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Harps Food Stores

P.O. BOX 48
Springdale, AR
Roger Collins
(479) 751-7601
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 15 d 15 h ago

manager at Green forrest arkansas store is racist and barks at employees; extremely childish like

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Noel Harps store - 39 d ago


I am very unhappy with the produce employee at the Noel,Mo store... My husband asked her about getting the bad produce for our pigs..she said yes after talking to Keith the store manager.

.was told to bring a container in by 2:00, which we did and was told very Hatefully that she decided not to let us have it..So now we are taking our business elsewhere ... She was rude,hateful and condescending with her attitude!!!!

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Ashley Rhodes - 47 d 18 h ago


I want you to know I'm not happy. I came into your Pocahontas store today we're I spend quite a lot of time and money at. I paid for two packs of cigarettes that cost 10.88. I then had the remainder of the twenty dollars put on pump one which was 9.13. I got a emergency phone call and left right away accidentally forgetting about my has. When I called they said they couldn't do anything be a then they would be out the money. So now I'm out my money. Even though there are cameras that show I left without my gas. As iff 9.13 will bankrupt your store. What can be done about this. I would hate to stop doing business with your store over 9.13

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Rich Martin - 50 d 18 h ago


Why won't 10 box sell hog howl for New year's? It's a tradition and we have to have it for the New year.

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Rich Martin - 50 d 18 h ago


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felix evans - 71 d 5 s ago


Fiesta Square store is rapidly deteriorating-Today I attempted to purchase your Best Choice brand of Orange Marmalade out of stock----No inexpensive milk creamer available--and no Tennessee Pride sausages either regular or hot-Meat dept employee told me they do not have room to carry a wide variety-never offered to special order any quantity- take it or leave it--I will leave it and not waste the gas to drive to that location in the future for any groceries whatever-This store is a poor reflection on the Harps chain of stores

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Concerned loved one - 79 d 19 h ago


I also would like to know when the manager by the name of Glen Leavell at the Dardanelle AR harps will be removed. For all of the families of the ones he has been harassing I am sorry, and for the ones who do not know I would like to share some dialogue from Glen that took place on Friday November 17th and also this just one.. comment he has made. (The following text is from one of the victims) Glen told one of the deli girls that he could "plump her better and fill her up with all sorts of fluids better than "dale'" like right in front of me and then told me that he apologizes for "being in my bubble" and I told him he's always in my bubble and needs to learn to stay out and he said, "be careful how you say that around me." This was witnessed by atleast 2 coworkers. His actions range from sexual comments to even physical harassment. I am told he was forced to resign atleast a month ago and since then has not commited physical harassment but continues with the verbal harassment. Also there are reports of him coming back from lunch break with the heavy scent of alcohol. Now Harps if I am not mistaken it is as an employer your duty to make sure your employees are in a safe environment. Forcing Glen to resign and then having him still working there is still putting the employees in an unsafe environment. Now this is more than enough for any of these employees that have been harassed to file a lawsuit but I'm sure we can all agree that a simpler solution could be reached.

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Anonymous - 79 d 18 h ago

Yes and employees don't want to say anything because he controls her hours and they need money.

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A Harley man that gives a damn. - 75 d 19 h ago

Fire him permantly if that was my wife sister. dont matter, yeah I'd love to meet him in person

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Concerned shopper - 80 d 12 h ago

When is Glenn at the Dardanelle store going to be removed for sexual harassment?

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Anonymous - 86 d 14 h ago

I live in Richmond Missouri and want to know how to apply for a job in the new store you are about to open there. ok

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Kate Lacy - 88 d 15 h ago


Dear Harps,

I want to encourage you to follow the new trend at Fiesta Square in Fayetteville to paint and spruce up the store. I'm wondering if you know how many people in the Gully Park, Rollings Hills, and Butterfield School area clear over to Hwy 265 depend on you. You are the only easy-access grocery store in our region of town. Yet, you're letting it run down like some old barn. Empty shelves, Milk is OUT by Tuesday afternoon, we see wilted vegetables in the stacks, grapes that are shriveling, apples with leathery skins. Why is the lovely deli and bakery with daily fresh bread stuck at the back? Why is the entryway in need of a mop and polish all the time? Your clerks are terrific and cheerful, but your store is fading fast. Please don't let this happen.

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Therra Sisson, Piedmont, Mo. - 101 d ago


We live in Piedmont, Mo. We shop at 10box in Poplar Bluff. We need your store in Piedmont. We only have 1 grocery store here. Walmart closed their store after being here almost 30 years. They were always busy. They're just closing small stores and building super stores. There's a 33,000 sq ft building here and there was a pharmacy there also. Wish you would consider our town for one of your locations. We have a lot of out of town tourists since we have a 6,000 acre lake here and three marinas. People come here to the lake for camping, fishing, boating and they usually wait until they get here to buy supplies .

