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U-Haul Rental System

P.O. BOX 21502
Phoenix, AZ
Edward Shoen
Chairman of the Board
(775) 688-6300
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A - 2 d 17 h ago

Hello, My name is Ms. Roberts and the Uhaul Company took out money out of my account without my knowledge and made my account over drawn! I tried to reach out the manager and left messages when the call center, etc.

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God's Child - 98 d 23 h ago


First of all...all ya'll bad reviews concerning U HAUL should stop. The cursing is terrible. With your attitude like that you probably going into the store with an nasty attitude already. Where is that coming from, home, work, family issues, spouse community, children . If you walk in the store pleasant and communicate what you came in their for without attitude than you will get good and polite customer service support. I've been in line and seen and heard many of you curse, disregard disrespect an human being just as yourselves. Alot of you act like you can't read the signs on the panel so I find that is your reasons for you being upset in the first place. Half of you don't want to sign your signature because you can't write. So now you're mad with the world. And alot don't have a clue how to rent a truck nor a car and that's ok, just say you don't know, but don't go on the customer service Rep it's not there fault you dumb as hell. Ya'll some dumb ass mean people. Let's tell the truth. And video they got you on camera when you pull up and park and when you come inside the police sees that too. And when you call on the phone everyone voice is recorded. So they win regardless how you may look at it. That's there job so STOP acting like you're crazy stand up straight and speak like you have been educated. I'm a shame of our blk people acting like they don't have no sense it's embarrassing and it should be to your children, parents and self. Repent ask for forgiveness to God first then those that you may hurt along the way. And read the BIBLE ACTS 2:4 AND ACTS 2:38....GET SAVED AND GET JESUS IN YOUR LIFE AND HEART. JESUS IS SOOOOOON TO COME BACK WATCH! !!....REAL TALK...BLESS EVERYONE UNDER THE SOUND OF MY VOICE. I PRAY FOR YOU! BE GOOD AND FREE GET DELIVERED IN JESUS PRECIOUS NAME AMEN!...AMEN!

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you suck? - 67 d 17 h ago

you must work for Uhaul or blowing someone that works there

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Anonymous - 51 d 19 h ago


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Mancini - 51 d 14 h ago


U-Haul and the bible don't mix.


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Angel - 37 d 13 h ago


You, a, person who is claiming to be "of God". Please... Dont just quote and live by verses that suit you. The entire Bible is relavant. Like:

Matthew 7: 1-7, Luke 6: 37-42, John 8: 1-8, Romans 2: 1-3, Romans 12: 16-18. So to be clear, I'm not judging you. But if you read these verses you will see the Word of the Lord frowns on the way you talked to people in your rant. The Word says you are acting judgemantal and details some of the consequences of that. Calling people names because they cannot read or write is more than judgemental... Its pitifully sad. I must ask who taught you these ways? Obviously in your youth, your formitive years, someone modeled behavior that showed you it was ok to talk and act as you have. I'm sorry for that. But you are an adult now and you should consider getting counseling to remedy these negative behaviors. Your entire life and that of your family could and will improve immensely. I'll be praying that you do and that you find peace in your emotions and self esteem in your life. Im not your enemy, I'm someone trying to direct you in the way the Lird desires you to go.

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Anonymous - 2 d 19 h ago

we were treated Bad at Ugaul Main St Green Bay

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me - 2 d 19 h ago

Hello I am a customer that has been renting a small storage unit on main street in Green Bay Wi We also have another larger unit . I was in there straightening my very tiny unit up There was a muslim family moving out that day They have an area where you can donate items you dont want He came up to me only I only have childrens toys and a few household items 64 doller unit and he was yelling at me telling me i should just throw stuff awayget rid of my junk Andalso said Im sick and tired of people leaving their SHIT because i have to pay to get rid of it I said i have no furniture here I was late this month 5 days I webt over there he was very rude in front of other customers he ignored me as i was attempting to buy rope I told him Thursday i would pay on Friday So he called this am totally out of line I said i pay on monday and he said you wil pay now I told him i will pay and cancel both units one is the largest you have and that is paid I told him i dont like you He said he is the Coroprate manager i asked to speak to someone else he refused I told him i will call copirate Also we rented a 10 ft uhaul for June 8th t a mount of 837 plus milelage since we are miving to Tn we payed already for storage there Im going to cancel all of stirage and truck renral and go somewhere else Also i was there on Thursday last week and Extremly rude not just to me My point is Im a paying cutomer and i feel like The customer service experiance is not there You dont yell at customers or tell them what they should do with their items Im really old lol And i just cant phanthom the customer service at that location There arw 2 kids that werw working threre they got me the rental They went above and beyond on customer service always Its not uhau its who is working over there Its really unprofessional Big time Im just shocked I am military and move aot and always use Uhaul Matbe its just this location which i wont do business with again.

