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Dish Network

9601 South Meridian Boulevard
Englewood, CO
Joseph Clayton
President and CEO
(303) 723-1000
(303) 723-1999
Twitter IDs
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Bill - 14 h 47 m ago


dish net work is a criminal origination cancelled my service and they continue to take money out of my bank account even after i called them on several occasions. next step the attorney general of New Mexico

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Frances M Koelling - 16 h 42 m ago


They keep trying to get more money out of me. This time it's $99.95 and they said I would get a discount on my next bill. Yeh right! I left my number for Mr. Clayton and/or Mr. Ergen to call me back, but doubt if I will hear from either one.

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Rob - 1 d 12 m ago


The New platform for the menu sucks it is awful hard to use slow and just all around crap

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Ann - 1 d 18 h ago

You have a awful line of shows . It seems to me that you would want more customers. But the stations you have all have the same thing playing over and over again. And you just up the cost . What are you people thinking? I think you feel you have most people over the barrel, but steaming is going to get you in the end!

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Patty S. - 3 d ago


I have been on hold with Dish customer service for 1 hour 33 minutes pending resolution on an over payment on a closed account. The resolution department hung up on me after telling me that because my account was closed they cannot refund my overpayment. Apparently I had 90 days to request the overpayment, unfortunately for me I waited 90 days before following-up assuming I would receive a refund. Not knowing that there was any time limit as most reputable companies would have returned the overpayment during this period. Very bad customer service and very bad practice.

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Robyn - 3 d 15 h ago


I will be cancelling my dish services because of poor customer service. They have been here 3 times in a week. New box, new dish and I was forced to purchase a 149 dollar hard drive to save my movies. Still having the same problems. I want the man who did poor work fired. Phillip Martin phone number (hidden).

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Ron - 4 d 1 h ago


I'm a resident in North Fort Myers, FL where recently WBBH a local NBC affiliate, is no longer viewable through Dish. WBBH is the only NBC affiliate in the Fort Myers and Naples, FL area. Therefore, all NBC programming is no longer viewable through Dish Network. My question is will the Dish Network reimburse me for this dramatic omission of programming, or will I be allowed to terminate my contract with Dish without penalty so that I may seek an alternative HAD vendor?

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Susan fisher - 4 d 14 h ago


This is seriously the worst corporate doesn't give a damn or they would make major improvements on there programing..I hate paying major bucks for for shows that are 30 years old..took away chiller. now a cartoon channel...this is pitiful

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Demoss - 5 d 14 h ago


Posting for a friend who lives in IOWA. Her dad LIVED in SIOUX FALLS, IDAHO. Her dad died January 26, 2018 without insurance.

Here is her post; "4 months ago my dad signed up for Dish. His credit wasn't good enough so I consigned for him. Here we are today trying to cancel his service. They won't let us! We are going to have to pay for everything! "

It is appalling to me that DISH is so money hungry that they MUST have their money from a dead man's family to continue to pay for service for 2 more years. What kind of people are they? Ghouls I suspect, they would steal the pennies off a dead man's eyes.

His daughter "co-signed" for her father and DISH (without her knowledge) put the account in her name, not her father's and now expects her and her husband living in IOWA to pay up.

One would think that $500.00 isn't that much of a loss for DISH, I guess losing $500.00 from a dead man will break them up in business. DISH NETWORK HAS NO SHAME or SOUL.


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AshleynKyle07 - 5 d 19 h ago


Someone has to speak up about how your screwing people out of their hard earned money. Im sick of having to contact this company to fix our bills monthly because of over charging! I spent 2 hours on phone n chat with you today to be told you didnt care to fix the problem and wouldnt be interested in speaking till you got more money for services we werent using. I will be sposting to multiable social media sites to show how you screw people over. We paid to have services restored on Monday 1-29-18 n today 1-31-18 they shut our tv off sayin we owe over $100 this is beyond bullshit!

