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Peggy campbell - 1 d ago


I will never ever use the 24600 Katy freeway location near Katy mills!!!!! I had to take my dog on anxiety medicine prescribed by my doctor. And they had previously seen her on it!!! They still did a horrible job on her feet! I bring her in and they say they can't take her cause she is sedated. Even though she knew she takes it!!!! And had done it before. Also they were trying to set up a new account for her. Almost like they knew what they did was wrong!!!!! Neeeever again! And they were rude and not understanding at all !!!!!!!

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Gabby - 3 d ago


After many years of being a customer of Petsmart I can now say I will no longer be a customer or ever recommend Petsmart to anyone. I have for years been shopping at Petsmart for all of my pets needs, I have had my pets groomed on multiple occasions and I have also used Benefield vet for many years. I will NEVER return to Petsmart. I am disgusted with that fact that because my two dogs may look like pitbulls that they have to be singled out and locked in a cage and not able to play or be around other dogs at the Petsmart Dog Hotel. I rescued both of my dogs from high kill shelters. One dog is a Black Lab mix, the other dog is mixed with Lab, Shepard, Beagle and Pit (which I only know from DNA testing which who knows how accurate that it) According to the DNA test my dog is 12% Pit. Because of this 12% my dog has to be singled out and locked in a cage like she is a vicious animal. She is THE SWEETEST dog you will ever meet. Any time I bring her into Petsmart all employees love her, including when I bring her to the vet multiple vets and nurses come into the room to say hello to her because they know how loving she is. My "pitbull" loves cuddles she is extremely calm but because she is 12% pit she is singled out, this is absolutely ridiculous and a disgrace. I was told today by the Petsmart Hotel in Brick NJ that I have to bring both of my dogs in for an assessment before leaving them for one night at the hotel and that if either one of my dogs looks like it could be mixed with a pitbull that my dog has to been locked in a cage and can only come out for walks they could not receive any play time. That is DISGUSTING! How petsmart singles out one dog bread based on a reputation from YEARS ago instead of accepting all dogs and breads as they are. I would NEVER recommend Petsmart Hotel based on their "company policy" against this loving bread. I also will be canceling my vet wellness plan and will no long be a customer of petsmart. It is a DISGRACE how petsmart discriminates against one certain breed.

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beth - 1 d 5 h ago

I just posted something about that also. Hard to believe that Petsmart is contributing to breed discrimination. I won't be back unless the policy changes. FYI, they also own, so I won't be ordering from them anymore unless the policy changes.

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Beth - 1 d 5 h ago

I was checking out places to bring my dog to daycare and in seeing the requirements that Petsmart has about not allowing "bully" breeds or any dog that has the same "appearance or characteristics" of the bully breeds. I'm very shocked that Petsmart is actually encouraging breed discrimination against the "bully" breeds. We've been long time shoppers at Petsmart, but I will no longer be spending my money there, or any other place owned by Petsmart (, due to this discriminatory policy.

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Jose - 2 d 4 h ago


Hostile work environment...if you are a heavy smoker needing 2 to 3 breaks per hour...have poor hygeine..are disrespectful to up late for your shifts, and chronically call off for no reason...have zero motivation to acco.plish tasks...or you are a manager who loves to gossip about employees with other employees....and runs a filthy store..than petsmart medina ohio is for you

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Ricky - 3 d 46 s ago


terrible, unreal, went to the Inverness Fl store, I had a brown Algae come & go in my fish tank, I would always clean the gravel, clean the filter, & wipe down the inside glass of my tank, so it came back again I took my water sample to the store, the store personnel stated the water test was perfect noting wrong with the water, showed him a picture of the brown like substance, & gave him a piece of the gravel with the brown substance on it, he stated this is weird I never seen anything like this before especially with the water test being perfect. So he suggested try Algaefix that it should clear my tank in a few days & will not harm the fish, should have never TRUSTED HIM ALL MY FISH HAVE DIED, I called to speak with the store manager who stated she is acting manager, when I explained what happened NO RESPONSE NEVER ASKED ANY QUESTIONS < NOTHING

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Lynn - 3 d ago


I decided to try the Lafayette, In PetSmarts grooming service on 1/27/18.

