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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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Jocelyn - 1 h ago


There is a new store in Barrackville, WV and for the last 1 - 2 months the shelves are empty in numerous spots and there is always boxes blocking off several isles. What is going on? There are staff members who walk around with earbuds listening to music and pretending to stick shelves, during the day I have waited up to 5 minutes at the register for the person working to notice I'm there and that included me calling out several times, there is new staff that haven't been trained running the cash register and walks away to go find someone else to fix his/her mistakes, and the restrooms and floors are filthy. As a community member I know how excited we all were to have your store open in our town and we shop there many times a week. I was told the first manager quit but there would be a new manager by the middle of January. Is that what is causing all the problems? Is there a new manager? Regardless of the circumstances someone NEEDS to do something about the empty shelves, filthy store, and attention to customers.

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Patti - 12 h 16 m ago


I have sent a message to the Dollar General website that I Googled . It was a LENTHLY email because what happened to me couldn't be explained in a short paragraph. I get a response from DG that apparently the place I Googled was not the place l was supposed to sent it to. Thanks Google...not! SOOOO, I had to rewrite the ENTIRE email ALL OVER AGAIN! After all this time and effort DG BETTER make this wrong right!!!

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jimbo - 12 h 36 m ago


the dollar general on main street in scottsville ky has a bunch of lazy and rude employees everytime i go there or drive by theres 2 outside smoking and on cell phones and one inside working her butt off, and everytime i shop i have to wait for employee to get back from outside, then half the time the down stairs door dont work so you got go up stairs and around the construction, and the credit card and coupons never take neither i think corporate should look into it for real

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Carol Alexander - 14 h 4 m ago


I am an african american women. I work at a professional job. As I was on my way home from work I stopped at one of your stores in Kiefer Ok. As I was checking out an older caucasian women at the register said to me ( I know black people like to cook, could you make me some chitterlings?) I was very angry and did not appriciate being stereotyped. She had no right to speak to me in that manner. How unprofessional. I will be calling tomorrow to file a verbal complaint.

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Anonymous - 16 h 34 m ago


Oh my god! If corporate seen the way I was just treated by an employee of theirs named KAT at the Mendota, Illinois location, they wouldn't be too pleased! However, after reading all the reviews on this page I am beginning to think they dont really care any way!! I won't stop until something gets done!

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Brian - 17 h ago


Oh my god, Just read this comment below. This person who wrote this has described every Dollar General I have been in and hit the nail on the head of the Dollar General in Heyworth Illinois. This person sums it up in a nut shell for all of us.

"The Dollar General located at 105 Redds Branch Rd, Aiken, SC, is one of the most unorganized and messy stores I have ever seen. The aisles are always blocked and messy with unstocked merchandise or items that are just thrown in a shopping cart. The floors are often dirty and employees are scarce at checkout. They have friends hanging out to talk with them. I have actually had to wait 5 minutes or more to check out"

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Brian - 17 h ago


I see the same comments I was going to make so I don't think things will change in my store located in Heyworth Illinois. The store in Heyworth Illinois is dirty, cluttered and very hard to move around. The checkout is cluttered and disorganized. Would someone please come to our store and stock the shelves and give the store a real cleaning.. I will not buy food in that store..

Thank you,

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Anonymous - 17 h 14 m ago

Marcy Wagener.

The store manager at North Lagoon store in PCB, Florida is absolutely the worst. Not only is she totally unfriendly, won't speak and acts like I'm doing her a missservice by even being there. She leaves customers at the checkout until they have to search her down. She doesn't wear a name tag and I understand why. Angie that was there before was a delight. But this particular employee needs to have some serious consideration done on her. The store is always tops turvy unlike the other DGs in PCB and PC Florida. If it weren't for Michelle who works there and is always pleasant and helpful, I wouldn't go into that particular establishment. Imagine how the manager will be when the season is in full session!!

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elizabeth - 1 d 19 h ago


the manager at the Cave spring, georgia store (KEN) humiliates his employees in front of customers. He seems to enjoy doing this. I feel sorry for them. Probably why I see some many employees come and go.

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Jenny - 18 h 17 m ago


he chews them out in front of customers how embarrasing for them starting to make me mad when i go there. you can hear his big mouth all over the store

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Anonymous - 19 h 54 m ago

My name is Tony Erwin and I am realtor with Gatton Realty in Oskaloosa, Iowa. I have the opportunity to list a commercial business that want to just sell everything and go out of business, The reason I am contacting you is because the business is in What Cheer Iowa and it is in a prime location to maybe put one of your stores? There is plenty of parking and it has a building that is 40 x 140 that is insulated with heat and cooling. If you would be interested please call me at (hidden)

Thank you.

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Lori R, Pomona CA. Stupid decision to close our store - 1 d ago

Hello big wigs of dollar general, apparently since you have money and don't have work check to check you really don't care about the less fortunate the closing of our beloved DG 14095 in Pomona is a knife yo the heart, my family especially my parents who do not drive anymore woulkd walk here, the manager Cheryl and her staff got to know my parents, EVERYONE of the employees knew what my parents liked and assisted them in everyway possible, which was a huge relief for us. Now that's to the selfishness of the powers that be felt it necessary to close this store these are the people that suffer the most.

You really need to look into why you had to close this store,and walmart neighborhood, 99cent, aldi did not. Oh and walmart neighborhood and the 99cent store are in the same shopping center on arrow highway in Pomona. That's a marketing problem not a store problem you are punishing the wrong hard working people the employees of store 14095 rather then your market department.

