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General Motors

GM, GMAC, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac, Saturn, Oldsmobile
300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI
Daniel Akerson
Chairman and CEO
(313) 556-5000
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thomas sherman - 13 d 7 s ago





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I feel dumber now haha - 1 d 20 h ago

This is funny shit! While your texting from your phone or computer thats made from plastic, using energy in your home from coal, and what about the clothes your wearing, and the food you eat. Where did that come from and at what expense to the enviroment? Shut up

Let me guess you dont know what the hell your talking about fool! Oh wait wanna keep going, everything has to be shipped by truck. I know, in your world it just appeared. Right?

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Darrell - 24 d 12 h ago

I ordered a 2019 ZR1 corvette had to pay 7000 over list price, I know GM is only making 2000 of them and they are allocated, Chrysler had this problem with the Challenger hellcat a few years ago but when the Challenger Demon came out this year they remedied the problem and didn't let dealers gouge the public. Now that's a n honest company, if I didn't like the new ZR1 corvette I would have bought a Demon. Its pretty damn sad that the government, US taxpayers, bailed out GM in 1999 and now they're letting the dealers do this to us.I spoke today to the owner of my local chevy dealer, a friend of mine who would have sold it to me for list price but another dealer he did a favor for wanted 10000 of list price, this is bullshit and GM needs to stop this right now. I think my next car will be a Demon from a reputable company.

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Greedy - 11 d 16 h ago

If you can afford a 100000 in. This econemy you have plenty of fat yhat van be trimed and spread around be glad their are plenty of people who have not been blessed with what your bitchin about you should have bought from your friend that what frends do bet hes laguhfing dont dare let your friend make any money off you so a stranger caguht you for 7k hope you dont come upon a hell cat or demond they might really make you hot AND FOR LESS TOO ....god gives you what you meed NOT WHAT YOU WANT....guess he thougjt you needed a trim

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Uneducated - 11 d ago

Chill your shit and go to school. Learn to write properly before you give anyone shit about anything.

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J clark - 1 d 20 h ago


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J clark - 2 d ago


I just wanted to let someone know that my 2017 yukon xl denali is the absolute best full size vehicle ever!

I have owned escalades, Range Rovers, etc. GMC is absolutely professional grade! Thank you.

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Connie - 26 d 20 h ago


I purchased a 2011 GMC Acadia on Jan 8, 2016. I contacted GM Executive Office on Monday, January 8, 2018, I was assigned a case number, was told it could be two business days before I heard anything, I have heard nothing other than I had a message from my local GM shop that GM contacted them and had denied my claim (my local shop didn't even know that I have contacted GM). I have yet to speak with GM Advisor. I have called GM Executive Office, left two message for Richard, Senior Advisor, he has not retured my calls, nor has he responded to me directly in regards to my inquiry on Jan 8. My Acadia is having some problems, just had left axel seal repaired; purge valve was repaired in July 2017, currently under review for oil consumption. Most recent StabiliTrak light started coming on randomly, and now engine light is on. Took it to GM shop to see what the problem was, diagnosis revealed catalytic converter needed replaced, that was the reason for call to GM Executive Branch, their website states "give us the opportunity to earn your trust and maintain your confidence." So far not looking too good. The truth is, on modern vehicles, the catalytic converter should last the life to the car, given an "average" life of about 100,000 miles. Did the catalytic converter go bad due to defects in material or workmanship in GMC emission parts. I think a vehicle that cost $47,000 would last awhile. I purchased an extended warranty, which has covered the major and minor repairs thus far, other than the catalytic converter. I belief GM should cover that cost entirely regardless if warranty has expired. My Acadia has approximately 88,000 miles, the manufacturer warranty expired at 80,000, how convenient for GM, a hardship for me. The cost to replace the catalytic converter is extreme, I simply cannot afford this cost. I loved this vehicle, not sure how I feel now. However, at this point all the reviews that I read in regards to repairs for Acadia I would not purchase another GM product.

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Tony - 17 d 14 h ago

I have the same situation. Customer service is horrible. Kanedra Supervisor told me she would call me and have not heard from her or anyone since January 4.

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Angry - 3 d 18 h ago


Ha! Senior advisor Ashley is an incompetent fool. Never answers her phone and never calls. I'm on engine #3 transmission rear differential and axle. Several sensors wheel bearings and electronic brake control module... My car is sketchy at best and scary to drive because it constantly goes into "limp" mode which is scary when power is needed in our crazy traffic. I'm at wits end with this. Everything is still under warranty.

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Bathsheba - 5 d 2 h ago

I am still loyal to their past products, the company has a opportunity to do better, you can change the negative effects now.

