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Rent a Center

5501 Headquarters Dr.
Plano, TX
Mark Speese
Chairman and CEO
(972) 801-1100
(866) 260-1424
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Fedthefuckup - 2 d 2 h ago


Store #1379 sucks harassing reminder calls to cell and work. Who needs reminders peaple know when there bill are due. They try scare tactics come on now really for late payments I have been with rac for a while paid of a few things different store different peaple same ole shit this is my last round with them all.

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Malisha C - 2 d 14 h ago

I have been a loyal rentacenter customer for about 8 yrs .i have used the price match in terrell tx had no issue but i moved to farmersville and this year i asked for it from my store in greenville i was gonna buy a note 8 as i had enjoyed my note 5 that i had price matched 2 yrs ago. I was told that due to it being a new item they wouldnt honor it and told me they only matched prices to stores like Aarons. The sign says any competitors ..i use smartpay thru straighttalk which gives u either cash price or installments. I was gonna do same as cash price 90 days . I brought in the paperwork from internet showing phone and price . If you dont honor this u may want to change your signs. I will no longer use this rentacenter as customer service is crappy there ..i would like someone to call me if possible . My cell is (hidden) i work til 4 most days . I hope u understand i love rentacenter but this issue has left me questioning why u would turn down a sale. Ty

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Anonymous - 6 d 18 h ago


Kaneohe ; Hawaii

The manager there ; I think it's Kaipo ; he is an ass : always acting like he knows everything when his other employees know just as much : he is never in the store and seems like he is never doing any work : That guy koa is cool tho

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Anonymous - 7 d 19 h ago


Could someone please explain to me how it's appropriate to wear stretch pants and high heels and low cut shirts as business attire to come to peoples homes to remove unwanted items you are returning? I've seen street hookers wear more clothes and dress better than the women at our local Rent a Center at Portland Indiana

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

I had rented a Lenovo Desk top in December 2017 and Iam still paying for it I had made two payments on time on January 27 I was late and asked can I pay on Thursday of Friday with the late fees no problem but sad your district manager for Lancaster Pa Manor shopping Mall Renta center said no payments after Wednesday I've been a costomer with Renta center for years many years I've paid off my flat screen Mac book air two Xbox 360 Apple IPad all my items paid off this happened for 1 late payment sorry like I said I will be returning the Desk top this evening thank u for your time but I will never return again and when friends and family ask about Renta center it will not be a nice thing to say Renta center say as costumers we are family false advertisement

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April - 8 d ago


The Jacksonville rent a center on Norwood Ave. Keeps calling my husbands phone and harassing and bullying us. Back in November or October, someone kept calling and harassing us for one payment for $65 and then the same day they called back and said the payment didn't go through. I'm like ok so I gave them my card number again. And then 2 Weeks later someone at RAC tried to use our credit card to make a purchase. So we got a new credit card. Then at the end of December 29th, we paid for a week and then we pay for 2 more weeks on the same day to the 13th. My husband didn't get paid until the 18th. Which they knew that and they still don't care. Trying to talk to them on the phone is useless they try to rush you off the phone threaten, and bully you when we try to explain why we can't pay them because we have rent to pay and that we are trying to move. We are a month behind on rent late with bills because of them. Now they are calling constantly, knocking on my door and bullying us for a two-week late payment for a $125 with late fees which that's nothing. When we first moved down here they let us go a whole month without paying. Their services are terrible.