No words can say how disappointed I am, enough that I will never go back. They were so busy, that I decided to just leave. My girl has a spot on her head that looks like the groomer took a small set of trimmers and buzzed one strip. Her face was not touched, only under her chin. I watched one of the groomers through the glass working on another Shih tzu, omg, that poor baby. She was so rough running the trimmers down that poor babies legs. There was one girl working in there, I think her name was Tiffany, she was doing good with her fur customer.

I think you need to send your people back to training, not only for being kind to the animals, but also some more grooming lessons.

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Steve - 4 d 2 h ago


It's pretty ridiculous that if you make an appt for grooming your pet that your pets gets put on the back burner cause of a walk in, if you can't handle the business bring workers I. Specially designated for walk in customers and let other groomers tend to those that have appointments. I'm tired of waiting 4 hrs for my pet due to walk ins. It it should not take but two hours max maybe 2.5 for a normal grooming appt

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Anonymous - 4 d 7 h ago

Sitting in the parking lot at Petsmart waiting on a manager to show up and unlock the door for a grooming scheduled for seven. Give the keys to more than one person.

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Unsatisfied Old Customer - 4 d 17 h ago


I can't speak about all petsmart locations, but the one located on Culture in Albuquerque where most employees are rude and with little knowledge. Payton a very pretty young lady with a big chip on her shoulder.

The quality of their products and service has gone downhill. I have various types of critters, including turtles. Well Petsmart has literally shrunk its reptile section to almost non existent. Shelves are not well stocked either.

After the rudeness and snarky attitude of Payton it is for certain I will never patronize another petsmart store.

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Donna Boger - 40 d 4 h ago


Good Morning,

I am a customer at your River City Market Place location in Jacksonville, FL. I have used this location to groom my pet several times over many years....even after they messed her up in grooming. It really sadden me that when I walked into this location this morning to drop off my pet for grooming that I passed 3 associates on the WAY IN and not one of them greeting me...they did not say one word, I eventually spoke to one that was behind the counter of the Vet portion, and this was after we had already made eye contact and she didn't say anything. AND the same thing happened on the way out. I work with customers all day everyday and this is what is considered POOR customer service. The customer should ALWAYS be greeting when entering into any place of business. On a brighter note, the grooming staff were very pleasant and helpful.

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Laura - 31 d 17 h ago


Please find a New Groomer you will Thank Me some day Believe me! Pet Smart Grooming kills dogs everyday all over this country check into it if you don't believe me! Before you thank Oh she is just a disgruntled customer No that is not the case this is from study research and conversations with so many grieving pet owners Please Keep your babies safe and Please let others know TY

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Anonymous - 19 d ago


You are really crazy lady. I have done my research and have come across more dog abuse at trama from private groomer. And that's because they go unnoticed, petsmart has thousands of grooming salons and one big name. Also most of the fatalities are from conditions unknown to the groomer, that the parent neglected to tell the groomer. Petsmart has rules in place, to keep pets safe in the groomers care. Cameras are in every salon to make sure of that. All you want to do is to get thousands of hard working animal lovers fired.

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Former employee but still loyal shopper - 19 d ago


I was an assistant manager at a PetSmart and 3 of the 4 stores I helped work at including my own did not have cameras in the grooming salon as well as the entire store. The older stores tend to have the cameras, at least what I noticed but no newer stores usually do. Even so, every PetSmart I have been in have very caring, compassionate and great groomers that are a pleasure to work with. They are all huge dog lovers and treat them with care, are very safe with the animals and are great at there jobs, even the bathers. Of course as of any huge company you will get a couple bad eggs but there are not many. I take my dog to a personal groomer because that is who she is used to and gets too nervous, but I would recommend PetSmart groomers, at least in my area. I can't speak for areas and states not around me of course, but I'm guessing that most are great because of all the safety and grooming training they receive, as long as you have a good hiring manager of course. As a customer this is a great and wonderful place to shop. As an employee, just pray that you have good management, especially store manager because there are some bad apples and corporate does nothing to fix them. My direct boss, the store manager, had so many employee complaints about her to corporate as well as lawsuits for wrongful terminations and they never did a thing to fix it besides a couple pointless conversations. When you have 20-30 employee complaints to corporate something is wrong there. Other than her though, every store manager i have met is pretty decent or absolutely wonderful.