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Debbie B - 5 d 13 h ago


I have a 2004 Grand Am and the dashboard has been curling for some time now and everything has been breaking on the dash. GM has no recalls on it but I am trying to contact news media as it looks like the passengers air bag is starting to come up. I will never buy another GM again I take care of my car but this is out of control. GM knew about this but has done nothing .

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Anonymous - 5 d 15 h ago

If you think that is bad I went to go take my car to get a recall fixed and now the car will not go into gear and they're blaming it on my car which was perfect when I took it there !!

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Veronica Williams - 6 d 19 h ago


I purchase a 2011 Buick enclave now they have given me a major repair bill and I haven't had the car a good year! I want to talk with the owner of GM. Thanks!

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Damarir - 10 d 30 s ago


I bouth a sonic 2012 and sinsce i have it is branking parts every month I has to replace a part and wend i call the dealers they charg twoo times of the price then we has To Pay To fix it they shoud make it better cars fo the price that we pay wasn't worth it I have a noter gm car and I am ready To return it

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SMFH a 32 year loyal chevy guy - 11 d 17 h ago


I have called every gm resource to no satisfaction i am seriously dissapointed i have a neautiful 53,726 miles chevy silverado hybrid that books for $16,000 and because gm discontinued avalibility of the heart beat of this poor bow tie the STATOR PART # 19117206 IT ONLY USE IS A DOOR STOP SO im gonna put a sign on it that says beware buying a chevy with all their awatds because if it breaks down. After being 3 years or older and their is no part avalible you will have a better chance of finding the holy grail.....Thanks GM i kist lost $10,000 for putting my trust in you hybrid product im not asking for a hand oit im ready and willing to pay for the part but your priority customer care department dont even know's who made the part when you sold these fine engineered trucks so you turn your backs on the ones who picks gm over Foriegn christopher mazzarese (hidden)

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Mary Barra - 12 d ago


Dear Sir/Mam

Greeting ! God Bless.

Please Assist me at US Embassy Manila for my Visa L-1A.i want to work to the Company.I served The Company General Motors 8 years as GM Parts Sales Executive.Assign me to any GM Dealership to any City in the United States of America.Parts Department Manager,Parts Sales Supervisor,Parts Sales Executive.District Parts Manager,any operations from the company i will fallow.


Celso G. Pablo

Passport Number P5517041A

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Royce - 12 d ago


I would like to thank you for building the 2001 GMC Sierra. My dad owned it before I bought it from him and I am going to sell it to my son too. P.S Pls keep on truckin.

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Anonymous - 12 d 16 h ago

I had ur escalade and i had bad reviews please contact me Nathaniel (hidden)

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thomas sherman - 13 d 7 s ago





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Interested buyer - 17 d 10 h ago

Interested buyer. We are interested in buying a 2018 Traverse High Country with the copper colored leather seats and exterior in Pepperdust. Van Chevrolet advised us the High Country does not come in Pepperdust even if we special order it. Also it is the only model that has the copper leather seats. Since when can you not get what you want when you special order!

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Anonymous - 20 d 23 h ago


Transmission issues on a brand new 2016 sierra denali.

Brought it in for service 3 dif times and still having same issues.

All I get is the run around.....

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Tony - 17 d 14 h ago


Same here Transmission problems on a 2017 Colorado with 2500 miles. Took it to dealer and was there 11 days without getting fixed. GM has the worst customer service. No one calls you back. Contacting BBB and Lemon Law.

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Shana rose - 20 d ago


I got a 2011 suv I cant drive at night because the headlights are defective and there is a class action suit a d this company is telling me I should pay for this. I have to use my brights to drive at night because the seals are defective and one day I'm going to be killed because I can't see driving at night and this company does nothing

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Jeff - 23 d ago


TO : Daniel Akerson, Chairman

FR : Jeffery C.


DT : January 14, 2018

Dear Chairman Akerson GM Corporate:

I am a severely disable man living on Grand Island New York. At the ending of December, 2015, I had just finished the final stage of my rehabilitation from severe traumatic brain injury ("TBI") graduating 4.0-gpa, Paralegal Studies. I experienced my TBI in 1985, at the age of 19 years old, was comatose for a month and left with severe neurological physical and psychological limitations. After 30 years of rehabilitation I was a full time student of law with a 4.0 gpa and a beautiful home of my own in an upper middle class neighborhood of Grang Island N.Y. by Niagara Falls N.Y.. In my home on the Island I was finishing the basement for my then retired mother who'd come from Florida 2 or 3 times yearly to stay with me. My mother was a nurse and helped in my recovery over all those years and I missed the chance to show her my degree because she passed away in November, 2015. I have a large family but my mother was the only person I invited to my graduation. She left me $10,000., and I knew I had to spend it wisely and not waist it because she was gone and there was no more of her coming to help me. She was a licensed nurse and did everything she could to help me recover but then I really was on my own.

