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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Michael Donnelly
(623) 936-2100
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Dianna Thacker - 6 d ago


I went i to our local Frys store and purchased $10.29 worth of gas yesterday. This morning on checking my bank account I found out Frys put a $125.50 hold on my account for the purchace AND charged my account $10.29 for my purchase!!!! I am beyond mad over this. I spend close to $1,000.00 per month in this store! Since when does Frys need a hold on any account like this?? Frys is lucky I dont have autopay coming out of my account. Any bounced payments would be backcharged to Frys and FRAUD CHARGES TOO

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Cathleen - 7 d 16 h ago


I would just like to let you know about your Kroger store in Richmond,Indiana. They have an Amazing team at that store everyone was very helpful kind knowledgeable. The pharmacy staff was awsome.But there is one man that went above and beyond your asst.manager Jim. I'm a Fry's employee from Az I just needed to let you know.You have a wonderful staff at Kroger in Richmond Indiana.

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Ebone East - 9 d ago


Never Again!!! Fry's selling raw chicken to Black's and Mexican's. Just spent about $13 on Chicken and Potatoe Wedge's and was trying to enjoy my food until I got down to raw meat and a bloody bone. I instantly wanted to throw up...but I held it down until I made it outside. So I, of course made it aware to management, he had customers service issue a partial refund for $3.00 and some change, then Fry's Customer Service hid the repceit under her register to try to cover up the proof that We had ever purchased the raw Chicken in the first place. Wow. So we had to go back in the store, the manager was like let me guess you want your receipt back. I was like YEAH! JUST IN CASE I GET SICK. (YOU DAMN RIGHT!) so he goes to Customer Service we stand aside to watch him and he ask the Customer Service Associate where is the receipt and she like IDK and he lefts up the register and finds the receipt. While everything was recorded on Camera.

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Linda, a customer - 9 d ago

How long will the assistant manager "Heather" be allowed to bully and belittle employees of store 612 in Phoenix?

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Marissa K. - 10 d ago


I went to store in Prescott Valley and when I got home my heirloom tomato was put in a bag with a bunch of heavy sharp objects and smashed as well as I was over charged for another item. I called the store twice in efforts to speak with a manager none never answered. Spoke with customer service who basically told me I would have to drive the 16 miles one way back to the store for them to do anything. I am disabled and would cost just as much in gas to fix the issue versus just eating the over charge and throwing the ruined tomato away. Will NOT be returning to this store. Please teach bagger how to bag!!!!!!

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Kroger - 10 d 16 h ago


Would like very much to share my experience with someone in corporate. As I've not had alot of luck with getting beyond the lower levels within store #129 I am no longer an employee with kroger. As unhappy as I am about that.. My hair is no longer falling out and I am currently on unemployment. It's been my understanding that there is not any recourse for what's happened to me but.. I need someone.. Everyone to know how this job has affected me and my situation. To hope anyone would take a look at what happened to me may be too much to expect but like my Dad said.. I owe it to myself to try. This job at kroger should have been the last job of my working life. I would have retired from kroger. Instead I wound up at store #129. My entire department was dismantled in less than a year. Under the new mgt.. Someone like me couldn't survive. Leadership should not ever be synonymous with intimidation. Degradation. Thank you for your moments consideration. Tammy Lynn Clark (602) 793 -6985.

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peggy dragtais - 12 d ago


if frys is part of krogers why doesn't it honor the catalina deals? I spent 35.0 on paper products and the customer service ant pantano and speedway told me frys didn't honor kroger deals What the heck.

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Bee Jay - 12 d ago


Please! Please! Ensure the deli departnents keep chipotle honey sauces in stock. Its been 2 months and frys ob 67th ave and bethany has had any. Chicken is great. But other sauces in my opinion are horrible. Thx

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Steve lublin - 12 d 5 h ago

I went into frys on Thursday 1-18-18. I went to the first location in Sun City Az. They are running a 4 day special on Powerade for .49. I was at the store at 6:10 am and there were only 10 left of the zero Calories one as those are the only ones I can drink with my diabetes. The regular ones were stocked full on the shelf. Usually when they run a promotion like this they have another floor display in store. I was very upset after coming so early on the first day so I did buy the 10. So I decided to try another frys in Peoria Az right after this visit. I get to that store at 6:45 am .That store had completely empty shelf except for the regular flavor, not one zero calorie one. Again no other floor displays in store. This same thing has happened before when they run it on a weekly ad. Please Have You Shelf's Full when you run a 4 day special especially first day when your store opens.

