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Lg Electronics USA

201 James Record Rd SW
Huntsville, AL
S M Kim
(256) 772-8860
(256) 772-0628
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Roman - 19 h 40 m ago

Hello Kim Role

I am trying to reach your office not even able to get a answer machine to contact you at your convenience please call



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Kjbrwb6 - 3 d 15 h ago


Let me start by saying I will no longer be spending ANY money with LG on any of their products or services!! I have the V20 and the plug in Port caught fire and melted overnight on my nightstand. Had I not woken up who knows what could have happened!! I have contacted LG regarding this issue and they want me to send in my phone with all of my information and information of my friends and family on it along with all of my pictures and access to all my accounts. I told them I am not going to send them a phone that I spent 700+ dollars on along with my information for them to investigate and that could take up to 6 weeks for them to do. All the while I would be without a phone. Then they can't guarantee that they can do anything for me. Phone my is in immaculate condition not a scratch anywhere on it! I told them I would send them pictures of the melted OEM cord and the port but they wouldn't budge. I was told it was their policy and there was nothing else they can do for me. Well there is a whole lot I can do for them!! Best advertisement is word of mouth well as of right now and until they make this right I will have absolutely nothing positive to say about this company or its products!!

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Anonymous - 11 d ago


I will never buy another LG Appliance. A 12 days ago our refrigerator stopped cooling and freezing. I called LG on MLK day and they told me it would be 3-5 days to get technician out. OK. 11 days and 4 calls later, i still have not see a technician. This is a $3100 refrigerator and should not fail after only 1.5 years of use. This is completely unacceptable. As I stated I have called Support 4 times and keep getting the same answer, "They are trying to find a service company". I live in the Seattle area, why can't they find a technician to take a look. I contacted Sears and they will have someone here Saturday. I didn't buy the unit from Sears but they will at least send someone out to look $99 later not including any repair that might need to be done. So why cant LG find a service tech to help me 10 days after my first call.

I am a VERY unhappy customer. 11 days after my first call and still no call for repair.

Someone needs to get this fixed or get me a new unit.

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BG - 4 d 20 h ago


I also have an LG refrigerator that stopped working after an a year and a half. The authorized repair company refuses to work on the fridge. I called 9 other companies and none will work on LG refrigerators. There is a class action lawsuit in the making, claiming that LG knew about the defective compressors.

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Anonymous - 3 d 18 h ago

I feel your pain. It took 30 days for a repair person to come and look at my 9 month old washer. I got the same run around trying to find a technician In myarea- I live near Columbus ohio--no technicians Are you kidding! They truly are a pathetic company with obviously very poor customer service and products. Good luck.

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Bjorn Bjornstad - 3 d 17 h ago


This was my post. Now 15 business days later they still dont have a resolution even though they keep say 5-7 business days today they told me that my case was just sent over to there alternate resolution department. What the hell does that even mean. I have now been without a refrigerator for 3 full weeks and all they can say is " IT TAKE 5 TO 7 BUSINESS DAYS" well that pasted a long time ago.


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Anonymous - 3 d 18 h ago

I purchased a LG washer 9 months ago and it stopped working would just spin and not agitate. Called the service department on January 1st to have it repaired since it was still under warranty was given the run around about being able to find someone to repair it in our area. I live approximately 25 minutes from Columbus OH and they could not find a repair shop?? Seriously??? After SEVERAL frustrating phone calls being put on hold for 30 minutes at a time and being hung up on I finally turned to the Menards store representative who got involved. we finally had a repair person show up on 1/30 . In the mean time I was told that a check for $150.00 would be sent to me for the inconvenience of going to a laundry mat--That was 2 weeks ago still no check. I will never buy another LG item nor will I recommend them EVER. This is the absolute worst customer service that I have received. Pathetic company-customer service is horrible and obviously if their products are breaking after 9 months they are of poor quality.

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Bg md - 4 d ago


Just want to say in my experience with the LG dryer is similar to the complaints on this thread. We are waiting for a door assembly for several weeks now and once again I've been told that it's on back order for another 14 business days. This is after they had made an appointment to come in and do the repair only to call Just before to say they actually did not have the part on hand And are waiting for it to be released from the manufacturer

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David Stanghellini - 4 d 33 s ago

