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Toys R Us

1 Geoffrey Way
Wayne, NJ
(973) 617-3500
(973) 617-4006
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no name - 4 d 12 h ago


What happen to Toys R Us! I know they turned a beautiful store, into a very dull store with no laughter. The brights walls are gone and walking threw the store was delightful Now a hugely mess in San Antonio, Tex . The problem is Corp! Yes, They are clueless! First, Corp people should work undercover in the stores to actually see how bad Toys R Us has become. I worked retail for many years and loved my job! But, I noticed ever year the Corp people would make their walk threw the store with their little group of people like a KING! Yes, King Corp people should get out of their offices and actually see what customers want in a store! Selling is fun to please people and make them happy, but the store needs to look great with color and bring back joy to a Toy Store. Why do you think people like Christmas fun! No excitement this is your answer!

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Anonymous - 14 d 17 h ago


Toys R Us in Sterling Va store number 8364. That store has hire only Spanish people 85-90% are Spanish and a few another entity of people are discriminated and humiliated of Gerry the Human Resource partner. She make a lots of favor to Spanish people and don't pay respect for another people in store. She act in that store like she is the owner and in fact she is not doing nothing there only make hard time for some people. By the time when she was supposed to hire people she call people for interview but she never show up. She is rude with customer and she try to tell everyone she had connections and nobody can do nothing. Is that company only for unprofessional people???? They have a nice lady at customer service, very helpful but every time that lady is sad and I hear that Gerry how she talk about that lady (I ask her name she said her name is Ella). I hear that Gerry talk about that lady like she is stupid and she must be fired and that only because she help a customer. I hope somebody with power of decision will read that review and take action.

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Lu - 13 d 19 h ago

I worked in the one in Brooklyn for more then 20 years. If a white person was hiring they only hired whites. This is not just in your neck of the woods. This is every where. I will say the Spanish employees worked harder then any one else. So what are you saying? working with the public is not easy.

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Ferdinand - 5 d 17 h ago


I am hispanic and I cannot say that in everyplace that I worked with fellow Spanish-speaker that they always worked the hardest. Don't generalize! I'm 57 years old, been a supervisor, and I know what I'm talking about.

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Annie - 6 d 10 h ago


A few weeks ago, I went into the Babies R Us Store number 9956 and after I checked out I notice that my email address was changed to (hidden) When you use your Store Credit Card it gives you an option to either, have a printed receipt, an email or both. I always choose both. Upon the next screen it wants to verify your email address and It showed (hidden) I am 100% sure someone in the store had changed my email address due to a recent survey I had taken that Babies R Us offers and now every time I go into the store all of a sudden I do not get to view or correct my email address.

Do you think this is funny? Because it is not. Was I stupid when I opened an account, spend over $800.00 dollars to purchase baby items continue to come into the store as a customer and spend over $50 to $100 dollars each week. I have always given great reviews but maybe one or two times I have not. I am just being honest NOT stupid.

Do you call all your customers stupid? Do you? Why?

I'd like to know who changed my email address and why.

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Sheldon Taitt - 6 d 13 h ago

To the people of toys r us corporate offices: For any of toys r us corporate management who would wish to see this company survive for the next generation to have such a traditional toy store, all i can say is advertise, advertise, advertise,. We all remember the i dont want to grow up im a toys r us kid commercials of the past which came on frequentlybenough to remind us, kids as well as parents and adults that we needed to pay toys r us a visit. Here in lies the key to your companys success. Use this counsel to alert management high up the must invest in advertisement if the hope for this company to survive.

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Sheldon Taitt - 6 d 13 h ago

To the people of toys r us corporate offices: For any of toys r us corporate management who would wish to see this company survive for the next generation to have such a traditional toy store, all i can say is advertise, advertise, advertise,. We all remember the i dont want to grow up im a toys r us kid commercials of the past which came on frequentlybenough to remind us, kids as well as parents and adults that we needed to pay toys r us a visit. Here in lies the key to your companys success. Use this counsel to alert management high up the must invest in advertisement if the hope for this company to survive.

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Sheldon Taitt - 6 d 13 h ago

To the people of toys r us corporate offices: For any of toys r us corporate management who would wish to see this company survive for the next generation to have such a traditional toy store, all i can say is advertise, advertise, advertise,. We all remember the i dont want to grow up im a toys r us kid commercials of the past which came on frequentlybenough to remind us, kids as well as parents and adults that we needed to pay toys r us a visit. Here in lies the key to your companys success. Use this counsel to alert management high up the must invest in advertisement if the hope for this company to survive.

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Rick - 7 d 18 h ago

The closing oh the North Hills Pa is a mistake.

To get to another store is approx. 35 miles 1 way.

The competition like super wal mart is same distance.

In Pittsburgh your cost of operation is low compared to other cities.

The closest competitor is target 1/50 of toy selection.

