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Carol - 2 h 29 m ago


Carol, it is impossible to reach customer service . By phone they never answer either the 800 number or the Greenbrier store in Chesapeake virginia. Web site where you fill out a form for customer service repair well you can forget that they don't want to hear from you. What kind of product is ditched by the company that makes it. There is a statement there that says run don't walk to the door and save your money.

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Nancy - 17 d 18 h ago


Ordered a leather recliner sofa. It arrived with gaps between sections, uneven headrests. Hole near hand lever. Tried to work with customer service. They were rude and said the quality met their satisfaction and didn't need to meet ours. So now we're stuck with furniture that looks like junk!


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Anonymous - 7 d ago

Agree...our sofa is completely falling apart after one a year.

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AS - 5 d 13 h ago


Our furniture cost alot of money and it SUCKS!!!!! Wish i would have read reviews prior

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AS - 5 d 13 h ago


Agree Agree

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Mary - 1 d 13 h ago

Amen to that. I bought a Dawson sectional less than a year ago and it's very uncomfortable.

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Anonymous - 3 d ago


Purchased a sofa and loveseat on 12/3/17. Sofa that was in the showroom was delivered within a week. Loveseat was to be delivered up to 6 weeks later. It's February 2 and my loveseat is sitting in a warehouse 1.5 hour away and they cannot deliver for another week. Oh yeah, received a call earlier this week that it would be deliver yesterday, 2/2 within a 3 hour window, called LB after not receiving our "time frame" Call. They claimed they never called. I have a pic of the incoming call on my home phone of 1/30 at 12:50. 8 weeks later no $1269.00 love seat. We purchased the lifetime fabric warranty. I don't have much faith in that waste of money. Lazy Boy, you're the reason Americans went to purchasing cheap overseas built items. All customers ask after spending out money is DO WHAT YOU SAY YOURE GOING TO DO.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago


you pay alot of money for there furniture and it falls apart a day after the year you bought it and you are screwed

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Sofa woes - 7 d ago

I wrote a review earlier and noticed it isn't on here. Sofa falling apart after only a year. Pretty pissed!

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Barbara - 7 d ago


yea me too my chair is a year and 2 months old and they don't want to fix it

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Barbara J Smith - 15 d ago


I have had my Lazy Boy less than four years. I bought the couch and chair less than four years ago. Of course the Warranty is over, before it was over they had to come and re stuff the recliner part of the couch. It has two recliners but no one ever sits in the other side.. I am a retied elderly woman who can't afford to go buy any more furniture. The couch recliner handle broke 6 months ago. I searched on line and bought a new one and had someone repair it Friday it happened again, I had already bought a new one because the man that replace it said the other side is ready to go. The unit I got this time just happened to have the spring in it, thank God. The whole spring went. To finish this I wan to tell you the same recliner needs to be stuffed again. I would not recommend this unit to anyone. I bought it at Rotman's in Worcester, Ma. I have been seeing adds for Lazy Boy on TV and thought I would go there until I found the company who made mine with the tag under the couch.

Sincerely, Barbara J Smith,

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Lois Miller - 11 d 15 h ago

Boy, this is awful. I've been reading all the reviews and not one is good. I feel like I've been taken for a ride. They need to fire everyone at the top and get someone to fix the quality from the bottom up

I'm sorry you and everyone else has had to suffer less than acceptable service and product

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Mad in Illinois - 7 d ago

I agree with you Lois. They all need to go...especially the President, Don Butcher. No company deserves to makes millions and produce cheap furniture.

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Sad sofa owner - 7 d ago


I just purchased a Lazboy sofa a little over a year ago. As soon as I purchased it, I noticed a small rip in the fabric of one of the cushions. I just thought this was a small defect and thought to myself that I was not very happy about it, but that I could sew it up. Now, a year later, all the cushions are splitting open and the cushions are not holding up. In fact, the whole sofa looks like it is about 10 or more years old. I have an old sofa that is in better shape than this new one. I purchased the sofa because of the name. I thought Lazboy was a good name for quality. I was completely wrong. I am trying to get some satisfaction with the furniture store that I purchased this sofa from. I haven't been able to get any help. I am so sick because I can't afford to replace this sofa. I also paid a lot of money for it. I am so disappointed and my husband is pissed at me for buying this crappy sofa. I will never buy another Lazboy again. I guess name and reputation don't mean a thing anymore. Companies suck and don't care about their customers or their quality...just about getting your money and no repeat business in the future.

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Ron Kensey - 10 d 13 h ago


La-Z Boy, Pooler Georgia delivered incomplete product to me in November, 2017. It is January 26, 2018. The general manager has broken promises and the company is now dead to me. I would no sooner do business with La-Z Boy, Pooler, Georgia than have an elective tooth extraction!

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Anonymous - 10 d 14 h ago


Worst corporate customer service. They don't care if you had a problem with their recliner and delivery service. They would not stand behind their product after many calls. Their answer was call the store. Should not be called corporate - all they care about is making a sale.

