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Geico Corporation

5260 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD
(301) 986-3000
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VINCE S - 18 h 47 m ago



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David Howard - 7 d ago


I've been a satisfied GEICO Auto Policy owner for many years. However, I recently bought a NYC condominium and wanted to get insurance for that too. I am appalled that GEICO pretends to carry such policies but then "throws us to the wolves" via something called the "GEICO Insurance Agency" - with a slew of invisible computer-protected sales people who hawk policies with some Florida outfit called "Assurant" that WE CAN'T EVEN READ BEFORE BUYING!

Shame on you!

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Person of GEICO lies - 2 d 14 h ago


GEICO sold you out. I think there broke. I mean out of money.

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Michael wiggins - 4 d 11 m ago


Im so fustrated with this company, I have been with geico for about 3 to 4 years no complaints into now, my car was hit in a hit and run, I found the person that hit my car, I gave Geico the person plate number and I was told they will take care of it, so almost a month goes by im in my rental, and I get a letter in the mail saying the ither person insurance will not pay for my damages and such, so in fed up with the lack of communication on that part it gets better so my car is ready to be picked up now, but I cant go get it because Geico forgot to send out the check for my repairs to the repair shop which was suppose to be done almost a month ago wow great job now I have went over the limit for my rental and had to pay an additional 100 dollars for the rental car and when I talked to someone they said oh its nothing they can do even though it was a mess up on Geicos part, what makes things even better all tge adjusters are in dallas at the moment for a meeting, a check was barley sent out yesterday for my car now im without a car for probably anothe 2 weeks due to not being able to pay 50 dollars a day for the rental so how is that right for the customer I pay 200 + dollars a month now im gonna stress on how im gonna get to work and stuff for the next two weeks, I have to come out of my pocket almost 600 dollars not including the 50 dollar increase they put on my monthly bill. I am beyond pissed with Geico I might just have to change companys now this is unexceptable.

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Customers of GEICO - 2 d 14 h ago

GEICO could be going broke I mean gone under

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Anonymous - 3 d 16 m ago

I will post on every single place that I see about your customer care. It is the worst.

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Anonymous - 2 d 18 h ago


That is so correct!! They get your money and treat you like crap.

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Rebekah Paredes - 3 d ago


They false advertise their prices. I go online and get one quote then drive an hour to get the insurance and get a different quote. I am very upset that I wasted my time and gas to get this.

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Anonymous - 3 d ago

My truck and car were hot by a diver who had no license, but was driving his wife's car. We are out 2 cars, my daughter in law is about to be out of her college classes bc of no ride and GEICO has to wait until they can talk to the guy that hit us who is in kail....this company is a joke. I'm calling the better business bureau

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Helen Donaldson - 3 d 16 h ago


Worst insurance company ever. I was involved in an accident which was not my fault June 2015 and they still haven't settled. I now have to get an attorney involved to help me out they wont pay my medical bills or time lost from work. I would never recommend this insurance company to anyone and suggest anyone that have them switch to any other one like State Farm.

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Gwen - 3 d 16 h ago


This company called GEICO is doing unethical business. No wonder they only get half out of 5 stars. So unbelievable! I don't think they even deserve a half star! I could have known this sooner so that I could switch to another company before my hit and run incident. I've been their loyal customer for almost 10 years, always paid in full and have never been late in any payments. Recently, I parked my car at a supermarket and it was hit and ran by some punk. I tried to claim it under Uninsured Motorist coverage with Geico, but they did not allow me to do that, saying that it's Georgia's law that requires me to file a police report within 24 hours in order to make this claim. I contacted the State Insurance Commissioner Office in Georgia and learned that it's truly not Georgia's law that requires this, so I filed a complaint against Geico. A manager at Geico quickly called me and said that he's reviewing my case and should give me an answer soon. Guess what answer he gave me: "Oh, after reviewing your case, we found that it's actually not Georgia's law that requires this, but it is our Geico's policy." They are just so full of shit!

