrell, Texas location.

I left my name and telephone number and several hours later no call back at all.

Have had excellent service of the years but extremely upset about the managers, etc regarding the tire recommendation and the poor resolution service I have received!!

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Tim shaughnessy - 18 d 17 h ago


I brought my car In to discount tire in Eden prairie as my tire loses air for the past month. So they took the tire off and as I watch they pointed to a screw and then before showing it to me they deflated the tire. Then I came back to me and send the screw is kind of on the side and I need to buy a new tire. I asked to put the tire back on the car and they said it was against the law to do that. I told them to explain to me better why they deflated my tire and they could've just put it back on to the car when it was still up in the air and not off the car . I drive a sedan service and was forced to buy a new tire and felt this was bait and switch and want my $86 back

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Mark - 16 d 8 h ago

Call the better business bureau or the police. It is not illegal nor against the law. That's the old bullshit a lot of mechnic shops even tho, in order to get u to buy new brakes.

I'd contact the Attorneys General office

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David - 16 d 8 h ago


Store Location:

5030 Monroe St,

Toledo, OH 43623

Placed an order 6 days ago, was told it will be there within 2-3 days. Put also a deposit down. After 5 days of not hearing from them, no call, no communication from if my tires are there or not. I ended up calling them, and the guy couldn't find my order and acted confused when I place the order, he ended up putting me on hold. When he got back he said " the guy who placed ur order isn't working today " and they'll get back to me tomorrow regarding my order. Friday no call, no responds regarding my tire and neither Saturday. Mind you, I didn't receive any apologize on my initial inquiry about my order either. Its now over week.

I will ask for my deposit back, and go some place else. And will definitely contact the corporate office. Evidently this location also doesn't care about their online google reviews, since they do not even try to make an effort nor have the courtesy to explain it nor acknowledge a feedback.

Let's see if the corporate office will take care of their customers.

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Derecia Hannah - 16 d 16 h ago


Serviced at Discount Tire 2356 Gallatin Rd, Madison, TN Really tired of having to make TWO trips for them to provide service already paid. As a nurse, my free time is minimal & spent acquiring much needed services. I had two tires put on my Jeep 1/19/18. My pressure gauge was on and they assured me that they would check my tires & ensure it was off. When finished Chris assured me that the gauge just needed to reset. LIED!!! They DID NOT check my tires, which were all purchased here!!! I have returned today to show them what they should have already, as tire professionals, & at the expense of missing my nephew's birthday party, to show them that in their haste, did not recognize that a NAIL was in my back tire! NOW ANOTHER WAITING GAME FOR A FIX & SERVICEMEN ACT LIKE THIS IS A GAME AND I ASSURE YOU IT'S NOT FOR ME!!!! They will do anything to get your money for new tires & treat your vehicle like sh**!!!

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Greg Copeland Copeland Mechanical. - 21 d 14 h ago


I purchased 4 new tires 1-13-18 had them installed on my 2016 Dodge Ram 2500 4 W drive, at the 3850 Beacon Ave Fremont CA

When i picked up my truck they handed me 3 broken wheel studs, said they just broke off and do not know why! maybe defective parts from Dodge.

OK I know accidents happen but 3 broken wheel studs! hello someone is not experienced with the impact gun.

So this is what I want

I want Americas Tires to pay for my repairs on my 26K miles new truck

I had to order the studs from the dealership, so there going to do the repairs.

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Unsatsified customer - 23 d 19 s ago


I went to Discount tire in Tucson AZ, Ina/Thornydale, I asked for my tires to be BALANCED and rotated, I left there and my truck was shaking something terrible on the freeway! It seems that they didn't balance the tires at all. I am so unhappy with their service! While waiting for my vehicle Everyone that goes in there they tell them it will be 1-2 hour wait!

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Brandon Kovach - 24 d 9 h ago

I'm mad as hell! I just learned over date night of all times that your store TXE 03 in El Paso, Tx just sold my wife 4 brand new Tires- when they had less then 47 K mile on them. She went in for a flat tire and was told that all 4 tire had to be replaced. When she said to replace only two- the Salesman offered her " a great deal " by offering a discount on two other tire. The tire they took had a 60K warranty on them - because they were brand New TIRES on a 2015 car; your store unnecessarily took my tire. I'm pissed - I'm very tempted to return your tires in the fashion you so advertise !!!!! I have Four of them!! This is not the last you have heard from me- your store will be hearing from me first thing in the morning.

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Sherry Andrade - 25 d 17 h ago


Ur Killeen store are theives. They got caught and their response by the manager Carl is unbelievable and was record.via cell phone. Thank God the ASM Sly removed him and attempted the fix the situation. The fact remains I was driving around with a tire that could have blown out at any

Time!!! They were fully aware of this...because i told them plus it was evident. They didn't care, let me drive off the lot where any number of things could have happened...including death due to there stealing my tire. Its all recorded and really am ready to post this to every social media outlet. I should have called the police for theft

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Anonymous - 26 d 11 h ago


I tried contacting your regional office. I was told no district managers were available to speak with. I emailed customer relations, which is apparently unmanned. I've been with an unsafe used tire that's Probably caused more damage to my car and I've basically been without a car for going on four business days. I'll never deal with a company who doesn't have accessible management again. Store manager never returned my call, all district managers out and you give a generic email. I'm highly dissatisfied with your products/service.

