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Vistaprint Usa, Incorporated

95 Hayden Ave
Lexington, MA
(781) 652-6300
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Amy Dougherty - 25 d ago


As I read the reviews below, I am SHOCKED to see how someone had a horrible experience with this company. I have been a customer since 2012 and have always had the best service and fastest delivery times. Most recently I created my Wedding Invitations and when they arrived they were incorrect. It was MY ERROR for not fully reviewing the item and forgetting a line. I contacted Customer Service right away and asked if there was anything they could do. They IMMEDIATELY fixed the problem and I had the corrected Wedding Invitations within 1 week! I could not be more happy with this company. The website is user friendly and they have everything you're looking for. I will never use another company when it comes to designing Cards, Labels, Invitations, Stickers...etc. Thank you Vista Print and you amazing Customer Service! I will recommend you to anyone!

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James E Reese - 36 d 21 h ago


JER in Greensboro NC,they got my order right i will continue ordering from them

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BLS in MD - 46 d 7 h ago


This is the worst company that I have ever dealt with. I had them design a website. The first proof came out it was the ugliest webpage I had ever seen. In the review

Process we gave the designer specific direction as to what we wanted, which they totally ignored and did nothing we ask him to do. The things we ask them not to do they did anyway. Second proof came out the same, they did nothing we ask them to do. Same thing as the first time. They cut some of our text and replaced it with their wording without understanding our mission we had to change it back. Who ever the designer is they shouldn't be one, they have no creative vision at all. I finally started trying to make my own changes the way we want. It went back a third time for changes, we are waiting to see what comes back this time. Something needs to be done about this company. They are just awful. Communicating with them is a lost cause.

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John Wells - 47 d 8 h ago

Dear Ignorant Customer Services

I find your service ignorant and i will now sue your company for failing to provide services i paid for, also breach of terms and conditions also loss of business, you ignore emails, you fail to provide proper website service, your staff are rude and ignorant.


John Wells

WCG Holdings UK

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jose Razo - 60 d 17 h ago


I have order three different times and not received everything on time or i get the wrong items.when I call to complain I get rude people in Jamaica! USA business should be run by American people

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Anonymous - 63 d 18 h ago


I have received my address labels, But the address is unreadable (extremely pale)

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Charlotte - 76 d 16 h ago


I have spent close to 5 hours trying to correct errors on my company brochure. Due to that time delay I will not receive them for Black Friday sales. I wanted to pay for overnight shipping or second day but it is not available, not good in 2017!

I worked for 3 hours with Sue and she finally, after I repeated it intermittently at least 15 times, realized that she was looking at the wrong brochure and I was correct. I kept saying "This is not the brochure with the corrections, this is the old one". She then sends me a proof of the front of the brochure which is the one we worked on and the back was the one she had mistakenly been working on. I still don't have my corrected proof front and back!

Sue is going to lunch and does not call me back in an hour as she said she would. All this time wasted because the proof she sent me with the word PROOF across it was 1/2 the new one and half the one we worked on for hours that was the WRONG one.

I finally call back and spoke to Margaret who said she could help me and she did for another 1 1/2 hours because once again font all screwed up with capitals and small letters etc. etc. A mess! They could not send me a proof with uniform font, it was caps and italics everywhere. I needed all one font so Margaret changed all of the font on the brochure, sends me a proof and I have no recourse but to accept the font which by the way was acceptable to me.

It is now 5:15 and I ask for a Supervisor who was also very polite but he couldn't get the brochures to me on time for Black Friday. Of Course Not! We wasted Sunday and today Tuesday and now it's too late, no next day delivery with your company even if I pay for it or Black Friday or Small Business Saturday delivery!!

Needless to say, I am Appalled.

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bradgo - 90 d 19 s ago

0 customer service poor. No promised followup. Also do not correct problems. Get used to calling international customer service personnel who do not understand English culture. Long hold times on phone and NO email replies.

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HWC comics - 111 d 16 h ago


Awsome service. Have ordered numerous items. Customer service was great. I've had items printed incorrectlly, due to user error and they were replaced with the correct color images. I take advantage of their sales, i just started promoting my small buisness.

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Anonymous - 112 d 14 h ago


Excellent Service !!!

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David - 114 d 19 h ago


poor c/s, product not delivered

The online order process seemed correct, but did not accept the coupon code I'd received. I called VP's customer service line and spoke to an agent who applied the code to my order directly, which pricing was reflected in my charges. Unfortunately, VP delivered only 100 printed cards, while my electronic receipt shows my order quantity 500.

I've emailed copies of my receipt, showing the 500 quantity, to VP, but they refuse to deliver the missing 400 items, nor to refund the money for the missing product due to their error.

Order number K31HL-G4A62-8E4

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Messed up - 173 d 15 h ago


Ordered checks as have in the past. Total run around as to where they were. Shipped 2 day air USP

floated all over southwest (tracking). Arrived in AZ but took another 5 days to arrive at my door. Customer

service would not return call. Package was totally torn up - wrong starting # on checks. Never, Never

again. Very disappointing.