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dominique losiewicz - 5 d ago


My car was hit while parked in early December 2017, its now february 1st 2018 and the part for my car has been on "National back order" from GM for weeks! There is no expected date to have the part in so Geico will no longer cover my rental and neither will the body shop at Sawgrass Ford here in Sunrise, Florida. This extremely unsettling as I do have to get to work as well as care for my 3 year old son. How can they expect to put someone out like this? Its unethical of Geico if you ask me, I cant rely on public transportation. This is why I pay a premium every month and a $1000 deductible to have the car repaired. I have been satisfied with Geico up until this point, now that it's putting a strain on my health stress wise. I was told by GM that because the car is not currently in a GM certified body shop that theres nothing that they can do to help which I feel is unacceptable! I understand that it is not my fault nor the body shop but as the manufacturer to just tell someone "Theres nothing we can because your car is not in a GM body shop" is just flat out obsurd.

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Sally Buechner - 6 d 21 h ago


I want to let you know that your new commercial with George Washington crossing the Delaware Turnpike is the best commercial that has come out in a long time.....

Whoever thought that one up is brilliant. We need more commercials like this one. Keep up the great work and give that employee a bonus!!

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Martha Grace Dabolish - 9 d 20 h ago


I question why GEICO has not passed along some of your recent savings from the recent tax cut by President Trump to its loyal clients. I paid my bill today and i now have been INCREASED $75 every 6 months = $150 per year. I was informed by your representative that it's nothing I did just the general increase I'd doing business. Hello!!!! Tax Cut!! I can't believe this. I've been a client since January 2000 (18 years) but I won't be much longer. BTW: Why not a bonus to your employees like so many other companies. Look forward to a reply.

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Geico Mad - 13 d ago


Good evening, This Leonard Hazel sending a copy of the insurance of the person your company added to my insurance without my approval I don't understand why I have a balance of $196 to pay. I cancelled my service with y'all, because in the way in which the matter was handled. Out of all the people I talked to that day only one person really tried to help me, the others that assisted told me they could pass me on to a supervisor, but even the supervisor wouldn't be able to fix my problem. I was then told that a supervisor would call me back, but I was feeling like they we're trying to brush me off. I called back, and talked to a supervisor who explained the same thing with me he wouldn't be able to fix the situation. He stated I had to provide the person in question insurance in which we live at two different addresses as I explained 1007 being a house, and 1007 Lot 1 being a trailer in which me, and my family stay. The staff claimed that the DMV reported it to them there was a new driver that needed to be insured even though that person already had insurance called Acceptance. The young lady did not put my address down at the DMV she wrote her grandparents address which is 1007 a house not 1007 Lot 1 which is my address. After getting no where with customer service I decided to call USAA which I left to join Geico I started insurance up with them once again. I called back to cancel my Geico Policy the guy that answered the phone later that day had awesome customer service he didn't try to brush me off he tried to help me with my situation. So he handed me over to his supervisor that being the same gentleman I spoke to earlier. This supervisor made me never want to be associated with Geico I'm a Veteran of 16 years service is this how y'all treat Veterans. I explained to him that I can't always check my emails, because sometimes I be in training in which I don't think he cared, because he doesn't sound like he was ever in the military so he doesn't understand what it's like to be in the field living in the tent with no access to anything so how would I be able to review my emails. My emails get backed up when i'm in the field, and I didn't receive a letter Me and the Supervisor went back in forth at one point he told me Mr. Hazel you can't put this all on us, and I told him well I live at 1007 Lot 1 not 1007. I told him well the only people on my policy is my wife and me and that the other person they added to my address doesn't live at my address but the other address. I wasn't pleased with the recent service provided by Geico so much I thinking of asking everyone I know from all branches of service, and high school from California to South Carolina not to use your services, because I don't want the same issue to happen to them. My advice would switch supervisor, because i'm hearing a lot of negative feedback on Geico after asking all my friends if they had any issues a lot of the same issues I have their having as well so I would suggest more training, and better supervisors. Attached is insurance of the person whom yall tried to add to my policy which she clears also has a different address for her insurance as well as her car. If need be I will send photos later of the differences in addresses.

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head of marketing - 11 d 16 h ago

I am seriously upset at your commercial which demeans George Washington's crossing of the Delaware. This historic occasion deserves respect and you are treating it as a silly caper.

Susan E. Hopkins

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Jan R - 12 d 17 h ago


Not only great insurance, but The Best TV Commercials! Love Geo Washington crossing the Delaware Hiway. Big man with a horn! Perfect!!