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Steven Johnson - 11 d 16 h ago


Worked for the company on the online Customer Service side as a "at will" employee. Let go for nothing. No excuses, not a word. Just terminated from employment after a "anonymous" yearly survey was done and I mention that some issues that I would like to see handled in the Call Center side.

Don't accept part time employment, they can fire any "at will" employee at any time with no cause at all, you have no rights.

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Ben Hugh-Hawed - 13 d 9 h ago


Attempting to write a positive/negative review & your site refuses to print. Comment has been screenshot recorded; despite your attempts to thwart!!! Not my fault an inept, untrained employee left to run a store and unable to process a $7.80, 20 mile mileage overage!

Same would not do following to allow me to not just sit there and wait 30 minz for him to figure it out???

1. Write Note on uhaul letterhead indicating I came to pay as promised. But you didn't know how to process paperwork.


2. I'll leave $8.00 cash. You write me a receipt for money, Then you can figure out how to process paperwork on your time.


3. Give me corporate number so I can call them.


4. Ok. I don't believe you. So how about give me your emergency contact number as I'm highly doubtful your manager would leave you without any means of emergency contact. Chances are that # is corporate

1(hidden)... VOILA

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Victoria Massengale - 38 d 6 h ago


Hello yes I am reaching out to you due to the fact that I'm almost 2 months ago U-Haul retrieved a truck that was reported stolen, it's a long story can explain over the phone call if need to be, nonetheless they recovered their truck I recovered the keys for their truck but they refused to give me my belongings that were is in the truck not everything I owned including my deceased brother's property my deceased stepfathers property and many more Irreplaceable belongings were in that truck along with all my clothes on my furniture I mean everything I owned and I have been running around in circles with these people on getting my stuff back and they will not return my stuff I am seriously about to take this through the legal system is there any way you can help before I have to do that I'm begging please if anyone has any suggestions please please feel free to contact me via email at

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Victoria Massengale - 38 d 7 h ago


Hello yes I am reaching out to you due to the fact that I'm almost 2 months ago U-Haul retrieved a truck that was reported stolen, it's a long story can explain over the phone call if need to be, nonetheless they recovered their truck I recovered the keys for their truck but they refused to give me my belongings that were is in the truck not everything I owned including my deceased brother's property my deceased stepfathers property and many more Irreplaceable belongings were in that truck along with all my clothes on my furniture I mean everything I owned and I have been running around in circles with these people on getting my stuff back and they will not return my stuff I am seriously about to take this through the legal system is there any way you can help before I have to do that I'm begging please if anyone has any suggestions please please feel free to contact me via email at (hidden)

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Anonymous - 38 d 16 h ago


We rented from uhaul and when we Returned the truck The guy tried to figure our bill on his phone so he could overcharge us. When I ask for a receipt he told me he would have to hand write it and he had me paying a 195.00 and when I questioned it he then got the computer on and I paid 35.00 I will never rent again from Terre Haute uhaul.