I'm sure you all sleep very cozy at night while others do not .probably use your wallets for pillows and your money as blankets.

Seriously what a horrid decision for this community.

Just regrand open it with better marketing strategies.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

My mother and I live in Austin, Texas and we got to one of the Dollar General stores (# 10876), that is right around the corner from us. We usually put our stuff that we are buying in the same cart. So its more than one order that's in the cart, and when we get up to the counter to pay for our stuff the man (whom I guessing is the manager) always gets an attitude about it. We are low enough income that we get food stamps, so sometimes we will have 3 orders in the same cart. I mean why have 2 or 3 different carts? My mother can't be pushing her own cart around she has to use a walker. Shouldn't somebody in that position have at least be able to deal with the public? I mean, come on you never know. Some of the employees don't wear name badges so you don't know their names. Have a heart people!

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Customer - 1 d 14 h ago


I've been an almost daily customer of Dollar General in Star City WV for more than 3 years and spend a sizable amount of money there each and every month . On top of numerous other stocking and clutter concerns, that I've dealt with over the years, there now seems to be a habit of regularly closing down the store on whim hours early! I've talked with management and staff concerning this and was assured this would be dealt with however, I just returned home once again, as the store is CLOSED AGAIN on a Sunday evening at 7PM. This is the second time this week that I've driven there only to find a closed sign, sorry for your inconvenience, on the front door. The last time this week the sign read. CLOSED DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER. PLEASE address the concerns of your customers in a timely and efficient manner.

Thank you


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G Hall - 1 d 15 h ago


Store assistant manager in dollar general store located in kent ohio is rude and very uncalled for. I had shopped there a million times cause directly across from my ohio home. I went to Florida for 8 months n came back home to kent n walked into buy a few things n this woman started screamn I wasn't allowed in store in front of other customers n accused me of stealing from store. As I tried to explain she had wrong person n I need to see manager she phisicly came at me n made a big scene n I tried to tell her I just arrived back to kent. I know for a fact they have cameras in store n if catch someone stealing on video they contact police Deptment n file report. So if this was true why didnt she call police while I was in store??? My husband n I feel she has for some reason taken a dislike of me n should not be allowed to work in that store. NO employee should ever come at someone physically like she did me n especially when I haven't bin in town for what she is saying. They need to deal with their employees n how they treat people

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Esther O'Neil, Pomona. - 1 d 16 h ago

Still can't believe it, I woke up went to church, swung by DG in Pomona as my normal routine. As I pulled in I was like oh god it's closed. I still can't wrap my head around it, it's still horrible and sad. I don't understand why this was necessary.

Still shocked in Pomona

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Esther Williams - 2 d 12 h ago


Why is the new manager of the Dollar General store in Warsaw Indiana discriminating against his older employees?

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Elizabeth Martin - 1 d 16 h ago


He's hiring new employees and cutting the hours of his older employees. His new hires are all young. Discrimination!!!

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Sheila Anderson - 1 d 18 h ago


The Dollar General located at 105 Redds Branch Rd, Aiken, SC, is one of the most unorganized and messy stores I have ever seen. The aisles are always blocked and messy with unstocked merchandise or items that are just thrown in a shopping cart. The floors are often dirty and employees are scarce at checkout. They have friends hanging out to talk with them. I have actually had to wait 5 minutes or more to check out. The drainage area for the store is filled with litter and the lot adjacent to the store is filled with litter from the store parking lot. I love the the convenience of the store and the variety of products. I would just like to shop without the fear of injury. I have multiple pictures but could not figure how to post.

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Angela Taylor - 1 d 19 h ago


I was in you Ocoee, FL store and was told since I didn't have a receipt and I am known in that store to use coupons that a refund nor a store credit would be issued. Seriously! If I use coupons you keep them when I return. If you all cared about making sure I don't "get any money" then why not return coupons. At the end of the day your employees may be making enough to provide decent customer service, your profits certainly warrant accepting returns.

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Lorraine Young - 2 d ago


I have an associate that I work with that every word out h mouth is the f uck word. She laid into me today using vulgar language. I'm tired of it. She needs to be spoken to! Thank you for your time.

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Cyndi Frederickson - 2 d ago


Will Veneta Oregon ever get a Dollar General store? We need one's just west of Eugene Oregon. Would love one here..I go to Harrisburg or Drain Oregon when I have the time. Thank you fir your time

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Jenny - 2 d ago


I have been trying to call the store #11021 on 149693 Lorain Rd.cleveland Ohio and noone answered and it goes to voice mail. They did not pack one of my items and I would like to speak with someone about it. The store was a mess and the shelves were almost all empty. Couldn't buy most of what I went to get. Fix that store!

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Sp - 2 d 13 h ago

The employee "night manager" located at hwy 16 searc y at is a thief. She stole a $100.00 out of my wallet last night and then zipped the wallet up and threw it on the ground. That was all the money I had. Thanks a lot. This girl needs to be fired as well as her manager they would not even go look back on the camera to see who might have actually did it so that really made her look guilty. I will NEVER use this DG again!!

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Rhonda Double - 2 d 13 h ago


I am a concerned and loyal customer of the Dollar General located on Addison Rd. In Masury, Ohio 44438

It's a shame when your trusted Employees and customers have to be in the store and freeze because Corp. Will not fix the heaters. And suffer in the summer when they won't fix the A.C. units. I love the store and it's employees. But if you can not fix the things that need done. You are going to lose a lot of business.

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