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Dissatisfied with Macy's - 4 d ago


Macy's turned me in to the credit bureau for being 60 days late on $133. I called to ask them to remove it because I did not receive the bills and did not receive phone calls. My credit history with Macy's is impeccable, my credit score was 830. Someone with an 803 credit score does not miss a payment on purpose. For a billing address they had my old address from 2008. I had closed a card before 2008. I reopened the card at a register in 2014. I'm sure we verified my address, but somehow they still had my old mailing address. She said I had to verify the information before signing. True. I may for some reason didn't take the time after already taking time to open the account. Knowing me, there was someone behind me so I rushed to complete the transaction. I don't like making people wait. In 2016 I used the card and made the payments with no problems. In 2017 I used the card and they sent the bills to my old address. I have not answered a phone call from Macy's and I do not have a vm on my phone from them going back to November 7 2017. I asked them to remove the ding based on my impeccable payment history and the fact that if you have a score of 830 you don't miss paying your bills. The girl I talked to in Macy's credit department made me feel like she was accusing me of intentionally providing Macy's with an incorrect billing address. Again, you don't get a 830 credit score for doing such things. my whole point here is that Macy's could do a good deed and remove the information from my credit report based on my payment history with them, my credit score of 830, and the fact that I only found out about the late payment from diligently checking my credit report. they are choosing not to. I've contacted Macy's Corporate offices. We'll see if they call me. I left a message for the supervisor of the credit department to call me. We'll see if they do. I'm going to write my congressman about this. I am late one time for $133 and I have to carry that mistake with me on my credit report for 7 years? There's something wrong with this system. As for Macy's, I closed my card and I will now shop at other stores that carry the same things as Macy's like Belk in the mall near me, or Nordstrom in another mall close by.

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Anonymous - 10 d 16 h ago

I was treated so rudley as I attenpted to return a coat my sister purchased at Macys for me that was made in "China" and attracted lint, dust, you name it! The coat happened to be black. I decided not to keep the dust collector and went to Annapolis Mall in Maryland, where I live, to return it. I had reciept and told my story to three rude arrogant sales people who said you wore it, you can not return it. I've lived awhile .... I am a sixty two year old and I have never ever heard such a thing! Yes, the tags were cut off, as my sister bought it for me as a November birthday gift, since the weather in our home town, which we were visiting in Ohio was unseasonably cold and we did not have the proper clothing with us on our trip. I wore it once. When I attemped to return it a big arguement began. I "lost" the battle, headed for my car, then decided to find a higher office that handles complaints. The three sales people told me no one higher up than one man who was arguing with me, was there. at that time. I almost went home in tears then found a number of executive management and called them. Kelly and Valerie welcomed me, soothed my hurt, and refunded the money of 102.00. Those folks on the floor lied to me. They treated me like I was a fraud. The so called "higher ups" that were not there were in fact there to help me. Kelly and Valerie treated me like a valued customer. Please thank them again on my behalf. I shed tears over this treatment. Kelly and Valerie sincerely saw my side of the story. Please recognise them for their professionalism. I was refunded $102.00 .


Michelle Power

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Theresa - 4 d ago


Michelle i understand your complaint. I work at Macy and they have inforced new rules. Unlike your situation there are unbelievable amount of people who do return after wearing stuff for a period of time. I have worked in coats and yes their are some wool coats that attract lint like crazy. Dresses now have a 60 day return policy with tags on it. They cant be removed. You would not believe how people buy them and wear them one night and return them. Cant smell of deorant or fragnance. I can tell you some real horrid stories. It is sad and makes thing bad for us honest ones. Customers who smoke are the worst because they keep their stuff in the bags and the clothing smells so bad it could knock you over. We now are allowed to refuse that merchandise. Or if we feel it has been worn for a period of time. You are talking bed bugs, head lice etc. But once again i know exactly how your was not right.

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Civil Rights - 5 d 14 h ago


ADRIAN a floor manager at your RIVERCHASE GALLERIA LOCATION is going to cause you a lawsuit. She is very rude and profiles a customer for returning merchandise which I or any customer have a right to do. I purchased some items today however, after the way I was treated I returned them. When you have management and employees treat customers this way you open yourself up to liability.

