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Wences - 4 d 17 h ago


To whom it May concern;

I have tried to resolve this issue for almost 2 years. Our family became season pass holder, 5 of us, on 2016 and signed up for the monthly payment plan using our credit card. We had an incident on Father day 2 years ago on which we were disrespected and treated extremely bad at your Baltiomre. MD park and left 30 minuts after we arrived. Right before we left I spoke with the Park Manager and asked him that our membership be terminated. He assured me that it was going to be.

in early 2017, I checked my credit card statements in depth and realized that nothig had ben done as far as stopping the automatic payments (my credit card also tried to reach out). I contacted your HQs, Baltimore park and spoke with at both places with your customer relations which assured me that it was going to be terminated and the charges would stop. I even wrote a letter, last year, to your new CEO Mr. Reid-Anderson but neither him nor customer relations had the courtesey to acknoledge my concerns and I am still waiting for a response.

Out of my 25 years in the service I have never experienced nor wiitnesses such a high level of mediocracy, lack of concern and disrespect.

I urged you to please reach out to me so the payments stop and this matter gets resolved.

Please reach out to me at (hidden)


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Willie Dickfingers - 5 d 16 h ago


Dear Six Flags,

Maybe it's time to start reading and responding to your customer reviews. It would appear from the few comments that I have read, that you are intentionally running your company like a group of juvenile lifeguards who enjoy blowing the whistle for adult swim when there are no adults present at the pool. Or perhaps your parks are merely friendly cover for the petty crime syndicate you have created to bilk paying customers out of lost items and online purchases, one transaction at a time.

I will rue the day when you lose a class action lawsuit to which you will have to pay millions of dollars and be forced to stand out side for hours on end while eating a stale fifteen dollar hotdog, only to get on a ride that wasn't properly inspected, veers off its tracks and decapitates you. All to the sound of big splash and a cheer courtesy of the masses you chose to ignore.


William Dickfingers

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Sherman Lee - 6 d 45 s ago


STOP !!!!! LOOK LEARN AND LISTEN to the numerous reviews posted below!!!!!! Clearly this Corporation does not value the paying customers. Guest Relations has reduced you to an e-mail address as several complaints revolve around no human being ever answering a phone. Personally 3 phone calls to The Guest Services Manager of Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Ca. produced nothing. As I advance to corporate and this web page I'm shocked by the repeatitive comments left about employees that are; evidence of criminal behavior, poor customer service and simply rude and or disrespectful employees. Some may embellish the situations but the numerous negatitive comments can only lead me to believe the majority of these situations are real. THIS IS NOT AN ENVIRONMENT I WANT MY CHILDREN AROUND!

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Crystal Moy - 6 d 19 h ago

I went to Six Flags for Halloween and it was pretty cool. But I think they might have originally gone overboard with some of their ideas; the rain put an end to that kind of fun however. And so I was "saved"- or according to me and what I said to my mother. Anyway, I was mildly disappointed at not being able to ride some of the coasters that had promised to be operational under those conditions.

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Jeff Brown - 15 d 4 h ago


I have a challenge for you guys. My family and I have been long time six flags customers here in st. louis. We often travel to chicago and atlanta to neighboring six flags parks as well. We absolutely love amusement parks. My issue is getting any type of customer service from the st louis park because its virtually impossible. My challenge for you is to pick up your phone right now and try getting anyone in st louis on the phone to discuss a complaint or issue. I have emailed, phoned, stood in line at guest relations for over an hour and get nothing. You simply cant get help. Now they are emailing me 3 to 4 times a day with an automated email that is threatening to collect a debt. It says to go on and click on "make a payment". When i go to there is no button that says make a payment so is this a scam mail? My account is automatically deducted so I have no idea why they keep emailing me. When I try to reach guest relations or anyone breathing nobody ever responds. This is the 4th or 5th time I've attempted to get in touch with them over the years and they never never answer. I did something a little crazy this past Friday. I called several other six flags parks across the country and I was able to speak with a live person in a matter of minutes. When I call st louis i get nothing. Accept the challenge. Try getting anyone in st louis on the phone. We truly want to keep being valued customers of six flags but if i'm not going to be treated with respect and hospitality then we will go elsewhere. Please respond. (hidden)