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Laura - 6 d ago


Ok tell that to the lady who's poodle just died because he was left under dryer to long or the Bull dog that had busted vessels in his eyes from being choked or the lady who's pug was left in the bathing tub and drown pros or not but they are rapidly increasing in abuse and death and regardless what you pull out your ass regardless of cameras etc it's happening and owners should know TY so much for supporting animal abuse have a good day!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention why ya gotta be Anonymous are ya a chicken shit to let the world know you approve of these animal abusers!!!!!

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Beverly - 47 d 18 h ago

My dog was abused while being groomed at PetSmart. There are thousands of reviews about animal abuse happening in the PetSmart grooming areas. These reviews come from all over the world. I am starting a website that will gather and compile this information, along with video footage. I expect a ton of traffic.

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Laura Wade - 31 d 17 h ago


Beverly Please get hold of me on FB or something I am so on your page! I am not so good with twitter snap chat stuff like that! But just get an initial contact we can work it out more! The Death rate and Abuse at Pet Smart grooming shops has become Heartbreakingly outrageous and we need to make a stand they should not be allowed to have grooming shops anymore! Even if a death occurs one way or another some one some where on the corporate chain fixes it every time! You can find me on FB under Laura Wade I hope to hear from you soon!

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Anonymous - 20 d 18 h ago

Laura, I am not a FB user or any of the other spcial media things, but I would like to get a hold of you with my experieces with this dreadful business! I also would like to give you info on Costcos pet food and their lame excuses for causing my Bulldogs death. Costco is NOT what it appears when it comes to dog food. I'll return to this site to see if you have replied. Thanks.

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Laura - 6 d ago


Sorry just getting back had been dealing with some health issues myself and 1 my fur babies anyway... I am not much on social media just use FB to keep in touch with family and friends far away and keep up with stuff like this! I know we should talk trying to figure out how to give you info without it being open to any jo blow lol! I just read another post on FB a lady took her Bull dog in for a bath picked him up he had busted blood vessels in his eyes vet suspected he had been choked Grrr corporate needs to get off their ass and at least do something cause the longer this goes on they are really gonna start getting beat all over media TV internet etc. I know of 5 that are going to the news stations to get this issue out! Sad thing is it's not isolated it is happening everywhere!

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Laura - 31 d 16 h ago


I Just did a lil scooping and did you know from July 2016-Jan 2017 there were 27 dogs that died while being groomed at a Pet Smart! Just Sickening!

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Jonathan S. - 19 d ago


A lot of dogs die while being groomed, not just at PetSmart. PetSmart is such a large corporation you are going to hear about it more. It is not like a private groomer. You are talking about 7 month period. There are 1500 PetSmarts probably grooming around 20-25 dogs a day. 1500 stores at 20 dogs a day at 7 months is 6,405,000 dogs. Divide that into 27. That is .000422%. Tons of dogs come in with underlying conditions that are either unknown because the owner doesn't take them to the vet for regular physicals or they can die from a simple accident or from stress or a million other reasons not there fault, usually not a groomers fault. BUT JUST LOOK AT THAT PERCENTAGE. It;s probably the same if not higher anywhere else. You just hear about it more often because of how much business they actually do. 27 of 6,450,000 is like nothing. It's different grooming and treating an animal rather than a person....of course things are going to happen. I do not even work there, take my dog grooming there (because she likes her groomer) but I am not that dumb to post a stupid comment like that. If you scoop around...LOOK AT NUMBERS AND DO MORE RESEARCH. Or maybe you do not know what math is...if you did know anything about how to do it you wouldn't downgrade a company based on these numbers. Did you go to high school or even bother to look up dog deaths at other groomers. Probably not....on Google, PetSmart just pops up everywhere because they do more dog grooms than any place else by far so of course that is what you will mainly see.

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Laura - 6 d ago


I get your point but the Problem is Corporate will not return calls make replies or do anything about any of this and it is increasing so since you feel the need to defend Pet Killers Grooming then take yours there as often as you please let me know how ya feel when your the one sobbing over your pet nah never mind keep it to yourself you see nothing wrong here right!!! Have nice day!!!!

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Sam - 6 d ago


My daughter works at Petsmart Morganton, NC in the salon. There needs to be an investigation of sexual harassment done asap. The manager there "ROY" has been asking the girls in the salon if he can "give them a foot massage". When he is told "NO! Thats just weird" he keeps asking. Does he not have something else to do??!! Who do you report something like that to? There is no one there that can be trusted as management sticks together.