It would be to you advantage and ours to check this out. Thank you.

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Karen Lewis - 104 d 17 h ago

I want to say that you have the best employee at Harps pharmacy. Market Trace in Fort Smith, Ar.!!! Her name is Andie! Sorry I did not get the last name. She is the BEST Tech anywhere around. She treats her her customers with the upmost respect! I so hope she goes forward and becomes a pharmacist!!! She is the most kind person to all, and may God bless her!!! I was in their recently and a young snotty tech named Jay J helped me, and was so rude!!!! He actually told me that he was not in the business to play the price is right on my medication. I asked one simple question about getting my med cheaper with a coupon. I pray to God he does not try to become a pharmacist! He will not make it!!! The elderly go without food so that they can stay alive with 1 medication!!! TO YOU ANDIE......"YOU ARE THE BEST AND GOD DOES SEE" I hope you go far in life because your personality and heart shines!!! I hope corporate sees this because she needs rewards and Jay needs to go back in to training. Please Roger....See that this Jay snotty nose kid goes back in to training1 PLEASE!!!! KUDDOS TO ANDIE! YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 106 d ago

How do I apply for the new Harps in Richmond MO?

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Karen - 108 d 18 h ago

I was never so disappointed in my life In going to the pharmacy at market trace in Fort Smith, Ar.!!! I've always done my business with this store. You have a young tech there that was VERY rude to me. All I was trying to do is find the best price with a coupon I had for a certain RX. He very hatefully said "We are not in the business to play price is right"!!! If this is the type of techs you hire I will be moving my business somewhere else. I get both mine and my mother's prescriptions there, but after this little episode I'm not so sure. All your techs are very considerate except this one kid named Jay-J!!! Very very very rude. He needs to go back in to training! If I decide to stay with you (Which I doubt), I don't ever want him to wait on me again!!! Very rude snotty ass kid!!!!!

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rosemarie ward - 124 d ago


I live in Bull Shoals and I would like for you to be aware of the great community spirit that both the store manager,Jacob Moss and the manager of the meat department,Nathan Staley have, They are there to help with any community fund raising. As a member of the Bull Shoals Food Pantry we appreciate them as well as coporate Harps. We are a small town and are so thankful for the generosity we receive. thank you

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Anonymous - 125 d 15 h ago

I was buying three pounds of chicken livers as I do most Tuesday. I was waiting for them to be cooked. I had put some spoons, forks, knives, napkins and some butter in a bag. Bobby tony the store mgr, picked the bag and said what is this, I told him what I had ordered. He said all that. Then he said you are abusing the condiments. I replied for the amount of people that are eating, no I was not abusing anything. Then he said that Jo Ann said that I was asking for to much ranch dressing. My question is why is Bobby Tony, up-in my face in a treating manner, and spit coming out of his mouth. He was very upset for some reason. Over condiments. I have been a good customer of harp's ever since the store was opened in Elkins, Arkansas. I go to a grocerie store to buy groceries, not to be bullied. I believe Bobby Tony owes me a apology. I will never shop at harp's again, unless I receive that apology. Bobby knows who I am.

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Anonymous - 127 d ago


I was recently at the Harps in West Fork and was inquiring about ordering a customized cake with there bakery. The decorator, I believe her name was Stepanie, was extremely short toned and very rude. I will NOT be returning back to that bakery for any of my pastries.

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Anonymous - 131 d ago


I was recently in the Harps store in Waldron Arkansas with my 2 small children and asked an employee to help find some items. Her badge said Tabatha B. She was extremely rude and used extremely inappropriate launguage and was no help at all. She then just walked away. If there was another store close by I would never go back.

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Marsha Kesterson - 131 d 12 h ago

Mr Roger Collins

I have been a pharmacy customer at Harps Butterfield Coach since it opened. I have always received good service. I would like to point out 2 of your employees at this pharmacy. Stephen & Ann (sorry no last names) always go above & beyond to take care of me. They are the reason I use your store and pharmacy. If possible could you please recognize their dedication to their customers and your company. They represent Harps Food Stores in the most professional and friendly manner. Thank you Mr Collins.

Marsha Kesterson

Springdale Ar


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Barrbsie - 144 d 5 h ago


produce waste,

Dear sirs,

could you please inform me as to what your stores do with produce waste, as you are aware there is a multitude of bio and beneficial things that can be done with such waste instead of trashing it for the landfill, I live in the Arkansas Area and am interested in obtaining the waste from some of our local stores, of course your store would be credited for donating this unwanted food to a reliable source for reprocessing it into an animal consumption. Please direct me on who I should contact in this matter?


