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Great Clips, Inc.

7700 France Avenue South, Suite 425
Minneapolis, MN
(800) 999-5959
(952) 844-3444
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Pam - 2 d 24 s ago


I am very excited to tell you about my experience !!!!!!! WOW what great service I received . I went to the Great Clips in Carrollton Georgia. Walked in with no appointment was greeted promptly with a smile ( It was packed ). Asked if i went on line said no " said it would be about 15 minutes surprised because they were very busy . I have not had my hair cut in years . I spoke with Traci who was SUPER told her roughly what I wanted . She suggested since she would be cutting so much off that I may consider giving my hair to Wigs for Kids which of coarse I said yes . I am very excited my hair looks GREAT I am Very Pleased with my experience and my new look !!!!!!! I don't think companies hear enough about great employees so please take the time to recognize her Your employees make or brake you and she was WONDERFUL !!!!!!!

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Nam - 4 d 14 h ago


I went to great clips in Littleton, MA. The hair stylist as soon as we entered says did u check in online? I said no, she goes sorry I can't help you. I am only taking online check-in customers. At that time there was no one in there. So I requested her if she can do hair cut for my kids. She goes sorry please cone tomorrow and also didn't stop to talk nicely she was doing some be cleaning work and kept on doing it. Worst thing ever. Definitely no great clips any more for my family

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Anonymous - 5 d 11 h ago

Your new commercial....has a dude who just got a haircut talking about the he leaves his chair he thunks a young boy in the head. Shame on you for thinking any lind of bullying, even mild is okay!!

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Chris B. - 8 d 12 h ago


The problem I'm having with Great Clips is hair dressers who use the 20 minutes it takes to cut my hair as their own personal therapy session. I'm a quiet person -- which is not the same as a person who asks others to tell her their problems. I have 5 inch hair with lots of layers and asked the woman working in the Mesa, AZ, Lindsay/University shop to trim 1", telling her I am happiest with a hair cut when no one even knows I got it cut. I held up a piece of my hair and showed her exactly how much the 1" was, so we were on the same page. She immediately started telling me about her son's problems. She was talking and cutting and talking and crying and cutting. Instead of trimming one inch off, she cut so much she left only 1" on the crown of my head. It is so short it just spikes up. I have never worn my hair this short in my life. I was so shocked, I didn't confront her but left as quickly as I could. She even said, "I'm so lucky. I get paid to talk." I think the management should provide on-going training for their hair dressers, particularly in customer service and reminding these workers to check with the client throughout the cut. She definitely does not get paid to talk. She gets paid to pay attention to her clients and provide the services requested. How can I ever go back? I can't.

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Jeremy - 11 d 18 h ago

I went into the Tygart Oregon salon . Didn't get any attention the lady there checked one guy in that walked in after me . And when I got my trim for my hair cut . I showed the lady what I wanted . I had very long thick hair . And I wanted my hair to stay kinda long . Well we went over this 3 times and she said yes she could cut my hair like the picture. Well by the time she was done my hair was so messed up and so short . My friend who was with me said o shit and so did the other guy waiting after me to be done . I should have had long hair . And I come to find out the lady didn't Speak very good English. If they work at places like this and don't understand what there being told there need to ask for help or Learn how to speak the language. Iv tried to call back there and ask for a Manager and she is never in or has called me back. And I still had to pay the 22.00 bucks for this very messed up hair cut . And I'm pissed it took me over a year to grow my hair out that long and I'm a few seconds this lady messed my hair up. And now I'm Embarrassed for anyone to see me.