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Vincent - 18 d 17 h ago


We had a horrible experience at 6 Flags New England two months ago. We had an iPhone stolen by an employee. We were able to locate it through an Apple app. The employee had brought it to his residence. With the assistance of Springfield police officers, we were able to retrieve the phone from the employee. Throughout the ordeal, 6 Flags employees were indignant, uncooperative and disrespectful. They provided no assistance whatsoever. We were left to our own resources to locate the thief and the phone. The employee was charged with larceny. Afterwards, I contacted 6 Flags and was speaking with Ciarra McNally, who promised to look into the matter and get back to us. I provided all information requested, including police reports. We have not heard back from Ms. McNally. The website is remarkably useless when trying to contact management or the corporate office. After reading the complaints from so many other patrons, it appears this may be by design. Perhaps managent has decided that making it difficult might discourage complaints. In our case, it has made us more determined to make 6 Flags accountable for its actions and the actions of its employees. My name is Vincent. I request an immediate call at (hidden).

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RollerCoasterFan - 37 d 17 h ago


App said park was open but it was closed. Contacted support and they were not helpful. Go to Cedar Fair instead.

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BKelloggSr - 65 d 22 h ago


Eliminating the Confederate States of America flag is pandering to shrill ignorance. I am genuinely surprised at your lack of principled leadership. I believe that others recognize the lameness also. May you regret this example of superficial and shallow thought.

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Brandon Greas - 72 d 11 h ago


I just had the WORST and most disgraceful customer experience I have EVER had in my entire life and at Great Adventure with a person whose name is Shawn Mcglaughlin (not sure of the correct spelling ?). Shawn is supposed to be a manager of Guest relations which is the BIGGEST joke ever!!! He was the most arrogant, obnoxious, cocky, unfriendly, unhelpful, non- customer service person I have ever spoken with in my entire life! He stated to me that he was the corporate office liason - which I find to be the biggest joke and lie I have ever been fed in my life! He is nothing but a 20 year old who has a stick up his ass and is the most unwilling/ uncooperative/ unfriendly person I have ever had to try to talk with. Basically the conversation escalated way beyond anything anyone could ever have imagine because instead of him trying to help me or offer me any alternatives- he offered nothing but sarcasm, talking down to me like I was a worthless piece of shit and much ridicule! It was an embarrassment!!! And if that wasn't bad enough I had 3 people with me who are my witnesses! In addition to another customer behind me just as disgusted by this so called managers behavior, demeanor and lack of any compassion or caring! At this point, I am asking someone who is way above Shawn to contact me so I can explain what happened, what my issue is and to see if any disciplinary action can be taken against possibly the biggest asshole I have ever had the unpleasant and unfortunate encounter with there tonight. I am tempted to go further with this Abd what I experienced at Great Adventure tonight and by the way- not ONE of your other employees even attempted to step in to try to help resolve this or to redirect the anger/sarcasm he was projecting back at me. I have never in my life been treated the way I was tonight- if this is what you have representing your company, you should not even be in business going forward. I have been a season pass holder for several years and this experience will be plastered all over Yelp, glass door and any other area I see fit to discourage anyone from becoming a season pass holder there. So please call me back ASAP so I can explain what happened and we can see if the issue can be resolved without me having to go further. This experience completely ruined my Christmas spirit and gave me such a negative taste in my mouth regarding ever giving you another season of business or any more of my hard earned money. I would appreciate it if you have someone call us back ASAP to discuss exactly what happened further. Thank you!