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Unsatisfied ex employee - 38 d 17 h ago

I worked for U-Hauls traffic department in Temecula CA and let me tell you this is by far one of the worst jobs I've ever had the manager hires blacks only or people that she knows. Her daughter, husband and nephew all works for U-Haul she does favoritism and doesn't give you hours if you call out sick. If she doesn't like you that week it reflects in your hours how is it that her daughter gets all the hours over people who have been there way longer ? you don't get trained they show you stuff for one day on a computer then expect you to know everything the TCM is horrible she leaves for " lunch " hours at a time. Goes to get her nails done for two three hours then comes back. She's messy all she does is gossip with the people in the office and smiles in your face she definitely needs to be looked into I would never recommend for anyone to work for this company at all

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Another Dissatisfied Customer from San Diego - 40 d 20 h ago


Wish I would have read any one of these horrible reviews before my experience. My daughter and I engaged the Ubox services along with a "recommended" moving company (which is what we thought was the case) to move her belongings from Dallas to San Diego. Worst experience ever!!!! Here is what happened: On 11/25 we ordered one UBox to be picked up, filled and returned to U-Haul at their Dallas location (1616 Greenville Ave), as well as's suggested movers (D&I Moving) to load the box. I scheduled this move for 12/19 to have my daughter's Dallas apartment be loaded up and shipped to San Diego. While this move sounds like an ordinary Ubox move, let me explain to you the drama that unfolded on Tuesday, 12/19. On Monday, 12/18 I had to reach out to U-Haul to receive my mover's contact information, as they had not yet confirmed any move times or details. When I finally got in contact with them, D&I confirmed a 4pm move time and instead I requested to be the first move of the day (7am), which is the time U-Haul opens which they committed to on that date. However, the next morning at 7am, D&I texted and said, "we will be there by 10am" and then at 10am followed up by saying "no later than 12pm." At 12pm, D&I Moving became completely radio silent. Texts stopped going through and my calls went directed to voicemail- However, we understand, D&I was able to contact U-Haul and cancelled our move, which U-Haul failed to reached out and inform us that D&I had canceled. There are records of the calls I made to U-Haul's Dallas location to check-in on the movers' status to see if they have picked up the box and can validate my persistence in checking in on D&I's status. In fact, U-Haul even texted my phone at 3:55 pm saying my reservation was scheduled for 4:30pm to 6:00pm that day. Tuesday, 12/19 - 6pm came around and no movers showed up. My reasoning for requesting an early morning move was because my daughter and I had 6am flights on 12/20 to leave Dallas and return to San Diego. We wanted to fully be out of the apartment by 5pm to return her keys to the building and return her car to the dealership. I'm sure you can imagine our anger and frustration when we were informed that there was no way to accommodate our move that same day (12/19).I was scheduled for a staff meeting on Wednesday morning, which unfortunately I had to miss a day of work due to this inconvenience. At that point, we had to shuffle our entire plan to stick around Dallas one extra day and get her moved out. The extra fees we incurred to change our plans boiled down to flight change fees, extra Uber fees and an unforeseen unpaid vacation day (flight change fees/Uber fees are attached to this email).I will expect these charges will be reimbursed along with my "inconvenience" suffered due to this stressful situation. Thankfully, Chad from Customer Service was able to schedule a reliable mover for 12/20 to pack up our box and get us out of the apartment in time for our new flight. However- a second hiccup occurred once our new movers (Packman) arrived at the apartment. The Packman team (who works with U-Haul regularly) realized the box they were given was a much smaller box (a custom box, per say) that would not fit all our items we needed to ship. We were initially told by U-Haul representatives that all the items would fit in the box ordered. After expressing utter frustration to U-Haul for the second day in the row, the Dallas location, specifically the manager Antonio Ortiz, said he would give us a second Ubox free of charge and pay for Packman Moving's second moving fee. Once the second Ubox was delivered and everything was finally packed away, my daughter and I felt like we could breathe after this nightmare move was over. Now fast forward to 12/21. As I sit here and review my credit card statements, I have noticed that there are several discrepancies between fees that Antonio Ortiz promised to cover versus what was charged to my card. Never have I experienced such a horrific move as I did with U-Haul. I understand D&I Moving company has no affiliation to U-Haul; however, it is utterly unacceptable to "suggest" movers and not stand behind your recommendations. You are marketing your company as a full-service moving provider and there is complete disconnect between U-Haul and This lack of cohesion has consequently resulted in complete dissatisfaction and mistrust. As of 12/21, several of these promised "free" services are appearing on my credit card with no credit for these charges that make any sense. I have disputed all the charges (with my credit card company) that have been billed to date. BUYER BEWARE...READ ALL REVIEWS BEFORE ORDERING THEIR SERVICES....