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Patricia - 13 d 13 h ago


I began using Great Clips in Marion, Iowa about 4-5 years ago after I moved to Marion, Iowa. It was only two blocks away, very convenient. I no longer have my layered, as I began having my hair cut all one length, just above my shoulders. It took a long time to grow out my bangs, but since I wear my hair in a side part, I started brushing my bangs back to the left and back over my head rather than to the left and straight down at the left side of my face as the bangs were always too short, and it looked uneven. Each time I would go into the salon, I would ask that they would simply section off my bangs, cut off about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch and then pin them up while they cut about an inch to an inch and a half on the sides and around the back, all one length. Last time I went there in the spring or summer, I gave these directions only asked for 2 inches on the sides and around the back, and the gal took way too much off. I have waited all summer, fall up till today, January 23rd to have it trimmed again. This time, another gal listened to my instructions, but instead of sectioning off my bangs, she wet my hair, then parted it in the middle including my bangs. I stopped her and asked if she would section off my bangs and tried to explain, but she could not understand even though I physically tried to demonstrate it to her. She asked if she should get the manager because she didn't understand, I said ok. The manager came out, but her attitude from the beginning was that somehow I was wrong. I explained it all to her, and she said ok, but she didn't recommend doing it that way. She said my bangs wouldn't blend in. I explained at least three more times that I didn't want them to blend in on the side next to my face but to be combed back, and they needed time to grow longer. I was horrified at the anger in her voice, and she was handling my hair and then the hair dryer very roughly. She kept asking me more questions, but I was done explaining, and when she kept at me, I finally said "I just want to get the f%$#* out of here." I don't usually use bad language, but the way I was being treated called for the worst word I could think of. She said fine and ripped off the cape, and the thing around my neck and told me to leave the store at once, that she couldn't have that kind of language affecting other customers. There were no other customers. I said that she should expect people to use bad language when she makes them angry and that I have had my hair done 50 times (an exaggeration) and never been treated with such hostility. She told me I didn't need to pay for the haircut just to get out. I do not believe my instructions were difficult, in fact, it is usually a very quick and easy haircut. But the manager of the Marion facility was intent on being right, and insisting that I was wrong.

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Patricia - 13 d 13 h ago


It was -10 below here in Marion but the manager threw me out of the store with my hair wet.

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Patricia - 13 d 6 h ago


I must add that the stylist who I began with that called the manager because she didn't understand my instructions was polite and did nothing wrong whatsoever. It was the manager that raised her voice at me, who said she understood the instructions, she didn't recommend following them even though the haircut was finished. She acted angry when there was no reason to be angry, and as I said, then the rough handling as she began to dry my hair and kept questioning me as if determined to maintain further conflict. When I got home I thought I was ok, but suddenly started crying for no reason as I watched TV. The manager embarrassed and humiliated me because I had the Gaul to tell her how I wanted my hair cut and acted like the problem was because I used an expletive because I just wanted to escape her anger. I didn't bring a photo, I didn't ask for some exotic hair style, not even layering.

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YOLY - 14 d 10 h ago


I am 72 years old and WAS your client for past 7 years. Today,I needed haircut because I have an upcoming hearing this coming Friday( 01-26-2018). I live on a Social Security Income and have NEVER BEEN TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF UNTIL TODAY,BY ONE OF YOUR EMPLOYEES. I TRIED TO USE YOUR COUPON AND YOUR EMPLOYEES!OYEE SAID YOU DO NOT ISSUE COUPONS. I TRIED TO USE THE "" MONDAY SPECIAL $7.95 "" AND SHE SAID YOU DO NOT HAVE THAT! SHE SAID: "" SENIOR PRICE IS $12.00. I AM A HEART PATIENT, already in your salon, car parked in handicap....I analyzed the fact that going to another GREAT CLIPS location meANT GETTING INTO THE HOUSTON TRAFFIC !!! So, twice ( 2 TIMES ) I asked her: "" Are you sure Senior price is $12? She, without hesitation answered:

"""""YES!!!!!! """. Then I asked: """And, the coupons I have ; even though they SAY"GREAT CLIPS"" are not real? Or, from " GREAT CLIPS? "" YES, SEE, I CAN NOT SCAN. I do not have a scanner.""