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Truth seeker - 13 d 16 h ago


Claim Number: xxxxxxxxx-xx01-019 Loss Date: Thursday, December 28, 2017 Policyholder: DR Dear Geico General Insurance Company, I am writing to appeal on your investigation and decision for the car accident between xx and DR on December 28, 2017. And the following information in the report is INCORRECR. 1. The statement "the driver of your vehicle failed to keep a safe lookout while backing". Here are the descriptions and diagrams below. Diagram 1 shows the parking space for both cars. xx backed out of his parking space while DR still in her parking space. Diagram 2: after xx backed out all the way and about to go straight when DR suddenly backed out her car and rear ended xx's car on the driver's side (Diagram 4) with DR's rear bumper (Diagram 3). Therefore, the statement of "the driver of your vehicle failed to keep a safe lookout while backing" is INCORRECT! (Please explain to me how did xx rear ended DR's car when his front bumper was damaged???) 2. "based on these facts, the percentage of negligence appointed to you or your driver is 50%" According to the correct information supported by diagrams and photos, DR and Geico should be 100% liable for negligence since DR rear ended xx's car. Please correct your statement and provide the correct final decision based on the truthful information. Lastly, I started experiencing neck pain after this car accident (not felt in the first couple weeks but starting about a week ago). Thus, please act and respond to me ASAP!

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Jordon Buice - 13 d 19 h ago

I'm writing this in hopes it will get the attention of geico.

My name is Jordon Buice,

I have been with Geico for almost a year. A year of good payments made. A year of giving them my money and asking nothing in return. I have yet to have an accident or a ticket since being with them.

In December 2017 I had to cancel my auto draft payment and get an extension on my December payment because of the Holidays.

Well I called in January 2018 and made the payment. The previous reps I had spoken too said all I would to do is make my December payment and my auto draft would be turned back on and we would continue business as usual. Well when I made that December payment of 160$ the rep at the time said I would need to make an unexpected payment of another 160 on top of the $160 I just paid to get my auto draft back on. Now I was a little skeptical because the information they were giving me wasn't consistent but I accepted it. So the final information I was given was that I had to make another $160 payment within 2 weeks .

Well a week later I'm checking my bank account and I see a charge to geico for 332$ ... now this is a week after I just paid them 160... now why on earth would they take this money from my account and they can't even explain why is beyond me.

Now every single representative I have spoken too has me jumping through hoops to have the money put back into my account. I'm very upset what person wouldn't be? It seems no one at Geico is interested in helping me with this. As soon as I get my money back which doesn't seem like it'll be anytime soon, I will be looking for a new company to insure my car through. I can't even trust them to have my banking information anymore. I hope when considering this company for insurance you weigh out your other options. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow that I pay out of pocket for and I won't have the money to see my dr and I will be without my medication that I need to take every day, until Geico decides they want to give me back my money.

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Donna Svela - 18 d ago


My name is Donna Svela and I'm writing this in regards to claim number (hidden)101012.

On November 3rd 2017 one of your insured drivers took out my fire hydrant and my mailbox which was on a post and cemented into the sidewalk out in the front of my house.