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Randall - 47 d 13 h ago


I have used a U-Box before, probably for a year. I have used U-Haul many times and sometimes it has not been good. So I come back to Columbia, MO and I get storage. They have a sign at the store on the wall. I even got told a price. I get there and they add tax. They tell you a price and then they add an amount. I asked about it. Oh no, it is not a tax. What? What is it then? I get a U-BOX price of $89 per month. Says right on the box, "$69" . I had it for almost year just last year in Fort Smith, AR for $69 per month and NO TAX!!! They add something to the price that once again they say isn't tax and it becomes $97. What?????????????????????????????? I had to get things done and had no time to argue. They are nice enough, but the price seems crazy. They just make up prices it seems.

The U-BOX I rented has a messed up door and even the latch is somewhat loose. I pointed it out before I loaded it. I wanted another box. No, they said it is fine. I fill it and make sure he knows once again that the door has a problem. He looks again and he says, "Oh, I should fix that." UGH!!!!!!!!!! Once again, he seems a nice man. But, this is nuts. I went through a box that was falling apart and had fork lift holes in the sides when I had one in Fort Smith, AR. I also had a leaky storage and cock roaches all over the storage unit. Yes I spent time to take care of it, but I shouldn't have to always fight U-Haul each time I do something with this company. It is insane, especially given how many times I have paid you over about 30 years.

When I rented in Fort Smith, AR I didn't get any blankets with the U-BOX. Now I see you get offered a dozen for free. I didn't need them so we loaded in the truck that U-Haul used to pull the U-Box over to my storage unit with. I have photos of the messed up door, the mound of blankets I didn't use, etc. I even pointed out the rebar that was poking out of unit B-135. Dang near put a hole in my foot the first night I moved into that storage. And yes, I wanted a 5 by 10 and they only had a 10 by 10. Amazingly, they just don't have a 5 by 10, even if you talk to someone and they say they were going to have some. But by the time they add on their special tax it is almost the same anyway.

I am an inch away from sending this to the state, the county, the city, BBB, and any other place I can think of to look into this. Something is very messed up. I should have left my stuff in Fort Smith, AR. I moved from that location to Salem, MO and then moved again to Columbia, MO. I had a reservation for Fort Smith, AR rental and they overbooked. I had to go to some small town in Oklahoma to get a truck and car transport. Then the guy in Salem, MO caused problems. When I rented a truck from Columbia, MO to go to Fort Smith, AR there were problems. I am so tired of U-HAUL. I may swear U-HAUL forever and tell all they should do the same.

I forgot to mention, the chat on the U-Haul website referred me to an 800 number. I called and after 3 sales pitches to get me to buy some product/info commercials, I gave up. And I have photos of the U-BOX with the price of $69 on it and got charged $97.

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Deloris Nelson - 49 d 3 h ago


I think that the U-Haul at

Jacksonville Fla.either need to get some workers that want to work or retrain the ones that they have it should not take over 30 minutes to pay on a storage bill when you have two people in line and two people supposedly working that don't even bother to acknowledge that a customer have been standing and waiting while they go in and out the door looking busy but doing nothing they have VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE will not use them again my service should be like my money that I pay every month on time

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John - 51 d 13 h ago


DO NOT USE UHAUL! Terrible customer service and exceedingly poor business practices. The pulled a form of "bait and switch" on us. We rented a truck to move and reserved blankets. Out of the 6 dozen we reserved, over half were wet, moldy and unusable. We had to rent a second truck 10 days later, and called to reserve what we needed. Two days before we were going to pickup the truck I called to make sure all was well. I was told the truck had been cancelled by the regional office without any reason, but the woman I spoke to said she caught that and reinstated the reservation. When we went to pick up the truck, they added $245 to the price they had quoted at the time we reserved it. They did that because "we didn't have a cred card on file". If they needed one, they should have asked for one at the time we reserved. Because we were in an area without a lot of services, we had no choice but to accept the truck and pay. After we finished moving I called uhaul to try to straighten things out. I COULD NOT GET ANYONE TO RETURN A CALL! I went through our credit card company and eventually got a credit from uhaul. Now, 7 months after we moved, I got a bill from a collection company for the $245. I will be contesting this of course! I have never dealt with such a terrible company and would NEVER RECOMMEND UHAUL TO ANYONE!