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Lois Miller - 11 d 15 h ago

We ordered our chairs December 2, 2017. We were told we'd have them at the first of the year. We called three times. The third time I yelled, which was this week. My husband had a total hip on the second of this month. We need our chairs. We explained this when we bought them. No one had our back. No one followed through for us. Instead, we had to chase down our chairs. We finally got a POSSIBLE delivery for next Wednesday or Friday. This is unacceptable. We do not want a coupon or store credit, however at this point we think a cash refund of at least 10 percent would be a step in the right direction. We have had it with excuses of any kind and believe me, we've heard enough excuses. If I hear one more, I'll scream! I may even fly up there and scream in the lobby. I have had to care for my husband, handle my own illness I picked up at the hospital and we have ongoing construction in our home. I have nothing left to give. See what you can do to expedite our delivery and compensate our miserable experience. I don't hold out much hope after reading the reviews. Lois Miller 7234 Della Dr Orlando, FL 32819 (hidden)- me (hidden)- Mike, my husband

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Anonymous - 15 d 11 h ago

SHAME ON LaZBOY To Have Brook Shields To Continue To Pimp Your Products, Shields Condones The Slaughter Of Millions Of Animals So She can Wear Dead Animal Skins!!!! Shields is and Will Always Be A Vile Human!!! And I and Millions Of Others Will BOYCOTT YOUR PRODUCTS UNTIL YOU PUBLICLY DENOUNCE BROOK SHIELDS!!!!

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Lucky - 15 d ago


Brook Shields is a tranny (male to female).

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R Carillon - 15 d 19 h ago


We ordered a 1pm519 .it was missing the armchair covers and head rest. the rep told us we had to pay an additional $100 for those. We picked them up and just received square pieces of material. They were not sewn to form for the arm chairs. The head rest had no pocket $100. for a few pieces of materal???? . We have always worked with the Murfreesboro store and never had any problems. But this service has shown us that La-Z-Boy has lowered its standards to a few square pieces of material but charged us for high quality standards. I would to be sent top standard airchair covers and a high standard headrest with pocket. Certainly the $100 dollars we paid will cover this.

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Daniel Castro - 17 d 16 h ago

I spent $3900 on a living room set that I was mislead to believe is modern. It is not. I complained to corporate and they sent an email to the store to correct my concern. The store refused to fix the problem. Please help. (hidden). Daniel Castro.

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Leah - 24 d 8 h ago


I ordered $3,400.00 worth of furniture. The sofa is pilling already and it's only about 3 months old. Also, the sofa doesn't have enough padding in one or two cushions. The cabinet has paint chips on it. I am so depressed and disgusted. Customer Service Techs have been here 3 times.....yes 3 times and still no resolution. In fact, each time one of them come I feel so discourage. The last time a tech was here beforehand we received the padding through the mail along with a new drawer for the cabinet. The tech said there wasn't enough padding and would need to come back a 4th time with more padding. The NEW cabinet drawer had a large piece missing paint and worse-off than what I originally have. I wonder if this continue to do this to break you down. In other words, you finally give-up and they are off the hook! I worked hard to save up the $3,400.00 and it isn't fair to the customer and does La-Z-Boy want people telling others not to shop there which is what will happen. I thought of hiring a small claims attorney, but just don't know what to do. I looked-up the CEO online and might try to reach a higher-up, but who knows. I remember the La-Z-Boy Company being quality and caring about their customers. Not anymore. Thanks for letting me vent.

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colm - 20 d 19 h ago


I have found La-Z-Boy customer service to be grumpy, and they present a low-class operation. They seemed to be annoyed that I called to spend money that would keep them working.

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Rosfon - 21 d 19 h ago

Sir, I have a lazy boy ceramic top patio table I purchased last year and only used 2 times. One of the ceramics broke. There are 4 tiles. I have tried your customer service on numerous occasions. I have been trying for months. No help. They have the tile but won't sell or give it to me because the table is discontinued. I have even tried to purchase tile elsewhere to no avail due to the size. All I want is a tile. Please could you help me. I have a new table I cannot use. And yes I've tried the store I purchased it from also.

Charlotte 7 piece dining set

Rectangular table

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Sharron Ayers - 23 d 49 m ago

Horrible customer service and warranty is useless! We bought sofa and loves seat. Loves eat was electric with memory foam. The thing rarely ever goes to upright position. We had a tech out 3 times. One he said it was the carpet. Really? He wanted us to put coasters up under the front feet. It worked for a bit and started doing it again. Next trip, he said it was the temperature we kept the room at. Again, really??! We paid so much for this furniture. We have had it just over a year and issue is not resolved. If you think Lazy Boy is quality furniture, think again! Please be aware if you are considering buying furniture from this company. I wish I could post a photo or a video of this piece of furniture. Cooperate why are you not addressing these complaints. We are descent hardworking people who have put thousands of dollars in your product. Answer us! My furniture was bought in Fairview Heights, IL.

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