But miss, I got them from ""GREAT CLIPS!"




I CAME HOME. I LIVE WITH MY DAUGHTER, told her how much I was charged and she was going to go to the salon and confront your employee...I stopped her by promising to notify headquarters and complain About misleading advertising and infraction on customers and primarily Senior Citizens!

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Peggy - 16 d 19 h ago


On January 6th, 2018 in Norman Oklahoma I went into a great clips for a hair style before a wedding. When I first arrived two young women were at the front desk flirting with a young man. They totally ignored myself and my niece until the young man left the shop, which was several minutes. Upon him leaving one of the young women addressed me and asked me to come on back to her chair. After doing so she asked me what I wanted and I told her that I wanted my hair styled because I was going to a wedding and wanted to look nice. I told her exactly what I wanted and she started out by using a flat iron on my hair which was not needed but I let her continue. She asked me how I liked it and I said that I needed it higher in the back and more brushed to the side in the front. She told me this is how all the young people were wearing there hair now days and I said I didn't care because that isn't how I wear mine (I am 61 years old). She continued to put product in my hair and making it look worse. I was never rude to her and I asked her once again to make my hair higher in the back and brushed to the side in the front. All of a sudden she SCREAMS at me "WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE SOMEONE ELSE IN THE SHOP DO YOUR HAIR!" I was totally embarrassed by her comment. I have never had someone scream at me in a professional setting. What kind of company allows their employees to scream at their clients? I couldn't get out of the shop soon enough. I told her that we will just call it done and I paid her for a hair style that looked ridiculous. I was afraid to leave without paying for fear of her calling the police on me. So I paid her and then I had to wait on my niece to finish. I was so nervous waiting on my niece for fear of retaliation by the stylist. I should have know that she was not going to be a good stylist because of the way she looked. She was all dressed in black, her hair was totally black, and she had a cocky attitude. After I paid her she went into the backroom and her friend went back there with her and I could tell they were saying bad things about me. This women needs to be fired. She is a detriment to your business. I never want to go to a great clips again and I am telling my friends about my experience.

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MONICA R - 18 d 18 h ago


Just got a haircut in Calgary Alberta and noticed that the software system on the computer was windows xp. Microsoft hasn't support this version in quite some time years? Not sure how many. This is commonly know to have numerous security issues. With customer private information on their system is a serious concern. In Canada we have strict privacy laws, I'm sure similar laws apply in US. I was told by the stylist that in the states they keep credit card Information in the system I think this is a serious concern and the need to update and secure their system before a serious security breach.

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Heather - 19 d 45 m ago


I should like to open the eyes of corporate to a corrupt owner. The store located in Mt Airy NC 27030, is not at all ran according to the Great Clips way. I think you should investigate and close this location. Also the assistant manager is corrupt and steals from the company.

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William - 20 d 14 h ago


Store in Lutz Fl. Had hair cut by Courtney. It was the worse haircut I have ever had. She went at my hair with an electric clipper like she was trimming a hedge. My hair came out all uneven and even my wife was appalled. Would never go back.

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Deborah Radford-Matthews - 20 d 16 h ago


The past 10 years I have used Great Clips at Aliante and on Ann & Simmons exclusively for cut, shampoo & styles. Today after I checked in on-line for Aliante and upon arrival, there was a girl (Janelle) who works there who hollered up at me while she was working on a client and in front of the entire store's staff and clients.

Come to find out she's the Manager of the store. She said "you know it's going to be $50 just to style your shoulder-length hair plus the cut and the shampoo will bring it up to $78 bucks". She proceeded to tell me that it's a Great Clips' guideline over the past several months. Well...I go in twice a month for shampoo and style; pay the usual $19 PLUS an $11 tip for God's sake bringing the tab to $30. When she explained in front of everyone in the store that I am mistaken, that did it for me...I chose to go to the Ann location. I explained the situation to them and the style charge for shoulder-length hair is $24. So... they weren't sure why I was quoted $50 at Aliante-particularly when I was having my hair cut short!

