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Gold's Gym International, Inc.

125 E. John Carpenter Fwy, Ste. 1300
Irving, TX
(214) 574-4653
(214) 296-5000
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MarleyB - 1 d 22 h ago

Left a message re: someone using my credit card w/o my permission. I was owed a refund; they gave me too much and then charged my card without my permission for the difference. Wasn't even aware there was a card on file. They didn't return my call, email me, NOTHING! not acceptable for them to use my card w/o permission

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Jasen - 2 d 25 s ago


Good Day,

I have been a customer of my local Golds for almost 3 years, as well as private sessions.

Today I was inside lifting with a hex bar; I had a total of 8 weights on the bar. When I was done I put 7 weights back properly and leaned the last 45lb plate against the rack that was full (of weights of all sizes.)

When I walked away the manager, Drew, came to me in an unprofessional manner and told me if I did not clean the entire rack he would cancel my membership and call the police. I of course did not comply as I had not put all the weights back incorrectly. I informed him that my membership was paid in full and I was owed dozens of private trainer sessions that I had already paid in advance for. He refused to hear me and instead went and cancelled my membership right then and there, then followed me outside yelling at me that if i ever came back he would have me arrested.

All of this over a single weight I leaned on the rack.

I am still owed a refund or my sessions completed and before I get my attorney involved I wanted to give Golds a chance to rectify this situation.

I enjoy that gym, although the management is trash

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Judy Garner - 2 d 5 h ago


I went to gym this morning for an Aqua class and discovered that my membership had expired in 2016. I used the gym three days a week throughout 2017 and as late as Friday, January 26, 2018. But today, I find out that my membership under the Silver Sneaker Program has expired. Ready to right this wrong, I had to wait for the lazy operations manager to finally come over and see what the problems was, while the fat guy behind the counter with the wrinkled t-shirt took a personal phone call. The operations manager asked for my Silver Sneaker card, so I went to my car to retrieve it. Came back to the lazy operations manager with card in hand and then he asked for ID, which was in my car. I informed him that my ID was in the car and had I known he needed both I would have gotten it when I made the first trip to my car. This was a frustrating and very unprofessional experience. BTW, these guys are relatively new and not very professional. This is how they treat seniors!

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Sigal Atzmon - 8 d 18 s ago


The worst gym I ever been working with. I was a member of Thousand Oaks California, They are unprofessional and rude.

I asked to cancel my membership and they would let me call that I need to come to the gym my self. I will never recommend my friend to stay or join this company.

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Adi - 5 d ago


Samething happened to me recently

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jared - 6 d 7 h ago


its not a suprise that the asheville NC location is filled with homosexuals, but when the staff start to hand you dirty towels, on purpose THATS IT!!!! YOUR FIRED and i wont stop until you are fired . you know who you are

golds gym oakley asheville nc

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Anonymous - 6 d 7 h ago

you need to call corporate office HQ asap and get them gone

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Lindsey - 7 d ago


After paying outrageous membership fees the downtown San Antonio location now charges you to park a monthly fee on top of your membership fees, this is probably why this location is always empty! Also the Potranco location is now charging you to use towels, so people that don't want to purchase towels are just sweating all over the machines and not wiping them down after use.

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Really - 9 d ago


So no one is in the office during business hours wow. I called every Department nobody picked up.

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Lacie - 10 d 16 h ago


Worst company EVER!! Do not join. Did a no commitment membership many years ago have been trying to cancel for over 4 years. I have sent certified letters which were signed for but still they auto draft my account every month. The horrid and useless front desk personnel are worthless and typically don't even look up from their phones. Not to mention the lack of cleanliness. The place is gross. Go anywhere else.

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Holly Wilkinson - 11 d ago


I have been a member of the Golds Gym in San Antonio at the 281 and Evans rd location for over 6 years. Recently they did not renew the cleaning companies contract and now the place is filthy. I am seriously considering changing gym companies because of this. There is dust, hair all over the carpets, machines etc mildew all over ac ducts on the ceiling and machines have stopped being calibrated. Many members have already left due to the handling my new management.

