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Rite Aid

30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, PA
(717) 761-2633
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Cacharmergirl - 5 d 12 h ago


I have been dealing with the Oroville,California rite aide for 20 years. The last few years they have a new pharmacy manager David. He has lost my perscrptions several times, or tells me he never got the perscrptions from the doctor and Doctor said they have sent it several times. I have gone anywhere from 2weeks to 3 months with out my medicine because of him. Now after not having them for over a week. He tells me he will not fill any of my medications. And to find another pharmacy. I have tried all other pharmacies in the area but because I have a norcotice no one will take my perscriptions. And I ave complained several times to corporate office but nothing has been done about it. So here I am a disabled senior and can't get my medications.

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Anonymous - 5 d 16 h ago


I stopped shopping @ rite aid due to the consistent increase of pricing. I live on a limited income & their prices are astronomical!! It's just increasing pure greed, plain & simple!! Your actually losing money from those of us who no longer shop there. Due 2 weather conditions i was forced 2 enter the store after several years, your price on a 5oz can of tuna was @ an outrageous price of $2.29 which is ridiculous & basically a gallons worth of gas!!! Get real people!!!

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Anonymous (for fear of retribution) - 5 d 16 h ago


We've dealt with Rite Aid stores ever since we lived in Harrisburg, Pa. in 1972. We feel almost like family after all these years. Alas, here in our hometown of Ashland, Oregon, things have been going steadily downhill in the pharmacy. We're a community with many older people (myself included) and I assume we are one of your big profit centers because we all have a dozen prescriptions that need to be refilled regularly. It now takes overnight to get a prescription filled, and sometimes longer. Yesterday, I submitted a new script and they just shook their heads NO when I asked if I could have it before I left the store in half and hour (along with several other meds ordered earlier). The head shaking, lack of compassion and absolute inflexibility is tough to handle when you've been a long-time customer. Actually, no matter who you are!

I'm giving 2 stars for the two staff members who remain pleasant and accommodating. Has customer service gone out of style?

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Matt - 5 d 19 h ago


Horrible service in Somerset Ma. Have to constantly wait over 2 hours for a script to be filled

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ANDREA Fosler - 6 d 17 h ago

My area pharmacy stink so bad in they are the most Reisterstown Md They never have anything right they always drop the ball and the people are just plain not with it they stink I really need to find another pharmacy to go to they suck they get no stars

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Unknown - 8 d ago


Rite Aid in Claremont NH is a joke, let me specify. The pharmacy department. Rude people and will not be going back to the pharmacy for anything in Claremont NH. Have gone to the one in Newport NH over 20 years and never had any issues. Go to Claremont pharmacy at Rite Aid and very slow and very rude, at least the lady with black hair and wears white pharmacy coat at times. I have written the headquarters over this but nothing in return. There is so much to write but very rude and unprofessional and make you fee l uncomfortable. Will never go back and will pass this on and maybe take this to the news press and so fourth.. headquarters does not care. Thank you

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Anonymous - 9 d ago


My name is Ronald Hall. I and my wife, Kim want Corp Riteaid ro Know what great people you have at your store in waynesboro, Pa. Pharmicist William and Dauw (spelling ) go the extamile to Answer any and all questions. The ladies who work with them are so gentle and compassionate especially dealing with a senior citizen who is ready to collapse when told how much the prescription cost. Kudos to them and the rest of the store employees at the store.

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Livid Mom - 33 d 16 h ago


I am disgusted with how the rite aid corp has no regard to the safety of their employees! In our area of South Carolina we are under an extreme weather advisement and Rite aid, unlike any other business, has decided to remain open. We are expecting 6 inches of snow and have absolutely no equipment to keep roads safe. News channels are telling everyone to stay home or where they are due to safety issues. The roads and bridges have already iced over. They could have sent our family members home early enough to not get trapped or endanger them. Instead they are staying open for all those customers that WONT BE COMING in to spend their money ! THUMBS DOWN TO RITE AID!!! They better hope my daughter makes it home safe!!!!

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Natalie - 33 d 19 s ago

I share your sentiments. I am in New Jersey. I find it outrageous that there is such a huge lack of concern for employees safety. Everyone has been advised to stay home, even huge banks like Chase & Santander are closing. RiteAid's money hungry mindset doesn't allow them to see & protect the value in their employees' safety. Disgusting is an understatement.

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Anonymous - 14 d 14 h ago

If your daughter read the workplace handbook it specifically states that if she needs to leave early due to bad weather or anything she can, she just has to notify management first, maybe she just wanted to be away from you

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Anonymous - 21 d 10 h ago

When I went to rite aid on 1/10/18 at 8:37 am I bought something and tried to pay with two different credit cards so the cashier said that I cannot pay with 2 different cards and that it must be with cash and 1 card payment when I talked to the supervisor the next day they told me that i can do that that cashier ID# 54900425. I don't know why she needs to harass me.