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Jada Cason - 72 d 12 h ago


Six flags is a amazing amusement park but over the years there has been some minor changes. Like there customer service, these young workers disrespect us older people's. For example I was at "gold rush chicken shack they rolled they eyes and cocked a attitude with me because I asked for hot fries. They should have had hot fries. But a few other mistakes but that's about it six flags is amazing thanks for reading

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Russell Hall - 79 d ago


Hello my name is Russell Hall. My son Joshua Hall lost his phone on the Riddler last Sunday November 12. He was told by park workers and security that mantaince could recover his phone after the park closed but has since been getting the run-around. He could see the phone at the time but was not aloud to get it. I am concerned that your business should not make promises that they do not intend to keep. That is not good business practice or a way to treat guest. I would greatly appreciate a call about this matter. Russell Hall (hidden). I will be in the Dallas Arlington area tomorrow if there is any way to resolve this matter. Thank you.

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Newtina Mitchell - 83 d 18 h ago


I came on here to see if there was a way to contact the corporate office without getting an answering machine but I guess this is the digital answering machine. Doesn't look like anyone is replying to any of these issues but I guess I will give it a try.

On May 31st 2017 I received a welcome letter saying I signed up for a memebership. It was on one of my credit cards in a pending status. As soon as I seen it I called and told the customer service rep this was not my member ship and to please cancel the transaction before it went through on my card. They refused and told me I could not cancel even if I did not start the membership and then they told me to dispute it through my credit card. Every month since then Six Flag over Georgia continues to try to charge me and my credit card company disputes the charge and credits me back the amount. Finally last month I told them to please stop allowing them to charge my card because it put my card over the limit. This month I got an e-mail saying my payment is late. Even though they told me they could not cancel it I had to dispute it through my credit card. So why if I have been disputing this since May of last year does your organization still continue to try to charge me for a membership I did not start and have not used at all. I have called the corporate office and left more than one message. I have used the chat feature, I have e-mailed. I have called six flags in Georgia and yet I am still being harassed. I have never received a response from corporate and six flags over Georgia said they will not take my calls or respond to my e-mails because I told them they should be reported to the BBB for their cancelation policy, especially if you call before the transaction is even complete. I have an e-mail with them telling me they will not respond but yet they continue to try to charge me not only a membership fee but a cancellation fee for something that I did not start. The last thing I got from them is I need to file a police report even though the last time they told me I need to dispute it through my credit card company. It would seem as if no matter what I do they are going to try to continue harassing me with charges. If it ends up on my credit report for an account I did not start. I will tell my story as far and wide as I can to let people know how people are treated through this organization. They make it almost impossible to talk to a real person and then when you do get through they do not help. I even let them know that I am in the military and don't even live in that area so even if I wanted to use this membership that I never started to at least make it worth the trouble I can't.

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Thelma Cohen - 88 d 15 h ago


My son lost his phone on Octuber 15 until today they keep telling him they will contact him when they found it He has travel several times to the park has call living Emails And voice masges severals times . l have try to contact corporation to bring the attention to then but no one calls back or write back. when my son lost his phone they told him only employes can get under the name of the ride Scream once the park close . I beat you they already Have found it but one of there Employee have pack it up .. I am a very disapoited Mom .

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D. Williams - 90 d 21 h ago


On June 16, 2017 I purchased pass after receiving a flash sale alert for previous members that states: LAST PRIVATE SALE EVER ON 2017 SEASON PASSES. SAVE OVER 70%. This is our last private sale on 2017 Season Passes! Offer expires Monday, June 19, 2017 at 11:59 PM. Limited quantities available: You may buy up to three Six Flags Over Texas Gold Season Pass(es) or Membership(s). This deal is NOT available to the public. It is not transferrable. It is only available online. We will never offer you a better deal on 2017 Passes!