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CAROL,Done with Golds - 13 d 11 h ago

Just heard that all Golds Gyms are no longer going to to be 24hrs. None of them. Weekdays until midnight, weekends until 8pm. This sucks as i and many here in Texas work nights and can't get to the gym until 12-1 am. I work 12 1/2 hour shifts and can't go before nor have energy to go after. They raise their rates and lower the hours of operation. Thanks for not giving a crap about us night workers who workout on our lunch break. There are 5 or 6 gyms here in Austin Texas, you could leave 1 as a 24/7.

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glen jacobs - 14 d ago

i have been a golds member for a few years and it seems golds wants to change hours of opperations. they want to close at 8pm on weekends and sometimes i am in there after that time.they need to consider how many members use the golds after 8 pm om reason i joined was because the hours were flexable. now i will be searching for other venues to go to.

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Dana Burchatz - 14 d 5 h ago


I've made the mistake of signing up with Golds gym, let me tell you why I feel this way. 1 I was sold a product that I can't use because of my jobs unpredictable schedule, I have to make appointments for classes and I'll get called in or have to change my schedule. 2 when I went to explain to the manager of the circumstances he said that I had signed a contract and there's nothing I can do about it. So I'm paying 80 dollars for something I can even use. When my year runs out i will be cancelling both my membership and the classes I haven't been able to use. Furthermore I will share my story on how I was treated in your business, now I know I'm only one person and as I can see you can't care less about word of mouth is a powerful tool, so the 1500 you will make from me will cost you thousands of future Revenue. One quick note I would have kept my membership I just couldn't make the classes, maybe you should consider a member service training course for your manager.

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Refund requested - 15 d ago


My husband Ken and I have been members of Gold's Gym Arcadia for 3 years and used the same exceptional personal trainer. all this time

We found out yesterday that our trainer was let go with something that had nothing to do with her clients or her performance. We spoke to the General Manager about a refund on our remaining pre-paid training sessions and we told that corporate policy did not allow for any refund. That trainers were, "a service" provided by the gym. This amounts to over $1,500.00 dollars and we are greatly disappointed that the gym has such a hard and fast rule (loophole?) when personal trainers are 1 ) A PAID service, unlike classes that are complimentary. 2) The CHOICE of the member. 3) Not like complementary services like classes have open to all etc.

We have stayed at the gym for our trainer and it was our expectation in pre-paying for training session that she would be conducting them.

We are appealing to the corporation to reverse their decision due to these extenuating circumstance. In our view, Gold should be ashamed of themselves for dismissing a valuated employee and for treating valued members without consideration for the situation.

Beware when you decide to use a trainer...

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Theresa - 16 d ago


I'm extremely disappointed. I'm a member & called asking if my 13 year old daughter could try a class using a guest pass and I was told yes. He said all she needed to do was sign a waiver. When I got there they said she can't try the class but if she was 18 years old, she could used a guest pass & try the class. The interesting piece they told me was that she can have a membership. How would a 13 year old know if she wants a membership if she can't try a class but an 18 year old can try a class and also become a member? They said it was for liability reasons. This makes no sense at all. If your age is 12-17 you will happily take my money for a child membership, but the child can't try out a class like everyone else.? But if you're 18 and up you can. I had to turn around and leave. Not only could my daughter not try it, but I couldn't work out after making the trip in. I think if you are going to offer a membership, all persons who can obtain a membership should be able to use a guest pass. What's more upsetting is the very next day, there was a young girl in my Body Pump class...she couldn't have been more than 13-14 years old and I can assure you she isn't a member. Most kids that age do not b/c of school.

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Nikki J - 16 d 4 h ago


I have been a memeber at my local Gold's Gym since it opened roughly 5 years ago. Now they are charging for child care room & because I didn't sign up during a certain time period, my account can't be grandfathered in. So even though I was still paying for membership every month, but didn't sign up I have to now pay for child care like the reat of the NEW members. This is unfair and poor customer service. I'm cancelling my membership.