I like my LG appliances, but I am not happy with LG's rebate program. I bought a 4 set of kitchen appliances back in October, 2017 and submitted receipts before the rebate offer deadline of 11/25/17. I was advised by website that it will take 6-8 weeks to process. I checked with LG rebate site and it shows my claim was submitted, audited, and approved for payment. A card file date (the rebate is supposed to be on a gift card) was listed as 1/4/18. However, it shows that it has not been mailed. I contacted the customer service dept by phone today (only way to contact is by phone or P.O. Box - no email) and the rep told me that it takes 6-8 weeks to receive the rebate once claim is received. When I informed her that it has been almost 10 weeks since I submitted my receipts and documentation, she advised that it was processed and approved (which I already knew) and that it takes 6-8 weeks from submission. When I again told her that it is almost 10 weeks, she acknowledged and advised again the 6-8 weeks from submission. I have filed a complaint with the NYS Attorney General's office for consumer fraud. After my interaction today, I seriously question whether I will receive the rebate. I like the LG products, but I do not like when a company does not fulfill its agreements.

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Annette - 4 d 18 h ago


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I will never purchase an LG product again, and I will put this out on social media. I have had my LG refrigerator for 5 years. It has just been deemed unrepairable, as the 'seal system' is broken. I have been on the phone with LG for over an hour waiting for a manager. My refrigerator has been broken or over a week now, my food has been spoiled. I was told it was under warranty for 10 years, and that LG will replace it, however now I am being told that LG wants to send their own tech over to see if they can repair it. I am not satisfied with this response.

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Hall - 5 d 13 h ago


I have been waiting for a little under a Month to get someone to service my LG 65 inch 4k tv that I was approved for extended warrant by LG. The Customer Service Warranty Department from LG informed me that they would find someone that as a contract with LG to service my tv. I was then told by LG's customer service the problem is that there are no local repairman for LG tv in my area and they are still trying to find someone. I have called for 4 weeks and got the same answers . Someone will be calling you back in 3-5 days. I have called so many times that the customers service already know my name before I tell them who I am. Several times they would ask me to start from the begin and the problem that I am having with my tv. How many times should I have to repeat the problem until now I will tell them that I am not going to repeat the problem. I have also find out that LG was aware of this problem with that particular tv from other unhappy customers. I had to send them my papers showing when and where I brought my tv.

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Shabnam - 6 d 7 h ago

The service center in Kenya is terrible. I will never buy LG again

Flagged for review.
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Unsatisfied customer - 7 d 11 h ago


The people that hire for LG are unprofessional not only do they think they are better than everybody else they come up with bs excuses to fire them or to let people go they are rude and if you are not a Mexican they don't want you working for them.

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Penny - 7 d 14 h ago


I own an LG French Door Refrigerator Model # LFX31945. Since November the right side door stopped closing the way the left door does with an automatic snap close. RTA service company, (hidden), came out on November 30 to assess the problem for $97. 15. They have attempted to get the spring insert for the bottom right door, and have been told that they have no part number, or worse that I have to replace the

right side door!!!!!!!!! Someone also said they are going to see if the part is in KOREA!!! It is now January 29, 2018. Because the door will not close easilly, people in the house often do not realize it is still open and we walk back to find the door open for hours. I have called and spoken to a supervisor who contacted RTA. Nothing has happened. It is now 3 months without repair. Your customer service is terrible.

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Anonymous - 7 d 19 h ago

Worst customer service ever. DO NOT BUY ANY APPLIANCE FROM LG.

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mtbikeaz - 8 d 23 h ago


I bought an LG 55" television in April 2017. In December 2017 the TV stopped working. After a 55 minute phone call to LG, it was determined that the TV would need repaired. About 2 weeks later a TV repairman came out. He looked at the TV and agreed it was not working and it needed a new WiFi board and possibly another part. He called back a couple weeks later and reported that the parts are on backorder and there is no information on when they might be available. He thought maybe a month or more. I called LG back...sat on hold for 20 plus minutes, then spoke to a resolution department associate. They contacted the service repairman and tried to get the parts numbers for the parts he needs. LG will not work on a resolution without first trying to get the parts. fine. The repairman did not have the information with him in the field. Now, it became my responsibility to find out what the part numbers are and to call LG back (that means hold for 20 plus minutes and speaking to yet another rep). I was unable to get the part numbers...and why is this my responsibility? I called back LG. Hold again, this time over 30 minutes. I spoke to a supervisor. And guess what...yep! They would not help me until I called back and told them what parts I needed and supplied the parts numbers? WOW...if your car breaks, do you get all the parts info then take it to the dealer? nope...but if you buy an LG then it is your responsibility to jump through these hoops when it breaks. And it will break...this is a disposable piece of garbage that is made in Korea. This company WILL NOT stand behind their cheap product. Worse...the customer service (term used very loosely) is terrible. They do not care about helping, nor do they even believe in their product. They know it's garbage, but's a job. Really!?!?!