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Crystal Moy - 6 d 19 h ago

I think they should stop making merchandise that people just can't afford, and emphasizing "luxury" winter accouterments just ends up making us all feel so poor.

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Anonymous - 8 d 22 h ago

I live in Memphis, TN. I shop the Wolf Chase Mall, I would like to make a suggestion to management. I am a sixty eight year old senior. Why can't Macy's use exit numbers on their doors? Customers can readily remember the door number. Imacys has moved products from one isle to another. We get turned around so bad because of the merchandise change. Please consider the struggles we have due to age change. Thank you

A value customer that Love Macy's. Luella Shelton

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Celticwolf - 10 d 16 h ago


Macy's has been cheating my husband out of his paycheck since December. He works the hours, they short his check significantly and then they argue and stall him about getting paid. In December, they refused to pay him overtime for what he rightfully earned and now this month, they have been messing up his check & refusing to fix the problem by paying him his proper overtime & regularly paid hours. Apparently, they do this to a lot of other people, as well. Do not work there and if you're a shopper & hate to see hard working people cheated, don't shop there either. Overpriced garbage & slave labor.

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Mrst479 - 11 d 8 h ago


Macy's has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL CENTER EVER. After paying off my Macy's charge account 3 1/2 months ago, Macy's cash the check and never applied the funds to my account. Then the insulted me even further by continuing to report me negatively to the credit bureau and adding on interest and late fees until the balance was almost $2000. In a desperate attempt I even tried to contact Macy's corporate office in Cincinnati Ohio. However, there better than the Secret Service because there was no phone number you can call that will get you to the corporate office for any personnel there. Your call is routed to the Philippines where there's a strong language barrier and if they can't help you they hang up on you. In a last ditch attempt I called my local store And explained the circumstances. I was helped by a very friendly manager who got me in touch with someone who claimed that they could help me. Since the call was conferenced in I had to let that helpful manager finally hang up. Then the customer service agent called me back. Each time that she put me on hold I waited over seven minutes and then the call discontinued. This nonsense went on for four phone calls. In the last phone call she did tell me that will take up to 30 days for my credit to be restored. And, they are looking into refunding the late fees and finance charges.This is by far one of the most excruciating and exhausting experiences I have ever had to endure and I will never again on another Macy's chargecard as long as I live. All I can say is bring the jobs back to America. At least our American south common sense to handle a customer service complaint correctly.

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Don Treadwell-678-274-8178 - 12 d 15 h ago

In November your stores were promoting rebates on your small appliances,however I have not gotten my rebate via visa card i submitted all forms documents within time allowed and have not heard anything,I look for you to honor your promotion in a timely manner just as you expect me too.

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Micheal - 13 d 13 h ago


Been waiting over a month for my refund to come. Tracking shows they received it a month ago

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BAHawk - 14 d 34 m ago


When I return an on-line Order it is packed and returned exactly how I received it, with all required paperwork and a UPS shipping label from Macy's is attached. Why does it take 1 month or longer to refund back to the original method of purchase? Who or What is causing the "problem" with "refunds" not being applied promptly after the "returned item" is delivered and received by the "Receiving Dept" location, addressed on the Shipping label?

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Mr. DeAlvin C. Releford No. 10195263 - 17 d 19 h ago


Good Afternoon,Sir:; Mmes, I'm primarily addressing your office in reference to ascertaining verification that based on my particular status

that I was in fact, a seasonal employee at the Macy's department store that's in the city of Philadelphia. In light of my being let go based

on my temporary assignment at Macy's department store in Philadelphia I need verification from the Human Resources stating that fact

that I'm no longer Employed by Macy's within that location at 1300 Market Street Philadelphia, Pa 19107. I need to say that this particular

process may take sometime however, it would be highly appreciated if your office can do this at your earliest convenience. Please note that

certain Government agencies are requiring me to obtain this particular data as soon as possible then they can finish their particular process

in assisting me a Senior with other training programs. Please forward to the Following; Mr. DeAlvin C. Releford @: 5600 Ogontz Ave Apt. A-52