I had my house - with an office, my degree, good credit and needed to find a job and return to work. I knew I couldn't waist that last $10,000., so I went to a large Chevrolet Dealer on Grand Island ('Fuccillo Chevrolet') because I needed a car. I was extremely distraught and emotionally confused over this event of my mother's passing but I knew I had to use the last money she gave me to make my independence complete. I have always most liked the Chevy automobiles, and, seeing Fuccillo Commercials on T.V. and the size of their dealership I believed that I live on this Island and should go here for their help. Not free help, I had $10,000. of my mother's money, so I went there. I was still distraught and dealing with the related mental infirmities associated to the loss of my mother combined with my already present impairments as aforementioned. It was the coldest winter of my life. When I went to Fuccillo Chevrolet I was alone and explained matters asking for their help. I now believe that salesmen there and it's administration who `saw me coming, took full advantage of me and my circumstances as the opportunity to take my last $10, 000. by over pricing a car which never worked correctly and gave me even more heartache and difficulties through a defective Chevrolet Auto. I took the car back several times but it continued to break down and Fuccillo, never repaired, refused to replace and became rude while altering the information and facts - about these situations etc..Then after several attempts to reconcile through asking for maintenance and repairs on this new/used 2013 Chevy Malibu LT I actually had to call GM Detroit and go to other nearby Chevrolet dealers begging for their help. I was able to finally get one of the major defects fixed in the form of a new water pump after the car stopped working. It had been over heating since the day I drove it away with 39,000 miles already on it and after numerous attempts through Fuccillo, was unable to get it repaired. I was finally able to have that problem fixed at Paddock Chevrolet which is the next nearest Chevy dealer. Then, in 2016 the vehicle stopped working again within the city of Buffalo N.Y.. I finally had to join AAA because the car Fuccillo sold me was a lemon and never worked correctly and was dragging me down and was nothing but a drawback. Cutting a long story down here, I will inform GM Corporate that Fuccillo Chevrolet on Grand Island New York truly took full advantage of me in my circumstances and situations as I have outlined here and then some. I am not suggesting that I haven't erred in any of these situations - after all I should never have gone to Fuccillo Chevrolet, and never will again. I have met numerous others since who have shared similar stories with me about that dealership and its practicesthe money's all that matters. And, with Chevy, as my car of choice and desire in the past I now am reconsidering whether or not I want to own another Chvrolet ever again. I currently speak vigorously-against Fuccillo and have deterred several people from making the same mistake as I and so many others obviously have by going there. I had attempted to receive the help of the Chevrolet Corporation also previously during these situations and feel that although they helped slightly didn't solve the issue of this lemon and only summarily did what was necessary to shut me up. But the last time this lemon broke down on me it was towed because I'd used my AAA so much I couldn't get it off the road fast enough. The impound ballooned into thousands because this car broke me and I couldn't get it back - which perhaps is a good thing. But I still owe money on it and need a vehicle as I try to find a job in the legal field and recover from the fall out of all of these events which turns out to be my trying to recover from the abuse from Fuccillo Chevrolet is the most difficult recovery of my life. Something I may never fully rebound from.

When this began I was a 4.0 law student with a beautiful home on Grand Island and a credit rating over 800 points as my mother passed away and I was ready to restart my life and finally achieve independence to carry on as my mother helped me strive for. I was having trouble but thought if I get a nice Chevy, and pull myself together with my skills and vehicle I could make that come back and pull up proud and help others similarly situated. Now I don't have any transportation, I still owe for a car that I cannot afford to even maintain, because of its defects and problems it's helped cause and my credit rating is in the toilet. I won't return to Fuccillo and probably won't look at Chvrolet's the same again or even try to bring law suit against because they are a huge multimillion dollar corporation who'll simply use their money and power to distort the truth and win against me. I want to believe that there are still corporate people and agencies in my Country - the USA, who'll look into these things and help me help myself and that is what I am asking for. Not a handout or a `free-ride, so to speak, but I'm asking GM to give me the opportunity that exists by helping me to receive a fully warranted new Chevrolet (Malibu LT) so I can complete this task. I've made all the mistakes I need to and am respectfully asking for GM Chevrolet to offer me any kind of help it can or will so that I can pull up and honorably represent my family, myself and everyone who helped me do so. Please respond to me in writing to my address listed below, I appreciate your consideration.

Thank you,

Jeffery C.

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