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Anonymous - 14 d 16 h ago

That's not harassment. OMG

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Anonymous - 14 d 14 h ago

You must be a Democrat being that easily offended

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Ms A - 23 d 41 s ago


Rite Aid Store #02351 302 W Robb Ave Lima, Ohio 45(hidden)846 Linda is Very Rude and Obnoxious! I said excuse me and asked her a question about Western Union and she ignored me and when I confronted her she walked away and muttered something under her breath. I told Karen and she said she probably was busy and just passed it off as if the issue wasn't important enough to address. When you work in the public, you should know how to treat people but Linda does not know how. She is very unprofessional and her asst manager, Karen is too. That is why Linda acts as she does bc Karen lets her act that way and she is no better! The Corporation should read these reviews and act on them accordingly! Sometimes, we can think our jobs are so secure that we can treat people bad in the process. Very crappy service and Customer Service has long gone out of the window at Rite Aide. Nasty! I will never use that store again and hadn't used Rite Aide in at least 10 years and it will be another 10. I see why I changed my rxs from another Rite Aide years ago!

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Anonymous - 14 d 16 h ago

Ok, so you didn't shop here before, and now you want to complain and say you won't shop here again. Well, don't shop here. Go back to where ever you used to shop at!

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Anonymous - 14 d 14 h ago

Maybe your just a pain in the ass

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Jacob Cook - 26 d ago


Well I have waited to see what if anything was going to be done about the profiling and defamation and slanderous treatment I recieved on new years eve at your store in yakima,WA and if I dont get a call or figure this out This Disabled Veteran Eagle Scout is going to start telling my fucked up treatment I recieved at your 5th AVE store. But first I will appoint the best lawyer I can find and see you all in court. My phone # is (hidden) I hope I hear from you all real soon

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Anonymous - 14 d 16 h ago

Go ahead and call your lawyer about your fucked up treatment. Maybe, just maybe you're a pain in the ass customer! Get a life. I'm a Vet too

and I sure in the hell don't act like you do. Pathetic

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Anono - 14 d 14 h ago

Your fucking retarded, your just a money seeking piece of shit lmao good luck getting anything from them.

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Amanda Musante - 18 d 20 h ago

I was just in your Monroe location on Applegarth Road. I politely asked the gentleman that was stocking the shampoo aisle if he can unlock the perfume for me. The man got up and we walked two feet away where the perfume was located and unlocked it. He seemed very bothered by me, I felt the need to apologize to him for interrupting him. He has nkt said one word. I saw the legume was on for 15.99$ and it was the same one (I thought), so I asked him if they price match. He. "no!" Right away. I then showed him which one I wanted, he grabbed it and when I brought up price matching he grunted about going to get the device they use to scan items . The item was ticketed and rang for 44$. I asked him very nicely why online is it this price and showed him my phone. He barely looked at it and said "it's the wrong thing, I don't know what You have pulled up!" Look, I work in retail and I understand that everyone has bad days and sometimes it can be frustrating to deal with the public however, this man did not want anything to do with me! I left there feeling very belittled by him. And will not be shopping at Rite aid anymore. That was a prime example of poor customer service

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Joshua Yourex - 20 d 18 h ago


Upon talking to the receptionist at my local Rite Aid (Cooper point blvd, Olympia Wa. 98502), i asked her to remove my phone number from the system due to repeated calls. Marcella, a tech that was in the back ground listening, then laughed at me when i asked if the tech had my number and info still. I asked if she laughed at me, and she said "Ya. You think she's dumb or something?" I said "No. I just wanted to make sure she still had my info on hand." EXTREMELY RUDE STAFF!!!!!

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Anita Bushman - 29 d ago


I was a loyal Riteaide customer spending 25 to 150 a trip Often I would go into the store while the employees stayed outside smoking On one visit i had to get them to ring me out.{:oh we thought you would be longerAnother Incident i bought a money order and "she forgot to give it to me " Had to prove it with my receipt then she tore it out of the machinee My son is autisitc they say inapproriate things to him. "I was there one night as we were leaving we said goodbye Then the woman started yelling "Why dont you call Omaha and then started screaming she killed my baby there had been a incident[ we were walking away] I had lost a grandchild. The other employee was I feel afraid of the one yelling and said something I didnt go in there for several months I went in there last nite It was tense Why and Where is this tolerated at Fearful customer

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Beverly Gibb - 35 d 20 h ago


Just want to let you know I have filed a complaint with NBOP and ADA against Lisa Kohnes at Rite aid at 810 E. 29th, Spokane, WA due to discrimination and unethical medical practice.

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Unsatisfied Shopper - 36 d 14 h ago


I needed a new deck of Bicycle playing cards and went to your Liberty, OH location on Sat. 12/30 at approx. 7:30pm. I knew something was off when I noticed the blue sticker off center, but thought, no real problem there. However, this No.92 deck has rough edges, and the cards aren't as sturdy.

How can you not be aware that you're selling counterfeit merchandise?

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Wrong Aid not Rite - 49 d ago


Rite Aid Holt Mi 2263 Cedar. Sold me wrong prescription.

I have a heart condition. On my prior visit to pickup a new medication my doctor had called in i told the pharmacist that my doctor was discontinuing ( Metoprocol) and starting me on this new medication. She filled the new medication. I return to get my refills, pickup and then return home. In the morning i discover they had gave me the medication i had told the pharmacist the doctor had discontinued. After work i returned the prescription and they did not apologize or reimburse me. I had to pay my copay again for the right meds.

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