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Luka @ West Kimberly Rd, Davenport, Ia - 31 d 12 h ago


I was in a situation where three tires were bad on my car. I just replaced one of my tires on 12/28, and three days later another tire was flat, on which I had the donut out on. This is new year's eve, I was getting very sick, temperatures were double digits that I was gong through stuff dealing with the tire. I stayed in bed Sat, Sun, and Mon, went to my car Tuesday afternoon, and another tire was flat. I called around you many places and they all told me they can possibly get to it Thursday, definitly by Friday. A friend told me on Facebook about Discount Tires, which i haven't had much tire work since they moved into town.

I called the store on West Kimberly Rd, Davenport, Ia.

I was helped by Luka,, who told me to get it to the store and they'd get it done that day ( still Tuesday) but towing was backed up as well. At 6:25 my tow truck finally got to my car, and took it to your store.

I told the store that I can wait until the next day to have it looked at.

Luka calls me and said both flat tires were too torn up, and gave me a quote when he asked my preferences. Before we did that though, he said the one tire that never got flat, was in bad shape, and would last a while. I asked him what it would be to add the third tire, and he said $476, which fit into my $500 limit! He conversed with me and stayed patient with me, as my voice was scratchy and quiet. Luka got my car in, it got done that afternoon, and even knew my name when I came to get it. The voice have me away. He told me where it was, but then said "let me go get it for you" and ran out the door. Luka was a big blessing to me, because of me being weak from being sick for 4 days, and he really went beyond his duty to take care of me. Luka is a winner on your team, and I will keep my business at that store. They really care.

Dawn Wooten, Davenport, Ia

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Anonymous - 33 d 19 h ago


Merrillville Indiana is one of the worst places that you can go to. I left thinking that my tires had been rotated only to be driving with this horrible sound coming from the left side of my car. I went to another tire place and found out that my tires were not rotated they loosen my lug nuts on my left side and never tightened them back nor did they remove my right tire and torques the locking nut down so tight that the mechanic was afraid that the stud would break off if he forced it. Terrible service. I will never go back to Discount Tire. You just lost a customer and I will tell everyone the service that comes from this company. This was after a 2.5 hour wait. NEVER again.

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Nancy @newmexwind - 33 d 19 h ago


I want to let you know that your location in Hobbs New Mexico is the absolute worst place to go customer service is horrible, they busted off lugs off my Jeep cherokee busted the cap then yelled at my husband this after spending over $700.00 on tires and waiting almost 2 hours to be taken care of. Always done business with Discount but will never step foot in this location again they didn't fix the stuff they broke, we will have to do that I'm a manager in retail and this is not how you treat people, I deal with people everyday in this area and I will make sure to tell everyone I come in contact with to drive to RosweRoswell or Lubbock but don't dare go to Hobbs location because they will tear your vehicle up then tell and curse you for it

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Mary Sandoval - 40 d 16 h ago

Waiting for tire free tire rotation, running over an hour late because they closed store in Oak Forest Illinois 5 minutes from my house. Told me because they weren't producing or busy enough. Ridiculous, they were packed every time i was there. Bought our last 4 sets of tires thru Discount.... they have now lost my business as they don't care about my time

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Gus Thomas - 50 d 13 h ago


As a Veteran and a customer,I am upset that your regional office refused to participate in Honoring our Military and Veterans for the Freedom of Christmas. One of our local lodges asked your company to provide Military Car & window decals to our Military and Veteran brothers, your customers. The word this $4.99 retail item was offered to your company for cost 40 cents each. Total numbers 1,500 which is 300 per military branch. Your cost $600.00 to honor 1,500 military customers. And the guy was treated rude and told no. Perhaps, you should re-think how your $900 million a year biz was possible. I will tell you. Young men coming home with no arms or legs and disabled for life to allow you the freedom to be billionaires.

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John Starke - 51 d 4 m ago


While driving our RV to elk hunting camp in Meeker, Colorado we stopped at a Discount Tire store in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We needed air in the tires on the trailer we were pulling and it was also in need of alignment. We were met by Eddie Valdez, Asst. Mgr. and he looked at the tires and told us they were not rated for what we were using them for. He spoke to his manager, Matthew Schlagel and here's what transpired: The tires were replaced with the correct tires, we were given a refund for the incorrect tires and were on our way within 45 minutes. GREAT SERVICE! Your employees did the Right thing and you now have 2 very pleased customers. Thanks to both Eddie and Matt - They represented Discount Tire in a courteous and professional manner and we are grateful for the fine service we received. You now have 2 new customers for life.