Then I receive another sale that seemed to be even better On September 1st "We Want You Back" offer Save over 75%, pay less than the public, and get exclusive bonus benefits when you buy a Season Pass during our once-a-year Flash Sale. Don't miss our best Season Pass special offer of the year! For five days only (Aug. 31-Sept. 4) you can buy 2018 Season Passes for only $62.99 or sign up for Memberships for only $5.25/mo. That's less than what we're offering on our website! Save over 75% off the full Season Pass price of $251.99. Buy now and get exclusive bonus benefits not available to the general public! So, I purchase this in full for the following year, realize that there still charging me monthly for the previous account and call them before the following year for a refund and I am told that that's not possible to get a refund the year is almost over! I then ask this agent for address and his name to have someone assist me with what seems to be an ongoing problem. He hangs up in my face! This is very ridiculous and I am offended that this is how they assist there customers at the call center.

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Daryl Cutillo - 101 d 14 s ago

Guest relations not good!

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Shannon - 102 d 14 h ago


I sent the first email on 10/16 and multiple emails since and still have not received a response. I just want my membership canceled. I am being ignored because they don't want to deal with this situation they caused. It is not ok to treat people the way we were treated at your park and since this is the second incident at this park I am not willing to just let it go. My husband, daughter and I used our passes for the first time this season on Monday 10/16/17. When we were getting ready to leave we stopped in a shop and I bought a tshirt. There was no price tag on the tshirt so the employee went looking for one with a price tag couldn't find the shirt so I went and got one that had a price tag. He proceeded to ask me if I wanted both shirts to which I told him no I only brought the other one so he could scan the price. I told him I would take the one that didn't have a tag and he could put the one with the tag back that way they didn't have to worry about having to put a price tag on the shirt missing one. He seemed extremely confused and unsure of what he was doing. This should have been my first clue. I put my card in the machine, punched in my pin # and the cashier bagged my item. I then asked him why the discounts on my membership card weren't working and he called over another employee who told me they only work certain times of year usually in spring and asked me if I wanted to speak to a manager. I told him no I was over it, got my bank card from the machine the cashier handed me my bag with my tshirt and we left. We went to another shop and got another souvenir, then got Dipping Dots. As we were leaving the park I noticed my receipt for my tshirt wasn't in my bag and my husband asked if I wanted to go back and get it. I thought nothing of it and said no I would just look in our account later for the total amount. When we reached the parking lot 2 security guards stopped us and stated that I stole a shirt from the park. They then separated my husband and I and questioned us separately. We both gave the same explanation as my husband witnessed me putting the my card in the machine, entering my pin, andthe employee handing me the bag with the shirt. I gave them the bag with the shirt and we were told we needed to wait for loss prevention to figure out what happened and that if the park was at fault for the situation that we would be compensated, but I'm sorry there is no compensation for being accused of being a criminal. My husband, daughter and I proceeded to stand in the parking lot for almost an hour while I was being accused of being a thief.I was told by security there was no reason for me to be upset WHY because I should be ok with being called a thief even though I just spent a whole lot of money in your park. When they finally came back over to us after almost a HOUR of standing in the parking lot I'm told they can't prove either way whether I paid for the shirt or not, that the employee said I canceled the transaction and took the shirt from him both of which again are untrue as I never pushed any buttons except my pin number and the cashier handed me the bag which again my husband and daughter witnessed. The security guard then handed me the bag with the shirt and said ok you can go now. So ONE it's very obvious the employee at the store made a mistake but of course they aren't going to admit that. He makes a mistake so he accuses me of stealing so he doesn't get in trouble. If for some reason the transaction got canceled or didn't go through why did he hand me the shirt and WHY didn't he say something before we left the store instead of waiting until after we leave and then accuse me of stealing. TWO if someone is going to steal something I highly doubt if they would go to the counter put their bank card in the machine and punch in their pin # to pay for it. How do you then proceed to steal that item when the cashier hands it to you in a bag? They don't apologize for accusing me of being a thief, they don't apologize for making us stand in a parking lot for almost an hour, don't apologize forembarrassingus in front of all the patrons that are seeing and hearing thisand my compensation is I get to keep the shirt I supposedly stole.