This review is more for Great Clips management (Leona) than for the general public. However, I would never recommend the Aliante location due to this one incident perpetrated by the store Manager.

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Timothy Dearing - 21 d 45 s ago


I have been going to the same location on 84th Street in Ralston, NE for over 5 years. I am a business owner who knows and lives customer service. I have gotten to know the stylists (who stick around) over the years. Every holiday season we buy several gift cards and ask the stylists to please hand them out to the ones who they felt could use the gift. So, in short, we have developed a pretty decent relationship.. like with our mailman, butcher and hardware store clerks. We're all friends.

That being said, I will never go back to that Ralston store or any other Great Clips Salon ever again.

Over the past several months I noticed a another new stylist working there. I've never had her cut my hair before but have seen her there for awhile. (I'll come back to this...)

Last Friday, Jan 12th, I used the check-in on line, like I always do. I arrived, was checked in and I sat down to wait my turn which was weird to me because there was one stylist (another new one whom I've never met before this day), was sitting in her stylist chair totally ignoring me until this other busy stylist who does know me, said something to her, like.."ummm.. are you going to take him or not? OK... Not a big deal, but weird just the same. The service was just fine all the way up to the point where it was time to pay. I pull out my coupon (the one mailed to me by this particular establishment.. with my name on it), and a $50.00 dollar bill. Honest to God I never knew of the "No bills over $20.00" sign on the storefront window... maybe because it is placed way too low on the glass which is directly behind customers when sitting there. It's not in any obvious location to see. OK.. I can live with that.. BUT, apparently this newer stylist (The first one mentioned) stopped working on her clients haircut as if we interrupted her.. she over heard our conversation and was blown away that I would even think of bringing in a larger bill.. I mean OMG! She became totally bent, over the fact that "I was stupid to try pulling that on them". I was totally surprised of the way she had an instant reaction to the situation and it was THE WORSE SITUATION I'VE BEEN PART OF AS A PAYING CUSTOMER, and it was an honest mistake... which by the way is one of the dumbest, most messed up way to react to me, to any customer, and her co-workers. I could only look at the stylists I knew and ask.. "really? seriously? You can't let it go this time? I mean I am very sorry about this.. I didnt know! What am I suppose to do now? She told me in an mean and angry retort..."Go to the Bar next door and they will make change for you... but if you leave here and not come back, I have all of your personal details on the computer here and I will call the cops and they will come to your house and arrest you!!!"wtf???!!!??

Is this the way you guys teach your employees to handle such a ridiculous situation??? I looked at her and the whole salon (who are all now stopped working on their clients and looking at me like I am the worse person ever!!! Even the stylists whom know me were at least saying to the other lady, hey he's ok, it shouldn't be a problem. BUT NO WAY was this lady going to let it go, instead made it worse.. much worse.

I walked out of there with an explanation that "ok, ok... I'll be right back" I then decided to go down the block to the gas station, I put gas in my truck, got the correct change and went back to pay. The first thing she said was.. "Oh, You came back!" My response was, "Of course I did.. why wouldn't I? Isure didn't want the police coming to my house because of not paying the $7.99 haircut".

Absolutely totally ridiculous.

I let it go.. at least for a couple days anyway. After telling others of my messed up visit, I thought best to "sleep" on this before I decide weather or not I wanted to complain.

Well... I'm never going to forget that day. I have started a new awareness to my fellow business owners and employees that this is not a model for any customer driven business.

I dont know any names of the stylists. I don't know if this stylist was having a personal problem or what... but I do know because of her actions and reaction and Great Clips policies and internal training has helped me make this decision to quit going there and be very very vocal to others about the training, the services and this particular stylist.

She pissed me off mostly because how stupid she handled this. She could have handled this in a completely different way.

