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Hulu LLC

Hulu Plus
12312 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 571-4700
(310) 571-4701
Twitter IDs
@hulu, @HuluPlus
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Carlos - 2 d 18 h ago


I live in Cuernavaca Mexico and I made the mistake of suscribing to you streaming services just to find out that you cant provide yhe service in my location, but what you very efficiently do is charge me a monthly fee since I dont know how many months ago as you will see in this line of my CC line:

27 Dec 17 22 Dec 17 Roku for Hulu LLC (hidden) ENTERTAINMT/RECREATN 13.53

I demand that you review your records and reimburse me for the total of the charges wrongly made.

Thank you

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Tommy - 3 d ago


Stop fucking around and add episode 5 of 'The Four: Battle it Stardom' already. It's been two days and Hulu never fails to upload shows the day after it was premiered until now.

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Beth - 47 d 21 h ago


We have been trying to cancel for months. We called twice, emailed and nothing ever happens. They continue to charge out credit card. So now we are forced to get a new card. This was recommended by the bank as they even called as a courtesy. Work company ever. Use NETFLIX. They are way easier to work with.

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Twn2451 - 40 d 4 h ago

I also had to get new card after Hulu charged my card and i never even signed up. Called them and was told sorry, no refunds. Since was fraudulent charge, bank repaid me. Since then they twice have tried to charge old card but did not work

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Anonymous - 11 d 22 h ago

This is happening to me now and it been charging me for 2 acocoints for a year. I was on hold for over and hour yesturday and still they weren't able to resolve my issue. On top of that the "supervisor" refused to talk with me. Any idea on what I should do now?

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Lisa McDonald - 3 d 20 h ago


You have to file a complaint with the FCC; and threatening Hulu with the Attorney General usually gets the ball rolling.

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Jody - 4 d 9 h ago


So far Hulu has been fine BUT WE'VE HOT A SNAG!

I travel almost every weekend. Hulu is refusing my Live service on a hard wired PC in multiple places but it's ok if it's a mobile device. This makes no sense.

They said it's so I don't share my account with others outside of my home....BUT what's stopping me from sharing my account with someone outside my home WHO HAS A LAPTOP OR OTHER MOBILE DEVICE? What makes the difference what kid of device it is I'm using?

The point is...I'm not. It's me trying to use my own account when I travel. If Hulu it's designed to be "portable" then it shouldn't matter what device I use!

FIX THIS or I won't be a customer for much longer.

Also...the agent and their supervisor I spoke with BOTH have poor CS skills. I retired after 33 years as CS supervisor. I voiced my feedback to them but they really need to stop interrupting and talking over the customer!!

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Liz spais - 5 d ago


Spent over 8 hours in the phone with the worse customer service ever. Disconnected repeatedly. Currently on hold waiting to speak to a supervisor because of this INCREDIBLY rude customer service representative, Terri.

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Marilou Durham - 16 d 13 h ago


I cancelled hulu the middle of november and Im still being charged Marilou Durham

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Greg - 20 d 11 h ago


I loved Hulu; had the Hulu with live TV, unfortunately I had to drop it, because of your policy concerning a static IP address. I get my internet via a cell tower and CAN'T get one! None of the other providers (Direct Now, PlayStation Vue, Sling) requires a static IP address!!! Unfortunately their services and support were not close that of Hulu! Here is the deal, I'm just one customer, but I will bet more have ran into or will run into this, as streaming tv keeps growing and I'm now to the point where I'm going to return to satellite tv because I need something that works and has the channels I want. Is there any chance you will review your requirements for a static IP address?

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Anonymous - 28 d 24 m ago


Too hard to cancel.

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Activ - 39 d 12 h ago


Not as good as Netflix or even you tube. I did the one month free thing and did not continue because 1/3 of the movies I TRIER to watch cut out and wouldn't load to see the last 10-30 min. I did all the turn this and that off and on, wait this long and all that. Hulu just didn't work good enough for me to want to pay for it. Along with if you pay for t.v. shouldn't it be commercial free anyway.?..?

