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LA Fitness

2600 Michelson Drive #300
Irvine, CA
(909) 392-1063
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N/a - 15 h 9 m ago


This district manager dulce is the worst in customer service doesnt care about customers and la fitness keeps changing hours for kids club where they should make another gym because it is always full of people and restrooms always smells instead of changing hours they should change the way they do things and take care of the people that pay there bills this review is for tucson az on santa cruz street

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N/a - 15 h 11 m ago


This district manager dulce is the worst in customer service doesnt care about customers and la fitness keeps changing hours for kids club where they should make another gym because it is always full of people and restrooms always smells instead of changing hours they should change the way they do things and take care of the people that pay there bills

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Anonymous - 18 h ago


The gym in sw 8st and 142 showers need pressure cleaning with clorox and sauna has been broken for week and a half needs alittle tending to .......lets get on this please thx member

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

The pool in Livonia Michigan has been shut down for a month and everybody's paying their membership and can't use it

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Disappointed in Michigan. - 2 d 1 h ago


Is the pool in Livonia, Michigan ever going to reopen or are you just stringing us along until the new one is opened? I have to drive twice as far to get to the Plymouth gym, which does not have a hot tub or sauna. I am very disappointed! The reason I joined this specific gym was because of the close location & the pool, hot tub & sauna. Also three of my neighbors as we all go together. If you are not going to reopen the pool let us know now instead of keep telling us next week. Also, the Allen Park gym has guys who lay in the hot tub area just to watch the women doing water classes. It's really creepy! Won't be going back there again.

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Landa Henderson - 2 d 18 h ago


I cancelled my gym membership Oct 2017. They just charged me 59$.feb3 2018

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LM - 5 d 19 h ago

I think everyone needs to team up and make a better business bureau complaint to stop this corporation from stealing and demand the customer service that is deserved

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

I agree. It is ridiculous how much they are getting away with.

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Annie - 3 d 10 s ago


I completely agree. I have never seen such fraud in all my life.

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Annie - 2 d 20 h ago

Completely agree. This is the biggest fraudulent company I have ever seen.

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Angry guest - 5 d ago


I was a guest at a LA Fitness in Orlando Metro West area. That gym is completely dirty from top to bottom. What made me leave was when I saw a worker take a broom, dip it into the jacuzzi scrubbed the tile and dipped it back into the jacuzzi. I was mortified, disgusted and will never go back. Also the men's bathroom is horrendous.

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Annie - 2 d 20 h ago


This is not only going on in that gym but many others. I went into one and I was met with a girl that was wearing high heels. The gym was dirty and under staffed. There were no classes available to go too and very few patrons which is self explanatory as it was a terrible. Needless to say I was smart enough not to sign up. I think everyone should be filing a complaint with the better business bureau.

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LA Theft Victim - 6 d ago


I am a victim of theft at the LA Fitness in Dallas, TX. I locked my purse in the locker room and was there for less than 1 hour. When I went to get my belongings, the lock had disappeared and my purse was stolen. My wallet contained cash, gift cards from Christmas, my drivers licence and tons of credit cards. My iphone that was in my purse was stolen as well. The employees showed absolutely no concern and were of no help at all. I was informed that another member who had her purse stolen, also had her car stolen by the thieves. I cannot believe that knowing that the locks are being broken off of lockers at the various LA Fitness centers, they never alerted their guest of this problem. An incident report was never filed by LA Fitness and they never followed up with me. They do a poor job of scanning members in. It almost seems as if the employees are in on the theft. If this is such a problem, they need to have an attendant in the locker rooms. More than $5,000. were used within minutes to purchase gift cards with my credit cards.I am completely distraught, this has been a complete nightmare. I will be contacting every local paper and news station. LA Fitness, I know you don't want to be liable for injuries, but having no cameras in the gym is completely shocking. This is why these robberies are occuring. The thieves are on camera at the stores, desperately hoping that these low lives are identified and locked up. I except that LA Fitness offer some kind of compensation for the peace of mind and feeling of safety that I will never be able to regain.