Fine tuning the products you offer would make their sales and profit vastly improve instead of sending more than what might sell. An example of this would be remote control cars a big item that takes a lot of space and doesn't sell. Fine tuning your buying practices would improve your performance.

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DANIEL - 8 d 10 h ago




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Anonymous - 8 d 15 h ago

Hello. I worked at a Toys R Us in California and had a bad experience. Their clock in procedure made me not get paid for a few hours! The computer clocked in procedure, for lack of a better term, sucked. Good thing I only worked there for the holiday season. In fact, the customers were more friendly than the employees! I couldn't even help some customers because of the lack in training from the supervision team. I don't plan to work at a Toys R Us, again, let alone purchase things there.

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Anonymous - 9 d 22 h ago


The Babies R Us store located on 6380 North Point Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA needs a complete management overhaul especially a person by the name of Brittany. The front line in retail is imperative to keep a personal touch to ensure that quality service is provide to the customers. However, Brittany completely lacks those soft skills that are very much needed in the retail industry. I had came to return an Elmo toy which was gifted to my 21 day old daughter and was useless to us at that point. The customer service representative saw this coming out at 3 cents which she believed was incorrect. The other lady on the counter decided to help since there were plenty more Elmo toys present at the store for $19.99. On hearing that Brittany intervened and sent the representative away and refused to honor that price. She kept on asking me if I had the receipt when I had told everyone from my point of return that it was a gift and I was not provided with that. Brittany was extremely rude and would be one reason I may never return to Babies R Us.

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Taylor Greene - 10 d 17 h ago


My mother & I went to the babies r us in short pump, VA. We waited 30 minutes before even being able to start registry. Once registry started the girl was very mono toned & speaking low & seemed unsure of what the registry offered. There was a total of 1 girl at the registry desk but once we were finished a total of 3 girls at the registry desk. Seems the employees pawned us off to the girl that eventually helped us. I was not introduced to a category expert after I met with my "personal" registry planner. My baby shower is a year anniversary of my fathers death. This is a special joyous occasion my family can celebrate after such a unexpected tragic loss. I am very disappointed in the customer service & overall experience. I am now considering sending out emails to my guests of my shower to let them know I will be choosing another store for my baby shower registry.

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Ron Cook - 12 d 13 h ago


Guess it is TRUE....99% of Toys R Us customers are Happy Campers!! No one ever writes about All the good experiences they`ve had over the years and years of visits. LOL Toys R Us will be around Long after we are all GONE!

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no name - 12 d 16 h ago


Very sad what has happen to Toys R us, because I remember buying toys for my grandchildren in the 90's. The store was beautiful decorated with bright colors on the walls with Mascot Geoffry Giraffe walking threw the store. There was an area in the store where birthday's parties were held. The atmosphere was wonderful! Then the night mare started! Kids R Us and Babies R us closed! The beautiful store in San Antonio on Blanco Street moved to another location. Big Mistake with all 3 stores in ONE! The New Store awful! I only went to the New Toys R Us few times. The new store was boring with small walk ways only room for 1 cart to move threw, also the walls were light tan, plus the store was crowed with all 3 stores in one. The store was ugly with nothing to draw any one to the store. I decided Toys R Us was a cold box with nothing to offer for children and adults. The Corporate offices have no idea how to run a Toy store, with bright colors, laughter and the attitude of a CHILD!

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Anonymous - 13 d 15 h ago


Toys R US in Auburn Massachusetts is a big joke. I shop there alot and also have a credit card with them. But every person there will never try to help you with anything They get shipments of hotwheels and other die cast vehicles delivered by Fed ex that says place on floor immediately upon delivery and they put them in the back room. Then when I ask if they got the shipment they won't go get them I'm really getting sick of the crooked lies that go on in that store that I wish there was another toy store other than Toys R US. So I would not have to deal with this shit.I spend about 2000 dollars a year here and about ready to stop going completely. I will pay off my credit card and shop somewhere else. Here is a good reason why Tru is not going to be around much longer. There is a couple of managers that I can mention that lie George is 1 of them and the worst one is the store manager his name is Chris. The guy is rude and has a bad attitude towards people. There are other managers that are women that lie and won't help you with anything also.Just not sure what there names are

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Connie Purdy - 17 d 17 h ago

Trying to get papers filled out for my daughter for her child medical card her name is Ke'Shawn Purdy

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John Gano - 21 d 12 h ago


Every year my kids get Toys R Us gift cards and I buy them for other kids. I went to the store today and my son picked a Play Station gift card when I went to the register to pay with a gift card they would not take the gift card they told me I had to pay with cash. I was confused since the person who purchase the Toys R Us gift card paid for it with cash why cant I use it to buy this play station card. I need a answer why is Toys R US selling gift cards and refuse to take them to purchase something from the store?