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Gm - 44 d 19 h ago


I've walked away from Great Clips 3 times in the last 2 days because I walked in and because I didn't check in online or with your app I had to wait, even though the person who checked in online wasn't there. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, or so I thougjt.

My schedule is so busy I used to like the convenience of being able to pop on and get my hair cut. Plus, your app takes up too much space on my phone.

I'be not had this much difficulty at Hair Saloon for Men or Sport Clips. I'll just go there.

Good bye

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rich - 27 d 9 h ago

I know what you mean. I walked away again tonight because I did not sign in on line. I was the only customer in the store but she told me she was waiting for the customers that signed in on line. Once again as a walk in customer I was basically told they do not want my business.

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Ana Sharkey - 25 d ago

Sorry you both had to go through it, unnecessarily, I'm a great Clips hair dressers, the stylist in both cases did wrong, you both should be able to get assistance immediately, I deeply encourage you to request to speak with a salon manager, for an apology. I do apologize on behalf of Great Clips and invite you back. Ana Sharkey

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AW - 26 d 15 h ago


Just seen your new commercial in reference to the $7.99 special in Jan-2018..

Where is that puppet looking for ** Benny ** I enjoyed that thing !! Some people didn't

like and it and said it was sooooooo annoying ............but I like it !!! L O L !!! Thought it

was soooooo funny !!

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Reese - 29 d 15 h ago


You know, I am sick of the gay bashing thing.....I treat people the way I want to be treated and I don't give a -fiddle fart what they do in their personal time. I have known gay men that are great and some who are just terrible gossip whores and negative Nellies... who like drama. So if the guy is gay but he is professional than leave him the hell alone and let him do his job! Why are women such horrid bitches about this issue...are you afraid of competition? Seriously, get your shit straight and keep the drama at home ladies, gents, and wents =(wannabe women). Men are just as good as women are in this field ....and grow up already. The drama is a serious 'asshat issue' and makes me want to avoid business that cater to it.

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Ross V. Cosgray - 30 d 16 h ago



I am very happy to tell you that I was new to the town I am currently residing. Springfield, Oh. 45503. I have been going to your Tuttle Rd. Salon in the Wal-Mart shopping center and you have an employee there named Ainsley who is absolutely amazing at her profession! I have no relation to her, just lucked out getting her randomly and have been so pleased with every haircut. I get compliments and tell everyone about her. I think she was recently promoted to Asst. Manager and it is well deserved. She is absolutely meticulous which I really appreciate and just such a pleasant personality! You guys have a superstar there! I've lived in a few different places and she is the best stylist i have ever had by far. No exaggeration as all! She deserves the recognition for being so good at her job!

Thank you so much,

Ross V. Cosgray


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Kesara Mitkos - 33 d 21 h ago


I have been looking around for a new salon and decided why not try Great Clips? So Myself (Kesara Mitkos), My mother(Tammy Mitkos), & My daughter (Cloey Tounsand) stopped in at the Hampton Village Plaza location around 10am on 01-03-2018.

Here a man named Matt was cutting hair and working the counter it seemed. He checked all 3 of us in within minutes but a woman was complaining VERY rudely that SHE HAD TO GO and wanted to be waited on that instant. He was very nice and professional and took her instantly after checking us in. It seems another woman (older white woman working) was agging on this client to be rude to this man named Matt.

This (older white woman) woman took me and cut my hair, Another woman there at the time (She was African American) took my daughter who is 2. I was getting my hair cut at the same time she was. This is my daughters first hair cut ever. I noticed in the mirror how insecure she looked and she was almost in tears. I said to her ' You look beautiful sweetheart your doing a great job' and this woman replied VERY RUDELY and stern 'CAN YOU PLEASE NOT TALK TO HER WHILE I CUT HER HAIR, THANK YOU' She said she needed her to look straight. And although it is understandable she made my daughter much more insecure with her tone and gave her a really bad experience. I honestly strongly believe she should not be allowed to work on children as she was very un-caring. I only talked to her that once and felt horrible the whole time she got her hair cut.