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Tray - 5 d 12 h ago


I am so sorry you've been through this. Completely unexpectable. I've seen an "man/woman" enter LA Fitness Dallas Greenville and pretend to be both sex. Play basketball and hid in the women's sana room.

I've come back to the locker room with my lock obviously slashed. But by this point I already knew and never leave anything but a coat.

This LA Fitness need a real overhaul.

On the other hand. The LA Fitness on Skillman has a family friendly atmosphere thanks to Tray.

Tray brings the energy, he brings the smiles every single morning. He is LA Fitness.

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Joe - 4 d 14 h ago


This is going on at LA fitness gyms all over the country and LA fitness is doing very or nothing to warn their members about this.Three LA fitness gyms in my are have had cars broken into in their parking lot and at the gym I go to both mens and womens lockers are being broken into and no signs or warnings are being put up. My sister had her car broken into in front of the gym in broad day light. You are better locking your valuables in your trunk .You might want to consider fling a complaint against them with the BBB or sueing for lack of security.They know this is a problem yet are doing nothing

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Annie - 3 d 21 h ago


This company is the biggest fraud company I have ever seen. I went into one and the trainer was in high heals the gym was empty of patrons and it was dirty. It didn't have any staff and there were no classes going on. Needless to say I never went back.

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Anonymous - 3 d 51 m ago


I have started to regret obtaining a membership with LA fitness. The gym itself is well equipped, but the staffing and schedules are very poorly managed. I tend tha LA fitbess in Fontana CA and ever sincr my membership was active the weekend hours have never been correct. The website states an opening time of 5am to 11pm, yet every Saturday there are members waiting outside for hours at the time for the gym to open. There is no sense of urgency for this matter as many complaints have been submitted. I expect to be accommodated well for this poor management when I retrieve my membership.

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annie - 3 d 21 h ago


I would contact the better business bureau and get your money back.

I went in to one and the person I met with tried to tell me she was a trainer but she was wearing high heels both times I seen her.

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Anthony - 3 d 8 h ago


I would like to know if there is any future plans to open a gym in Beaumont California?

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Diane - 3 d 16 h ago


Your company was sent a letter via FedEx to CEO/President stating my experience with LA Fitness and dissatisfaction, along with putting the letter on this comment site. You have let to reply to the letter, as a matter of fact your customer service calls to try to collect more money, when actually you owe me money! Based on my experience and the customers listed below your company is not concerned about retention or customer service. I will continue to post on this web site until you have addressed the letter of concern sent to your corporate office, to the attention of your CEO which was signed for.

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Joy White - 3 d 18 h ago


La fitness in goodyear the manager name Jessica is of bully I worked there for. About of month she kept picking on me saying I'm not doing my work right texting me early in the morning, about A lot of things that the housekeeper was lying to her about little things saying that there were spots on the women's toilets but if the gym close at 10pm and I get off at 9pm do you think after I leave its going to be still clean no.

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Disapointed in Memphis TN -Ridgeway location - 4 d ago


The LA Fitness in Memphis TN on Ridgeway is subpar!!! It is suppose to be a Signature Gym but it is NOT. We were told when it opened that there would be a smoothie bar. It's now over a year later and still no smoothie bar. The soap in the women restroom is constantly out. You have to go from sink to sink to get soap. The feminine hygiene containers in the bathroom stall was overflowing the other day, which means that it was not emptied from the night before. The sauna, which a lot of people use daily, is out yet again. It went out on a Tuesday morning. Why does it take between 1 to 2 weeks just to get it fixed, I just don't understand. Each day you ask about an update on the progress, you are given a different lie. I called Thursday morning and asked if the sauna would be fixed and I was told that someone would be in that evening. Once I got to the gym that same evening they were telling people that it would be Monday before they could get it fixed. I am sure Monday it will be a new LIE. The service at LA fitness is BAD on the corporate level. I would not recommend this gym to anyone. When people tour the gym, I need to start telling them to not waste their hard earned money. LA Fitness does not care about their customers and it shows by the service that you receive They take our money but don't live up to the expectations. The employees in Memphis can only do so much without Corporate giving the ok or allowing them to spend the money needed. Something needs to give.

