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Earthlink, Inc.

1375 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, GA
Rolla Huff
Chairman and CEO
(404) 815-0770
(404) 892-7616
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They need to be sued. - 1 d 26 m ago


They are incompetent and worse irresponsible. Earthlink customers need to form a Class Action Law Suit against criminals. Not only are they charging for services they KNOW they have not provided for OVER 2 WEEKS, but their reply is "we don't have any time frame for correcting the problem" & "we couldn't inform you because it would be too time consuming". In the meantime, my messages are "getting lost", though I'm told they were sent. My work has been erased & I cannot receive, send or even delete emails. Screw them. IT'S TIME THEY WERE SUED!!

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Celia A. Funk - 12 d 16 h ago


After years using Earthlink -stunned by their inability/unwillingness to correct a problem as well as mew monthly fee for modems. Due to 7 hour area power outage last Friday, my modem's internet stopped. Called help folks - no fix. They ordered new - cancelled as said phone co fault. No it wasn't. New ordered. Due today. Who will pay for the hours of mobile data? No Internet on computer or phone . I am angry .

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Anonymous - 4 d 15 h ago

Same thing here, now they want 50.00 to overnite a new router. I'm so mad....


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Greatly Disappointed - 90 d 17 h ago


I've been with Earthlink for 15 years. It's pathetic. The "app" has been in testing for app of 15 year. 3000+ employees????? All but the one technical support person I spoke with must be asleep.

I think someone's going to organize a class action suit.

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pio - 67 d 20 h ago

ill join the suit!!!!!!!

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Missy Anne - 24 d 11 h ago

Which one ???

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Anonymous - 4 d 15 h ago

Count me in on it. (hidden)

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Damn the Spamn - 14 d 13 h ago


I use the Earthlink Spam Blocking list and put in and it works just fine.

I trashes all the e-mails from

The bigger problem with blocking is the e-mail address that has random numbers just before the repeated domain name.

Earthlink won't let you do blocking on a character string.

For that I use MailWasher.

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WHS - 24 d 19 h ago


Dear Earthlink,

I also receive the spam from proffbuilider. I have tried to block all that come to my in box but they keep coming. Can you block this site from any e-mail?


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Emily - 23 d 14 h ago


I have this exact same problem! I've gotten NO help from anyone at Earthlink. It's ridiculous

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Jack - 20 d ago


If you have such a bad experience with Earthlink why on earth did you give them a 5 star rating? Spam messages on Earthlink mailbox can not be blocked, reporting those messages to Earthlink does not help. My suggestion - quit Earthlink.

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Jake - 20 d ago


Earthlik is not doing any effort to block spam messages, in fact I believe Earthlink is sponsoring those unwanted message as a way to generate advertising revenues.

After 14 years as an Earthlink customer, I had to call them and asked to terminate my account. CEO Rolla Huff should be fired.

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Emily - 23 d 14 h ago


Complete morons. I "lost" years of emails and was told they were not retrievable even though the person on the phone confirmed they were on the server. Obviously they should have been immediately restored. It's legally required that these companies keep these records in case they are subpoenaed for a legal fight. So stupid. Also...I now receive a ridiculous amount of spam and completely inappropriate email. I report and block and yet I still receive these idiotic things on a daily basis. It's nearly impossible to reach someone with any level of competency.

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Missy Anne - 24 d 11 h ago

This company has to be the worst company I have ever felt with !!! Back in October 2017 started internet service with them they told me it would be $27 and some change I asked the foreign speaking man was this a flat rate, would it ever change and was there a contract. He said no . So I went ahead and got the service which was installed in October 11, 2017. I was charged $27 and some change come January 2018 I was charged $52.75 . I called and the foreign speaking man said oh I'm sorry that the rep didn't tell you that price was just for 3 months . I said cancel service he said if you cancel it will be a $200 cancellation fee I said for what I didn't sign a contract. He stated we have a verbal contract . Really!!!! So he put his suppose supervisor on the line who was foreign speaking also I asked if they recorded their phone calls . She said yes . I said please play the recording were I agreed to this fee and where yhey told me that the inital price was only for 3 months .I know for a fact you will not hear me agree to that at all. She said ...which her name is Pamela her ID# is N9985801 that is what she gave me anyways .... that it would take about a month to find the recording. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB .I didn't cancel the service yet for the fact the lady told me they would charge my card $200 . She also told me she couldn't remove my card from the direct with draw that their system wouldn't let her to do that !!! I have read other class action lawsuit dealing with this company because of this very reason !!! This is ridiculous!!! A company that states they are in the United States but you call and every time I have called the first thing I ask is where are you located at right now . Their response India ... What the heck . I am beyond pissed !!

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Tired of the SPAM - 60 d 14 h ago


I have complained about the massive amount of spam I have been getting. Earthlink just says to continue to report it. I have received 141 spam messages out of 291 total message in 5 days. That is 49%. 49% of the messages I receive are SPAM. I have been reporting this for months yet Earthlink has done NOTHING. Of the 141 spam messages 93 (63%) of them were from a domain: How many times do I have to report the same thing?! Many of the other messages are from an earthlink account. They can't even manage to track that down. WTF?!