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Twn2451 - 40 d 4 h ago


I noticed that my bank card had been hacked and had a charge for Hulu, which i didnt have a clue as to what it was till i googled. I immediately notified bank, who cancelled card and issued new one and credited my account. I called Hulu service center, who didnt have a clue what to do. Since that time, they have tried twice to use old card and were denied.

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Tatum - 40 d 17 h ago


Teen Wolf the tv show needs to be added to Hulu. No other movie streaming movie/tv company has this available. It would bring in so many more users if this show was added.

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Pissed Iff Lady - 41 d 11 h ago

All who have a problem with Hulu / Hulu plus should contact their lawyer and open up a class action law suit. I'm call tomorrow morning. They are advertizing false shows. Advertised that I can watch "The View", all episodes, now Hulu says oh that show is not going to be showing anymore. Where is the update onHulus website??? No notice to their customers.

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Anonymous - 48 d 12 h ago



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Call center person named Ayanna-GHETTO. After not being in the mood to entertain a person who was rude to begin and end with, I asked to speak to her supervisor. After waiting on the phone for an hour, Britany gets on the phone. Britany said she was from San Antonio Texas and that she is the HIGHEST PERSON AT HULU. LOL I beg to differ! Apparently Britany THINKS SHE IS THE CEO OF HULU, which surely she is NOT. Apparently role playing while on the clock at Hulu is what they get paid to do. CUSTOMER SERVICE, MINUS RUDE GHETTO AND STORY TELLERS WOULD BE APPRECIATED. I would definitely NOT recommend Hulu to anyone due to the PURE IGNORANCE I experienced. My initial call was about being charged for a trial membership. Needless to say I cancelled the service and will ONLY STICK TO NETFLIX.


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Anonymous - 56 d 20 h ago


I'm trying to reach Hulu, by customer service phone number, chat and the corporate office. They don't believe in answering their phone. right now I'm doing a trial month subscription, however several movies offered on Hulu are coming up as not available at this time, Empty catagory, or that the video is no longer available.

Hulu's customer service says that it's a 40 minute wait to talk to some one.

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Jackir - 58 d 20 h ago

I need to cancel subscription but my online need account # and I don't know it.

UPlease tell me how. Thank you.

Jackie & Art Christianson


Or cell (hidden)


5010 E Colonial Dr #6

Tampa, FL 33611

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Mia313 - 61 d 9 h ago


I was charged $48.68 on Oct 26th and to-date my issue hasn't been resolved nor has it really been addressed. My debit card, yesterday, 12.06 was charged again for $43.38. Total charges of $92.06.

I would appreciate if someone could kindly help me and please refund this money. I cannot afford to have unauthorized transactions made to my account. It's very sad that it's been 2 months since the first one.


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hulusucksfatdicks - 66 d ago


I begged for several calls and chat rooms to speak with a supervisor. I asked some asshole named anthony 244 times to speak with a supervisor. No help

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Anonymous - 73 d 11 h ago


Charging a $ 1.00 fee to start service is wrong it says it no where on the site u cant do that and i think the cusomter service nedds to be retrain how to deal with customer i was on hold wait for a manager for 34 mins that not good and rep sit there trying to fight with me

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Donna Palmer - 81 d 21 h ago


I've been a customer for 2 yrs money has been taken off my card on 11/1/2017 last night my hulu was cut off saying payment hold thats wrong because im disabled my $$ was taken off on the 1st they are trying to say only 5 dollars nope not true im hoping this matter gets handled by tonight because I'm done being hung up on by your very rude employees

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Chontel Rolison - 81 d 8 h ago


Hi I have been working for you all since 2013 here in naked city Vegas. It started in 2002 and became a hit in L.A. in in Vegas with the walking dead and many other shows it's a music show. Umpire. Please I believed a family member had a guardianship paper on me when I didn't need one.

General profile image

Naked city - 81 d 9 h ago


Hi I have been working since 2012-2013 and wasn't paid for my time. It's a 24hour music show it was in L.A.before Vegas and new York. Please can u call me or email me at rolisonchontel86 @gmail.I drew this show in 2002 and it was put on through my cuzin Mac 10 and Paul who help me produced this show.

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