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Anonymous - 1 y 291 d ago

This company overall sucks however, the last representative I had was the most helpful I've had in two years. She truly understood the fat the this company has lost me several thousands dollars because of the following;

doing maintain during late hours and not alerting your customers. This means when we hours of work on our end updating our site and it not publishing.

website site has disappeared for days at at time. Meaning our customers saw a blank vista print page. Leaving us with emails of calls of calling us frauds, loss of ticket sales and paying extra reps to answer angry calls.

Loss off emails of can't get into them to respond to our customers questions.

At least once a month something with your dashboard goes wrong. Your customers now have a set joke about vista print. "It's a 50/50 chance when signing on to your dashboard and your specialty is messing us up right when we are running a special". You like to time it just right when you decide to make us lose money.

Last, in two years not one time has your company answered your so called corporate phone number....

Big hint, when doing maintain let us know ahead of time. Just as you throw all the adds in our face when we try to sign on or the hundreds of ad emails you send, you can just as easy alert us of site work on your end work so that we are not doing double work and paying for it. It would also help if your reps don't always throw the "Virus" word. It just makes it worse when they lie to us.

On the outside with commercials you represent yourself one way but your actual customers know the truth. How about you make the image true. Please get it together.

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HCCLLC - 176 d 21 h ago


We designed and ordered a 10 ft feather banner... ordered cost WITH SHIPPING, $168 ... just found the same feather, and can be designed the same way with our logo for $68.99 USD ... and FREE shipping... thanks for the $100 rip off VistaPrints

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Mrkoolio - 1 y 127 d ago


I truly dislike companies that think they are so bright when they lure you in with a very low introductory price....2.99$ for 24 stickers. Then you spend an hour on the design and THEN they assume you will just pay since you have invested time.

5.99$ for shipping! For 1 page of stickers.

So, it is really 9$ for 24 stickers....not 3$. The funny thing is I need business cards and other stuff and these bloodsuckers will get zero business from me after this. If you have to trick people into buying your have a problem

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HCCLLC - 176 d 21 h ago


Yes, or they give you a sale discount... but the shipping cost succeed the discount and you're right back at or above the ORIGINAL price before the discount!!!

General profile image - 1 y 102 d ago


Vistaprint has the greatest customer service on the planet. I just have a recent complaint about their 50% sale. It is really a 37% sale on their post cards. I guess I will have to find another company to work with. Not happy.

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HCCLLC - 176 d 5 s ago


REALLY??? OMG... This must be a joke... very humorous though, thanks for the laugh

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BILL - 274 d ago



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HCCLLC - 176 d ago


We also AGREE, concerning Customer Service

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reasonable talk - 246 d 5 h ago


I just found out that Vista Print endorses CNN ....sorry but no more business with you and the propaganda machine that you choose not to vet and look in to their fake facts ...their hysteria is going to ruin this country ...stop supporting fake news !

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Sand(ers) Man - 176 d 6 m ago

And tRUMP (ASS) tweats are not fake and lies??!!! Baaaahahahahaha :D

Caesar, Hitler, tRUMP ... all said they were the only ones telling the truth, and everything else was lies... it is called Setting Up A DICTATORSHIP!!!

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disappointed in del mar! - 222 d 16 h ago


I have been a customer of Vistaprint for 10 plus years and have bought many products. today I needed to buy a self inking stamp and realized that i need ink replacement for the 7 stamps I already have. The website showed that the stamps i had were no longer carried but the site said to call customer service and they could guide me on the replacement ink. I did and the agent had no clue and I had to guide her to the right site page for her to look into it. After being on hold and with her for 25 minutes, I was told the stamp was no longer carried and she could not give me any information for the replacement ink and that i should order new stamps if I wanted. She offered to give me a discount of about $2. When I asked for a supervisor, I waited 10 more minutes and the supervisor told me that the ink replacement on the website would work but for the $1.50 purchase, i would be paying $4.99 in shipping. I told her that made no sense and what amount did i need to purchase on the site to get free shipping and i was told the company does not offer free shipping. Not true as the internet shows free shipping with a $50 order. When I commented that I had now been on the phone for almost an hour and that my time was worth something, she offered to give me free shipping on the $1.49 ink pad but not the stamp I already had in my cart for $11. I thought that was ridiculous since it was all the same order. I asked for her corporate HQ number and address and she said that was private information even though this is a public company. I guess a ten year relationship is worth nothing. there are plenty of other companies that offer these products and I guess I will shop there now.!

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HCCLLC - 176 d ago


We had a similar situation happen, with an out sourced clueless service representative... so-far, we have waited 1 week to resolve our issue... and STILL WAITING

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HCCLLC - 176 d ago

Have been waiting a week for a call back... We keep getting out sourced to Philippines, Jamaica, India, and else where with the excuse that VistaPrints is an international company (so is my company... parent corporation) ... but if you are BASED in the USA, and WE are based in the USA ... and we call your corporate number in MA... we do not expect to be outsourced to someone who does not know what they are doing, or says they have no way of connecting a call to the USA (because they don't want to pay for an international call)!!! Very unhappy after 15 yrs with VistaPrints... We would rate VistaPrints a 2 at best at this point

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