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Wells Fargo & Company

420 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA
John Stumpf
Chairman, President and CEO
(866) 878-5865
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Bruce - 20 h 23 m ago


Hey john the gal there said I got to move so she can open door to business I was in parking lot in vehicle she then called law on me yea they showed up and I banned from going to that bank or I go to jail real bull s h t I have told all to take banking elsewhere, bank is in fl 119912th street Sarasota,Florida

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

g`m` someone is` steling money out my account.the bank is saying im minius56.51 that not true yesterday i tranfered $17 from my saving to checking. total $25 i need my money back in my account today .my account number is (hidden)91 0686 also someone took out morgane in my name i never did this nor own not getting help when i call the(hidden) i called mr. john stumpf he tried to help me. the other folks giving me the run a round. my name is frank major

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really? - 4 d 34 s ago

NEVER disclose account information on a public site, come on.

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Clarence "Scotty" Scott - 6 d ago

Yesterday I stppped at your branch office on California Street on MountainView, CA and your teller refused to change a One Hindref Dollar Bill I had. I'm insulted & angry about it. My plan is to never do business with Wells Fargo and try to convince as many people as possible to do the same.

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Disgusted - Kansas City, KS. - 27 d ago


Having viewed many of the posted reviews I am somewhat surprised by the lack of response from Wells Fargo on so many!! I too have recently ended my relationship with a bank that has no interest in customer satisfaction. I have joined a credit union that is SUPERB - wish I had done it sooner!

The facts are as follows: Caution: watch your mobile, on-line and monthly bank statements with Wells Fargo! I recently could not get an answer from a branch manager regarding failure to reconcile my 3 statements with bank (internal records) - WHY?? Should be the same right?

I asked the branch manager to evaluate recent (90 days) of NSF charges to identify any he felt were inappropriate...his findings were 14 charges of $35 each inappropriate and he refunded same!! I then asked him to explain why the bank removes funds from your account when approval is given to a merchant, even if informed the authorization was unauthorized! The funds should remain in your account until an actual transaction occurs - that is when money is moved. That is how my new bank does it. Why is Wells Fargo different? You draw your own conclusions, I have mine!

It has been over a month and I still await confirmation that my old Wells Fargo account is CLOSED! Why so long? I left less than $1.00 in it and requested closure by the Branch Manager!

The "watchdog" for the banking industry is the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency - Department of the Treasury (US Government). They are understaffed but do provide relief if you get all your facts in order. Caution: The Customer Correspondence activity - Wells Fargo - Charlotte, NC is an absolute joke! D. Williams' signature is attached to all correspondence I have received - on many different subjects and many different dates. This person also responds to OCC. No assigned supervisor or special activity for a Department of Treasury inquiry, curious?

Best move for me was to close, or attempt to close, account and move to a credit union with a GREAT Reputation and focus on Customer Satisfaction.

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Cindy - 12 d ago


Made my payments timely and because I made the next month payment one day before the statement date, I was charged a late charge of 38.00, I called and was told that I could not make payments in advance--- even though my payment amount never changed---

This BANK is a FRAUD!! and people who shop Miskellys Funriture in Pearl MS -- BEWARE of this company!!! CROOKS

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the turth hurts - 10 d 18 h ago


you need to take a course on money management lol

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'the 'truth' hurts...idiot!!! - 8 d 8 m ago


Its 'truth' idiot. Taking a spelling course idiot.

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JAMES - 10 d ago


deposited a check through the mobile app. FOUR FUCKING DAYS TO CLEAR. The bitch on the phone said it's because it's a weekend. WHY THE FUCK DO WELLS FARGO COMPUTERS TAKE WEEKENDS OFF??????




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Anonymous - 10 d 41 s ago


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Anonymous - 11 d 12 h ago



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Cindy - 12 d ago


WORST BANK EVER!!! Customer service SUCKS,,, cant understand anything they say


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Ann Jones - 12 d 35 s ago


I have been trying to close my mother's account with WF for several weeks because of her death in November 2017, my name was on her CD which she has with the bank, but my name is not on a checking account which she had when Sun Trust had the bank, she had not written a check on this account in 7 years. WF would not take her will and me has her executor . I had to go to court house and have a noterized letter of testamentary for WF. Yesterday I waited for a hour and half for WF to finally tell me that now I needed to go on IRS.Gov and get a EIN # before I can get this money from this checking account. Why is it WF business to tell me I need to pay taxes on my mothers money, I have already taken her tax papers to her accounts, just waiting for papers from banks to tell me how much interest her accounts have paid for the year before we can close out each account.