The lady that did my hair was nice to me. But she and this other woman seemed to really pick on the Matt guy the whole time we were there. Almost as if they were bullies. I noticed Matt was gay and it did cross my mind that they were even Homophobic. It was very unprofessional and nobody should have to work in a work place with people who are mean to them. I hope you can review camera's and see how they treat this man and correct it. The woman that did my hair was older and white with short hair. I asked for a layered front and showed her photo's but she still gave me a complete same-length cut all the way around. No layers, nothing. I didn't complain and Honestly didn't want to sit with her any longer because it gave me an un-easy feeling about how she treated the man working.

There was just those 3 workers there.

Matt did my mothers hair and it looks fantastic. I have nothing bad to say about him and believe he is a saint for putting up with what he had to put up with that day. I only hope it isn't like that daily. Please look at camera's and correct the situation.

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None - 34 d 15 h ago


I was working at great clips for over 6 months, not one customer complaint and no more than 2 redid for minor adjustments, I forgot to do my duty ONE TIME, and was told off for cleaning my station, because they thought "it looked like I was getting ready to leave". Then we got iPads and after my breaks or beginning of day I would use the one in the breakroom to sign in and out. Everyone did, I didn't abuse it. I was always there 15 min early, never took smoke breaks always asked for lunch breaks always came back early, never made waves and helped increase revenue by at least 6%. The month of November and December is hard for me because I have a comprimised immune system, so I get sick easily, I suffer from depression and losing a child, family members at Christmas time in my past and a horrible recent breakup made me a little down during the holidays which I covered up with a smile and continued to work hard at my job greatful I had one. New Years Eve I was blindsided as the owners came in and told me I didn't seem happy there so they were terminating my employment and since tx is a hire at will fire at will state they didn't have to give me a reason! I have never been treated so unfairly without cause in my entire working life! I havent had any write ups and no more performance discussions than the other stylists, I'm appalled to even think that there is favoritism going on, that they singled me out, because I cannot understand why, you have girls always late to work late back from lunch leaving early, smoking in back, one was constantly having redos comming back I mean a ton, the assistant managers were all bffs so they were always in the back while we were busy hiding out from customers and there's cameras everywhere this is being seen I'm sure, but they terminate me, and they don't even have signed write ups by me, everything I was spoken to about was called a "performance disscussion" so I find it extremely unfair and unfounded. Now how am I going to get another job of these people are going to have to be a work reference!?

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Irene Hamilton - 49 d 14 h ago


I would like to tell you what a shitty company you have, my daughter has worked for your company for eight years and was just let go Friday Dec 15 and is due to have her third child on Dec 26!!!!!! This is the shitty thing I have ever heard of a company doing and you can bet I will never recommend anybody I know to go to any of your establishments!!!!!!!!!Oh she was employed at your Norton Shores, MI store, as if anybody in your company could give a shit!!!!!!!!!!

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Claire - 47 d 12 h ago


Well, I do not know the circumstances so I can't speak to them specifically in your sitaution. Can't defend or condemn but I can tell you that Great Clips though a franchise is owned by many different peoples so not all of them are run exactly the same. The fault might be with the owner of this particular shop or maybe a manager....and again it might be something that your child had active involvement for. I can tell you I have worked at many locations some good, some bad....this depends on the owner, the managers and the staff as a team.

As a former employee I can say all shops are all built off a corporate clone but each owner has their own bent to how things are handled at the specific the blame is not on resides elsewhere. As stated above if you have a crappy owner then that makes the location bad.....often the managers and staff are not top tier if the owner isn't good. That is my twenty cents worth and I was a former employee of 16 years at 7 locations.

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Groupon, Inc.
Anonymous: I am with you. This company is a fraus. All lies and no com ...

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