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Judy Crawford - 6 d 16 h ago


My my name is Judy Crawford and I am calling because I had a very bad horrible encounter with a Silver Spring Office that cost me two hours of wasted time when I first call there the first rep he would not even give me a quote unless you could get my Social Security number to decide which plan would benefit him I guess as far as his commission was concerned so I hung up on him because I am so sick of Comcast and best scams are called back to Dish the second representative was a female I think she said her name was I think she said Shannon and she was very cordial we got a plan together but I did inform her prior that I live in historical building and you could not drill on our apartment structure she decided to tell me about the $69 plan that I thought was the same thing I was paying for Comcast but it had more amenities and so we decided on that and she got my social security number and then she went to do a credit check and then she came back and told me she could not help me either due to some STS SDS or something about we had a satellite on our roof & some other nonsense which now became a total waste of my time and I really didn't appreciate it from there that she sent me back to a sales representative from that I went around in a circle 360 Degrees like a yo-yo spinning, and from the troubleshooting technician, to billing, to customer service never getting anything accomplished and I think that these were the most completely incompetent unprofessional & just nonchalant and caring people that I care not to have the pleasure to never meet again I don't know how Dish will ever make any money with these type of employees

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Judy Crawford - 6 d 16 h ago

Comcast might be pricey but they are way better than Dish And they got the nerve and you don't know how good there service is, but they are demanding for your social security information and demand your credit card info who the hell do they think they are!!!

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Paulie E - 6 d 18 h ago


This morning I had called this network and they told me I told them $404 and something change and they told me I had seven days to pay otherwise they would disconnect my services I have been with this dish network for 21 years and now I'm being treated like shit this is unjustifiable then I spoke with the supervisor who decided not to do anything I guess she's interested in just the paycheck then I spoke with someone in the presidents office and there were is full of shit as a Christmas turkey these people are a bunch assholes they do not deserve the time or day and if you were considering their service there are not worth it they did not tell me that my modem needed to be upgraded and the technician was falling intoxicated is that the way to run a business you know my answer to these people if they are unprofessional I made a promise to pay $404.00 and they wanted the money right now my message to these people is they can go fuck themselves there are rude they are inconsiderate they are unprofessional and they are a bunch of flaming jackasses and they can kiss my motherfucking ass in Macy's window with my pants down they are a disgrace they do not know how to answer telephone because naturally there from Arizona state that doesn't give two shits about anything I live there for year and a half and they're a bunch of flaming jackasses I just want you know that I'm fucking pissed how can someone let somebody get into a Service vehicle intoxicated there is no justification and they did nothing to the driver

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sammie - 7 d ago


dear sir:

i will be canceling my dish services next month because of your employees enabality to explain a simple move. i had two houses, one i was going to sell and the other is my residence. i asked for the same dish services in my residence as i have in my house i was going to sell. this was fine. i got the equipment the tech was nice the installation was perfect. i had signed an agreement or contract for 2 yrars. i thought i was just transferring my services to my radiance . i sold my house, i called dish to pay,my bill the young lady informs my that i owe 280 for canceling my contract. in never canceled my contract, i thought i was just transferring my services. i had two bills one for my residence and one for my other house. i never thought about canceling my services from my one house, i had business there and from time to time i would have to go down there. so if that is the game you want to play, i am cancelling all my dish services next month. and going with another company. i thought i transferred my services, no one every told me any different. i spoke with a supervisor i think his name was ed and he knew so much because he worked in that department. what a smart ass a real know it all. nothing of this sort was ever explained to me. i think you have deceptive business practices going on. have a nice day

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Dish Internet down - 7 d ago


Disk Internet at Luna De Luso Building (97 units) at Lake Las has been down for a week. Disk customer support prompt in answering the phone and creating Ticket Numbers but cannot figure out the problem nor offer a time frame when resolution expected. My take-away is Dish-Internet is no longer an interest of Dish. Support to actually fix problems is non-existent or so delayed as to be non-existent.

Wish our HOA had a way to cancel the DIsh Internet Contract as starting over with a Different Internet Company appears the ONLY way to solve the problem.