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DW - 145 d 19 h ago

I have been so excited about Harp's coming to Ada Oklahoma. We are in Such neeeeeeeed of a full-service grocery. I have been watching and anticipating your opening. Today I have heard devastating news. Your new store is going to be some kind of discount plus 10 have to bag your own groceries! What the heck!!!!!!! This is the LAST kind of store we need in town! I know hundreds of people who make the drive to Norman to shop in a "real grocery" store. I am sure now.....with another "bag your own grocery store" coming in....those people, including myself, will continue to drive OUT of Ada to shop.

We have Aldi which sucks in so many ways! There, you box your own groceries. There, you have limited brands. There you have limited products choices and brands no one has ever heard of........They SUCK! And your store is going to be right there with them Just what this town needs, two box your own stores with in a mile of each other!

I realize you all are going to bring in the kind of store you choose regardless of what I say. But when you go BROKE and leave will be your own stupid fault. We have WalMart and that is a horror story in and of itself. We have three independent stores that are sad, tired and old. You could have been the rock star of this town but you are choosing to be a your own....loser of a store.

Good luck to you and your team who evaluated our need........

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anonymous former customer - 178 d 17 h ago


I shopped at Price Cutter in Springdale for around 20 years! Though Wal-Mart often had better prices, overall, I knew too much about how badly an employee, or former employee, for that matter, could be treated. And the customer service was the worst!! I NEVER HAD BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE THAN WHAT I GOT AT PRICE CUTTER, IN MY LIFE, after Lance Scott started working there. He was so sincerely helpful on many occasions. He knew my first name. He asked about me, and my family. He could tell when I was down, and wished me a better day! Now, I know I was not the only one he went the extra mile to help when searching for items, or had any questions about anything in the store. I KNOW I was not the only one he got to know well, and showed sincere caring. BUT HE MADE THE CUSTOMER FEEL LIKE THEY WERE THE ONLY ONE IN THE STORE, AND IT WAS ALL ABOUT THEM. He was never one to talk about his problems. That wasn't his job. HE WAS A PRO AT CUSTOMER SERVICE. But one day I saw something in him. A sadness he was trying to hide. I kept at him, though he was making lite of things and trying to put on a brave happy face. Finally, he casually said his wife had terminal brain cancer. From then on I asked about how he was holding up each time I saw him. I know he missed some work during the time his wife was dying. But it amazed me how dedicated he was to his work. My understanding is he worked as much as he could, for financial sake too, of course, and went home and took care of his wife at night. Relieving family members from doing so. If I am not mistaken, to hold onto his job he was working while she was in hospice, up to a day or two before she passed. I saw him when he returned to work. And he was doing his job without missing a beat. I have never seen someone spread so thin and still manage to do such a good job with customers. But after the store became 10 Box. It became obvious Harp's was determined to get rid of him. He was being asked to do way too much at once. And I went in on a Friday night and the guy couldn't get anything done for them calling him up to sell beer, because he was the only one who could do so legally. And the store was swamped with customers!!! Never had I seen him look so discouraged and down about his job in all those years!!! He said his hours were being cut, and it was hard getting by.sick from worry!! he said if is hours got worse he was going to lose his home! He was sick. He said it didn't matter because he couldn't afford a doctor visit. Well, I guess his hours got worse, and he got sick and lost his job, because Mr. Scott is no longer there. And I have not been back since the first week of June when I found out he was no longer there. I CANNOT IMAGINE BEING THE ONLY CUSTOMER THAT HAS LEFT. NO WAY! I hated 10 BOX AND THE MAD HOUSE IT BECAME FROM DAY ONE. I stuck around because Mr. Scott had been so kind and helpful over the years. Harp's treated him so bad for his service, no doubt they made sure the poor guy wasn't going to get any unemployment either!!!! I WOULD STAKE MY LIFE ON IT!!! INSULT, (AND DESTITUTION), TO INJURY, I AM SURE! I will never step foot in another Harp's store as long as I live!! I buy everything at Wal-Mart now! Wal-Mart does some rotten things. But at least there have been no surprises. After all these years, Harp's surprised me. You picked a hard working, dedicated employee, and you decided he was expendable; no harm done! That's where you were wrong! YOU PICKED THE WRONG EMPLOYEE TO THROW OUT TO PASTURE. WHY? BECAUSE LONGTIME CUSTOMERS, LIKE MYSELF, "FOLLOWED HIM RIGHT OUT YOUR DOOR!" I would give Mr. Scott a big hug, and wish him well, and offer to help him anyway I could, if I were to see him today, tomorrow, or the next day...!!! So sad what you did... I am feeling a bit sick at my stomach.

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Anonymous - 183 d 13 m ago


Linda from Bella Vista AR.

Re: Bella Vista Harps

I have been shopping at Harps since 1995. In my opinion I feel that the store is going down the drain!!! First let me state that there is no issue with the employees. But there are a lot of out of stock items plus you have to watch the use by date. WHAT HAS HAPPENED?????????

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