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GameStop Corp.

EB Games, Micromania
625 Westport Pkwy.
Grapevine, TX
J. Paul Raines
(817) 424-2000
(817) 424-2002
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*Manda* - 4 d 18 h ago


Gamestop is a joke. They have beyond screwed up and they want to take no responsibility for anything. On January 15th I tried to place a large order for several games for my boyfriends collection. During the ordering process I ran into issue after issue trying to place the final order, I kept getting an error when trying to finalize the order so I called the 800 number given with the error. The agent that I then spoke with explained to me that there was issues with the site and that we would need to place the order another way. He explained to me that in order to process this order we would need to break it down and order no more than 10 items in each order. At the time I had 40+ items in my cart so I would have to place 4+ orders all being charged shipping costs of $6-$7 each order as well as having to process multiple charges on my card. The agent explained to me that we would process the order and then he would apply free 2 days shipping to each order as it was not my fault the site was having issues and this was taking over an hour to straighten out. So we placed a total of 4 orders all with 10 items each. In the process I ended up only being able to place 4 orders totaling 40 items because several of the games I had originally in my cart ended up being not available because it took time to replace these orders...over an hours time. We placed these and I ended the call. I received scattered emails some saying part of my order was processed or shipped them others confirming it was process then other items I got nothing for but received them in the mail. It took almost 2 weeks to reiceve 10 of my 40 items and all 10 items were from the first order. All though out these 2 weeks I have been unable to go into my order history on gamestops website. So I call in because I am still missing 30 items from my order. The agent I spoke to when calling in could see that the orders had not been processed yet but did not know why but he was going to escalate this to a higher team and call me right back. After hanging up with this agent not even 2 mins later I received 3 emails all stating that each of my 3 orders had been cancelled. I immediately called back in and wanted to know what happen. This next agent tells me that my orders were cancelled because they were improperly discounted. I explained that the original agent who helped me placed the order had discounted the shipping fees due to the sites issues and my having to go through all that trouble and loosing out on games due to the timing. I was furious that this previous agent had cancelled my orders without talking to me first like he said he was going to do because the new agent said that he could not do anything with the orders now that they were cancelled. He then tells me that they were taking down because they were suppose to be ordered through a bulk orders email. I asked why the first agent who placed the order didnt tell me that from the beginning and why this agent was allowed to cancel the order without talking to me and why there was nothing on the site that lets customers know they need to order 10+ items from this bulk ordering system. He explained that he was going to make steps to making sure this was addressed and fixed for furture orders for customers! Really thanks that helps me none. It has now been 2+ weeks and a lot of these games wont even be available any more. So if I reordered these I would loose out on more games not being available now and TONS more time wasted. And they wanted to offer me $10 towards my purchase like that would change anything. Every step of the way throughout this process I have been lied to, given the wrong information and not at all helped through this. I was spending alot of money with this company and they are just sitting back saying oh well like nothing happened or nothing was their fault. And the part that really drives me crazy is that their bulk order policy states " Premium Purchases / Bulk Orders generally consist of large amounts of merchandise (at least 10 of the same item) and do not include orders of smaller quantities for single households." My items were in no way the same, they were a lot of the games for the same gaming system but not the same single game.

Flagged for review.
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MSFS - 5 d 3 h ago


WATCH THIS about GameStop

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Felony - 5 d 3 h ago


After watching this GAME STOP training video, I don't think I will be shopping at GameStop again.

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George12 - 5 d 12 h ago


Ordered a PS4 pro online at Gamestop and paid with my discover card, my card was charged and billed but never received my PS4 pro so I call the store and they said that we see that it was never billed then said it was declined so I said well it's on my bill that it was charged and the guy said call the credit card company and dispute it then. I write a review and Gamestop refuses to post it so I write 2 more and both rejected I was told by there customer support that negative reviews will no longer be aloud and will be monitored so what a crock of shit company this is buyers beware.

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David - 6 d 23 h ago


Wife tried to order a 2ds for christmas they denied her card and my daughters card. We cancelled the orders but they still charged both cards and sent out 2 of them. We imediatly returned them cause we ordered from walmart instead. Got refunded for one but we've been fighting for over a month to get the other refund. Rude customer service and craptastic service. Thank for ripping off my family gamestop, no wonder why your so hated.

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Theresa - 6 d 18 h ago


I am completely fed up with your costumer service. In December 22, 2017 I made a urchase at a GameStop, I was charged two extra amounts for one game in the total of $31.79 = $63.38. After several calls and waiting on hold for more then 45 mins they finally refunded one half of that total. I called several times gain and was told they would refund the other half and it could take up to 7 business days . Almost 3vweeks later I have yet to receive the other refund, plus I was just on hold again for 30 mins and then was put into a survey.