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Milicyn Cannon - 7 d 12 h ago


To say that my experience with DISH customer service has been horrific would be a gross understatement at best. I spent 1 hour and 45 minutes trying to stay a loyal DISH customer but after being transferred 12 times, none of the agents or floor supervisors were able to get DISH service at my new address. They did, however thank me for being a loyal DISH customer with an excellent payment record for nearly 4 years. One Floor Manager assured me that a Supervisor (Ron) would call me the following day, and I am still waiting for the call nearly a month later! Over the course of 3 weeks, I contacted DISH via phone and chat on multiple occasions to terminate service at one address and PAUSE service at our vacation home, as I have done during the winter for a few years. I was told I would lose the auto pay credit on my account, even though I would still be paying for service using auto pay. The wrong account was PAUSED and I was again told I would need to pay an early termination fee because the DISH representative put the wrong account on PAUSE. As a former Trainer and Manager at a call center, I always ask to speak to a supervisor to acknowledge excellent customer service. I spoke with approximately 17 different agents at DISH throughout the course of this transaction, and the ONLY one that delivered excellent customer service was the Floor Supervisor that was finally able to terminate my service!

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Teresa Lane - 8 d 13 h ago


Dish does suck. Yeah they steal your equipment then cut more channles from flex pack give you a discount for 10 months then up your rate. But they wont pay what they owe you in cash or check just credit so they cut some programs and up your bill to get back the money they lost. Teresa Lane

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J l - 11 d 19 h ago


Dish sure sucks, we had signel problems that they would not fix so we switched and now they want to charge us and we were not on a contract, I will definitely tell as many people that I can to not go with them, no hidden costs BS

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Disgruntled - 11 d 21 h ago


Go to the BBB and the FCC.

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RS - 11 d 15 h ago


Saw their 20% off offer in the spam folder of my email. Since they do not carry OAN (One America News), they could never hope to generate more business without that. Glad I have Verizon

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carlissa millner - 14 d ago


DirecTV came out to my house to set up the Dish Network unfortunately five or six people had to come out because they didn't do their job right they didn't give me a new box and then put the dish in the ground outside right it leaned over had a whole lot of problems number 6 person came out and I told him all I needed was a box upstairs in my bedroom he wanted to start with the brain I didn't understand what the brain was but unfortunately it's that little box downstairs he told me he was taking it outside cuz he was going to get me another one he stole my PC brand new $240 brought it at Walmart he got upset with me cuz I called the supervisor and 2 Days Later there's all these marks on my TV that this person made I called the police I have a police report have the numbers the supervisors at DirecTV said they're called me back well they haven't called me back in days that's just going on a week and I'm tired of asking someone to come out and look at the damage and pay me my money or give me back my my tower computer tower that was stolen

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John D - 14 d 9 m ago

Dish network and DirecTV are two different companies and are in fact competitors. Might want to post on Their web page instead.

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Anonymous - 12 d 12 h ago

Of course someone replies to this message...

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Anonymous - 12 d 12 h ago

Dish and frontier combined is the worst iv ever seen.... Not one person will call you back or help with your issue.... Joseph Clayton, really hung up on five times, what kind on company is this????

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Smechs - 12 d 17 h ago


WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER...including Hailey supervisor ID#VKK!!!! Tech supposed to come today between 12-2pm - took time off work to be home. Got an email estimate of arrival time between 12:45-2:00pm; I called at 1:30pm to check on status (was told by man that I should access the online updates - online updates said arrival time was 12:45-2:00pm. At 2:00pm I called and someone actually spoke with me and said arrival time now 2:30-3:15. I was not happy and asked to speak to supervisor. Unfortunately, I spoke with Hailey who could not help me at all and just said I had 2 options accept the new time or reschedule. That's it. Nothing else. I said to please call me before they come. At 3:29pm I called again and spent another 20 minutes on the phone with no resolution. It's now 3:54pm and I have to wait for the tech company to call me. MR. JOSEPH CLAYTON - you need to crack down on your company and employees and customer service. Hailey was unsympathetic to the fact that I took off work to meet a tech that still has not shown up. She's the worst of everyone who I dealt with today. The person I just got off the phone with at least tried to contact the Tech company and see what was going on!!! WE WILL NOT BE RENEWING ANYTHING WITH soon as we can switch companies, we will be doing so!

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