Philadelphia, Pa 19141 or Notify Me @: (hidden) (hidden) Warmest Regards

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Mahagony Bonafide - 20 d ago

To whom it may concern:

I'm currently here in Sacramento, California . Recently made a purchase for furniture. (dinning room table and server) I love the set. Unfortunately once the furniture arrived, the person who delivered the items while putting knobs and etc. he damage the mirror. My locall store didn't really assist me as they should. This is after speaking to the store manager. As a result this is leading to the furniture being return. I really don't want to return the furniture. Looking for help in resolving this situation peacefully and being able to keep the furniture. Please help. Thank you

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Anonymous - 20 d 19 h ago


Every body telling me to call someone else

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Harold Stewart - 22 d 22 h ago


Macys Customer Service Corporate Office,

My name is Harold Stewart.. My wife And I have been a Macys shopper over 40 years. My wife's also possess a Macys Platinum credit card. On January 14, 2018 at 3pm my wife and I had to return two items because they did not fit to the Temecula store. She returned a dress that she brought and I returned a long sleeve shirt that was given to me as a gift. Both departments told us that the item was over 365 days of purchase and my wife was told that on a $106.00 dress she could receive $11.00 back. Insulting. I was told on a $58.00 shirt that I could receive $15.00 at the men's department. Insult number two. When my wife returned her dress the manager of the department located what the sale price of the item was 365 days ago since we did not remember the price original paid. The manager located an amount of $88 dollars that the dress sold for 365 days ago. She then refund the amount to my wife's Macys Platinum credit card. Good customer service in this situation.

On the same day at the same store I returned a shirt that was two small with the store tag still attached to it to the men's department of the same Temecula store. I also received the same 365 days prompt on the computer. I asked to see the manager of the department named Paula. She approached me with an attitude and told me that she would give me $15 and she could not do anything to help me. I then ask her to research the item 365 days ago since it was a gift and the tag attached reflect $59.00. She went back to her computer to do the research. When she came back she had a tablet in her hand and told me she could only give me $15 for the shirt because she could not find my purchase. I explained to her again that I did not purchase it, that was a gift given to me. At this time my wife and I believed that we were being accused of stealing the item and I was insulted by that and also to receive $15 on a shirt that cost $59 originally. I took the shirt back and left the store without incident

Two scenarios that occurred that were handled with different outcomes. As said before that I have shopped at Macys stores over 40 years. How dare your manager and associates suggest that I stole this item and suggest that I just take $15 and leave the store. What should have been done and I would have been satisfied was similar to my wife's experience. Deduct 10 to 20% from the items tag and give the customer a gift card for that amount. This way the customer feels like he or she received a level of service close to the gift but that did not occur. I'm a retired United States Marine Officer who presently work for the Department of Defense. I make good salary and to be treated that way I see why sales have been reduced and numerous stores are closing. As of today my wife and my family to include my extended family will never shop at your store again. We will go to Nordstrom Store instead where the return policy is customer friendly and provides a level of service that we are accustom to. Also to a store that honors the customer and is committed to customer care.

Harold Stewart

Chief Warrant Officer

United States Marine Corps, Retired


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John Doe - 20 d 19 h ago


Go online at to read Macy's Return Policy.

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Ashley M Taylor - 27 d ago


I received a set of broken dishes, which was not only not what I ordered but a safety hazard. I called to inform them, they promised to ship correct item, never did. I asked for item and compensation, they said one or the other. I WILL NOT BE DOING FURTHER BUSINESS WITH THEM. Very disappointed. They not only do not stand behind their products, they do not treat customers well when they make mistakes.

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Paul Mayer - 33 d ago

Macy's no longer treats their employees with common respect and it is mind boggling. My mother Jayne Mayer has been an employee of Macy's for 12 years since she retired from teaching working part-time at your store in our mall. Every year that she has worked there my parents have gone to Texas for one month and again they are doing so this year. However, this year she has been told to resign or be fired because she is going South for the month of February.... my mom works part time, maybe 2-3 shifts a week. It's not like she is a manager or anything of that sort.