I've been a customer for over 20 years. I'm setting up my gmail account and leaving earthlink ASAP.

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Not for me anymore - 58 d ago


I just don't understand why Earthlink does not do a better job protecting its customers against spammers. As a result, I am in the process of migrating all my e-mail to other services. To be truthful, this is a headache for me since I have been a 18 year customer. But, I have reached the end of my rope with Earthlink. These free other services do a much better job blocking spammers than Earthlink. Either the Earthlink company is incompetent or they just don't care about their paying customers. Potential new customers, think again before signing up for Earthlink service. A good company that has gone bad.

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jh - 53 d 14 h ago

You can block emails from through Earthlink's webmail preferences. I blocked them and now don't see their spam at all.

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tbd - 30 d 11 h ago


This worked! Thanks!

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Lu - 34 d 18 h ago


Earthlink blocks alright, just not the right emails. I have recently been missing multiple super-important emails, such as estimates and invoices from contractors, investor offers for my flooded property and goodness knows what else that I do not know about. They are causing me financial losses and jeopardizing my flood recovery! Their so-called Abuse Team uses very crude, overzealous and over-reaching screening methods. Screening out spam is fine, but not at the expense of legitimate email!

I too have been a customer for many years, but am recently so unhappy that I will figure out how to leave earthlink with minimal fall-out if their blocking practices do not improve.

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Tut - 34 d 5 h ago


I am very frustrated and disappointed with earthlink. In the past 4 weeks, I've had my password changed by someone other than myself and was told that I made the change. I've been a customer with earthlink since the late 90's. On the 12th of each month, EARTHLINK makes sure to debit my account for their payment. I should not have to keep calling customer service to have this problem resolved, especially if Im paying for a service from your company monthly. I need for someone to resolve this situation expediently. I may need to just transfer my email services elsewhere....(preferably a free non-payment company!)

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Mary w - 48 d 29 s ago


I am an earthlink DSL subscriber and have been so for many years. Every year for at least 3 years I lose my phone service and spend many frustrating hours with your customer service phone line. This is presently ongoing as my phone has not been receiving incoming calls for several days. Every time I call I get a new person and I'm told my problem is being investigated. Now I have wait for a technician to come to my home on Friday to check the phone. So I'll be without phone service until Friday and possibly longer. My cell phone service is very spotty at home and I canot depend upon it for incoming phone calls. So, I'm sitting here with no in home phone service or interent service and seriously considering terminating my Earthlink account because I'm tired of thos problem.

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RJ randolph - 49 d 10 h ago


Hi my name is RJ Randolph I was a customer of earthlink's I had my internet installed last February after it was installed I noticed several weeks later that the cable line was laying across my deck of my swimming pool which I called and complained and was promised that somebody would come out and take care of this problem weeks went by I called several times more and was promised the same thing and explain to them if the problem was not taken care of that I was going to cancel my internet service this is in June and July now never heard a word back from them I take this to be a very serious problem because of the cable being so close to my pool called one more time and they said they have no record of my phone calls I have been receiving bills for $275 which they tell me $200 of it is for early termination I just cannot find anybody to take care of this problem finally talked to a gentleman in December that said he would knock the $200 off my bill if I would pay the $40 that was past due which I was happy to do and then he told me there would be a $69 reactivation fee which I told him that he was crazy because the service was never hooked up correctly in the first place he more or less told me if I didn't like it it was too bad I wish that somebody would call me or email me from the corporate office so I could get this problem fixed very very disappointed customer (hidden)

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Anonymous - 56 d 10 h ago


Hi, this Angela Smith. I giving a complaint about how your team members or the main operator used my credit card without my say so. They did a auto draft out my account without my permission. I was to do this in Jan. of 2018 when I call to set it up, but they wanted to do it their self. If there was a bonus coming up do to payments being made, they went to far trying to make they self look good. That person should be monitor for lack of respect of the myself the "client".

I been with this company for a while and I don't want to let this company go but I will continue to use your service. But that person needs a sit down about company and customer relationship.

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Tested Lyalty to Earthlink - 61 d ago


I'm disappointed in Earthlink. I travel quite a bit and access my earthlink email 100% through webmail because of the number of devices that I will use. About 1.5 years ago I called about not getting content in some of my emails from some senders. The most notable was AirBNB. The only way I could get the content was to forward to my daughters free G mail account. I called again recently only to get the same lame answers and recognizing no progress had been made in this area. With as widely used as AirBNB is I can't believe they have not fixed this. I was promised a call back from a level 3 support and was told that would be within 24 hours. We are now way beyond 24 hours. I have been a customer for almost 20 years and based on my experience believe the people I have talked to couldn't care less about meeting the customers needs.

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