NEVER AGAIN LG...I will buy anything other than your products, just to be sure I don't provide any revenue for your company or your terrible staff. disgusting.

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LG Hater - 8 d ago


They try to make everything your responsibility and assume none themselves. Despicable charlatans

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Ellen S - 9 d 19 h ago


I am disgusted by the lack of Customer Service and quality of your range. We purchased a brand new range in October. It was finally delivered end of November and BROKE two weeks later. With the Christmas holiday just ahead of us, we were fighting back and forth for a week and a half with your CS department and "so called" Supervisors to get someone out to our home to fix it. With Christmas less than two weeks away, HOME DEPOT stepped in and escalated the situation and got a service company to contact us. However, they would not be able to come out before the holiday. HOME DEPOT took the hit and gave us a "loaner" stove so that we could get through the holidays. NOW THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE!! LG should have thought of that! And now here we are, January 27th STILL with no repaired stove! TWO MONTHS without a brand new oven that we paid over $700 for. NOW I want a FULL refund in order to get a new stove that will work! What say you LG? Are you going to be reputable and make this right? With over $224 million in sales annually, I would think that several hundred dollars wouldn't mean that much to you. But if you think about it, how many other UNSATISFIED customers have you screwed over???

I expect a full explanation of why you are such a horrible company and an answer as to how you are going to save face and make this VERY unsatisfied customer happy!

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Elliott Garcia - 9 d 18 h ago

Yeah, LG is a loneshark Asian company that takes hard working American's money with an inferior product and a horrendous customer service program that is a complete joke. For washers go the American company called "Speed Queen" made in America baby! These guys ripped me the he'll oh 10 year warranty my left nut! These guys infrustructure is abysmal! The hell with you LG you will never get a 1,000$ from me again! Buy American Americans

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Stephen - 10 d 15 h ago

Three years ago purchase NB3740 sound bar. It has now failed. Have looked for replacement but all the new sound bars use an L bracket that goes under the device and is very visible. Called LG and they confirmed that this is what is used now. When I was attending Purdue University in engineering the design must be functional and appealing if in view. LG you are missing the boat. You had a great design that was functional and appealing. It has a floating effect on the wall. If you would keep the single wall mount in the longer bars then you could have another reason for customers to come back to purchase. Convince and ease of attachment. No additional holes in your walls, just install in your existing bracket. Wow what a selling point. Engineers sometimes want to redesign the wheel when it should be left alone. Chang the front, change the electronics, but keep a standard mount. Currently I am looking to other manufacturers for something other than silver L brackets that show on my rock fireplace.

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Robert Leffler - 10 d 19 h ago


Hi my name is Robert we bought an LG refrigerator 3 Doors Two for the refrigerator and one underneath which is the freezer. In November of 2017 refrigerator went out. We also bought extended warranty. We've had the refrigerator repaired 6 times however every time they come out to fix that they never fix it and we keep getting pushed back further they fix it then they come out we have to order parts the parts come in they fix it however never works they come back out they order more parts they fix it doesn't work you understand what I'm saying this is the worst refrigerator I have ever bought in my lifetime. We've had nothing but problems we went through Thanksgiving holiday Christmas holiday with 25 people coming both times also we went to New Year's holiday and we're still going and they can't fix the frigerator for some reason don't know now they're supposed to be coming back again and they postpone that trip and thank God I have a freezer. The warranty people really don't care. They also said that they would come out earlier and they never have they said they would call us back on certain days and they never have and this is the poorest customer service I have ever had in my life. Help help help $3,500 frigerator is nothing but a big paperweight

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Dave - 11 d ago


I purchased an LG stove about 2 years ago. It works great, no issues with how it works, however.... The control panel overlay, the part that has the controls printed on it; Bake, Broil, Timer, etc, quickly separated from the control module from the heat of the stove then bubbled, cracked, peeled and looks horrendous. Even though the stove works I hate having it in the kitchen. Called to get a replacement and it only comes along with the control module for $100, about 1/8th of what I paid for the entire stove. One, it obviously failed due to the heat of normal operation which should never have happened. Two, isn't sold separately for a reasonable price. Three, isn't covered after one year by warranty. Couldn't get any help from parts, warranty or customer service after talking to a manger. Even though the stove is fine I would never, never purchase an expensive appliance that would be cosmetically ruined in so short a time like this. If there were a way to post a photo here I would so you could see how bad this looks. I will post one to amazon shortly under the review section, look for it there.

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