I'm very unhappy with your company and the untrained costumer service you employee. I would appreciate a call from someone in regards to this matter.

Thank you,

Theresa Glasson


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CHRIS - 11 d 8 h ago


So i just bought an xbox one x and went to pick up a preordered game. Now before i went to pick up this game i reached out to the store and they said yea we release it at 9. Great news right ...... well not so much because after getting off work and rushing over I walked up tok them 3 employees walking around the store with gates closed. I ask about picking up my game and he was like yea sorry you will have to come back in the morning we shut down at 915. At this point I was just like wow. I even called talked to the store rep and he tells me that it was him that I spoke with. When asking him why he wouldnt mention the fact that I needed to be there by 915pm all he could was well you will have to come back in the morning. Yes I was a little frusterated but then they laugh. Considering it was 920pm at that moment I figured they would consider taking care of their customer. Honestly if im not contacted by the end of business tomorrow Ill be going back not to pick up the game but to return the brand new xbox one x that I just purchased. Im sure there are other companies that would appericate another sale of that amount.

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Anonymous - 9 d 9 h ago

Why return the fucking console when you can easily just wait. God youre so lazy. You sound like youre trying to get some free shit outta this.

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Monica M Testa - 7 d 20 s ago


Doesn't sound lazy, sounds like a kid not having enough respect to tell someone what time a store closes! He doesnt know how far he traveled after the same guy told him his games were in and to come in and get them!

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Nancy - 14 d ago


I order games online back in Nov. payed for them and to this day there still taking money out of my account . I have changed my ATM card and everything and for some reason they still get into my account .I will never do business with them again .

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Myron norvell - 14 d 14 h ago


I've been a member of GameStop PowerUp rewards since 2010 I buy a lot of games from GameStop and I mean a lot of games my Power Up Rewards at 400,000 points I order a game online this year for the first time I never received my product so I call them they gave me points they say they was going to replace my game but I have not never received them one day I decided to look at my points and seeing the stuff that I wanted pre-ordered on on my account I cannot log into my account so I called GameStop the 1-800 number they told me that my account was closed I said why they could not give me a reason I kept calling and I kept calling and I kept calling and nobody can give me a reason why they closed my account they said told me to look at the terms and conditions I look at the terms and conditions 15000 * and it told me nothing that I did wrong I finally got ahold of somebody in the corporate office name Josh he told me that my account was closed because of the term tradition again he couldn't tell me why either I call the corporate switchboard of GameStop they told me that I need to speak to Holly Dylan assistant to the president Holly Dillon never return my phone call I left her email messages I left her phone calls and she never returned my phone call that's great customer service being sarcastic I finally got a phone call from a guy named Joe he said I would never talk to Holly Dillon ever I said I don't want to talk to you he had a nasty attitude all I want is my points back my 400,000 points back my account back from 2010 to today I saved all my points never used them everybody told me I should use my points I said I want to save them and all the sudden they delete it for what from what I was told finally don't reason they closed my account because the foreign customer service rep gave me points that's not a reason to close so my account I think is unfair I just upgrade it to the elite pro spent $30 I want my account back and my 400,000 points back

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Argie6 - 15 d 8 h ago


I got a PlayStation VR thinking it was a PlayStation bundle from your Woodbridge, NJ location. Worst customer service ever! The manager blamed my husband for the mistake and refused to replace, return or refund my money even though my receipt says I can for any reason. I called customer service for help and they said they would call me back in 72 hours. They never called. I've called countless times since .NOTHING. I'm on my last day to return and i still haven't received a call back. I dont know what to do.

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Blaze - 15 d 20 h ago


I order a mouse online on 12/31. Still do not have and it still says processing!!!! No one will help.

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RONALD EVANS - 16 d 17 h ago


I mad an online purchase on january2 paid 8 dollars for 2to5 day shipping it is now Jan 20 and I still have not received my items in the (GAUNTEED) shipping time I have contacted game stop and was assured the problem had been corrected still waiting and a very disappointed!!!! Sincerely homestore Jackson Ohio is amazing sincerely Captain Ron!!!!

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Blaze - 15 d 20 h ago


Well I made a purchase on 12/31 and am still waiting for it. It says processing STILL. Worst customer service ever!

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Arnaldo Manxano - 18 d 15 h ago


Please, bring Game stop back to Puerto Rico.

