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3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy.
Lakeland, FL
(863) 688-1188
(863) 284-5532
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Anonymous - 6 d 17 h ago

Mr.. George Jenkins, built Publix on a set of values. These values made Publix special to their employees,, customers, and communities long ago before his passing. our \ These are the six lessons Mr. George believed in, however new management does NOT.

Invest in Others

Give Back

Prepare for Opportunity

Be There

Respect the Dignity of the Individual

Treat Customers Like Royalty

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Concerned employee - 10 d 43 s ago


Store 0526 has gone to shit. Employees who have worked there for 10 plus yrs are not appreciated. People of color answer to no one they do things their way and they answer to no one. Good work is not acknowledged.

Appearance is no longer a concern. Employees are covered in tattoos, they allow multiple earrings, hair is not pulled up, out landiish nail polish, eating and drinking allowed while working. Employees are pulled from CS to other depts so customer are not being taken care of and yes they are commenting on it. Instead of promoting from within they bring in family or best friends and it's being noticed. Employees who are transferred to other local stores are sent off with money taken up for them and cakes yet employees who have surgery are not called and checked on or offered any kind of assistance and yes it's being noticed.

Management shows no respect or appreciation to the hourly employees. Certain employees come in and get paid for bitching and complaining and not doing their jobs where others who work hard and need their jobs and want to work have their hours cut. Employee appearance does not matter anymore and customers are noticing.

Like I said Store 526 going to shit

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Annie - 6 d 17 h ago

I know what you mean. I have a relative working at Publix. she is only given one day a week max two days. Who can really live on 5- 15 hours a week's pay?

A full timer retired and instead of giving that position to one of the employees there. Or dividing the hours from the full timer who retired among the par timers already there, they hired 4-5 young kids on part time basis.

Publix tries every thing possible no to give their employees benefits.

Publix is the worse company in Florida to work for.

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John - 9 d 12 h ago


Just want to share my last experience at publix in Chelsea place Trinity. I was the person in line behind the family checking out.

Just had the displeasure of witnessing a young kid and his father get ridiculed and targeted by an apparent supervisor over a coupon. Name of supervisor was Sylvia, and she was the rudest person I have ever met in any of these stores. The fact that you have a person like that representing your company amazes me. It all started fine, until this questionable manager injected herself into the checkout process. She then proceeded to scrutinize every coupon although they were scanning. Why on earth did she target these people? They were trying to save money like everyone else. It than got worse as she started arguing with the customer over a picture of the coupon. She admitted the wording matched but apparently the picture was different. I mean how stupid can you be? They can't fit 700 plus items that qualify for the coupon in a picture. Once again I say the word supervisor??? And she doesn't know this.... YIKES! You could see the kid was becoming upset yet the manager continued to ridicule every aspect of the checkout process. Theirs supervisor was completely out of line, and a utter disgrace to the publix name and slogan. Won't be shopping at this publix again.

Don't know if I should call corporate and explain what happened, but I feel really bad for the kid, he looked as if he was about to cry. It was horrible to watch, this manager/supervisor needs to be fired.

Publix is supposed to please customers not bring them to tears. Especially kids! Something needs to be done.

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David - 7 d ago


Sylvia was probably a bull dike or a tranny (male to female). They hate real people.

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Laura - 6 d 17 h ago

customers should get together and bring a class action sue for false advertising IT IS NOT A PLEASURE TO SHOP AT PUBLIX ANY MORE

Publix should change their slogan.

General profile image - 7 d 13 s ago


I am 79 years old. Have shopped at Publix since I was in my early 20's. Publix is also where my sons andv their wives shop. We have shopped at Publix in Florida mainly, but also Tennessee.

I now live in Smyrna, TN. Last week, our Publix in Smyrna stopped giving a senior discount. I find this to be a very negative decision on the part of Publix management.

Certainly, Publix is not losing money!!

Please explain why Publix would make such a self-serving decision!

I am appaled that Publix would stop their policy of giving discounts to seniors!!

Please explain to me, your reason for discontinuing discounts for seniors.

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Laura - 6 d 17 h ago

I guess they have to cut on discount to their customer in order to give their CEO a huge raise:

Publix CEO and president Todd Jones got a 56 percent pay raise in 2016, earning him $1.9 million. Publix's chief executive, Todd Jones, got a big increase in pay in his first year leading the company. Lakeland-based supermarket chain Publix promoted Jones to CEO in May 2016 and gave him a $730,000 pay raise.

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Ric - 7 d 12 h ago


Publix should b rated a1, one if that. If u knew how they dog their employees and how unprofessional management is when they think customers aren't looking. District Manager is the worst joke.


