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Gabriel Moreno - 2 d 6 h ago


Hey Mr. Robert Cunningham I am a small buisness operator and I got robbed at the freightliner dealer in Seattle Wa. They stuck me with a 800.00 bill for just 20 gallons of fuel and no parts. I want to dispute this bill. Thank you....

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Sps trucking Inc Winnipeg - 4 d 19 h ago

When I move to left my truck left side lights turn of or auto turn I call to Manitoba frightliner Winnipeg there one guy he said one plate needed to change his price 730 I leave truck in dealership to do that also for 790check up but after four days at late evening we pay about 2000 thousand but when I pick the truck have same problem only one wire is broken but they unnecessarily put part for two thousand already they 're charge 221 dollar from also in between this period we have to buy prenatal truck but service guy say we not care for that you talk to frightliner

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Michael Davee - 5 d ago


I am a single truck owner operator. Unfortunately I chose to own a 2013 cascadia. After a year and 12000.00 in repairs and numerous glitches and problems I can honestly say I am disgusted with the Freightliner brand. After battles over shoddy designs, shoddy dealer repairs, advertised but not honored warranty on parts and labor, and general customer dissatisfaction in every possible catagory I am done . Your trucks are the lowest rate of so called design and craftsmanship( just google it there are pages and pages of complaints on cascadias alone) and your warranty programs are nothing but gray areas that allow the company to keep from paying what days.

Your board members and executives should be ashamed of your product and your policies. I would love to make claim with the BBB or the state attorney general but I know with all your assets it would be fruitless.

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Mike Davee - 5 d 2 h ago


After a week in the shop I left paying a 3900 repair bill because the select warranty doesn't cover anything in the cooling system. What didn't know was I left with a coolant leak and several loose or missing bolts. Then had to go round and round about a non existent deductible on what was actually covered by the select warranty . All this from a dealer. This will be the last Freightliner I own.

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Just asking. Joe Gardner - 14 d 12 h ago

I just have one question. I have driven many different models of Freightliners and other semi trucks over the years. Here's what I DON'T understand....why is it that every Freightliner I have ever driven, the speedometer calibrated to one mph lower than the gauge or digital reading?!

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Sps trucking Inc Winnipeg - 15 d 7 s ago

I am BALDEV SIDHU from Winnipeg Manitoba my truck in frightliner shop from Saturday but they not fix today I call more time but they not response there one guy when I ask them why you not response he speak rude his name is Brendan on service call in Manitoba frightliner Winnipeg

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product innovavation. design in a controlled vent that directs engine heat directly on to the windshield wipers during winter weather. This will keep wipers from freezing and becoming useless in icy weather - 16 d ago


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Vince B - 36 d ago


My company Bennett's tire, auto, & diesel repair had went on a service call on October 19th 2017 to replace an air bag on a trailer for Curry's transportation services & Freightliner of 4200 hwy. 61 S., Muscatine, Iowa 52761, with U.S. D.O.T.# 864537, & M.C.#418987. They signed the invoice and paid the bill for $1166.02 with a credit card, (the bill was a little high because of it being out in a little town far away, & for us having to call in a second truck to help with repairs.) Then on December 21, 2017 they decided to dispute the bill saying it was to much, with no call or warning of any kind which put my bank account in the red (us being a very small company) What I don't understand is why a big company like Curry's, Freightliner which has there own road service, would call us out in the first place to do as service call for them when they have their own people to do that work, and then stiff us on the bill, then i tried to call to reason with them and Dywane Hook just blew me off not returning my calls on 12/22/17, then leaving for the Christmas holiday, then talked to another man there by the name of Bruno and he told me he would look into it and call me back. I never received a call and when I called back he also had left for the day. This leaving us with no money for our Christmas. This is a a very crooked company so be very leery doilies business with them. They also have other businesses and carry the Freightliner name so any Curry's of Muscatine, Iowa, be careful.

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Chris H - 34 d 5 h ago


My associate in Liberia have gold bars for sale and made a contact to look for buyer at lower price. I think is a very big investment. If you are interested please get back to me at (hidden) Thanks for your response

Flagged for review.
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M.A. Stephens - 41 d ago


Birmingham Frieghtliner is possibly the worst of all frieghtliners. The guys are just standing around doing nothing. They quoted us 6783 for a fucking oil ring. They've taken almost a week to tell us the quote. It's the holidays and they're taking their sweet time to get done what most small business mechanics would have done in a day or two. This is ridiculous for us to have to deal with this. Either hire people that will work and do their jobs or close your business down!