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Wells Fargo Sucks - 12 d 19 h ago


Worst bank ever!

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Robbed, TWICE - 17 d 13 h ago


On the 17th I filed a fraud report and was put on hold for over 50 minutes before I finally hung up. Went online and the statement said that I didn't remember the transaction. Bullshit! I was robbed, while at work, at an ATM in a Wawa that I have never been to. "I don't remember implies that I forgot and for all I know, Wells Fargo, based on what I have been reading lately, may be the actual culprits! Right now, I am STILL on hold and it has been over 30 minutes. Do they even give a cluck about their customers? How and WGY would they leave a person on hold for THAT long? HORRIBLE and DEPLORABLE service. And I have banking experience... I have NEVER worked at any establishment that would find this even remotely acceptable behavior.

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Anonymous - 17 d 18 h ago

Thank you for recently declining us for an auto loan. I didn't even know that the dealership sent an application to Wells Fargo, but I glad we got denied by W.F. Y'all are a bunch of swindlers and I would rather pay my money to someone else. I will GLADLY be sending payments to that financial institution on the purchase of our vehicle.

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Aimee - 17 d 18 h ago

I have went through and read all these reviews. I totally agree. WF, did not pay my overdraft protection, yet they sent my bill back marked as unpaid, by a few cents, they sent it back yall......... unpaid, but kept the service fee. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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Teresa Crews - 19 d ago


I am very upset with Wells Fargo Bank, on 1/09/18 you allowed a $99.00 transaction to be paid, even though there wasn't enough money in the acct and I have no courtesy pay nor overdraft protection and now my account is in the negative, and you expect me to pay this, when you did it.

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Dukes - 17 d 18 h ago

I totally agree with you

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Teresa Bailey - 18 d 18 m ago


The worst bank ever

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BAMor - 18 d 17 h ago


My Son is in the Military... and assigned.... WF would not let me enter a hold on a decision of theirs to charge him for a FRAUDULENT claim of receiving products that he did not ... nor did they allow for his FRAUDULENT claim insurance on the account to be enacted..... THANK YOU WELLS FARGO FOR NOT THAT IS 'NOT' STANDING UP FOR A UNITED STATES SOLDIER ........ so much for your patriotism ... you can go back to de-fraud the American public with your FAKE ACCOUNTS and FRAUDULENT help to the FRAUDULENT criminals..... who use your bank to steal from honest Americans


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Dinsdale Piranha - 22 d ago


I am a big fan of Wells Fargo Bank! I have been a customer for many years, using two different branches, and throughout all of that time I have virtually always received outstanding service: from the tellers, the bankers, and I have even had extensive dealings with two general managers of one of the branches at which I have dealt with the bank. They were extremely helpful on many occasions.

There call center system is outstanding. I am retired now, but I was with the top telecommunications consulting firm in the country, so I have an informed opinion in this area.

There computer system is one of the best that I have ever dealt with. I also have a degree in computer science, worked for Inter Corporation, and was a computer consultant. I believe that this makes my observations re their computer system(s) more informed than most people's.

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Calling You Out - 19 d 14 h ago


Which branch do you work for?

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BAM - 18 d 17 h ago


you are obviously an employee.... paid to give this positive comment

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KSBoston - 19 d 14 h ago


My bank card was declined without readon on Monday when I attempted to pay for dinner with clients. When I called to resolve the matter, I was told that if I travel, mind you the restaurant is less than 2 miles from my home, I need to notify Wells Fargo or they will deny me access to my gunds and shut down my debit card without notifying me.

The woman on the phone called me many versions of my name after U specifically requested that she address me by using my first name without Mr or Miss, as she kept going between the 2, and the last thing I am or sound like is a man. I had no choice but to listen to her snap her gum and speak inproper English while atguing that I don't know how to report travel outside of my home and that I want to not have to report withon a reasonable distance, say 50 miles from home at any time, until she finally hung up on me after she talked herself into a corner.

I still don't know how to ask to use my debit card or when it is necessary. So frustrating!

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