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Tenkai Fitness Ball - 16 d 7 h ago

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David - 19 d 24 m ago


Don't know if other gyms do this, but my gym staff want to take my membership card - which is attached to my keys, key fob, and 6 other membership cards - and scan it. Considering this is now the height of flu season, who thinks it is a good idea for staff who see 150+ members in a shift to handle that many key rings and cards?

Put the scanner on top of the counter facing outward so that I do not have to hand it to you. And while staff is greeting me they can look at the computer scree, find my name and address me by name. Much better staff to member interaction, no more fumbling the key hand off twice, and less likelihood that my germs will be physically passed to that staff member who then passes the germs off to 149 other members.

Anyone else out there who thinks handing their keys to a staff member so staff can scan the membership card find that physically and socially awkward and unsanitary?

And no, I am not OCD nor a germaphobe. Just don't want the flu.

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Very Angry Customer - 19 d 6 h ago


My account information cannot be updated online, as it states I have multiple cards listed, and I'm asked to call the gym (this is Robert, General Manager of the South Arlington Golds Gym in Arlington, VA). 3 months ago, I spoke with Robert who assured me he had updated it (AND I paid the late fee regardless). I kept getting emails saying 2nd Notice, We are unsuccessful in charging your card. I called and Robert said this happens sometimes and not to worry. Happened again the following month and I had another late fee. I called the front desk, and they assured me Robert would call. He didn't. Same thing happened the following month. Robert never called again. I have another email now, saying the same thing. I CANNOT CHANGE MY CARD ONLINE!!!! And Robert will not call me back. Really horrible customer service!

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No Longer Angry - 19 d 4 h ago


I'm updating my review. Robert called me back and straightened out my account and removed any late fees associated with the card problem. I appreciate his helping me out with this. I do think that the

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Anonymous - 20 d ago

Good evening,

I have been going to Gold's gym for over 10 years and never really had a problem with them. Today I ran into an issue with my account. I go to Golds gym in 8182 N Lindbergh Blvd, Florissant, MO 63031. Today 01/11/2018 I went into the gym like I had been doing regularly and was told that my account had been inactive since September 2017 and I owed about $170. I asked why was I not notified when I had been coming into the gym? They started telling me they didn't know and was giving me a spill about having a new system. So from the sound of it, it sounds like they made a mistake from their end and was penalizing me. This seemed unfair because not only were the asking me to pay this price for payments not being made but they wanted me to pay to activate a new account with them which was an extra $50.00. The gym over the years has became less appealing with machines being broken often and constant work being done... on top of that the gym is no longer 24 hours anymore which makes it less possible for me to go. So renewing sound less appealing. I need this issue resolved I shouldn't have to pay late fees and signup fees for a gym I've been consistently going to for years. An issue also needs to be fixed on notifying customers on when their payment doesn't go through. If my bank doesn't notify me or the gym doesn't notify me when this happens how am I supposed to know? Does Gold's gym intend on making money by these late fees? I like going to golds but this issue has upset me severely to the point

I'm ready to do whatever it takes to be heard. I hope this issue can be resolved soon.

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Patrick - 20 d 4 h ago


hey i'm writing to say i'm a member of your gym here in montgomery and i go there for the steam room and the sauna which the steam room for some reason can't stay working and they want turn the sauna up where it can be hot. i'm asking if you can have them to fix this please.

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adam - 20 d 19 h ago


golds gym hixson tn sucks and will cut your member ship with out a phone call and still money from you as well they suck and they need to close down for that

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Ben - 21 d ago

I called goldgym so that I can join them today. The person who took the call seemed "drunk" or "high". Just couldn't get thru to her. All she wanted was my first and last name. After a tussle she put me on hold to hear a recording and them comes a guy who answered my question but with a "take it or leave it attitude". I will never join you nor recommend you to anyone. My number is (hidden).

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