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Wes - 13 d 28 m ago


At 10:00 AM on Wednesday morning (11/17/2018) the Organic Foods Dep at 1300 S Watson Rd, Buckeye looked like a hurricane can gone through all of its aisles

Not a single employee was working in the department-completely abandoned

Submitting a photo to either Kroger's or Fry's is impossible

After a 30 minute plus wait for a customer service rep, hung up in frustration

In the Sundance Village area of Buckeye, Fry's has a grocery monopoly so this store does not have much regard to exlempleary customer service

With the department in such a disarray one looses their incentive to shop it

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ND Rich - 13 d 17 h ago


I have had it with Fry's period. They don't keep napkins in the holders or Coke in the machine at their in store bistro.

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Gwen - 18 d 5 h ago


I am, more and more, fed up with continual discontinuing products I use and buy frequently. Most lately, Frys in Prescott, Willow Creek, has discontinued peanut oil for frying, and veal. We have been told you are taking out the lobster tank. I buy lobster. You have discontinued high quality Greek olive oil, potato dinner rollls, natural casing pork hot dogs, B&M beans, lamb shanks, sopressata, Italian Olive Salad from New Orleans, and certain name brands, substituting your own. I find this is discriminating against people from the East Coast, and particularly, the South. If this continues, I will have to shop from Safeway, or order from Amazon. Also, the bulk sales bins are a total waste!

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Carla meadows - 20 d 19 h ago


Hello...Michael Donnelly....I recently received harassment from employe ayaniha from frys food and drugs located 2700 w.baseline Rd..I was approached in month of December after I check out by Trevor and paid for my grocery..while I was on my way customer service, approached by ayaniha she told me I made her and employees nervous that I might be still from store..she need take my basket from me until I left out store...I advised her I did not take any thing from store ..

Ayaniha stated she wanted take my bag ice out my cart keep it til I leave store...I told her no she can not take my ice...I went over customer service made my phone call and for my ride called Steve night manager...advised him situation...I was accused of still out frys grocery his employee gave names and receipt number....waited for call back never received call back...second incident 4 days later I went back frys grocery store 2700 w baseline Rd...Tempe...I paid for my grocery...checked out by trevon..on my way out store my daughter wanted cold bottle water, so I went Thur self check out got cold bottle water from cooler near I checked out paid for water...ayaniha approached me stated did you pay for your basked of grocery's or your water at bottom of your case water at bottom of your basket...give me your receipts...I gave them to she then looked Thur receipt the hand them back said o...I just wanted to know you paid for your bagged grocery's. I went to Steve store manager advised him what his employee had done... he had question her right then ...cold not explain why she approached me again...I just walked away left store... the third incident just recently incurred begin of this month I went frys grocery store...bought basket full grocery..I paid $116.00...while waiting on my ride to come...I went to restroom proceed back front store seat down on bench security guard approached me asked for my receipt see I paid for my grocery ..... while I was looking for my receipt in my front pocket...the security guard older white male reached on my purse grab my receipt checked it...gave back to me...I advised him he didn't have the right go my purse with out my permission...I went customer service called for my ride...on my way out store security guard approached me again requested my receipt again...I have to him rechecked my receipt...I have been followed and harassed by your employee requesting for this abuse to stop.....sincerely Carla meadows. number..


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Christopher Nicholls - 21 d 36 m ago


Wow, I would like to offer a somewhat different experience. I have been using the pharmacy at the Via Linda Fry's in Scottsdale for many years. I was there again today. I can't tell you how polite, friendly, helpful and professional are the staff there. This pharmacy location is a model of customer service, is staffed by a diverse crew, and always seems to go a little farther than they need to. During this time of year, flu season, there are a lot of crabby shoppers, and when one isn't feeling well, it helps to have a compassionate group of professionals to help you. Please pass along my compliments.