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Anonymous - 42 d 31 m ago


I purchased Freight liner Cascadia in May 2017 model 2018 from Windsor. Starting from winter weather i left my Truck in Team Truck Windsor ON workshop more than 3 times for 1 to 2 days each time due to heat problem. Service department just making fool of us and still truck is in the same position there is no heat in front portion without heat it is too hard to drive. i have lost my business of thousands of dollars Now service department has issued one letter showing that part is not available in North America.

I was having business with VOLVO I have shifted my business with Freight Liner Now result is just so bad I cannot understand what is to be done. It has become hard to pay instalments

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Devinder gill - 43 d ago


I went to freightliner team in Windsor ON i have five truck of freighliner. So every other day i need spare parts for my trucks but, These guys are so disgusting as they always do racism with brown people.

What happend with me day before yesterday. I went to buy some turbo parts for my truck as other white skin people are also doing for their own trucks.

As i asked one of the sales person to show me the particular part. He said " i am not going to show you that truck part. If you buy it then only i can take out that part"

And i was like what :::::::

But with white people he was showing every and each part they are asking and were giving bad smileson my face. I felt that freighliner team in windsor is racist to me and with other brown people.

Then i left the counter in anger and decided to post on freightliner website.

It was so bad behaviour and bad manners . I did not expect from professional team like frieghtliner.

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Shawn Willison - 43 d 14 h ago


Someone with bifocals should lay in the bunk of your 2018 cascadia and try to watch tv,it is impossible to do with glasses on, I really like the new truck,but, no flat surface except for the writing table? It has no lip and slides very easily anything on it hits the floor if you bump it.

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Mr Raymond. - 45 d 18 h ago

Mr Raymond, I found the service dept third shift manager to be inconsiderate and condescending to the customers waiting for their trucks to get serviced. Some who have been there on the location as long as three days.

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Anonymous - 46 d ago

I took my truck to Freightliner Oklahoma city as it derated and stalled while driving on freeway. I told them that for the last month I've had to perform a park regen every 500 miles. After their diagnosis they told me i needed new DPF filters. I told them that i just had my filters baked 3 months ago. I also told them to please check the dozer injector as a friend of mine had a similar problem.They redponded by saying that i have high soot levels therefore needed new DPF filters. After they changed my filters and cost me nearly $3000 i got back on the road and sure thing 500 miles later i had to perform another park regen. I called them and they told me it's normal after the procedure to perform a park regen and they said that my problem should go away,only it didn't. I ended up taking my truck to San Diego Freightliner that performed a diagnostic again charged me 5 hrs of labor and end up changing the $180 dozer injector and ive been running for 2 months now and haven't performed a regen yet! I want my money back!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 47 d 3 h ago

I bought a brand new 2017 cascadia evolution automatic In Dec. 2017 first three months become terrible for me every week my truck need to go to the dealership have electrical fault issues Many components fails to work on the road. I face big down time, all the staf in Freightliner Winnipeg Manitoba knows my unit, in last week of January 2017 they replaced the PNDB as it got internal failure. Now after 10 months the same part have internal failure, they didn't solve the root cause of the PNDB failure in January 2017 and now before the end of one year the part stopped working.

Very disappointed now they want me to pay for the parts and labour too. I am wondering why there is no recall for the 2017 manufactured units when there are a lot of problems.

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Sean Haring - 50 d ago


Transwest Freightliner in Brighton, Colorado should have their affiliation cut off. If that's how you people do things. We are currently sitting in Jerome, Idaho at another Freightliner( the third in as many weeks); to have the work done that was not finished. Forgetting to put two bolts back and not tightening others has cost us a good load. After over $10k was spent on repairs we are once again' dead in the water' thanks to the negligence of one of their professional techs. Who will be reimbursing us for all this? That's what I thought, nobody.

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Ken free - 55 d 20 h ago


I have a 2016 freight liner Seneca motor home. The TAG truck service company in Memphis is the closest service facility. My freightliner only has 10,000 miles on it. The engine belt started slipping and now has to be replaced. TAG called me today and said freightliner not a warranty the issue. I believe it is absolutely ridiculous that a truck with only 10,000 miles on it, that is eating belts, is not covered under warranty. If this is how they back their engines I don't recommend buying a freightliner.