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Nicole Masis, South Elgin Illinois - 5 d ago


I used to love this gym. I was a member at my local gym sense the week they opened in 2011. I would occasionally freeze me account as I went away for school, and they would charge me $10 a month, which I had no problem with. In 2016 I froze my account again for the same reason, and they later stopped charging me the $10 and put my account in a revoked status without notifying me. I went to go unfreeze my account recently and was told I needed to pay $30 to do so, again that was no problem at all and I paid the fee. Only to find out that corporate denied me from re instating my account that I have had for nearly 7 years. It took them over a week to tell me this even tho the gym staff told me they would get my account reinstated within one day. I spoke with two managers and two people within corporate. The communcation during the whole process was terrible, as it was me who had to keep calling and checking on the status . I paid a fee, for nothing . And now am without a membership and they want me to pay for a new membership. Sad to say I will be leaving this gym after for so long. I am very disappointed with their customer service.

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Grumpy Old Man - 5 d ago


I have been a member since the one on Little Rd in Arlington Tx. I really enjoy the place and will keep doing so. The issue I have right now is that they are playing politics. I walk on the treadmill and watch the news. A few weeks ago they removed CNN but kept FOX news. I am not a real fan of either, I watch several trying to decipher the truth. I watch CBS, NBC, BBC etc. at home usually not CNN nor FOX. FOX is a very bias one. I do not think taking on down and leaving a bias one up is appropriate. I really do not care which ones are used but showing such one sided view is not what should be done. If the news is to be shown, there should at least be both views or better yet less bias choices. .