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Denise v - 21 d ago


Fry's on Irvington and campbell (Tucson) has the worst customer service EVER!! I went last night to get some p&g products because there's a deal with catalinas, it didn't print my catalinas so i went to the customer service desk to let them know they didn't print, the manager Charlotte said there was nothing she could do about it, so i said i would like to return my items and as soon as they saw i had used coupons they're attitudes changed they were so rude and said i could not return my stuff because i had used coupons. Never going to that frys again.

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G - 25 d ago


Frys at Camelback and Litchfield has HORRIBLE customer service. Crystal the "manager" is so unprofessional and low class. I go here because it's convienient. You feel so unwelcomed when coming to this Fry's, no one greets you or anything. Crystal shouldn't be in contact with people, period, let alone to be the manager. It's embarrassing for Fry's to be represented with people like her. Somebody needs to teach her the ethics of a human being.

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Ruby - 26 d 6 h ago


Your Fry's Food Store at Litchfield and Waddel in Surprise, Arizona is terrible. Ever since you installed the kiosks whereby people have to check out their own groceries it is awful. You rarely have more than two checkouts where there are "real live people". The backup is beyond words. I was there yesterday and I think I have about had it as far as your stores are concerned. You have installed your money saving devices in the wrong demographic area. Lines to check out were lined up into the grocery aisles. Everyone complains that "Walmart" is so terrible because they pay low wages, Fry's is just as bad. And now you think you are going to save by having people check out their own groceries? No Way! I think the elderly customers in that area far outweigh the younger generation. They not only do not comprehend checking out their own groceries, but like me refuse to do so. There is a Safeway right across the street, Bashas is about one mile west and a Walmart can be found only about one mile east, and another Walmart is about one mile and a half to the north. You have lost my business.

General profile image - 28 d ago


I have written so a few complaints over a couple of your stores. You all reward is with saving coupons but NEVER answer our complaints, considering we spend thousands.

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Susan - 48 d ago


I just moved Scottsdale from Denver CO and I am very disappointed in Fry's. I shopped at King Soopers in Denver and they are fabulous. Shopping at fry's is not. I am gluten free and find a very, very limited supply of gluten free foods in your supermarkets. I do t like to shop at Whole Foods as their prices are high. Fry's is way behind the times. So many peopl are now Gluten Free. I hope you can rectify this situation.

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Anonymous - 35 d 22 s ago

Most Frys will accomodate you with a special order, if you have all the information on the requested item you prefer...Gluten free foods are scarce in most regular supermarkets here in Phoniex.....simply ask to spk with the grocery manager at your store and they will do their best to fill your request.

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TRUDY - 28 d ago


SUSAN Iam also gf, I find alot of gf foods at Walmart super stores, as well as Sprouts. Frys has gotten much better last 6 mos, also Albertsons & Safeway. Good luck, alot of choice around.

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Patrick Shanrock - 38 d 48 s ago


The Fry's store on 107th Ave and Grand Ave. Waiting at the deli counter for the guy to finish helping another customer way down at the opposite side from the deli meats. When he was done he asked for my number. I said "I'm the only other customer here". He said I can't help you without a number. I walked to the other end of the Dept. and got a number. While he helped a woman that just walked up. I walked by and said f*** you a$$hole. He smiled. I went to check out and I was talking to my wife about that a$$hole and the guy at the register was a manager of something he said "stop using that language". I said mind your business. He gave me the receipt and said "don't come back to this store!!".

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Scott A Hunter - 59 d ago



About 30 % of Americans are now "None" with NO Church Affiliation. We now have large % of other faiths including Native American, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist.

This is offensive to all others not Christian bible thumpers. Please remove these racks from stores. ( it appears few are even sold )

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bella donna - 45 d 18 h ago


not offensive to me, in fact I like this part of the store and go out of my way to shop her simply because of the selection of Christian book.....guess that makes me a Bible Thumper, Thank God for that.

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D.T. - 39 d ago

Why does it bother you? If you don't like the books don't buy them. Very simple.

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