We had a incident at your park in July of 2016. We (myself, husband daughter and son) were waiting in line to go through security and a woman cut in line in front of my daughter. I said something to her and she threatened me with physical harm, than her and her party proceeded to start surrounding me like they were going to gang beat me. Security pulled them aside and told them they needed to stay away from us in the park. Security then told my family we should avoid them in the park and if they bother us or we feel threatened to find security. They cut in line and threatened us but were admitted anyway even though your signs say they should have been ejected and we had to worry that we might get jumped while we're in the park. My complaints about that incident were ignored as well. This is how you treat people!! This is a ABUSEMENT park not an amusement park. We will NEVER go to your park again let alone spend another penny with your company.I want my membership canceled. I will not continue to pay for something we will never use again. I was falsely accused,harassed, embarrassed, detained,and unnecessarily stressed when in the end the fault WAS with the park not with me! I should have demanded my moneyback for all the merchandise I purchased as I want nothing associatedwith your company name and you definitely don't deserve my hard earned money! Stop ignoring my emails!

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John Singleton - 106 d ago



My name is John Singleton and my wife is Cheryl Wills who is a News Anchor for New York One News in Manhattan.My son John lost his iPhone 6s on the El Toro Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure in N.J. on Saturday Oct. 22. We used find my iPhone 6s and located it by your rollercoaster. We went to the lost and found office and got a claim number 6835349. I also filed an electronic claim on your website. That claim number is 6848290. Your employee asked us to send them the IMEI number. That number is (hidden)67183. When you find it, please return his phone to :

John Singleton

260 Prince Avenue

Freeport New York 11520

We will mail it to him in college. As with other notations on this site, we have found it difficult to speak with an actual person at Six Flags Great Adventure. Cheryl and I appreciate your assistance in advance. You may e-mail me at (hidden) or at (hidden). Cheryl can be reached at (hidden).

-John Singleton

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Mary Reagan - 106 d 1 h ago


I purchased 7 2018 tickets as a response to a flash sale email. Here is a picture of the email. img EXCLUSIVE RENEWAL OFFER FOR PASS HOLDERS Buy your 2018 Passes during our once-a-year Flash Sale and get bonus benefits, including: FREE upgrade to exclusive Gold level FREE visits for the rest of the 2017 Season FREE parking for 2017+2018 FREE friend ticket for Fright Fest FREE one-time skip the line pass We guarantee it is the best deal we will ever offer on 2018 Passes! LEARN MORE FLASH SALE RENEWAL OFFER Save over 70%, pay less than the general public, and receive benefits exclusively offered to our current Pass Holders when you renew your Season Pass during our once-a-year FLASH SALE. Don't miss our best Season Pass renewal opportunity of the year! For five days only (Aug. 31-Sept. 4) you can buy 2018 Season Passes for only $52.99 or sign up for Memberships for just $4.45/mo. Save over 70% off the full Season Pass price of $179.99. Buy now and receive our bonus renewal discount and special bonus items. To receive this special offer, use your personal gift code: FKVECDKGUL LEARN MORE Renew during the Flash Sale and we'll give you the following BONUS Pass Holder benefits: img Bonus Fall Ticket Receive a free bonus ticket for a friend when you buy during our sale. img $50 Bonus Savings You'll get an extra $50 worth of in-park savings (on top of the $300 in savings all Pass Holders get). img Pay Less than the Public Renew during the Flash Sale and get an exclusive offer only available to past Pass Holders. You'll also get everything we're offering the public when they buy during the Flash Sale: img Unlimited Visits in 2017 + 2018 We'll let you use your 2018 pass to visit for the rest of this year. (Season Passes only) (Season Passes only) img Free Upgrade to our Gold Level It's the most exclusive pass level we offer and you get it free. img Free Parking in 2017 + 2018 Parking regularly costs $20 per visit. You get to park for free every visit. img Bonus Fright Fest Ticket Bring a Friend to Fright Fest free when you buy during the sale. img One-Time Skip the Line Pass No where on the email does it give an restrictions on the date of when you can use the fright fest friend free pass. I bought these tickets now so that my grandkids could bring friends free next weekend but on entering the park yesterday I was told the date was on October 6th. I would have never purschased the tickets at this time if that had been specified in the email as we already have 2017 passes. We were sent to three different areas before ending up in the hospitality building where the person was very rude and said that it specified on the back of the pass that we received when we entered the park that day. We inquired about a refund at which time she told us that we could have a refund because we already validated the tickets. I am extremely disappointed with the way I was treated.