They also are having a high turnover rate and this should also be investigated. Why are these people leaving? Three people within two weeks is kinda a big deal. My daughter's friend was asked to stay employed for one day a month, when she put in her resignation to keep her discount. Later it was made known that it "would look bad with so many people leaving".

Why is one person doing the training and getting passed up when promotions come up? Yet the employee who buys the asst. manager a great Christmas gift is the one getting promoted?! What happened to promote for excellent work not for "ass-kissing"!

Why is the manager telling everyone that the asst manager who does scheduling is bipolar? He is a doctor too? He says to just over look what she says or does. So they employees can't come to him about her. THIS STORE NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED BEFORE SOMEONE FILES A COMPLAINT OR LAWSUIT!!!!

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Karla - 16 d 8 h ago


Pet Smart Corporate Employees either do NOT own pets; or, their pets NEVER get sick and NEVER require oral antibiotics!!! I know this (because) IF they DID have to give their sick dogs or cat PILLS, they would purchase 'PET POCKETS' (delicious, hollow, beef or chicken flavored, soft treats which the meds are inserted into to, allowing pets to gobble down the 'treat' quickly & easily)! IF THEY BOUGHT 'PET POCKETS', to give their pets their meds, they WOULD ALSO THEN KNOW THAT THE CHICKEN FLAVORED PET POCKETS DO NOT WORK WELL!!! THE CHICKEN FLAVORED POCKETS CRUMBLE (UNLIKE THE BEEF FLAVORED PILL POCKETS!!!), AND ALLOW PILLS TO FALL OUT!!! ALL CHICKEN FLAVORED PET POCKETS ARE CRUMBLY; WHERE AS, BEEF FLAVORED PET POCKETS ARE NOT AND RETAIN THE INSERTED PILLS!!! WORSE YET, OUR LOCAL PET SMART STORE DOES NOT CARRY THE LARGE SIZE BEEF FLAVORED PET POCKETS, BUT DOES CARRY THE CRUMBLY CHICKEN FLAVORED POCKETS... (THIS WONDERFUL PRODUCT COMES IN LARGE AND SMALL PILL POCKET SIZES FOR LARGE OR SMALL PILLS, AND ALSO IN LARGE AND SMALL SIZED PACKAGES!) So, here we are, 'THE' Pet Store that does NOT stock the big packages of the large BEEF Flavored Pet Pockets; but DOES STOCK ALL SIZES of the CRUMBLY Chicken flavored pockets --the pockets that DON'T work, that CRUMBLES, AND LOSES PILLS!!!) When I asked for the large package of the BEEF flavored pockets in the large sized package, I was told the store doesn't carry the large beef flavor, only the chicken flavor came in all sizes!!! Then they said this was a "CORPORATE DECISION", "not a choice made by the store's manager"!!! REALLY???!!! I AM STUNNED AND DISGUSTED!!! PET SMART WAS A STORE I TRUSTED AND DRIVE 15 MILES (ONE WAY) TO DO BUSINESS WITH! NO MORE!!! I HAVE A GREAT DANE AND I NEED THE LARGE PACKAGE SIZE OF THE LARGE BEEF FLAVORED PILL POCKETS; AND, OBVIOUSLY PET SMART NO LONGER DESIRES ANY OF MY BUSINESS BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE TO NOT CARRY THE BETTER OF THE PET POCKET PRODUCTS!!! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR CARRYING 10 FACINGS OF THE CHICKEN FLAVORED POCKETS IN ALL SIZES; AND, ONLY FOUR FACINGS OF ONLY SMALL BEEF POCKETS, IN SMALL PACKAGES!!! i WILL BE ORDERING MY DOG SUPPLIES AND FOODS ON LINE FROM ANOTHER SOURCE! SO LONG PET SMART!!!

General profile image

Interesting - 7 d ago

They're called pill pockets. And not everyone needs to use them. I'm a vet tech and pill pockets are hit and miss. My dogs won't touch them but they will eat the pill on its own. I usually understand outrage but your outrage seems unpresidented.

General profile image

Connie - 7 d ago


The voice of reason!

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