How does a company tell an employee to resign for doing something that they have done the previous 12 years? My mom along with many retired people have been the backbone of your store in the mall. It is not like Macy's is a career job where employee's will receive insurance, benefits, and a solid pay but aparrantly that's what you think you are. I am truly mortified by the way you treated my mother. I assume this is common practice now for all Macy stores that they no longer want the retired ladies working there. SAD, SAD, SAD!!!! I hope that you change this with your company. It makes no sense to force a person to quit or be fired over this. You owe my mother an apology for having rules like this. She is reluctantly resigning January 24th as she was told to do by her boss. My mom is crushed over this. She doesn't need the money or anything, she truly enjoys going to work and doing her job. It gives her something to do during the week. Bad form Macy's. I never thought I would hear of a story like this in my life. Any other store in the mall would love to have someone as reliable and hard working as my mother. I hope this reaches someone at the corporate office and you review your policies that you have for your employees.

Thank you for your time,

Paul Mayer

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Anonymous - 31 d 16 h ago


Yeah, I think they are screwing your mom over.... Jan is inventory month. After that, there are NO vacation restrictions until Christmas...or key days...(certain sales) ... They screwed me over so much I just left. .sorry they did that to your mom....

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Former Employee - 29 d 2 h ago


Have her contact In-Store solutions immediately to see if she is being forced to resign illegally.

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Anonymous - 27 d 17 h ago


File a complaint with EEOC, for retaliation.

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Patricia Forte - 28 d 17 h ago


I called the customer service number on the back of my Macy's American Express card to report a possible fraudulent attempt to use my card. I asked to speak to your Fraud protection dept. but instead the dept passed a message through the regular customer service rep who could not see what I was responding to on my account. After pressing to speak to the Fraud dept. I was connected and the attitude was "why was I bothering them" after they had passed a message to me already, and then they made believe they could not hear me. There was not concern that I had received an e mail regarding fraudulent activity on my account and that my credit card could be at risk. I would like a return email from Macys corporate office. (hidden)

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Jerrell - 31 d 16 h ago


My wife was until recently an employee of Macy's in the Tacoma Washington store. She made magic for your company for two years. During that time, there were instances of racism, unfair treatment, down play and out right discrimination. She finally had enough and gave two weeks notice. She had detailed her reason for terminating employment on the appropriate documents. After this happened, she was taken out of the system one week prior to the date she specified, her pay has since been broken up and she has been told she has to wait perhaps 2 weeks before she will be paid for her last work. My concern is the actions, or lack of, taken by this stores management in regards to the issues presented by a person of color. No one is willing to help in locating the pay that my wife is owed, and the issues she presented to management involving outright discrimination were swept under the rug. I know the numbers in that area look good, but its not because of effective management, its because of tenured representatives doing their thing. I am not a Macy's shopper. I have nothing to gain from "bashing" Macy's or their products. This is an attempt to reach someone who just may make accountability an important part of the style of management to be used in the tacoma mall location. I am sure that if you were to do a survey of employees, then you would see a definite divide between management and staff, and attitude reflects leadership.

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melanie prohaska - 32 d 16 h ago



General profile image - 32 d 19 h ago


While I have learned that Macy's does not have control over their gift cards that have been purchased this is absolutely ridiculous and border line fraudulent. I received a $100.00 Macy's Gift Card from my boss for Christmas this year. I went to purchase one item online following the poor instructions on the payment window. I entered my card number correctly but apparently not the CID number correctly and it wasn't until I called them that I learned you had to remove a "silver" sticker for the CID number...tired that no success. When I was able to reach the "gift card dept." they told me it had been locked and I needed to fax them the receipt before I could use. Well...I don't have the receipt as I am sure it was thrown out with the envelope and I am not going to ask my boss to see his bank statement for proof of purchase, slightly embarrassing! So, my $100.00 is in the trash can. Yes, you heard that right I cannot use my gift card. I will never step into another Macy's again. My boss has given me a Macy's gift card every year now for 12 years.....not any more. I bet they are happy they just made $100.00 complete profit. Merry Christmas!

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