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Anonymous - 5 d 23 h ago

Now it's February. Still waiting for some resolution on this issue. Because your "managers" don't have last names, email addresses or voice mail, it's impossible to have any continuity in correcting a problem. You just keep getting different people. As this discussion has evolved, I have spoken to a half dozen "managers", each trying valiantly to solve the problem. Will Graham did his research and said that I should receive a credit of $300 to my account and immediately be assigned to Nicolette at my local gym for personal training sessions (we paid for over 100) because when we signed up for our personal training, our salesman guaranteed us our choice of the best personal trainers in the industry. There was no category for Master, Uber or low level trainer. Just "the best". Then Will had a death in the family and was out for a bit, so I called back in and spoke to other "managers" without last names, e mail or voice mail. Amanda M. called and left a message saying that somebody thought we should get compensation and reduced to 85 sessions from 100 to account for the higher caliber of "Master Trainer", and that I would work with Nikki or Angela. But nobody ever firmed that up and when I spoke to the "Training Manager" of the local club, (who I don't think was the same guy from a few months ago, but not sure), he said that I would not get to work with a female trainer (my insistence that as a menopausal, adrenal challenged 55 year old lady that I should not be forced to heave and sweat with 20-30 year old men spotting me doesn't seem unreasonable since there are always female trainers at the club). Period. When I asked him to call corporate because two "managers" from corporate had affirmed that my membership contract did not have provisions for levels of trainers, he said, "Not my job Dearie. You call them." Another Charm School Graduate. *********************************************************** On Jan 30, 2018, at 11:16 AM, Member Services wrote: Dear Veronica, I understand why you are upset. I have contacted the VP for immediate assistance. Sincerely, Tiffany C. -----Original Message----- From: (hidden) Sent: Friday, January 26, 2018 9:16:40 AM To: (hidden) Subject: Naples FL I am on the phone with yet another person for whom saying his or her full name is above their pay grade (so you never get the same person twice). Years ago, my husband signed up for family membership in Naples FL before the club was even built. We were promised "family" membership. Since then, you've changed your rules here and there and every time I've tried to use one of the more than 100 training sessions we paid for, I've been told that I cannot. Periodically, one or another of us will darken the doors of the gym and try to use one of our training sessions, and we'll get a sit down with the new musclebound millennial who tells us all the ways in which our membership does not work in his gym. Mostly, we get ticked off and go back to life, ignoring the gym, planning to call corporate and get it fixed, but usually getting caught up in work, health, family and lately, hurricane issues. But, every once in a while, our credit card gets compromised, and you don't get your auto pay. And then LA Fitness steps into full Ninja mode. Somebody got the brilliant idea of setting up a bounty hunting scheme where every worker at every gym in the country gets a list of all delinquent accounts and they call them. So, every member of my family has been harassed at all hours in all time zones, sometimes 50 times a day. One day, my 15 year old was called in school over twelve times on his personal cell phone. When you want paid, you're right there. When I'm trying to get you to honor the contract that was hard sold to us before you broke ground for your club....not so much. It's one excuse after another why our membership doesn't work anymore. Here are a few examples. They should be in your system, if anybody is taking notes. Once, I was told that all of our personal training sessions had expired, because you "use them or lose them". That was several weeks in the fixing, but it got worked out, and the sessions were restored, because our contract said they never expire. Another time, I was told that they were all in my husband's name, so I couldn't use them. Hours and weeks of frustration with home office, with every person telling me that family means everybody, but they couldn't get the new manager to accept it locally. Finally they fixed that so that the local club manager was forced to honor the contract that he refused to look at (and which was probably signed when he was in middle school). Next we signed our son up and tried to get him with a personal trainer. Same scenario, calling forever, one first name only "manager" after another, until finally someone named "Israel" said that family contract means family, and our biological son who lives with us and is a teen qualifies as family (phew). Recently, I went into the local club to see if I could schedule a personal training session (we still have 100 left. 100. Do the math on that, and don't forget to add in the monthly membership fee times three people. I was told that they had no trainers who were a low enough level for my membership, even though my contract didn't include a clause for different levels of trainers, just "personal training". All they have at my location now is Master Trainers (woo woo), and my membership doesn't cover Master Trainers. I would have to upgrade my membership and pay for my sessions if I wanted training there. But, the new helpful and clever manager suggested I might find some low level trainers at other locations. So, I can drive past the location where I paid for 100 sessions and pay $80 plus per month every month and go spend an hour each way in my car to find a gym that will honor my contract? Are you fucking kidding me? Every day I make four round trips to a building that is right next door to a newly built YMCA. LA Fitness can add bells and whistles all day long, Master Trainers, Uber Trainers... but you still must honor the contract you have with existing clients. That is what a contract is. You don't get to go back and change the fine print years later. I have continued to go through this issue with various "managers" for the last 10 days. All are given my mobile and landline so if I'm not at one they can reach me at the other. All call one and leave the message to reset the phone tag - and then are not at their desks when I call back. So I get to start over with the next "manager" without a last name who picks up on your helpline. Nobody will give me the name or phone number of a real manager who can solve this. My rule of thumb is that if you can't or won't say your full name out loud in your job, then you are not the level of manager who can problem solve. I do not owe it to LA Fitness to spend hours trying to get you to honor your contract every time a new musclebound millennial is minted new manager of the local club. I get that this is not necessarily a gold watch, pension kind of position, but it could be solved once and for all if you put it in your system that our contract is grandfathered for things like expiring sessions, special fees for different levels of trainers, etc. When I walk in the gym, by the way, the people who I can't work with are sitting at desks, talking to each other in a circle or roaming up and down the rows of machines, so I'm sure that someone would be available to work with me. The real problem is that my money is already spent and you're focused on new money.

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