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April Casteel - 9 d 14 h ago


My husband and I rent from the one in Wichita Falls and there is one employee that came to my house today after I got off work and got rude with me and my mom and she told me that I knew what was going on after they had talked to my husband and I had been at work and then she yelled well then we will press charges on us and we also let them know that the week before that we had been in the hospital with the flu and also him maybe getting his pancreas taken out and when we got back to work we would get them cough up we have keep them informed on everything I wanted to hit the one that came to my house today after 5pm and told my mom that she lied

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Melody Seevers - 11 d ago


so since my washer is being fixed that the millersburg ohio office has had for over a month getting it fixed i can't pay it off so you can force me past my 90 same as cash option and i will have to cont to make weekly payments this sucks them having it for so long makes me think they are keeping it intentionally to force to cont weekly payments instead of paying it off this sucks

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Anonymous - 12 d 20 h ago


The manager that works at 4805-B Buena Vista Road location in Columbus, Georgia is very rude, unprofessional, has a nasty demeanor, lacks customer service and talks to her employees any type of way in front of customers. I wouldn't recommend this store if they were giving their items away free. I went to another rental place and got a television. I didn't want to deal with any other RAC due to my first impression in that one.

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@sharkacenter rip off!!! - 11 d 14 h ago


Same at all their locations. Worst customer service expirence I have ever seen. All they are doing is stealing your money. #rentshark!

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Anonymous - 13 d 6 m ago

Cant get anyone not even the district manager to call us back BATESBURG SC store is ran in a rude and predigdious manner AL looks out for AL and friends

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Anonymous - 13 d 23 h ago


Your employees at the rent a center on 7227 frankford ave are all rude people especially the fat Spanish guy with glasses . He has intentionally blocked people in with the van and the cargo truck and has refused to move both vehicles when he has been asked nicely and he also curses out other people when he when he is asked. They also think they own the parking lot they double Park all the time and at the end of the night Bay Park right in the middle of the parking lot sort of they Park in a no-parking Zone people can't get around them. I think it's in your best interest to do an evaluation of this club on 7227 Frankford Ave. Again they are rude employees and I would never recommend anybody to go in there the store is dirty and grimy. If you don't like having employees like that then I suggest you do an investigation and evaluation of your employees

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Van Toliver - 13 d 19 h ago

They need to clean up behind their's awlful

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Anonymous - 15 d 47 s ago


Your store in Dothan Alabama is Ridiculious!!!!!!!! When I say your Manager is rude and obnoxious, he really is. I have been sick and in the hospital for like 3 weeks. So your manager called me and I answered my phone I told him I would be in this Friday to make my bill current he told me that I couldn't that I had to make a payment over the phone which I told him that I was paying cash. He told me I couldn't that I usually pay with a card so why I couldn't pay now . I told him I was paying cash but he insisted I pay with a card. Then he continues on to say that they have been by my house. Which I know they haven't because they would know I haven't been home. Also the harassment calls is crazy!!!! I told the manager I was going to pay off my account so he tried to intimidate me by saying that it would cost me a lot of money that's not a problem I told him he continues to tell me about my paycheck isn't going to cover it and all this other stuff. Its none of his business when I get paid or what job I work long as I pay my bill. so with that being said ...I will not be referring anyone else to 1811 E. Main street #2...

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K.Lewis - 16 d 15 h ago


The rent a center in Bayshore ny is terrible the communication between employees and customers is horrible they call customer excessively on the date of rent even when it's not late i was called at least 10 times while at work they are terrible ....when I first rented the manager lied about the delivery date and proceeded to tell me " No thats that's the date I told him " i stayed impossible because this is my son's birthday I did not agree to that day sir to the fact i was taking him out ...they are very inappropriate in business matters

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Anonymous - 16 d 16 h ago

My name is Michael fayson I am really mad now your people keep calling me and hanging up that is bull something had to be done about I am really mad about this some one has to call me from the main office at (hidden) Like Monday morning

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Anonymous - 16 d 17 h ago


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tee - 16 d 18 h ago


I'm.tired of manager Dashon Lee talking to me in a hostile condescending manner. I hade identity theft money taken out of my acct. Never more than 2days late eviction crisis etc.I've been a loyal customer for years. I'm tired of this poor customer service at willow long Beqch store. He act as if theee was no one higher than him in management I can speak with. I will sue this coteempany for harassment if this level of disrespect continues.