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Ric - 7 d 12 h ago


Publix should b rated a1, one if that. If u knew how they dog their employees and how unprofessional management is when they think customers aren't looking. District Manager is the worst joke.


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Anonymous - 10 d 13 h ago

I love Publix fried chicken. The only store i have been extremely disapointed in is store 1454. This is the second time i purchase it and it is dry & discusting! I will NEVER purchase it again.

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Mueca - 14 d 15 h ago


I can't believe I dedicated so many years been faithful to the company I had work for publix 17 years and I got determined it by poor excuses i ask DM for help and I get back that they can't do nothing for me, that if I want I can apply again after 17 years wow, and c what store pick me the best part Is how they clean there hands saying i was the one who Re sing now I'm whithoug job single mother with a sick child that goes to children's hospital gets treatment etc

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oakhillfarm - 19 d 41 s ago


Publix's prescription insurance plan is costing it's employees extreme financial hardship due to a couple of very bad rules. For example, a cancer patient that needs Neupogen or Neulasta can not take advantage of a manufacturer program that would give the shot for $25 at the Dr. office, because they (the Insurance Co.) WILL NOT cover it if given in Dr office. They require self administer which is $1500 to $3,000 out of pocket copay at the pharmacy. THIS IS JUST WRONG and ALL Publix employees need to be aware !!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 263 d 23 h ago

I have leukemia and it is hard for me to control my immune system. When I go to the grocery store to see children and sometimes grown people even dogs sitting in the shopping carts. Do you know how much germs that are contributed to our food in this carts. Dirty shoes that step on dog and human feces collected under shoes are place in those carts. Other germs carried in children under clothes even adults. Please make it mandatory that people do not sit in shopping carts. There are people like me who are sick and have to peotect themselves. I have to wash even the bread in the plastic bags in order to feel comfortable to eat it. It should be unsanitary for this to happen. I look forward to see something done to correct this matter.

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Anonymous - 259 d 15 h ago

wow you are one enititled ass bitch

Flagged for review.
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Anonymous - 219 d 11 h ago

Anonymous - Ref: leukemia customer. People with an attitude such as yours will burn in hell.

Flagged for review.
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Bob - 42 d ago

That person's comment was legitimate. You obviously are an animal lover who places concern for animals over humans. You have a relationship problem.

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concerned - 41 d 14 h ago


Actually she was complaining about kids sitting if you read and their SHOES, dogs don't usually where shoes to my knowledge, the seat is meant for small children and purse, now they even put stearing wheel on cart for the kids, wake up, the customers you don't see, could be sick as heck, if that compromised, and I HAVE a chronic illness, I wear my mask and also have gloves, but if think publix is dirty, then one cant go to ANY grocery store as NONE are a clean and kept up then Publix. Perhaps if immune compromised someone else should be getting her food, all she has to do is call the American Cancer Assoc and they will help her, or all she has to do is tell customer service when walks in and they WILL help her through the entire store. Just takes one to speak up instead of complain on a site. One will get more illness from the ppl walking past, or touching items, then the silly seat. lol wow.

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Anonymous - 26 d 17 h ago


I agree with you. I worked for Publix for 3 years and in that time we broke down machines, cleaned floors and they even took baskets and other equipment outside and power washed them. Publix is very clean.

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Anonymous - 19 d 14 h ago

No I believe you will get there first a head of anyone else with that attitude

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Anonymous - 114 d 19 h ago


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Bob - 42 d ago

And people like you, Anonymous, who care more about animals than humans, are on the wrong track. These days, animals are allowed everywhere, including restaurants. Part of my growing-up period was on a farm in Iowa, where pets remained outside, not in the house. That's the way it should be, in my opinion. Animals are unsanitary. This epidemic of animal ownership is rooted in people's preference for them over people, because the animals are subservient to them; human relationships require communication, emotional interchange. You don't get an argument from an animal. It's a sad state of affairs when so many people abandon personal relationships.

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scriptural - 19 d 14 h ago

Really, who wants to put food in something nasty, they have a right to complain. Especially if they have any type of cancer with a low immune system, it seems to me you are the selfish centered one

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Respectfully Yours - 193 d 24 h ago

I agree with you about the animals in fact they are not supposed to have animals in the store unless they are certified as service animals. To help people with disabilities. People have taken advantage of this policy. Sorry that you suffer. Although i think you're being unreasonable to think that children should not be allowed in shopping carts.Hardly think that would be the same. I do think lately it has gone way to far with the pets. Pet fur and other problems related to pets in the supermarket environment is unacceptable.

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larabee - 124 d 18 h ago


My Publix has hand sanitizer wipes at the entrance. Would that work for you?

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Satiella - 105 d ago

They should also not allow those carts to go outside where birds can poop or other animals could crawl all over them.

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