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Mad as hell in Las Vegas - 56 d 16 h ago


Here I sit waiting and waiting and waiting to get my new tires installed. Just like every other time I have been here. Salesman come running out to sell you some tires. They get your money first. Although they have a six bay shop, two very unmotivated workers are installing all the tires. My salesman did not give me a time, but told me "right away". As there were only three people in the waiting room at the time, and two cars in the shop, that would be soon. However, an hour latter, and still not ready.

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Brinaldo Buford - 73 d ago


I was called a nigger in your Sandusky Ohio 44870 business I do not appreciate the way I was treated one bit

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Shocked - 75 d ago


Not only am I a customer of the Discount Tire in my town, i am also an auto parts delivery driver and we deliver to Discount. We have a good long time relationship. Discount has a turn over in managers. As a delivery driver we need our deliveries signed for upon receipt. Discount is on account. This manager sent us his order via his own electronic self help. We receive a picket ticket. He ordered the wrong part. An employee did got him the correct part once the error was realized. However an error was made in the paperwork. When the parts were delivered the manager noticed the error and of course was told not a problem to adjust. Then he was asked to sign for the delivery. This manager suddenly became aggressive with the driver. He began yelling and puffed himself up saying he refused to sign and claimed crazy reasons to not trust us. He was punching the air and menacing the employee. The employee was forced by policy to keep the parts. The manager Screamed at the employee to drop those parts. He chased after this employee. This manager makes many mistakes but we help him efficiently. This was extreme negative outrageous behavior. We learned that our manager stood by his employee but that Discount guy didnt care. Discount manager made Trouble for employee. Why are such immature asshholes running Discount Tire? Remember, we are your customer too!

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Anonymous - 81 d 13 h ago

Just wanted to tell you about my recent trip to Utah. Preparing my RV to take a long trip I went and got an oil change and was told that one of my tires was bald, the tread had separated and it needed to be replaced. I went to your store on Greenback and Hazel and since the tire was under warranty they changed it with no problem. I told them that I was going on a long trip to Utah and could they check the rest of the tires to make sure they were all in good condition. They assured me that all was good and that I should not have a problem. Since I like to drive at night we left pretty late, didn't think I had anything to worry about, and while driving up towards Reno a tire blew out. Nowhere to stop at this point I had to continue on until it was safe to pull over and stayed there over night until I could go to one of your other locations. This time not only did the tire next to the new one blow and shred apart another one on the other side also had tread separation. Went into a second location of your tire shop and they also replaced the tires no problem. Again I asked them to check the other tires because it was scary to have a tire blow out when driving and I did not wasn't this to happen again. Again I was assured they checked the tires out and nothing is wrong with the other tires I should have no more problems with the tires. Forty miles later, another tire blows out, now I am too far away and have to call a tow truck to come help. He comes and replaces the blown tire with my spare and checks the other tires. The person who put on the extenders, to air the inner tire, did not do it correctly and the tire was flat. Decided that was probably what happened and went on my way hoping to finally get my vacation going. Nope another tire now blows while in Utah and again I have to get a tow to the nearest tire shop, eighty miles away. This is at 2am in the morning so we have to stay in the RV over night waiting for the shop to open. So I explain what has happened to the people at your location in Utah. I am now extremely scared of the tires that are left and asked them if I should just replace all of the tires. They advise me that this is probably my best bet. So I replace the remaining tires to the tune of approximately $800.

We do not have any more problems with the tires and after a few days of driving with no problems I can finally relax and drive the RV without clutching the steering wheel in anticipation of another blow out. The RV was damaged underneath so the water had to be shut off and we could not use the bathroom because the black water tank was also damaged by all of the tires shredding off.

When talking to some people about my trip of horror, I found out none of this should have happened. The first tire that was replaced was a dual tire and they have to be replaced in pairs. So the fact that I had a five-year-old tire and a brand new tire was why the second (the other tire that was part of the dual) tire blew. After that having to drive with a blown tire is why the other side separated but again the tire shop replaced a blown five year old tire with a brand new one and this creates friction because one tire is not as worn as the other. This is also why after checking the tires and telling me all looked good that I blew another one forty miles later. So after blowing the last tire and explaining everything that happened to the last shop and them having access to my record would have clued someone in that it wasn't the tires but the people who were replacing them obviously were not trained to change tires on an RV. So the last shop that advised me to replace the rest of the tires, which were only the front non dual tires, also did not know what they were doing and cost me an extra $800 that was not needed.

To recap, the fact that a tire shop is not trained to change tires correctly cost me 2 days of my vacation, $800 in tires, several hundred dollars to fix the black and grey tanks, and who know how much to fix the water pipes that were hit by debris (can't afford to fix that right now). They also put 4 young children and myself in danger, not only from the tires blowing but also because when the tires blew we were in rural areas with no towns or signs of life around us. Waiting on the side of the road at 12 am in the morning for a tow truck to come and bring us to the next town is not safe. We were on the side of the road for 2 hours waiting and anything could have happened to us. American Tires is a tire shop they should have known how to change the tires on an RV so that this did not happen. The fact that I went to 3 of your shops and none of them figured this out means none of them are trained to change these types of vehicles. This makes people, who trust you as a tire company, putting themselves at risk since the people we rely on to know what is going on don't.

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