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MoShoe - 21 d ago

I am so disappointed in this company. A good portion of Texas is shut down due the inclement weather, yet your stores remain open. What products or service do you provide that are essential to life? Are the lives of your employees worth the risk of the few hundred of dollars you'll earn per store? Another company had a similar business matrix, and are no longer open. You might remember them; Blockbuster Video, Hollywood Video... Be better than them. Keep your employees safe, send them home.

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Steve - 23 d 16 h ago

I have gone to the Henrietta store in ny

And had bad games I bought a brand new nascar game and a used game and they both don't WORK the people in there don't know anything about games or anything.

I am giving them negative 5 stars

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SaturnOcyrus - 24 d 12 h ago


I literally have never in my life took the time to write a complaint I understand that we can all have bad days my experience with the employees at the location in Greeneville Tennessee January 12th at 8:35 p.m. when I just made a phone call to ask some quick questions about some games was just ridiculous they were obviously irritated with having to answer some questions and either have zero knowledge for the games you carry or they just simply don't care as ridiculous as I feel for wasting time with this complaint I have done so just because of the experience was literally that bad they knew nothing about the games I was asking about and just what the newest titles were called and you could tell there was a frustration of having to look up if they had the titles in stock of which they didn't even know what the latest golf or racing game was even called for PS4 and then our call was cut off at one point and I apologized to them when I called back I thought maybe my call was dropped because I was on my cell but after the call was completely over I am pretty sure now that they hung up on me with the hopes that I just wouldn't call back I know that this is probably just a waste of everyone's time and no one is going to care but isn't that kind of sad that when someone's job is customer service and you would just think having the smallest bit of knowledge about the products they're selling would just seem to be that wouldn't be too much to expect I don't know what it is I'm looking for here obviously nothing other than to just vent and after my experience I get the feeling that even if someone did bother reading this it's not going to matter to anyone and I know if I were a manager especially at the regional or District level that this would absolutely Tear Me Up Inside that our customer service is at this kind of unprofessional level I really can't believe I'm going to hit send I absolutely hate something like this and the reason I am going to hit send and simply because I would have rather them just said to me listen man we don't want to answer your questions instead of going through the motions of letting me experience just how horrible they really are at their jobs and for putting me through this I just hope someone really did have to sit and read this whole email because now someone else's had to experience this negativity and I'm not in it alone anymore damn guys if you knew how easy-going I was how laid-back I am you would realize it really was pathetic the way that I was treated I promise I'm not as stupid as this email me seem but I'm just using the talk text so there is some bad grammar and punctuation is not existent and if I can think of anything else to make someone else have to experience this negativity that has put me in this bad mood I would just keep rambling forever but I'll be shocked if anyone reads this anyway but I actually feel better now I even though I know this was all just for myself anyway by the way the couple three hundred bucks I'm going to spend tomorrow on video games is obviously going to another business somewhere in Johnson City or Knoxville and I know you don't care and I know that's a drop in the bucket but imagine if that drop in the bucket is happening just four or five times a week ouch

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Mary sigg - 25 d 14 h ago


New space available for new much needed location where you will for sure benefit. Hammond indiana in the marina district has brand new store space available. There are many many gamers in the area. Please look into it.

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Jeanne O. - 28 d 15 h ago


I am a 78 year-old-woman who is NOT a gamer. I called and talked to Chris Reeves at


H-E-B Grocery

7405 FM 1960 STE 204 (hidden)

He was fantastic. Didn't mind my questions about apps and streaming TV shows and movies through the Xbox. He made Game Stop look so very good. Too bad you can't clone him. Please see that he gets a pat on the back for his expertise, willingness to help, and friendliness. Good going, Chris!!!!

Jeanne O.

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Brian b - 29 d 20 h ago


Danny at the Greeneville store in Tennessee is a smarta$) been there when he has been very rude to customers then talk about them as they leave.

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GameStop ceo is to chicken to control his employees.. - 29 d 17 h ago


Yep seen him ask a customer what the hell they wanted once even if you knew this person no need for that in a business where kids go..

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GameStop ceo is a chicken to do anything.. - 30 d ago


The Greeneville,tn store guy by the name Danny is a prick.. and most the workers are butts I'd drive to jc or Morristown before giving them my business. And the management needs to do something about this behavior.

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Very Disappointed - 30 d 18 h ago


On December 28, 2017, I had ordered my son a game(online) for his Nintendo Switch and I never received it. I have contacted the UPS delivery service and made my complaint to them also. The UPS delivery ask me to give them 5 days to locate my package if they can find it they will have to pay Gamestop the money for the game, in this case do you send me out a new game or refund my money? I am very upset because I had a similar problem like this last year. If I don't get any response on my game or money refund both Gamestop and UPS will be hearing from my attorney.

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