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Greg Kennedy - 58 d 16 h ago


I work for Swift Transportation, and took my truck Warner Truck Center in Salt Lake City to get a couple of things fixed. One part (the column gear shift) wouldn't be in until 11/3. I told the service advisors that I still had a lot of my personal belongings in the truck, and they told me "We don't have that problem here." I had to go to Kansas City to get another truck so I could make money. When I returned in mid November, I called to say I was coming to get my truck, but it had already been picked up by a Swift employee. The employee said when he picked it up, NONE OF MY PERSONAL THINGS WERE IN THE TRUCK!! What the hell kind of place are they running there? I have made a police report with West Valley Police Department so they can investigate since the service manager Matt Trepp said he was too busy to look at videos to see who ripped off my things while the truck was in their possession. Now I will be contacting an attorney for further action. That is bullshit!!

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Anonymous - 144 d 13 h ago


I had a eec 61 code on my truck. Took it to Floyd's freight liner and they said the acu and def meter needed to be replaced. Got that done and 300 miles down the road same code again. Take it to delta truck center in California and they say its the nos injecctors. Some one has ripped me off. Same problem 2 different solutions

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Anonymous - 78 d 19 h ago

I had the same problem...they change the meter out and said the problem was sold a month later codes popped back up...took it to another frieghtliner and now I have 3000 dollars worth of work to be done because they didn't fix the problem and say they will refund me my money...

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One highly disappointed truck driver - 79 d 11 h ago


Freightiner Tolleson, is the worst place in the United States to take your truck for service, they have come up with every excuse in the world, for $300.00 part,

A week ago it was going to be ready that evening, but the part didn't comment in, and then the next day the mechanic supposedly went home sick, there was a mix up supposedly about the delivery of the part UPS / FedEx.

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Michael A Reed - 89 d ago


I'm a customer that have had over 29,000 dollars of work done on my truck and it's still not running correct.i have paid to have a second look at the truck.they or tell me that my socks or clugg up and my truck hadn't been reset.Im burning fuel .I have lost almost 3 1/2 month of work.plese contact me at (hidden) or Reedmichael962@gmail


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Undercover checker - 93 d ago

Poor quality very slow, This place needs new management.

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jerrod hudson - 104 d ago



My Name is Jerrod Hudson I am the North East Corridor Director of Operations for THG Transport, Inc., which is headquartered in West Chester, PA. . In 2013 we purchased a RE series bus with a Cummings L9 power plant from Wolfington Body Company, located in Exton, PA. . Prior to purchasing the RE series vehicle, along with a CE series bus we have had a long a prosperous relationship with Wolfington body Co. resulting in the buying and selling of many smaller non Navistar products from Wolfington. From the very moment we drove the RE series unit off of Wolfington's lot we have been plagued with a host of issues and breakdowns including everything from bolts shimming loose to 2 complete engine melt downs where operator fault was ruled out by the technicians at Wolfington's service center. In addition to the purchase price of the vehicle we have spent north of $40,000 diagnosing, solving and replacing the numerous faulty parts and systems that have continually failed on the bus. When we decided to purchase the bus, which was billed as a powerful, sturdy and reliable vehicle, it was our intention to replace several other buses in our fleet with the exact same model. However the unit was never able to stay in service for more than 45 days at a time before one of its systems would fail, thus we decided against making the switch.

I am writing this letter as a plea to your business sense. When we purchased the RE bus it was our intention to use it to safely ferry our customers to and fro and to make money in the process. Unfortunately we have not made money with the purchase of this bus, in fact we have lost money and credibility with our clients because of the buses continued failures, which resulted in roadside assistance which stranded passengers in oft times inclement weather. It is my hope to exchange this bus for another Navistar unit at an equitable rate that reflects the amount of monies we have invested in the buses service. After conferring with our legal council it was advised that we first reach out to Navistar to see if some sort of arrangement could be meet, before exploring other legal options. We are prepared to provide you with any documentation necessary to support our position and Wolfington, as your authorized dealer and service provider, can provide you with all of the work orders you need as they performed 99% of the service and repairs to this bus including but not limited to 1 complete engine swap and 1 complete engine rebuild.

In closing I would like to reiterate the fact that we own several other International products, including several CE buses and have been pleased with their performance, however this RE bus has been a manager's worst nightmare and I hope that we can resolve this issue quickly.


Jerrod Hudson

THG Transport, INC.

Director Of Operations

N.E. Corridor

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