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Lisa O'Laughlin - 106 d 4 h ago


On october 22, my son Kevin O'Laughlin,was at six flags great adventure in Jackson NJ and lost his car keys and phone on the el toro ride, guest relations was not very helpful or informative about recovery of these items, I filed an online report for lost items,((#6847203) it is going to rain here in NJ heavy on Tuesday, is it really too much to ask for someone to look under the El Toro ride for valuable iPhone 7 and lost car keys? I know you have park policy, but this is crazy! Six years ago he lost a phone, it was never recovered and we had no success in trying to communicate with he park, several emails were unanswered and phone calls ignored, I am thinking the only way to get someone to pay attention to this is to call the better business bureau and file a complaint/and or shame on you news cast. I think that we could try and work this out together first but I will not accept another loss without a bit of assistance on your staff to help. I will contact Neil Thurman today to see if I can get some answers, but please help!!!!

Lisa O'Laughlin

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WSA - 108 d 18 h ago


Message Text

I received an email with an offer which included a free bring a friend to Fright Fest at the VIP Flash Sale. The were no excluded dates listed anywhere on the email. Renew during the Flash Sale and we'll give you the following BONUS Pass Holder benefits: Bonus Fright Fest Ticket Bring a Friend to Fright Fest free when you buy during the sale. A learn more button was included which says: Access denied - You are not authorized to access this page. I am extremely unhappy with the customer service I have had the 3 times I have called into guest relations today (voice mail until 6pm), membership services (Ryan), and guest service (Carolyn). Unfortunately, I promised a little boy who has never been to Six Flags that I would take him today. I knew when I bought my passes during the VIP sale they included the bring a friend free for Fright Fest. Now the only option I have under benefits is the $49.99 option. I was told this offer has expired even though it was not clearly written anywhere on the email which was sent. My family of 6 has had season passes with Six Flags for over 7 years and I am appalled at how they are doing business today. A company who claims they care about customer satisfaction would not behave in this manner.

Thank you for your note!

This message is just to confirm receipt of the comment you recently left on the Six Flags Over Texas website about season pass special offers. Your message is being forwarded to the appropriate department and you will be contacted as soon as possible (definitely within seven days, but usually much sooner).

Thank you for your message, and have a great day!

Message Category

Season Pass Special Offers

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JP - 110 d ago

Need to speak to someone immediately. One season pass was renewed automatically without consent. I no longer live in the area and have not been to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jersey for over a year. I don't want to hear that I clicked checked off the box to continuously renew (which is not the case). I need someone to call me back. I just left a message, today (10/19/17), so we can rectify this error. Please call me. Thank you.

General profile image

Anonymous - 129 d 20 h ago


I purchased 7 passes on Sep 4, 2017 and have received nothing further except for a purchase confirmation. I am trying to follow up with someone to find out the status, and cannot get to a human being. Every attempt takes me to a web page, a menu, online complaint pages.....but all are dead ends as far as getting to a person who can actually help me. Absolutely terrible customer service. It cost me $511.00 for 7 passes that I am still waiting for. Help, Has anyone been able to get a phone number that takes you to a person!!!

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anonymous - 115 d 4 h ago

Take your confirmation email to the park they should process your pass there.

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DH - 116 d 18 h ago


Horrible customer service. On hold for an hour. I just want to return a flash pass to them. I will never visit a Six Flags attraction again.

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Anonymous - 117 d 18 h ago


They are real assholes

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