I work for the state of Oregon and on November 3rd I was teleworking from home I have my lunch break from 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. right before I was supposed to log back on to work I heard a big crash looked all over my house and couldn't find it and then I look outside and see the fire hydrant and my mailbox in my yard and glass all over the front of my yard all over my driveway tail lights headlights crushed Windows car parts everywhere. Like I said I was supposed to start back to work at 2 so obviously this happened before then I can't help it that the police report States that the accident happened at 2:19 and that the police were notified at 2:19 and that the police arrived on scene at 2:27 I'm sorry but all those times are not accurate except for maybe their arrival time of the police nevertheless I never logged on or went back to work for the rest of the day and I missed 4.5 hours. I proceeded outside to assess the damage and your driver was pulled up over to the right in front of my next door neighbor's driveway it was pouring down rain and windy outside and your driver gets out and the passenger opens the passenger side door neither one of these people have pants or shoes or socks and he apologizes and says the police are on their way so I hung out waiting for the police to arrive once the police arrived I gave my statement just let them know what I heard and what I came outside to and then I waited around for the firetruck and everybody to get there and just kind of set back and watched what was going on about an hour and a half later when I get a copy of the police report I asked the police what's going to happen with all the damage to my property and all the garbage on my lawn and in my driveway and I'm told that I am going to be responsible for taking care of all that and I asked what about the driver and he said it didn't look like he was in any position to help with that obviously had no shoes or socks on or anywhere in his car- could quite possibly be the reason that accident happened in the first place but that's your job to figure out right so I then proceeded to call the city and ask them for advice and they said if I have the name of his insurance company I can probably call them and they can hire somebody to come out here and clean it or we're talkin days down the road I can't leave the shattered Windows glass full in my driveway when I have people driving in and out of my driveway I can't leave car parts laying all over my yard and glass all over the sidewalk and in the bushes and the fire department did nothing with the fire hydrant they just left it laying in my front yard do you know how heavy those are there quite heavy so my husband's at work and nobody's around to help me so I proceeded to my garage and got to my shovel and my broom and our garbage can on our recycling bin and everything out and proceeded to start cleaning up the mess I'm very frustrated and cold and wet at this time so I called your insurance company again was told well maybe call the city and see what they can do about it so I call the city again they say it's not their responsibility because it's on my property so I am left with the as the only person to take care of this matter so I got everything cleaned up as best as I could and of course I didn't get all the shattered glass cleaned up because it's kind of hard to sweep that when it's pouring down rain and windy out and there's tons of leaves all over the ground. So my husband gets home and we continue for another couple hours to clean up all the mess now your company wants to argue with me about why I say that mess needed to be cleaned up immediately they want to argue whether or not the city told me that it was my responsibility to clean up the mess on my property they want to argue whether or not the legitimate 4.5 hours wages that I miss that were sent into you guys by the state of Oregon is accurate so I end up sending them a complete months worth of wages so that they can estimate how much 4.5 hours of my time as worth? And then they want to argue about the whole claim they tell us it's our responsibility to go out and get two estimates of the damage so we do that ones like $600 ones like $400 and they want to pay us for the lowest one instead of going in between that amount and then when I ask them about who's going to install this new poll and mailbox because it's cemented into the sidewalk they tell us that will be our responsibility to find somebody to come out here and give us a quote to do that so we spent a whole week calling handymen asking them to come give us a quote come look at it and guess what nobody wants to unless they're going to get the job which we can't guarantee them the job because we don't have the money to pay them so you want to give us a measly 20 bucks for my husband to rent the equipment that he's going to need to cement the pole back into the yard to do the work himself thanks we appreciate the $200 you're willing to pay him to install it himself but you don't want to pay me the $93 that I missed for working 4.5 hours of work. Basically my point here is that your company has caused us to have severe anxiety over a minor issue. I understand that your agents work for you to try to have to pay out the less amount of money that they can but for my husband and I to spend several hours of our time and energy because one of your insured drivers caused an accident is just ridiculous your $488.17 is not even what our time and energy has been worth yet alone what it's going to cost us to get a new mailbox and pole and have it installed. Its been well over two months now. My claim online says I was issued a check on the 5th but no check has arrived at the post office that we've had to pay for a mailbox number of 68714 in Portland Oregon 97268 at this time and date of 1 19 2018. Oh wait I look at the claim online and you guys have the wrong PO box number written down imagine that you guys are just messing with us now and our livelihood and it's not appreciated and I will never have a good thing to say about Geico you guys are truly not customer oriented.

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Someone who still cares about the English language - 14 d 17 h ago


Um, youseriouslyshouldhavepaidmoreattentioninschoolbecauseithinkyoupunctuatedthatentirestorymaybetwotimesandhadmanymispelliingsbesidesthatThisisthereasonAmericaisdoomed,peoplehavebecomeincrediblystupidandoverlydependentuponcomputerstodoalltheirthinkingforthem,pluswehavearetardeddotardforaPresident.