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Bill Vouhn - 51 d ago


Ignore the "collection company" it's a con.

Do NOT sign anything.

U-haul rents junk.

U-haul is a jew co. Beware.

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Fuck U-Haul - 51 d 14 h ago

They rented us a truck with no oil the engine locked up on us roadside assistance said they will be one hour it took them two hrs and 45 mins before they came now I'm waiting two hrs for a tow truck I'm so pissed off right so I'm just sitting on 75 south like a dumb ass U-Haul don't care if you broke down they just care about making their money that really f****** up for real I gotta get home to my kids

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Adrian Meade - 61 d 13 h ago


Was scammed at your Helotes site in San Antonio Texas. Please contact (hidden) to further discuss .

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One Pissed OFF customer - 67 d 17 h ago


First of all I would like to say Thank you for having Great service all these years i have been renting from Uhaul. We rent 5-7 times a year for pickups and delivery from Uhaul. We recently rented a truck yesterday for a delivery pickup at the airport. My partner picked it up from Uhaul about 2 blocks from our office. I drove to the airport to pick up our shipment myself with him in the truck with me. After the delivery, we both returned the truck to uhaul. The first thing that came out of the manager (who's name was Michael) was " you are gonna have to pay for that". At first i was thinking that he was joking. But then i ask for what, and he pointed out to the roof of the truck. so i said that isn't possible since there was nothing that we could have hit from the Uhaul to our office and at the airport since we picked up where big rigs where picking up. so there was nothing in the way that would have been lower then the truck we were renting as i tried to explained to him. Before i could finish he called me a LAIR. i told him i would own up to my damage if i have done it. He wouldn't listen to what i have to say and called both of us liars on multiple occasions. I ask him to look at the damage and see if it was fresh and check for residues but he refused, insisting that we must pay for the damage. The damage was only about $160, which we do not mind paying if it was our fault. He could have over looked the damage when it was checked out, but the problem was he called us liars to our faces and told us we can never rent from that location again. If thats the way he does business, then i wouldn't want to rent from that location ever even if it was 2 blocks away. We are in California, where there are multiple truck rentals in the area, but we chose that location for convenience and we had always had good real experience with uhaul. If this is how the managers at haul treats customers, then i would rather travel further and take my business elsewhere with another company. I just thought you should know how your employees are treating your loyal customers.

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Disgruntled customer - 70 d 17 h ago


What a joke of a company!!!! Rented a truck for a day for the guy to tell us one drop off point only to have printed another on the contract after saying he couldn't even pull up a location in that area. Dropped the truck where told and now I get a bill (2 1/2 months later) from a creditor claiming we owe them $371.45 for overage charges because they didn't pick up the truck for an additional 5 days after it was dropped!!!! Same company owning same storage facility only a 15 min difference in cities. Still, no one called us and didn't send us a letter either asking about the truck. We only get a letter in the mail from a credit agency which means it's been reported on my husbands credit even though they didn't make ANY effort to try and contact us themselves! I am beyond PISSED and will NEVER use or RECOMMEND this company to anyone ever!!!!!

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Anonymous - 73 d 17 h ago


Never go when your in a hurry. It takes over an hour to get out of there. Even if you pre check in. They never give you the same truck as on your contract. General manager Joe at the Bradenton, Fl has the worst people skills and has no management skills. I guess that explains why his staff is lacking training. He needs training.

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Lynn - 80 d 14 h ago


It's a crying shame what you, a corporation charge!!!! My mother passed away a year ago and now my father is moving closer to me. He is appx. 135 miles away. U-HAUL wants .99 a mile PLUS day charges for a medium size truck!! NOTE: He's on a very fixed income and we are as well...that is over $200.00 for us for one trip, not to mention a possible second trip!!!! We were SHOCKED at this cost!! Why a milage so high if we purchase the fuel? I realize wear AND tear etc but that's what the day cost should cover! I hope you are pleased with your year end profits ASSHOLES! WE ARE GOING ELSE WHERE

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