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Anonymous - 21 d 19 h ago


Shaneka at store number 6367 in Queensbury new York was very RUDE to customers ahead of me and myself. She should not be allowed to work around the public.

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Bishop - 24 d 13 h ago


I ordered a toy on December 2 to be delivered to my house before Christmas as a gift for my two young girls. After not receiving the gift I contacted customer service to find out where the toy was and they stated the shipping label was sent to fedex but not the package. I was very upset because by then it would not get to my house in time to give as a Christmas gift. I was offered a refund and replacement order on the 24th of December. I waited about a week and got an email saying the replacement order was cancelled and still had no refund in the bank. So I called again to see what was wrong and this time they just put in for a refund no toy. A week later still no refund or toy so I call again they resubmit the refund because a case number was left off and email me two gift cards for $25 each. It is now January 12 and I never received the toy ordered on December 2 and my money is still not in the bank and to top it off one of the $25 dollar gift cards I was emailed would not work. I will never buy from toys r us ever again!

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Anonymous - 39 d 17 h ago

I worked at toys r us last year as a seasonal worker my boyfriend currently works he found two checks of mines just sitting a drawer there at the store on 59 Naperville, il i tryed to cash them but couldn't because they have last year dates tryed contacting payroll can't speak with anyone....they could have atleast mailed me the checks i didn't know i had these two checks coming

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Jim bob - 29 d 11 h ago

Sounds like something that is more your fault

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Anonymous - 27 d 12 s ago

Jim Bob your point is? She shouldn't be entitled to the checks ever because she didn't know she had them coming?

General profile image - 26 d 15 h ago



January 8. 2018

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Pjetro D'Luigi and I would like to introduce myself to your company.

I am a manager at Acappella Restaurant in Edgewater New Jersey, and I would like to offer this place for your meetings without any extra charge for the room. The upstairs venue is a very beautiful place, four walls room and it is private for your meetings. Our venue upstairs comes with a private bar too. Also, we do have a projector that would connect your computer for your projects. We offer Northern Italian cuisine and we have an extended beautiful menu for everyone.

Additionally, we have a beautiful wine list from $45.00 per bottle and up. For your dining unique experience, also downstairs the main dining room has a big beautiful picture with Duke of Urbino that watches over our guests.

A little introduction about us, we are in business for 27 yearsin Tribeca, in Manhattan and there was shot the first season, first episode of Sopranos. The venue is beautiful and a Michelin star restaurant. So, we are in New Jersey to bring a fine dining experience like we do offer in the city.

Our location in Edgewater has a big parking lot for use which is a plus for our guests. We go so far to make our guests very happy. We offer a high class service.

Best regards,

Pjetro D'Luigi

Acappella West,

Ph; (hidden)

163 old river road

Edgewater. New Jersey, 07020

Flagged for review.
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Virginia Krieger - 32 d 18 h ago


Hi my name is Virginia Krieger and I have been a customer of Toys R Us since you bought out Children's Palace here in Ohio back in the early 1980's, I want to share how you have repaid my 30 + years of loyalty as a customer.

I lost my only daughter and needless to say it has been an incredibly difficult both emotionally and financially for me. She left behind my two beautiful and very young grandchildren ages 6 and 7. For the holidays, I went to Toys R Us as has been my custom for many years. and shopped for their gifts as this year I was both Nana and Santa. When I went to check out my credit card was declined. I was shocked to say the least. I stepped aside and asked the clerk to please hold my intended purchases while I contacted customer service.

Imagine my shock and surprise when I was told by customer service that due to a recent drop in my credit rating, my line of credit was reduced from over $900.00 to only $148.00. This was NOT because I had ever missed a payment. This was NOT because I was late with my payments. In fact I had not violated the terms of my agreement with Toys R Us or Synchrony Bank whatsoever. My credit line was reduced because my overall credit score had dropped temporarily.

I have been a loyal customer since you first came to Ohio, shopping with you through my three children, countless nieces, nephews and now my grandchildren. Then you choose the WORST time in my life when I was actually DEPENDING on my credit account to make Christmas happen for two grieving children and you reduce my credit line for no reason whatsoever?!! Then you fail to notify me that you did so forcing me to endure the embarassment of being declined at the register?!

I am closing my account and will never spend another cent with Toys R Us or whatever corporate name you try to assign your company once you close your stores.

Thank you for making this such an unforgettable holiday for me and my family and only adding to the extreme grief and stress that we endured this past holiday. I won't ever forget it..

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Anonymous - 29 d 11 h ago

Yeah, toys r us should be held accountable for your drip in credit score. Lol

Flagged for review.
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Anonymous - 27 d 21 s ago

That's not what she said, but good Karma mocking people just to mock. Do you have no life that you just troll on toyrus posts to poke fun at people to make yourself feel better? The point of her story is that she was not notified of the drop and her credit standing with them was good so there should have been no reason for them to drop her credit limit. It is punishment before the crime.

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