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Anonymous - 14 d 18 h ago

Im upset at geico how can you close a claim and pay someone off and have my son car insurance go up wow iam really disappointed they saidbit would not go up and it did and they did not notfiy us about any off this as soon as six months is up we are done with them .they are the most expensive insurance compay in town just bc my son is a new driver dont mean u can pick on him his not rich im gonna turn them in to the better bussnes burie and call the uper person this is a hard ship on my son when it was 50 / 50 both at fault ugh geico is not cool at all thank you

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carinski - 27 d ago


Geico is so dishonest I cant believe they havent been shut down. I am dissapointed in myself for not seeing it sooner. I am seeing these other reviews of people being lied to and over charged in some ridiculous scam, and am wondering how many class action lawsuits there have been against them. They have been overcharging me for atleast 5 out of the 17 years I've been with them! They kept upping my premiums even though I have never had an accident, have a perfect driving record, have never made a claim and this is the case for my 36 years of driving! They blamed the increases on Washington state law, and even though I would argue with them they would never give in. Well this time I finally called another insurance company, actually 3 others, and they all said I was lied to. They all quoted me far less than Geico. Geico had sent me a bill on Dec.23rd telling me that my insurance would be cancelled Jan. 3rd. I got the letter Jan. 7th. I was on automatic payment every 6 months and my credit card had changed during those 6 months, so they couldn't withdraw the funds. When I called on the 7th they told me that because my insurance was cancelled and according to Washington state law they would be upping my premiums again because of tin lapse of coverage and raised it another 20%! Well it's a lie. All the other companies said they would never do that unless the lapse were atleast 30 days, and considering the timing of their holiday letter, vacations happen, they would have just re-instated. I switched to Allstate and am paying 30% less. 17 years with a company and they treat you like this.These creeps have been stealing money from me since 2000 and getting away with it.

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Anonymous - 26 d 18 h ago

I agree totally with every word you said. They really are the worst of the worst!!!

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Anonymous - 25 d 16 h ago

Who r u with now

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Pissed Customer - 24 d 11 h ago


They are the worst. I was hit by a car who ran a light and they had the nerve to say I was at fault bc I made a left turn based off of the police officers OPINION. They refused to transfer me to a supervisor for 3 WEEKS, the lady assigned to my claim had only called me back one time and left a voice mail stating that I was found not at fault, then today when I call, it was a different story. Finally was transferred to a supervisor, who was aggressive and utterly unprofessional and disrespectful. Each request I made to speak to her supervisor, I was denied. Arbitration to fight in court, denied. They failed to fully investigate, check cameras at the street, failed tow wait for the new price report, refused to provide me pictures, dates of times that they spoke to them. Mind you I had to appeal the police report due to multiple errors and the fact that NO citations were given. And after speaking over me the entire time telling me she had nothing more to discuss because she wasn't changing her mind, hung up on me mid sentence. All violations of DOI and unfair claims practice. Filing a complain with Department of Insurance for Texas. I suggest you have a paper trail and do the same.

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Moe - 24 d 37 s ago


Agree they don't investigate anything. I had someone tell me one of their customers hit my car from behind on purpose to get insurance money. The police investigated their customer and all but told them it's more then likely he hit the car on purpose but couldn't prove it. Their customer made a claim stating the person driving my car side swipped him and that the front left up my car hit the right side of his car. Why do I have damages to my bumper. Refuses to pay me but how do you ask for an arbitration hearing

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NMcDTucson - 20 d 13 h ago


You can report them to the Better Business Bureau. They ignore that and it's a different story. Also, this is what I like to do, put every contact with them in writing as your back up. Keep copies of everything. I especially like to write down date, time and name of person when talking on the phone. Immediately after the phone call write down everything said, what you said, what the person talking to you said. It really freaks people out when they tell you a lie and you say: "No, on October 12, 2017 at 3:15 P.M. you told me blah, blah, blah." LOL That's legally binding. Tell them you will be contacting your State's Attorney General, the Attorney General of the state their corporate office is located in and if they have call centers overseas then the Attorney General of the United States. Last but not least post your whole store online at I'm sure you'll find more stories like yours on the website. These are definitely FRAUDULENT BUSINESS PRACTICES. If you can't afford an attorney sometimes there are paralegals who can assist with getting legal wording for you. Maybe contact the law department at a university near you to locate someone. Good Luck!.

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Misses Macon Ga,,I work for Geico,,,They really suck - 19 d 17 h ago


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