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Kevin Passaro - 17 d 49 m ago


I am using Rent a centers service in Moncks Corner,SC and as long as you abide by the contract that YOU agreed to. It's relatively easy and hassle Free. However if you miss one payment be prepared for every person you know and Every place you worked to get relentless phone calls. Pounding on your Door 2,3,4 times a day. They do not knock. Your treated as if you are below them. They will not stop until you make that payment or return equipment. I had an accident that put me out of work for 7 months and we did everything we could to keep in good standing. We kept in close contact and even asked if we could make some other arrangements like, defer unpaid payments to end of loan(NOPE), Partial payment,(NOPE). Half of the payment now and Half later (NOPE). THEY EVEN REFUSED PAYMENT BECAUSE IT WASN'T ENOUGH TO BRING IT CURRENT. By now I'm 4 weekly payments behind and if I had Stock in Verizon or AT&T I would be able to buy the store with the phone calls. After 5 weeks,mind you I talked to them daily and just my phone alone had 117 calls from them. So don't believe it when they say they will be glad to work with you. I understand they have a job to do and I can respect that but this has become harassment. When you tell them you don't have the money or means to pay, they instantly turn into Rude, persistent and ruthless, Demanding payment. They even drove across my leach field parked there van on my septic tank. You can clearly see where I drive and park daily. They cut across the grass and drove right over the septic system and tank. Now I have a 5'x5'x 12" crater in my yard. I'm having it inspected for cost of damage and a report was already taken.. The Service is good if you take advantage of it. It seems like a rip-off but where else can you get a 65" TV delivered, installed and warrantied. If it breaks the night before the Superbowl,they give you a replacement right away while yours is getting fixed. This goes for Every product they lease. You can trade in and up grade any time. Always have the newest trend or if you get board with it get something else. No other appliance, furniture or electronics store does that.

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Amy Haligus - 18 d 9 h ago


The Rent A CENTER in Statesville NC is absolutely ridiculous! The employee's are rude and incompetent. I rented a ps4 for my son with intentions of purchasing within 90 days well today that will change! I was out of town due to a death in my family and when I returned I called and explained what had happened they was very rude so I signed up for auto pay after the rude employee received my card number I was hung up on but my card was charged. I just received a phone call from 2 people that I put down as references one being my sick mother informing me of the phone calls made to them. These incompetent idiots have not charged my card but instead call my friends and family! Needles to say the ps4 will be going back today and I'll never do business with this rude and lack of common sense company again!!!!

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Anonymous - 18 d 38 m ago

So your cell phone didn't work?

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Donald Trump - 17 d 46 m ago

Your a douchebag for even replying with a comment like that. You must be one of the incompetent idiots she's talking about.

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Carl - 17 d 24 h ago


Currently renting a washer, dryer, and living room suite from the store in Knightdale, NC. Have had our furniture about 1 month. I'm now on my second dryer, and THIRD washer! After telling them what I wanted they delivered the exact opposite of what I asked for. My bill is supposed to be 56.00 a week, they charged me 72.00 last week and after several phone calls to get it straightened out, they had no idea why they couldn't reduce it or even fix it online so I could pay the correct amount. Ridiculous employees, delivery was 5 hours late initially, and the 1st service call on my dryer took 3 days to get a service call. Horrible place.

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Anonymous - 17 d 13 h ago

Hi I'm an apartment manager of Curtis Moore apartments in Greenwood Ms one of your drivers has gotten stuck on my apartments ground I have inspection coming up I also reported to store manager. I also have pictures of truck while still stuck we really don't allow parking on grass because of several reason water lines are one reason. J

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Jakie Valencia - 18 d 2 s ago


I'm from Colo I just moved to Santa Fe . One of your Managers his Name tag Said Manuel he's dark complected short and fat. I wonted to rent a bedroom set. He told me I could get it free if i go on a date with him. I told him I'm married. This man needs to be fired before this company gets into alot of trouble. He's gonna have to deal with my husband now. That's not how to run a company. Not professional at all. I will never go back to Renta Center and I will let everyone know about this pervert.

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